Monday, April 9, 2007

Fire Hose Today in the Forums

Sean was back in the forums today and had a lot to say. Here is a summary so you don't have to read all 316 comments (and growing) left in the Steorn's investment background? thread.

In reference to Thicket's "Despite superficial appearances, all the Steorn investors seem to be private individuals. There are no institutional investors." Sean started us off with this:

Well first this statement is not true, indeed if you look at the information there are several 'institutional' investors listed in the post. But regardless of this, the point is that there is no point - this after all the bull posted about Steorn means what? Well the answer is of course nothing.
I disagree with Sean here on his second point. Thicket hasn't reached any conclusions yet, just digging into Steorn's financials. If we all look at the data and don't see anything suspicious, that is a plus for Steorn. Here is a follow up on Thicket's banning and what may get others banned in the future:
I will also add that I have no problem at all with honest skeptics, indeed I would encourage this. However using our forum for anti-Steorn propaganda that is based upon lies and half truths is a different matter.
And an update on the April 15th vs. End of Q1 comment:
Hi Lister, to be honest I have just been too busy, really wanted to avoid the 1st April thing - anyway the updates will happen on Friday
Here is a personal apology from Sean to Rhaomi for banning him. Meta also got unbanned soon after Rhaomi. Also note his position on posting theories:
First have to say that I am very sorry, my bad!!!! Anyway I do not have a problem with theories, I do not want a forum of believers (I do not think that there is enough information for anyone to believe at this stage). The fraud/scam stuff is just wrong and I do have bad days!
Steorn then asked Rhaomi to post his theories, twice actually. Here is Steorn's reply on the Mocumentary theory:
Ok, I can understand this point of view. Indeed it is one that we identified very early on. So in signing up the documentary crew, we made it a contractual point that we neither profit from the proceeds of the film, or have any editorial control (the same is true for the book). Now Crank can discuss this with the film crew and indeed have a copy of the contract (if she does not already have it). Of course people can always say that Crank is a plant but there is only so much that we can do to prove stuff over the net!
I wish I had more time because most of this stuff can be dealt with (again and again) to the satisfaction of a reasonable skeptic.
Here is Sean's reply to Rhaomi's "wrong with measurements" theory:
Ok, the most probable explanation is in fact that we just got it wrong, I could explain for example self sustaining devices without CoE violation. The probability of us being right is in fact very, very slim. However it is a very far cry from this position to fraud. We have done as much as possible to demonstrate this, everything that we do is always weighed against the question of what would those who would cry fraud say about this - and how do we mitigate these cries. We are right or wrong about the technology and the Jury is out on this question!
In response to Kent767 about how Sean would react if he were to encounter a claim like Steorn's:
If the roles were reversed I would be (1) curious (2) check for a fraud/publicity stunt and when I had ruled this out I would guess that you got it wrong but wish you all the luck in the world and hope that you where right. I would then get on with my life.
I asked Sean about the leaked juror and also about when Steorn originally thought of creating the SPDC:
I will never comment on speculation on who is in or out of the Jury. The SPDC concept has been in our plans since early last year.
In response to Kent767's proposed "steal money from the investors" theory:
Ok, but this is where your theory falls apart, the company has raised money, I get none of it and take all the risk - so you believe that I would sacrifice my career and ruin my family for a crappy salary?
Ok, so I am now going to empty the company bank account and head for a warm country with no extradition - again this falls apart because if I was going to do this I would have done it before the publicity and all the money that we have spent since. Why have my face all over the net and a far smaller bank account to rob?
Kent767 then suggests maybe it is a long con scam. Here is Sean's reply:
Ok, but for this theory to work, there must be a lot more money coming in soon - from where?
From Kent767:
100,000 units of a fake product? From book deals on the greatest prank pulled in the 21st century?? All seem more probable than free energy.
Sean's reply:
Ok, now how much do I have to spend to rig a Jury? Where is my profit, all seems less likely than us being wrong.
And to finish off the debate with Kent767, Sean updates us all on how much funding Steorn has at the moment:
Were does the 3 million number come from??? We have funding well in excess of 10 million. Your position may make some sense to you, but it is wrong - time will tell.
Now onto Friday's update:
Well, instead of a press release kinda of thing we are going to do a video interview (its being filmed tomorrow). It will touch on a whole load of issues including the Jury.
Along with details on FraudHalt and Steorn Nominees:
FraudHalt was a customer (I am still the CTO of the company) and Steorn Nominees was a holding company for our investment in Orbo Ltd.
First the position is unpaid and is due to historical reasons (I am the architect of their products).
icuken asks if Steorn is still planning on having Dr. Mike visit:
Yes - I need to follow-up with Mike, will happen next week.
Here are details about Steorn's licensing approach:
Our plan is an equal access plan. Following validation anyone who wants access gets its. We will not deliver products to market (the 100,000 units are really just validation) - at the end of the day the market will decide where the technology goes and at what pace.
It was a breath of fresh air to have Sean back in the forums. Things have been awfully slow lately without real content. I look forward to watching the video on Friday!


Anonymous said...

I must admit, every time Sean appears on the forums he does seem to be able to answer most questions in a reasonable way.

Let us hope for the best.

I think we are all getting a bit itchy waiting.

Anonymous said...

I think Sean is playing a psycological game. Purge the skeptics that don't suck up as they criticize. This will cause self-censorship by the remaining unbelievers on the subconscious level as they wish to remain part of the "in" crowd. The loyal lapdogs cheer on Sean in his valiant efforts to fight the established thinking of those like Thicket, HK, PE........By silencing them.

Slowly the herd is culled, one here, one there, until all are believers or neutered skeptics.

Anonymous said...

The sceptics should be digging into Steorn finances a bit more.
There's a hole there, I am no expert, but going over the numbers, Looks like they were insolvent for close to two years..then they found the miraculous free energy.
Pulling up relevant Irish law might help, But how does an insolvent firm keep going ?

Dan said...

Maybe this whole thing is a ploy to trade oil stock futures at bargain prices at the time the fictitious jury publishes its results?

Tundrabog said...

Today's installment. I will cross-post in

Topic: Business Expansion Schemes

Governments often encourage investments in new businesses by giving significant tax breaks to investors. These venture capital investments are high risk and seldom make money on their own. The up-front tax write-off makes up for the poor investment.

I’ll give a personal example to demonstrate the concept. Several years ago I invested in a British Columbia venture capital fund called Working Opportunity Fund Balanced. My money was locked in for 7 years. The venture fund matures next year, but is currently only worth 80% of my original investment. This may sound like a bad deal, but it’s not. I received 50% of my investment back as a tax break when I first invested. So let’s assume I put in $10,000 into the investment. I get $5,000 back almost immediately. Seven years later, I get another $8,000. I’ve just earned $3,000 on a net $5,000 investment over seven years. Not that great, but not that bad.

The Irish government has been providing similar incentives through their Business Expansion Scheme program since 1984. Emerging businesses get venture capital from private investors who get a large tax break.

Steorn sold 3,392 shares to private investor(s) under The Governor & Co. of the Bank of Ireland BES (Business Expansion Scheme) in 2004. These are Ordinary-A shares which make them a bit unique from all other Steorn shares. One key difference is that the owners of these Ordinary-A shares paid for them in 2004. Other shareholders who hold Ordinary shares paid for them in both 2004 and 2005 and perhaps beyond.

The total cost of these BES shares was 77,420.03 Euros, although their nominal value is only 33.92 Euros total.

There are requirements for companies like Steorn to be eligible to participate in a Business Expansion Scheme.

1. The company must be incorporated and carry on its trade in the Republic of Ireland.
2. The investment must be in the form of ordinary share capital and carry no preferential rights.
3. The ordinary share capital in question must be allotted as fully paid up.
4. The company must commence trading within two years of the share issue. If the company is mainly involved in R&D activity relating to the approved trade it must commence trading within three years of the share issue.
5. The company must carry out a qualifying trading activity, which include: manufacturing, service, tourism, research and development, plant cultivation, constructing/leasing factory buildings, and certain music recording activities.

Steorn qualifies for items 1, 2 and 5.

Steorn also qualifies for item 3, but it’s interesting. The investors in the BES scheme fully paid for their shares when they bought them. The holders of the rest of the shares continued paying. (topic for another post)

Item number 4 is interesting. Steorn is an R&D company, so must commence trading within three years of the 2004 investment. That would be 2007! For Steorn, ‘trading’ means the manufacture of goods, presumably by themselves or others.

Steorn has an obligation to commence trading this year or be in default of BES requirements.

Tidbit: There are a number of qualifications for an individual to invest in a BES scheme. One of these is that the individual cannot hold more than 30% of the issued ordinary share capital of the company. Public records show that Sean McCarthy owned exactly 30.0% of Steorn shares in 2005. He had 31% of the shares in 2004, but transferred 609 shares to Patmore Group Ltd in January 2005 to get down to the 30%. Tax break for Sean?

Note: While I have some knowledge on financial matters such as this, I’m not an expert. Corrections are welcome.

Anonymous said...

So the 100,000 units are just for validation? Will they be given away for free? That means they'll obviously cost less than $10 to produce.


Anonymous said...

The "product" appears to be a tool to stay within the BES requirements. Three years ends about now so they have to put something (anything) out to stay in the BES scheme.

Sean did say that he did not expect the "product" to sell out. So it probably is just a useless widget of minimal cost to keep the BES grant alive.

Anonymous said...

Sean - "Our plan is an equal access plan. Following validation anyone who wants access gets its. We will not deliver products to market (the 100,000 units are really just validation) - at the end of the day the market will decide where the technology goes and at what pace."

The 100,000 units are really just validation.......Yes they are, but not validation for the masses, validation for the BES requirements. Sean is very good at using a snippet of truth to decieve the 'at face value' believers.

This is a common tactic among the better scam artists. They can even tell themselves that they are telling the 'truth' as some part of the illusion is based in truth but the rest is full on BS.

And that is what Sean is full of, BS.

Tundrabog said...

I see that Sean is questioning the BES information.

These were my sources.

Tundrabog said...

Heh. To answer Sean's questions.

Year of the investment is 2004 or earlier.

Individuals that invested are not listed in the financial statements.

He's stirring the mud. It makes we wonder why he's so concerned.

Anonymous said...

Sean is now disputing the BES info provided. Of course he won't provide the correct info., he just says the posted info. is not correct.

No time for updates, but lots of time to refute the statements of those who question Steorn. These are the actions of a desperate fraudster.

If this tech is real, it does not need Sean to 'spin' what is said. He could wait for validation and ignore the forum. So why is it so important to keep the forum faithful in the pews? Why does he feel the need to challenge the doubters? Why purge the doubters?

FEAR of being exposed, thats why.

Tundrabog said...

If the BES investment was made before 2004, Steorn is in default of BES requirements.

Tundrabog said...

Lol... he's getting very defensive. The auditors are legitimate. I don't doubt that their statements are accurate.

Sue us? ROFLMAO. Go for it.

nleseul said...

Thicket, they wouldn't necessarily be in default if the investment was made way before they started in the free energy thing. They ostensibly had other (anti-fraud) products which they sold before then, which would have fulfilled that requirement.

Tundrabog said...

You could be right Niesul. I'd be happy to have Sean explain it.

The BES investment is listed in both their 2004 and 2005 returns though, well into the free-energy timeframe. Maybe they've expired since then.

SteornTracker said...

Just to clarify some things, Sean stated that the BES investment took place in 2001, not 2004. He also suggested that anyone doing analysis of these numbers contact the auditor, who can help clarify any issues.

Anonymous said...

Sean is making veiled threats about suing based on this;

"You guys have no idea about this stuff and spread incorrect and false information about this Company. Your facts are so wrong. Your wrong facts have nothing at all to do with our audited accounts, just someone on your forum who, most likely knowingly, is spreading lies that you guys fall for. Now what is your responsibility in this, you host the information? Are you just going to let such lies exist?"

Yet he himself has said that he does not have time to correct the errors/lies on HIS OWN forum. Sue? Maybe some forum members should sue his lying ass for defamation?

Keep flailing Sean.

BTW Sean - you are a coward for banning people and then arguing against their statements.

nleseul said...

There's a sort of irony in someone named "anonymous" calling people cowards...

Anonymous said...

There's a sort of irony in someone named "anonymous" calling people cowards...

True for sure. And if it makes me a coward it still makes Sean no less of one.

However, I still have a Steorn Forum account that is not banned. If I post my name here, what are the chances of me being able to post at Steorn tomorrow?

And a forum handle is about as anonymous anyway.

So did you have a point about the content of the post?

SteornTracker said...

anonymous, to be fair to Sean, I'm the one that posted Thicket's argument, Sean can't really debate him on the subject. His point about Thicket having the wrong information is valid. Sean is one of the last people on the planet that I would call a coward right now.

Anonymous said...


Point taken about you posting the info not Thicket.

I still maintain that Seans actions are that of a coward. Continuing to bring up references to Thicket (sean just called him a liar about 10 min ago), HK and PE when they cannot post a reply or correction is cowardly IMO.

BTW - Thanks for the Soapbox SteornTracker

Anonymous said...

Seans best line of the day....

Steorn - "Any btw Kent, the thing about a product being in the market x years after a BES investment is yet another twisting of the facts, but then who wants the facts? It would seem that the spin is far more useful to the purposes of many."

Sean brings up "twisting the facts" and "spin", thats rich. 550bhp anyone. How long did sean let that one slide?

And how did he "spin" it when the "fact" that there was no 550bhp unit was revealed?

Anonymous said...

I think the outburst you just deleted came from sean.

He popped up on Steorn at almost the same time to argue with Kent767.

I think Kent will be banned by the end of the week.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
SteornTracker said...

Please refrain from cursing, I hate being a moderator.

Anonymous said...

Get back on the meds you delusional twit. Post whatever you like, you will only cause the idiot who runs this blog to get his ass sued off for all he is worth.

By the way, I'm sure the doctors and nurses will be quite mad at you for breaking out of the straightjacket and using the computer again.

vLan said...

I think everybody should wait and stop mud slinging till the time:
1]Steorn finishes the validation and fails
2]Steorn starts asking money for anything
Which ever is earlier. This lawsuits and interpol stuff is madness. Imagine if they really have some nice tech,even if not OU, and it goes down the drain due to all this opposition.

I never like Sean and his co and their weird ways, but inspite of all the negative points, its still possible that they stumbled upon something novel.

JTerry said...

Hi, new to this blog. Only just subscribed. Just reading through this, I'm really trying to figure out what Stormbringer is talking about in his post regarding the email he sent to Steorn. I think that interpol will probably think he's out of his mind and completely ignore his requests. Certainly the US Dept of State won't provide him any relief. Breach of fiduciary duty is a civil action usually not a criminal one. Why do you think interpol or any others would give one ounce of thought to your "requests" stormbringer?

I am a skeptic and have been following this Steorn garbage on and off for sometime now. I see absolutely nothing about Steorn that is credible; certainly not their free energy nonesense. It was interesting to read the interaction between Sean and Steorntrakcer on their blog, however, as some interesting things came to light that I did not previously know. For instance, people seem to have overlooked that Steorn received money from some sort of energy fund. Does anyone know if this is a fund established by the Government of Ireland? If so, that would go very far in explaining why and how they are financed. Also of interest, I did not believe that Sean ever actually answered any of the questions directly, but merely responded with feigned incredulity, retorical questions, or avoidance. Anyone else notice that?

In the end, of course, we all know this to be a scam. Makes great conversation though, don't ya think? And yeah, Crank is absolutely a plant.

JTerry said...

Ahh, you're correct. Sorry, my confusion. What, however, is "S-Force"? I have never heard of this unit. Why should anyone jump when he says "boo"? If someone alleged to be commander of "S-Force" in a respectable military and you believed him, I might be inclined to sell you a steorn free energy crystal. Judging from his email, it certainly doesn't appear that he has done much intellectual heavy lifting. Actually, storm, I would be greatly embarrassed to post that email as something other than a source of great ridicule. It is heavily lacking in the common sense and reality departments. By the way, I can't imagine anyone jumping too much over the rantings of a Lt.Col.

In any case, can we not just stick to the point rather than worrying about who has been banned from their silly, contrived, self-congratulating blog? Let's hear some more tidbits on their bogus and fraud induced investment scam. I strongly, strongly suspect the Irish government to be involved in their financing. Crank is a plant, let's all admit it.

Anonymous said...

storm, and that would be what position exactly? with what jurisdiction in ireland or europe?
sorry, your posts remind me of a 12-year old crying: but my watergun is bigger than yours...

luckily most people posting in this blog are more serious at pointing out the inconsitencies that surround steorn.

nleseul said...

Uh-oh, Sean's repost of that e-mail from Col. Sanders just vanished. Guess the Interpol ninjas got to Steorn. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Muahahaha. This Stormbringer-figure is really a great joke. Thanks for the entertainment.
And who cares about someone who calls his plastic-soldiers Strikers.
I think that Stormbringer´s parents should not allow him to spend so much time on the internet. He could start to believe himself what he is writing all the time. Psychiatrists (if one could still help him) are expensive nowadays....

JTerry said...

Storm, I must say that your posts are becoming more and more unintelligible. We have no clue what you are on about; are you saying you have filed suit against Steorn? What is the basis for you claim? Where was it filed? What is the docket number? If you sued someone because they banned you from their blog, you would be laughed out of court. You sound like a wannabe playing at junior spy to me. Where I come from, we call your type a poser; really, that's just the same as a fraud like Sean for instance.

With regards to the Steorn investment issue, how about this as a possibility: Steorn has several ordinary, mundane anti-fraud or other pieces of technology it wishes to develop but lacks the cash to do so. A con man like Sean dreams up a scheme to pitch a free energy idea and raise some cash from venture capitalist nutjobs who see the potential for HUGE profits (never minding the science of it all). In fact, those same venture capitalists will use any shares they purchase to make money from others in related ways even if they know the free energy claims to be fraud.

Meanwhile, Steorn gets the money and begins spending it on the development of its other mundane, ordinary workable devices. Once those devices are ready, patents are filed in names other than Steorn (shareholder names for instance) but marketed by Steorn to various organizations that might be interested in their purchase. Registering the patents so is likely a requirement under numerous individual contracts that Steorn MAY have with individual shareholders or technical experts.

Much later, the free energy scam is shown for the complete nonesense that it is. Steorn, however, meets with some measure of success in marketing the other mundane, ordinary items, thus bringing in money for the investors. The investors are now in a much weaker position to complain because they are making money. Furthermore, when they orginally invested, they invested in everything Steorn was doing, which included its other projects and not only the free energy fraud. Of course, the risk always is that the other products won't sell, in which case they are up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

If this was the plan, then yes it was still fraud. The fraud was the inducement of investors who would otherwise not have invested but for reliance on the claims of free energy technology. It might, however, offer an explanation for how these people (Steorn personalities) could put their names and futures on the line for bogus, unrealistic fanatsy devices that are based upon erroneous assumptions that run counter to established science. And, as long as they are making money, the stockholders won't be complaining too much.

I welcome thoughts and criticsm of this theory. I caveat that this is only a theory based upon the investment details as such have been posted here and elsewhere and for which Sean continues to decline an actual explanation.

JTerry said...

Oh, forgot to close with my usual; Crank is a plant, let's all admit it.

Anonymous said...


Like jterry, your posts just confuse me. Do you believe Steorn have the technology?

Even if there's only a slight chance (even 1/10000), wouldn't it be great if we could let them be? Just think of the amazing ramifications to the world if it WERE true. This is true, no matter what supposed 'wrong' they've done.

JTerry said...

Can we let them be? Hmm, well, would you "let me be" if I told you that I could raise people from the dead? Would you not demand proof? How about if I then went out and asked people for millions of dollars to support me in my effort to raise people from the dead and people actually paid me? Would that sit well with you?

Here's the point; as humans, we attempt to further knowledge for our race(s). This comes in the form of science, whether "believers" want to hear that or not. Furthering science is absolutely critical to our people. We are faced with multiple problems such as hunger, disease, declining resources, escalating costs, etc that real science, if advanced, might assist in solving. Also, I should hardly have to point out, it is real science that has brought the technology that exists today. And, for whatever technology that exists that is "bad" or "evil", that is not the fault of scienctific knowledge but "evil" minded people misusing the science. It also begs reminding that there exists no piece of working technology, not a single one, that has ever or does violate any of the physical laws of the universe, particularly those of thermodynamics. That should tell you something of the accuracy of scientific theory in practice.

Yet, Steorn, and others like Steorn, choose instead to appeal to the fears and greed of the masses. Such con artists always come out with sensational claims, which they carry directly to the popular culture. Steorn did this with their ad in the Economist and mutliple news appearances, for instance. Doing so completely bypasses the scientific, peer review process. This is done because many know that their "technology" will fail under conditions requiring replication. It is always done, however, as an attempt to generate interest without having to actually show anyone that there is anything of interest to begin with. Furthermore, Steorn cloaks itself in scientific sounding statements that are actually bogus and meaningless if examined closely. Taken as a whole, a perception is created that this is science and an advancement is being made. Yet, when later we learn that there was no advancement and it was all fraud, where will the fingers point? Popular culture will blame the scientists ultimately as they always do with a variety of allegations including things such as "silenced by the scientific community", or "science led us astray by validating this nonesense", etc.

Another point of great importance is the expenditure of public monies on these types of scams. Look at Pons/Flieschman. The US Congress almost gave them millions to develop their machine, which of course did not work at all! If allocated, that was money that could have gone to real research to cure aids, make better food, or even space travel. Likewise, if Steorn is receiving money from a public source, then each and every one of those taxpayers should be outraged and demand proper scientific validation.

With regards to the 1/100000000 chance they could be right (and the number would actually be much, much higher; so high I could not type out all the zeros in all the years of my life), that is Pascal's wager all over again. Would you gamble your entire year's salary on a single play of blackjack with those odds? Odds that basically say every single hand the dealer will win?

There are real dangers with claims by Steorn and other frauds. Those dangers include misleading the public and the layman, decreasing public confidence in science and methodology used to prove scientific thought, encouragement of betting on incredibly improbably results, the mismanagement of public monies, and the list goes on and on. As a side note, from a stockholder perspective, if an investor were induced to invest based upon fraud, we ALL pay the price as public resources will invariably be consumed in endless courts cases.

So should we just allow them to go on and ingore them? No. We should continue to expose and debate them at every turn. If they have something to show, then pony up. They do not, so they will not.

Anonymous said...

Hi jterry,

By "let them be", I don't necessarily mean not allowing debate, or not 'exposing facts' (as long as those facts are true, and no agreements/NDAs have been broken).

In any case, we'll know pretty soon, when the jury make their claim and/or we have our tasty orbo device, or not as the case may be.

Anonymous said...

Well, if we can go by Seans Gabbly chat, we shouldn't expect jury results until the end of the year. Seems a long time to test, but hey what do I know.

Anonymous said...

a chat:

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Ping1400: Stormbringer is a romantic

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Rhaomi: and "connections"

Steorn: Gez, you are all so nice, let the beatings begin!

Rhaomi: and "AI bots"

:: steorn tracker is obviously hypnotized by james randi

WarriorPoet: PunchbuggyMcCarthy

:: lol

Steorn: lol, I only respond when hit!

Someone needs to throw grenades at me for the rest of my life and all will be fine :-)

Ping1400: Who is Avneeda Tripathy?

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steorntracker: Sean, patent question for ya... Any idea when we'll start seeing your latest patent apps on the web? It seems to take about 8 months for them to appear.

Steorn: solid state would be the holy grail - cant get my head around how it could be done, but we do need to spend some time on it

Rhaomi: yes, welcome back "Thicket"

GravityBoots: ...and if thats thicket I'll eat my boots.

Ping1400: Ha ha ha

Steorn: Hello Thicket!

WarriorPoet: Hey thicky thicky...c' some pet food for ya...

gabber20: Try again

gabber20 has left.

Steorn: On patents, not for a while, we use provisionals, then changes and so on to keep them out of the public domain!

Thicket: Hi Sean, it must be all the fumes my Nat Gas plant gives out and I think I have been sniffing it for to many years now. Oh the irony!

WarriorPoet: LOL

Ping1400: Thicket is missing the underscore _


skeptical has joined.

skeptical is now gabber361

WarriorPoet is now padd

padd: Sean u r hoaxing

gabber361 has logged in as skeptical.

:: hehe

gabber661 has joined.

Thicket: ROFL

gabber661: Hello

padd: Sean when I can I play the ARG Sean

Ping1400: This is not Padd

Steorn: hoaxing?

gabber661: This is Babcat

/nick Babcat

padd is now WarriorPoet

Steorn: this is crazy!!!!


WarriorPoet: Sorry, couldn't help meself

:: How long do we have to wait before we can open source the tech?

WarriorPoet: Babcat, change your name in the box thingy

Rhaomi: use the little box

Steorn: were is pennies???

intrapol is now crazy

Thicket is now energyman8

WarriorPoet: Pennies...youhoo!

energyman8: I couldn't help myself, lol

WarriorPoet: Me either e8

: is now pennies_everywah

gabber298 has joined.

Steorn: lol, on the first week in July we will be unblocking all the old accounts, gosh I miss Penny!

Ping1400: more gabbers

WarriorPoet: SWEET! :D

pennies_everywah: all your basic are belong to me

energyman8: Oh jeez, my arch nemesis will be reborn!

Ping1400: is that after the gathering?

WarriorPoet: Hey pennies, did you bust Sean yet?

gabber661: How do I change my name?

/nick Babcat

Rhaomi: in the little box

next to "Name:"


WarriorPoet: above where you type

gabber661: oh.


gabber661 is now Babcat

pennies_everywah: sean is a fraud, he is taking much to long to start production

WarriorPoet: Sean, when will you reveal the REAL secret

Steorn: ok, so you all want a confession????

steorntracker: Sean, did you expect to have this many crazy people track your actions when you started the forum? :-)

gabber45 has joined.

Ping1400: Or he's the puppet

WarriorPoet: you know, about how you have leprechauns inside them there magnets?

gabber298 has left.

gabber45 has logged in as yossarian.

yossarian: Ah better

Steorn: WP - told ya that that is for the SPDC ONLY!!!!

WarriorPoet: OH NO!!

I is fired!

Babcat: Hello Warrior Poet.

energyman8: Foiled!

gabber241: Sean, this Gabbly thing is all off the, how about an update on the Jury?

WarriorPoet: I broke me NDA...

gabber846 has joined.

yossarian: This is so cool, it makes me not want to go to my comparative education class.

WarriorPoet: (slits wrists)

Rhaomi: And the profit model would be the pot o'gold?

pennies_everywah: I know everything there is to know about celtic magic and this is not the wheel of the year!

gabber527 has joined.

energyman8: lol wp

Steorn: Yes, I love it, its all off the record!!!!

pennies_everywah: haha

Steorn: Have I heard that before somewhere???

skeptical is now gabber827

gabber846 has left.

gabber827 has logged in as skeptical.

Steorn: But the funny thing is that most of the 'revelations' in the SPDC could have been worked out in a pretty logical fashion!

steorntracker: All I can is that say is that the ad in the top right is probably appropriate for most of us :-)

Ping1400: fact

pennies_everywah: jep

Rhaomi: I'm glad everyone agrees... :P

Babcat: I know that's you Sean. You are the most logical sounding person in this room.


pennies_everywah: thats because you are all the way in the back


Ping1400: I know it's bobcat, for obvious reasons

yossarian: I know it is you Babcat, you are the most gullible sounding person in the room... JUST KIDDING!!!

GravityBoots: Wow this is like being stuck in the laptop at the party.

Steorn: Hi babcat - btw that should have got to you by now so I am going to get cathy to DHL it in the AM

Babcat: Hello Ping.

gabber241 has left.

gabber241: How do we even know you're Sean?

gabber401 has left.

Babcat: Thanks Sean.

Ping1400: He is

Babcat: I appreciate that.

Rhaomi: he posted in the Gabbly thread

gabber343 has joined.

energyman8 is now a1

Steorn: E8 = A1

Babcat: Make sure it is sent

a1: My strike force is en route to Dublin

Babcat: to Lot #61 too

WarriorPoet: LOL

gabber298 has logged in as sm355ms.

pennies_everywah is now TESLA

Steorn: lol, the secret is out!

yossarian: lol

Babcat: That is very important.

Steorn: no probs

Babcat: Thanks Sean.

Ping1400: Cannot trace him though ...

WarriorPoet: Hey trippy, I want some sauce man!

a1: Lt Col Klink is very mad

WarriorPoet: LOL

Trippy, I got some kind bud

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gabber755 has joined.

a1 is now energyman8

yossarian: Hey energyman

energyman8: this is too much fun lol

gabber241 has left.

WarriorPoet is now danfrederisken

Ping1400: FizzX: bottle of whiskey for best theory

gabber279 has joined.

danfrederisken: DISCLOSURE NOw!!!!!!!!

energyman8: hahahah

danfrederisken: You filthy capitalists!

gabber196 is now Magnet

Babcat: What did you BBQ during the Easter weekend Sean?

sm355ms has left.

TESLA: nova read all my books

GravityBoots: WP stopit with the messin!! You're killing me :D

Steorn: Hey I won a bottle of whiskey last week - I will donate it to the best theory - do I get to judge?

danfrederisken: Sean is a big dooftypants!!!!!

Steorn: going to grab a coffee

Rhaomi: lol

Ping1400: Yep, but only after the validation!

danfrederisken: WarriorPoet

sm355ms has joined.

danfrederisken: is



TESLA: do we have to open source our theory to win?

danfrederisken is now WarriorPoet

Ping1400: Tesla = overrated

WarriorPoet: Wow, it's like the end of Steppenwolf...

Babcat: Who here is looking forward to Friday?

I'm looking forward to the update.

WarriorPoet: Raises hand

energyman8: me!

Ping1400: Maxwell = the man

WarriorPoet: INPUT, NEEEED INPUT!!!!!

yossarian: Heck ya! My theory is you are a plant by the United States military as a way to unleash the tech. without a revolt against the feds because everyone would know they had been holding out for all these years.. but only now need it to keep the muslims

from taking over.

GravityBoots: Mememememme!!!

Babcat: I have an idea.

Ping1400: Friday will be very little new info, Sean just told here

gabber527: points and laughs

TESLA: Newton was the man. OBVIOUSLY!!

steorntracker: I look forward to Jury validation! Everything else is just for show! ;-)

Babcat: How about we let Sean pick the topic.

gabber343 has left.

WarriorPoet: Newton was a hack

yossarian: You have to have fun with theories.

Rhaomi: Sean is gone

Babcat: He said he was going for coffee.

GravityBoots: I like the show.

sm355ms has left.

Babcat: I will probably be back I'm guessing.

WarriorPoet: Got to get back to work meself.

Take care

Rhaomi: what time is it in Eire, anyway?

yossarian: Crap, I have to type that again?

energyman8: 10 o clock

WarriorPoet has left.

gabber908 has left.

Rhaomi: ok

GravityBoots: Bye Wp

Rhaomi: 4PM here

sm355ms is now gabber208

gabber755: mwaahhaaha

gabber125 has joined.

yossarian: Babcat, are you feeling better?

Ping1400: I'm curious to see how the show will end

gabber873 has joined.

TESLA: did you read my patents ping?

energyman8: ping get some new material

Ping1400: Just click my name to mute!

energyman8: nah, it's good for a laugh :)

Babcat: I'm feeling MUCH better yossarian.

Thanks for asking.

yossarian: energyman, what do you do for a living?

Babcat: I was pretty sick for a week.

gabber596 has joined.

Rhaomi: makes energy


Babcat: I had a nasty swollen lymph node on my neck.

energyman8: silly

Babcat: It's 95% better now.

gabber208 has left.

yossarian: Babcat, I have had some sinus infections that I thought I was going to die from.

Babcat: I appreciate the kind words, prayers, and support from so many people in the forum.

gabber873 has left.

gabber755 has left.

Ping1400: ok, that's it

Babcat: Yes, some people don't realize just how severe sinus infections can become.

gabber961 has joined.

gabber208 has joined.

TESLA: don't play with it ok

gabber812 has joined.

Steorn: ahhh... just got mailed a rough cut of the interview - we have to hire a spokesperson!!!

Ping1400 is now 15-India-Street

gabber812 is now WhiteLite

pocus has left.

yossarian: So, who has clicked the "" bug in the top right hand corner... be honest.

gabber208 has logged in as sm355ms.

WhiteLite: well this is weird...

gabber596 is now Suomipoika

energyman8: Hows it lookin Sean?

steorntracker: Sean, did you ever think you'd have your own fan club?

sm355ms is now gabber589

GravityBoots: I clicked hooked me up with babcat!!

yossarian: Steorn, you can hire me my voice is as silvery as Ule Brennors.. and deep as William Warfields.

Steorn: The setting is nice, the fat fella in the camera should be changed, other than that ...

gabber343 has logged in as jellybean.

Steorn: Fan club!!!! lol, that I doubt

gabber589 has left.

energyman8: lol, I think you did a fine job in the other ones, I wouldn't worry.

WhiteLite: Have we stopped fighting yet?

TESLA: did you notice any weight change while the device is spinging? Also any health effects on anyone?

Steorn: we have not started yet :-)

Babcat: Sean, what would you like for us to chat about?

gabber851 has joined.

15-India-Street: Cynical Skeptics rule!

Babcat: Is there any topic you would like to discuss?

WhiteLite: :O

Steorn: nope, you know me - hit me and I respond!

gabber241 has left.

Babcat: Cool.

gabber555 has joined.

yossarian: Babcat.. lets discuss neoliberalism and its effects on education reform.

Steorn: Dont worry no chance that I will get offended!

Babcat: Room, lets pick a topic.

GravityBoots: Why did you delete the A1 thread you just posted?

crazy: how much will the validation product cost?

gabber699 has joined.

15-India-Street: discuss Pro-Creation

Babcat: Anyone have a serious topic to discuss? (not just accusations)

jellybean has left.

Steorn: I thought that it was unfair, the guy needs help

yossarian: How much coffee does Steorn go through on an average week?

energyman8: yeah, kinda feel sorry for him :(

WhiteLite: yeah, did anyone watch Man Utd thrash Roma 7-1? :D

GravityBoots: Thats true...but it is funny.

steorntracker: How long after validation will it be before I don't have to charge my cell phone?

Steorn: 7-1?????

WhiteLite: lol yeah

gabber200 has joined.

WhiteLite: not an agregate score either :p

Steorn: How long - I do not know to be honest, we will not develop products, up to others!

gabber304 has joined.

Rhaomi: how will the third-world charity thing work?

TESLA: how much for the licsence?

Babcat: Good question Rhaomi!

yossarian: God, its awful being 31 and married in a room full of 18-20 year old women.

gabber699 has joined.

Steorn: The lcense fees are not yet decided

15-India-Street: Why you spend so much time on these internet fora?

Rhaomi: If this is not a scam, that was a good move...

gabber689 has joined.

WhiteLite: he likes a good laugh...

Rhaomi: I'd hate to be caught lying about giving aid to starving children... :P

Steorn: the humanitarian stuff is simple - there will be no money due to steorn

gabber65 has joined.

15-India-Street has left.

steorntracker: Any feel on when the Jury process will be complete? Do you think it'll be around the time of your July demos?

TESLA: The lcense fees are not yet decided :-(

Steorn: I am not lying

WhiteLite: have you thought about Orbo powered heaters for the homeless?

gabber555 has left.

TESLA: You need to put up donation buttons and banner adds to generate money from the traffic.

gabber399 has joined.

Steorn: No, validation will not be completed y July

gabber304 has left.

TESLA: who cares about validation you need as much cash to help people as you can hold?

yossarian: Steorn, considering the lack of infrastructure in Africa how would you suggest your tech best be implemented?

gabber299 has joined.

gabber721 has joined.

gabber299 is now Freebird

Steorn: Ok on the africa thing we are putting our money where our mouth is, but we will not solve the problems, just give i some focus

Babcat: To anyone who has just joined: Please feel free to change your nick by entering your screen name in the "name" box directly above the larger text-input box.

GravityBoots: Not much mention of the water pump's that coming along?

yossarian: Good answer Sean

TESLA: not solve the problems, just give i some focus. -- you mean like a pr thing?

WhiteLite: Babcat, are there any sceptics in here?

gabber200 is now Fiksu_V

gabber65 is now Singularity

Rhaomi: What is the goal of validation? To simply prove that OU is occurring, or to try to explain why?

Steorn: Not much mention of anything to be honest, but we have appointed a local engineering company in Africa to start the build

TESLA: I think you would get the best pr if you actually do something also.

why not attack the problem as a whole

gabber376 has joined.

gabber699 is now Karellen

steorntracker: Any talks in the SPDC about going after the randi prize?

yossarian: Sean, I am working on a city to city aid program for Nigeria and the US... its hard to listen to peoples needs and donate time and money and not give suggestions on how they use it but that is always the best way.

Freebird has left.

GravityBoots: Have you a working pump design?

WhiteLite: we can't tell you that. :P

gabber721 has left.

gabber711 has joined.

WhiteLite: not many people talking here...

gabber376 has left.

Steorn: The pump is designed yes, we are getting a company in africa to build it

Rhaomi: What about the goal of validation?

TESLA: what is the deal on validating other peoples tech? ^_^

jellybean has left.

yossarian: Welp, I have a class with the US diplomat from Niger as the guest speaker.. I hate to run but life beckons.. you all have a good day.

Rhaomi: IIRC, you said in interviews that you were still not sure what caused the effect

yossarian has left.

Babcat: Have a nice day yossarian.

WhiteLite: see ya

energyman8: later dude

Steorn: The goal of vaildation is simple - to get the world of science to acknolwoledge that it works

TESLA: but after that

Rhaomi: hmmm

Steorn: hmmm ... what?

TESLA: will you be validating any oneelses tech?

Rhaomi: so no attempt to formulate it?

gabber689 has left.

Rhaomi: or to try to integrate it into current scientific understanding?

skeptical has left.

gabber249 has joined.

Steorn: lol, no we focus on our own technology

Rhaomi: I thought maybe that was the reason it was a months-long process

Steorn: we think that it fits in pretty well with most of science

TESLA: for example that crazy pendulum from milkovic .

Suomipoika: Hi Sean! Do you believe, that physics books must be totally rewritten after validation?

skeptical has joined.

gabber249 has logged in as brizglace.

Rhaomi: well...except for the whole Laws of Thermodynamics" thing... :P

skeptical is now gabber495

TESLA: you are now in the uniqe position to grasp how real it is

Steorn: nope - I think that we will see a redefinition of what energy is

jellybean has joined.

energyman8: once it is validated and the manufactured products are on the market it will make it's own implementation on science--jmo

gabber495 has logged in as skeptical.

GravityBoots: I like that....redefinition of energy. I've read that before.

gabber699: So what is the next big thing after "free energy"?

gabber968 has joined.

WhiteLite: antigravity

skeptical has left.

Rhaomi: I believe it was a tagline for some power ade... :P

Steorn: well I do not want to be in this position again! I will go back to developing antifraud tech

Suomipoika: Do you believe that E!=mc2 ??

gabber399 has left.

jellybean: antigravity is already closer than free energy (if steorn is wrong)

Steorn: thats what I love

gabber7 has joined.

TESLA: if you can see that the fundamental definition is wrong you can also see how others bypassed it.

most of the tech is collecting dust some place

Babcat: Hey, Sean. At least in the future you won't have a problem powering your anti-fraud devices! :-)

gabber699: You said this before - go back to antifraud, sounds rediculous when all these techs will open up?

gabber711 has left.

GravityBoots: I get the impression that you wish that someone else had found this?

WhiteLite: lol

gabber349 has joined.

Steorn: well its in fact pretty simple, I love technology

steorntracker: Sean, any interesting results from your big test rig? Did everything scale like you expected?

Steorn: and at the end of the day his tech is pretty boring

WarriorPoet has joined.

gabber699: but its like discovering electricity then saying your going back to farming.

Karellen: if validation is completed, will there be an announcement by steorn or is every jury member going to publish results on their own ?

gabber811 has joined.

GravityBoots: Saving the word.....yep pretty boring.

gabber811 has left.

Babcat: Hey, gabber... Even farmers can make trips to the big city and then come back home again.

GravityBoots: World!! I mean

gabber78 has joined.

energyman8: that's what I don't understand most about the skeptics position. You guys were an antifraud company before you even stumbled across the tech.

jellybean: it will be announced and an add with be placed in The Economist I think

WarriorPoet: Yo yo yo word is bond, yo

Steorn: not at all, there is nothing particularly complicated about this tech, the battle here is a PR battle, how do you change a state of mind?

gabber699 is now fizzoid!

TESLA: easy

WhiteLite: I aree eman8, it's crazy


Steorn: The jury will publish as a group and be available to the media

crazy: would'nt it be obvious to anyone if it works?

Rhaomi: How is the validation going, anyway?

Karellen: thx for the answer

Rhaomi: like are the 12 in dublin working around the clock?

or just... check in every once in awhile?

gabber349 has left.

Rhaomi: long-distance collaboration

TESLA: yes crazy - good one lol

gabber752 has joined.

Steorn: well the Jury process is long and very indepth - as it has to be, our original estimate is that it would take a couple of years

gabber292 has joined.

Rhaomi: years?

WhiteLite: you think it might be faster now?

TESLA: 1 + 1 = 2


1 - 1 = 0

Rhaomi: it seems like a pretty simple matter to me, as long as you aernt trying to formulate it

wouldnt you just have to show that it runs without power?

TESLA: seems simple enough to me.

steorntracker: Do you think the July demos will cause problems with the Jury? Jumping the gun on validation possibly?

Steorn: I am hope at this stage that it will conclude towards the end of the year or early next year

jellybean: but you do have plans to release the technology before validation is 100% complete right?

WarriorPoet: ST, I was concerned about that too

fizzoid!: but if the tech changes fundamentals of our understanding, opening another door as the internet, why back to farming?

WhiteLite: ok cool

Steorn: No - there is no conflict with the Jury on the July demos

gabber891 has joined.

Babcat: fizzoid - Some people love farming. Everyone has their preferred areas of interest.

TESLA: and do you have a plan C still?

WhiteLite: lol build a car :)

fizzoid!: if you have a burning curiosity, you dont go back to farming.

TESLA: yes

Steorn: farming? lol, the stuff that I love is far greater of a technical challenge than this stuff and it does not involve standing in the public domain and being called a loar

Rhaomi: I still don't understand how one could be so thorough dealing with such a basic concept

jellybean: I thought you said at one point that the technology would come to market.. or at least for world benifit (IE non-profit organizations) before all of the phases of validation were completed

TESLA: haha

gabber743 has joined.

Rhaomi: what makes it take so long?

Steorn: We no longer need Plan C

crazy: loar, loar!

Rhaomi: like, is it just endless replication?

TESLA: but as you are already at B you should have a D plan now?

gabber961 is now dtorus

WhiteLite: It's the Juury's reputation, they have to be thorough.

gabber743 is now avid_engineer

gabber527: It's simple? and validation takes a year?

TESLA: killer robots?

Rhaomi: yes, but it seems like OU would be very easy to show

gabber292 has left.

Rhaomi: just isolate the device

gabber78 has left.

GravityBoots: I think they have to build there own stuff...I don't think steorn are just giving them examples of their tech.

energyman8: no more plan C needed, wow thats great. I'm sure most of you can gather what that implies. :)

Steorn: A serious review of this technology takes very carefully designed experiments, time to conduct the tests, review the data and on to the next tests.

TESLA: the flying sourcers didn't work either.

gabber37 has joined.

dtorus: sean: end of this year, beginning of next - are you referring to all 3 phases?

Rhaomi: are they all collaborating? or running their own independent tests?

Steorn: yes


GravityBoots: yes no more plan c...woohoo!!

Rhaomi: ok

steorntracker: With the July demos, the SPDC and activites like Dr. Mike visiting between now and the end of this year, do you think the Jury becomes somewhat irrelevant?

Steorn: no July is important to put the technology back onto the public agenda

gabber37 has left.

crazy: Li-ion batteries were never validated in such a way and sell like ..crazy

jellybean has joined.

jellybean has left.

TESLA: hey gravityboots, do you know the overunity gravityboots?

WhiteLite: Sean, have you contacted the press about July yet? If so are they interested or where they like "yeah whatever"?

Steorn: indeed, but li-ion is not a claim against fundamental science!

Rhaomi: how concerned are you with leaks from the SPDC? Or even from the people you work with or from inside Steorn?

the internet certainly makes it easier...

jellybean: just a thought... what would have happened if you had decided to quietly develope and release a product on the market and then people just sort of found out once they had bought it.. instead of all of this validation stuff

Steorn: Hi WL - we get requests for inteviews everyweek and turn them down. We are happy that we will get a lot of exposure in July

WhiteLite: wow, really??

crazy: here is probably not much info to leak from the spdc

WhiteLite: that's cool :)

Rhaomi: jellybean -- that reminds me of an interesting story

crazy: at least now, i guess

Rhaomi: it was a scifi short

about this guy that develops a "viewer"

Steorn: leaks, not that concerned, leaks happen - we have nothing to hide

gabber73 has joined.

Rhaomi: it's like a set of binoculars

gabber752 has left.

Steorn: When I say happy, its great as a company, but feckin difficult as an individual

Rhaomi: that lets anyone see any point in space, and at any point in time

Instead of publicly releasing it

Steorn has left.

Suomipoika has left.

Rhaomi: the guy secretly ships it to stores around the world

crazy: you heard it from sean. disclose now :)

gabber73 is now Prothon

Rhaomi: doesnt reveal his ID to anyone

TESLA has left.

Prothon: ;] Hi overthere

Rhaomi: it spreads from there and revolutionizes the world

gabber209 has joined.

Rhaomi: corrupt governments couldnt stop it

gabber376 has left.

Steorn: hi Jellybean - we decided not just to start selling the stuff because it would be written off as a fraud - validate then commecialize

Rhaomi: it was a very good read

gabber968: Are you going to be hiring any time soon? Surely your workload will skyrocket in July!

Karellen: how do you sell the validation product ? will there be an order form on the web ? if so, is there a real chance to grab one or will it be more like servers down seconds after you put it online and 20 min later all 100.000 have been sold ?

GravityBoots: Giz a job!!

Prothon has left.

gabber968 has logged in as spiritualbeggar.

jellybean: but if it got into peoples hands they would see that it works and that it isn't fraud

gabber527: Yes. who can get the demo product?

Steorn: the validation product will be sold over the net

crazy: what will it cost

GravityBoots: Ebay!!!

Fiksu_V: international shipping?

gabber527: Cool

GravityBoots: Paypal!!

Rhaomi: hello?

avid_engineer: lol - guesses how many will sell in the first 24 hours?

jellybean: Rhaomi, what's the story called?

WhiteLite: I hope the shipping won't be too expensive :(

Rhaomi: "I See You"

I was searching for it now

GravityBoots: I'm good at ebay sniping

Fiksu_V: If the validation will be the top news... 100 000

gabber527: Soon? Rough date?

Rhaomi: my connetion went down for a sec

jellybean: thanks :) I'll read it

Rhaomi: I'll see if I can find it

jellybean: I'm searching

Steorn: After valdation - date unkown!

gez my spelling is terrible !

crazy: blame the keyboard

gabber209 is now Dirtfarmer

Rhaomi: you should use firefox... it has a built-in spellchecker :)

Steorn: coffee break (again)!!!!

Karellen: will it be hours, days or weeks after validation ?

gabber201 has joined.

Fiksu_V: Coffee break? Pfft I'm drinking beer =)

WhiteLite: I would have thought it would be the same time.

energyman8: hey dirtfarmer! lol

Babcat: Hello energyman.

jellybean: geez.. Sean is a cafene addict

Dirtfarmer: Hey there energyman!

avid_engineer: hey babcat :)

Babcat: Hey, he is not alone. I'm a coffee lover too.

spiritualbeggar has left.

Babcat: Hello Avid!

WhiteLite: Hey babcat, that thing about the bees was weird, never knew that

Rhaomi: JB - I don't think the story is anywhere online

energyman8: hey william! I'm gonna ring ya l8ter :)

WhiteLite: hi Avid!

Babcat: Yes, bees are dying all over the world.

thanks energyman!!!

avid_engineer: eloow WL

Rhaomi: fish, too

Babcat: Bees are critical to the food chain.

Dirtfarmer: It's big in pennsylvania (Bees)

WhiteLite: making Steorn are stealing bees to power their machines! :O

Rhaomi: fish will be extinct by 2048...

WarriorPoet has left.

GravityBoots: Thats why you can't sleep babs.....don't drink caffeine late

Babcat: In some areas 40-90 percent of bees are dying or simply going missing.

WhiteLite: *maybe

gabber7 has left.

Fiksu_V: Fish will die because overfishin.. but what's up with bees?

Babcat: There are many theories, but no one knows for sure.

WhiteLite: that's so weird

jellybean: Rhaomi- ok well I'll keep the title in mind and see if there's anything at the library next time I'm there. I always like a good scifi

spiritualbeggar has left.

Babcat: Labs are testing the deceased bees as we speak.

Dirtfarmer: They don't know, they thought it was a mite, but , ..its' not...

Babcat: Some people think a parasite may be involved.

gabber201: hi all - this gabbly - anyone know if its safe or not for passwords- if I login on the main steorn site (or any other site) while using gabbly - can they "see" my password !? anyone know?

Fiksu_V: Never herrd of this

gabber527: Thats it. Orbos suck the life force out of bees. LOL

Babcat: Others think it might be that a substance excreted from genetically modified corn may have weakened the bees natural defenses.

Fiksu_V: There seems to be just as much bees over here as there's ever been

WhiteLite: I whatever causes it only has to affect the queen for the whole colony to die

spiritualbeggar has joined.

Rhaomi: No


WhiteLite: hey SB!

Dirtfarmer: So what went on in the main forum that caused a deletion?

spiritualbeggar: Evening!

crazy: the bees have figured out that we are cheating them

Babcat: Hello spiritual beggar.

Welcome to the room.

Dirtfarmer: (Now that Seans' gone...! ;) )

energyman8: He felt bad for a1 Df

Babcat: We are glad to have you.

dtorus has left.

WhiteLite: was it a1trips again?

Fiksu_V: Not sure, but it was Sean's own post i hear

GravityBoots: Sean posted something daft A1Trips thing but then deleted it because he felt sorry for him.

fizzoid!: bees hording all the honey in antartica.

Fiksu_V: Not anything steorn related i guess

Rhaomi: JB - the name of the author is Damon Knight

WhiteLite: a1 put it on steorntracker

jellybean: yeah I found that

WhiteLite: something about contacting interpol

Dirtfarmer: Personal type-thing or straight ethics?

jellybean: just couldn't find the actual story

gabber201 has left.

gabber125 has left.

energyman8: personal type thing I would say DF

GravityBoots: It was hilariosu actually...the guys a nutjob!! No sorry..the man needs help and we should be kind.

Dirtfarmer: Of course I wasn't suggesting anything about the Interpol bit...

Fiksu_V: The forum was full of strange (crazy) people. Not so much anymore =(

Babcat: May I make a suggestion? Sean will be coming back in a bit (I'm guessing). This is a great opportunity to ask meaningful questions. May we please not get caught up in all the drama of the forum?

Dirtfarmer: Oh yeah it is

Rhaomi: there's an ebook for 75 cents here:

Dirtfarmer: Fair enough Babs

WhiteLite: yeah but we can't ask anything SPDC related here though :/

GravityBoots: This whole place is DRAMA!!

Rhaomi: not sure what the format is tho

avid_engineer: there have already been some good questions since i arrived 5 mins ago!

Babcat: There have been some very good questions.

Rhaomi: on that note, i have to go

Dirtfarmer: .(Dangit)

energyman8: yeah, the whole no need for plan C is a shocker I would say, no?

spiritualbeggar: So definitely no product before validation then - and probably no validation until next year - what can we do till then?

Rhaomi: bye all

jellybean: ok thanks again

energyman8: later dude

Dirtfarmer: Thanks.

Rhaomi: enjoy the gabbly ;)

Rhaomi has left.

Babcat: Seriously, be thinking of some really good questions. But think carefully before you ask, because Sean has answered many questions a hundred times over on the forum.

WhiteLite: Sean said he gets offers for interviews with the press everyweek but turns them down! It's going to kick ass come July.

bb dude

Dirtfarmer: Easy bab...easy...

Fiksu_V: I still want to get an answer to whether the results will only be published after all three phases

Babcat: :-)

Glad to have you hear Dirtfarmer!

Steorn: Back

energyman8: That's been answered Fiksu, on the forum

avid_engineer: Anyone know if an estimate is set for completing the documentary work?

GravityBoots: Babs is like an old school teacher.

Fiksu_V: Yea but I think it's been answererd both ways =/

spiritualbeggar: It will be very strange seeing Steorn in the media again - like watching two worlds collide!

Dirtfarmer: Now that's funny!

Steorn: The documentary will only be completed with validation , since interviews with the jury will form part of it

Dirtfarmer: Throw a couple F bombs in there for us, Sean

avid_engineer: ok thanks Sean

WhiteLite: I can't wait for that :)

Dirtfarmer: Just kidding

GravityBoots: Babs said we had to think carefully about our Sean....What type of coffee did you have?

jellybean: Will the documentary be released on video or just on television?

spiritualbeggar: How's the book coming along Sean?

WhiteLite: lol

energyman8: Sean, you got to get an interview w/ Barbwa Walters, I want to see if you will be able to hold back some tears! lol

WhiteLite: who?

gabber265 has joined.

gabber527: Sean on the View.

steorntracker: Have the MythBusters tried to contact Steorn at all?

jellybean: Barbera Walters lol

Steorn: @ FV- we will only release reports with the agreement of the Jury - now if for example the full thermodynaic analysis requires a search for ZPE or mass loss the it is most likly that a report will be released before such tests (that could take tens o

years are done)

Fiksu_V: Meaningful questions.. what does beer cost in Ireland? I got 48 0.33l cans for ¨23 euros. It's rarely that cheap though

Dirtfarmer: Very sorry that I apparently missed a quite a bit here... No need for a re-cap..

energyman8: Barbara Walters whitle lite, she is famous in the states for reducing people to tears in her interviews. hehe

Fiksu_V: o thanks sean

Babcat: steorntracker - The MythBusters have stated that they will never do another show about free energy.

Dirtfarmer: I had wondered about full analysis as that, Sean

avid_engineer: they also arent making any more shows afaik

Steorn: Mrs McCarthy just gave the tumbs up to the video but wishes that my hair was back !

WhiteLite: oooo i see.

Babcat: Please say hello to Mrs. McCarthy for me Sean.

Fiksu_V: O yea THIS IS IMPORTANT! How does being bald feal? I'm going to lose my hair come July cause of army =/

steorntracker: Sean,you mentioned you love technology... Did you see the Wii Lego Robot on YouTube? What did you think of it?

Dirtfarmer: I actually was thinking of you regretting your haircut for the update today... I know when I had longer hair I was relatively "attached to it" LOL

Steorn: she say hi Babcat

GravityBoots: This whole thing blows me away so seeing you all on video reduces me to will be good even with a bad no-hair day.

Babcat: Thanks Sean! Thanks Mrs. McCarthy!

WhiteLite: That poor guy with the hammer, lol

Dirtfarmer: So Sean, constant motion tests... to expectations?

Steorn: Alan - the hammer guy was hamming it up!!!!

@ DF - yes

GravityBoots: That did look kinda....hammed up.

gabber265 has left.

WhiteLite: hehe

Babcat: By the way Sean, my beard is gone. I have short hair and a short goatee. I look a lot different.

avid_engineer: it would be cool to have a facility like this in the SPDC... a usefull tool

gabber613 has joined.

WhiteLite: copy cat. ;)

Steorn: yep - spark is on its way with the next release of ClearSpace

avid_engineer: oooh :)

energyman8: cool

WhiteLite: wow

Babcat: WhiteLite - I'm not about to have long hair during summer in Southern Georgia!

GravityBoots: Wow Babcat we need a photo. You no longer look like your favourite character from DSN?

Dirtfarmer: Ha HAH

WhiteLite: ah good point. I hope you have aircon where you live

jellybean: Sean, when the documentary is being compiled will there be any music added? I'm a musician and composer, and would be willing to give permissions for the use of my music for credit

Babcat: someone is knocking


gabber748 has joined.

gabber748 is now supes

Steorn: hi jellybean - not my area, but if you mail Richard he will put you in touch with the film guys

supes: wow

fizzoid!: so 5 years from now, will the world look different?

gabber956 has joined.

jellybean: is he on your contact page?

Dirtfarmer: Neat, Eh? supes

energyman8: Sean, how much do you plan on expanding the company once this is all over?

Steorn: in 5 years, for sure

gabber891 is now Walls

supes: Mr. Seon is here! Cool!...

fizzoid!: and your still doing fraud???

Babcat: GravityBoots: Which character are you referring too?

gabber791 has joined.

Dirtfarmer: I think Sean is hoping to reduce it to two... maybe one...(kidding)

gabber613 has left.

Steorn: @ E8, to be honest once the validation is in and the full developers forum is rolling I doubt that I will stay in Steorn much longer - hand over the reigns to someone who is better at that kinda thing than me

Dirtfarmer: Now that IS a shock... honestly

gabber956 has left.

jellybean: Sean, how do I contact Richard? through the

GravityBoots: The guy with spiky hair...not sure....your avatar?

gabber791 has left.

Babcat: GravityBoots - That is Vir from Babylon 5.

Dirtfarmer: I saw this as your calling, Mr. McCarthy

energyman8: Wow, so who do I send my resume to? just kiddin lol


WhiteLite: I guess you'll have enough money to persue all those cool engineering projects you've always wanted to do

gabber81 has joined.

spiritualbeggar: Will you not stick around for the Nobel prizes?

avid_engineer: Sean, wouldn't you miss the workshop 'toys'? or find new ones elsewhere?

jellybean: Thanks :)

Steorn: Money, the funny thing is that it is the last thing in the world I could give a sh*t about

GravityBoots: Oops sorry....shows how much I know. :)

supes: so, april 13th is the sure date for the updates?

WhiteLite: yeah but if you didn't have to work you could be like one of those eccentric inventors or something :p

Steorn: yep - friday the 13th - watching it now - not a lot to say to be honest

Dirtfarmer: I admire that Sean...

Fiksu_V: how long is it?

Dirtfarmer: ..Have always felt the same way

Steorn: about 5 mins

crazy: can we expect some sort of (validation) product placement?

Dirtfarmer: The idea and construction of this is the exciting thing, surely...

WhiteLite: lol Harry Potter and the Orbo

Steorn: the validation product will be for sale via our website

avid_engineer: lol WL

Steorn: with no other brands but ours

fizzoid!: I'll take the first 100K.

Dirtfarmer: I heard stoorn is coming out with one...

Steorn: lol - can I have one?

avid_engineer: can i have one fizzoid?

crazy: how much will it cost ?

fizzoid!: there not for sale.

Steorn: the price and the product itself I will not go into at the moment

crazy: will it be cheaper if i steal it?

supes: "fizzoid"?

fizzoid!: actually quizoid.

GravityBoots: As CEO you have company shares....what about the rest of your staff...will they get a nice hefty bonus when this is all over?

Walls: fizzoid!, how about a swap for a party T-shirt?

Fiksu_V has left.

Steorn: @ GB - all the staff are shareholders (or at least the paper work is in place)

Dirtfarmer: So Sean, brutal three weeks or so? Still getting another working vacation, or has that passed?

GravityBoots: Thats great news...I want to see Seamus & co wealthy and happy.

jellybean: I'm guessing it will be a nice looking scientific display piece that demonstrates the technology and costs between 100 and 500 euros

Dirtfarmer: Hear here Gravity

Steorn: lol, I love to moan about my workload, but went mad over the long weekend when I was not allowed to work- heck this is great fun

spiritualbeggar has left.

Dirtfarmer: you folks all seem like good guys.. and Sean that is pretty funny...

avid_engineer: jellybean... what if the tech could be much simpler than we imagine... materials costs will probably be low, and its a one off demo device, not much profit to be made.

... my hopes :)

spiritualbeggar has left.

gabber328 has joined.

GravityBoots: I noticed you were angry for being disturbed out of your BBQ...but then you spent a while on the love it really.

spiritualbeggar has joined.

Dirtfarmer: Now Sean, THERES a question... Any particularly rare/dear components required?

jellybean has left.

gabber328 is now WarriorPoet

GravityBoots: Betcha he won't answer that.

energyman8: wp is that really you lol

supes: ok. i don't fit in here 'cause I don't really know what you're talking about, so i'll just say that I hope the orbo thing will work and send warm regards to Steorn from Israel.

Steorn: lol - I went into the office because the site was down and couln't get into the right room (security access thing) and that set my blood temp up a few degrees!!!!

@ DF - Nope

WarriorPoet: Tis me--troublemaker as usual

gabber160 has joined.

Steorn: @ supes - thanks!

WhiteLite: hey WP

Dirtfarmer: Well now... that is encouraging for the world, isn't it...

gabber653 has joined.

GravityBoots: just dipped into the greatest invention since......since.....scuba flippers.

Kent767 has joined.

Dirtfarmer: Yeah! Scuba flipperss!

Steorn: hey, lets not overstate this scuba flippers are pretty cool!

Dirtfarmer: LOL

gabber160 has left.

avid_engineer: i wear them to work sometimes, makes the office more interesting

gabber653 is now dcr22

gabber160 has logged in as Curious.

Walls: avid, where do you work?!?

WhiteLite: hey avid, are you still working on your test rigs?

spiritualbeggar: now how exactly will the orbo compete with sliced bread - tat's the ultimate test!

avid_engineer: im an ICT techie :)

Steorn: ok folks - gonna head soon - I guess that our investors are the 'scam' of the day so hit me with questions if you want to (or anything else)

Curious is now gabber889

gabber889 has logged in as Curious.

Curious has left.

Walls: underwater ICT techie?

Curious has joined.

Walls: Wow!

avid_engineer: yes

Curious has left.

dcr22: Hi Sean, just wanted to say good luck for this week, hope it all works out!

Kent767 has left.

Babcat: Thanks for talking with us Sean.

WhiteLite: I don't think the sceptics have the guts to come on here and talk in real time

Kent767 has joined.

WhiteLite: spoke too soon :D

Kent767: ack, no way to refresh the page with this i guess

energyman8: Sean, I would expect more of the same outta THicko tommorow, so don't be surprised to see some other wacky theory posted tomm.

avid_engineer: WL, still working on the rigs, but decided to wait for more info from Steorn

Steorn: @ E8 - lol, after 6 months very little suprises me!

WhiteLite: lol, I just said the sceptics wouldn't have the guts to come in here and Kent767 just appeared

Kent767: :D

steorntracker: IMO, Thicket didn't really have a theory behind his analysis... He sure did misinterpret the docs though

Karellen: is it thinkable that, in the future, every electrical product will have an orbo like device as energy source, or is it too expensive/complicated for that ?

Kent767: Hi all :p

Steorn: some fun at last!

energyman8: That's true, you have pretty much seen it all by now. lol

Kent767: sorry if i pissed you off earlier sean, that really wasn't my intention, not that I expect you to believe me :-p

Steorn: lol, kent, no problems

Kent767: still think you're trying to scam me tho O_O *ducks*

Steorn: it was a 2 way street

Kent767: ;-)

supes: @gravity - well, actually, i've been following avidly at the forum since the Fox or CNN reports, so i know all about it. just don't have nothing to add. plus, getting dizzy from too much text flowing here. good night, ireland

Kent767: sure sure, i'll try to be more cautious in my wording in the future

Walls: Sean, I'd have thought that after apparently breaking CoE, little would surprise you? Never mind 6 months of forum gibberish!

WhiteLite: night supes, keep an eye out in July ;)

Steorn: goodnightsupes

jellybean has left.

Steorn: @ walls - the internet forum world is new to me

what a ride it has been

Kent767: when can we expect clearspace on the new forum?

*the main forum

dcr22: heh, I'm a skeptic and a scientist, but looking forward to being proved wrong :)

WhiteLite: To be honest Sean most forums are like Steorn's unless they are heavily moderated. Religion and politics creating the biggest flame wars

energyman8: me too, I avoided it as long as I could and I never realized how crazy it can be. Simply floors me at times

Steorn: @ Kent - to be honest after using it for a while i am not so sure that it is suitable

supes has left.

Kent767: I see

can I suggest PHPBB2

it has lots of better admin tools for banning

and tracking who is whom

crazy: lol

Steorn: I kinda like the current one

Kent767: its got some nice features

GravityBoots: the regular forum is nice and simple...but could do with a chat this one actually.

Kent767: (the current one)

Steorn: but again, we have asked for changes to ClearSpace so lets see what happens

crazy: are there plans to keep the forum running for ever?

Kent767: wow how much did that partership cost ya?

fizzoid!: I imagine the ride will get a lot faster.

Steorn: we have no plans to shut the forum - we will open it up again in July

Kent767: another site I hang out at has a nice chat system built into the forum software

i'm not sure if its all homebrew or not

GravityBoots: Changes to clearspace.....hope you asked for more smilies.

energyman8: I like the simplicity of the old forum, for someone like me who isn't too familiar with the internet it makes it easier to use

spiritualbeggar: @crazy - we can't let anyone win the 'last poster wins' thread

WhiteLite: The forum's going to crash come July. Poor Magnatrix is going to have like 100,000 emails asking people to be authorised to post...

Steorn: Spark is what we will sue for chat

Kent767: i worry about your poor database though

searching seems to make it want to smoke

TESLA has joined.

Kent767: sue?

dcr22: Presumably there will be more than 100000 people wanting to try out the trial product - how does one get on the list early?

Walls: lol

Kent767: too much talk of sueing as of late :-p

Steorn: use


Walls: Freudian slip?

Kent767: LOL

gabber81: What you mean you'll open the forum again in July? Are you closing it?

Kent767: registration i think

crazy: banned user accounts

Dirtfarmer: Sean, are you happy with the branding "Orbo"?(I understand that the job of a CEO is to toe the line to some extent..) to me it sounds somewhat dated... (as in 200?..)

Steorn: nope - at the moment new members cant post and there are a few banned members out there that we will welcome back!

energyman8: oh no that means jwk will be back Argggghhh

avid_engineer: lol

Kent767: pennies? :-p

WhiteLite: Has anyone thought about making a Steorn FAQ? It would stop repeating of old questions but it would be a massive task. Might be needed come July though

WarriorPoet: You were actually serious about those people Sean...I say fudge em.

Walls: Beat me to it, Kent!

GravityBoots: Hairy!

Steorn: @ DF - I've never been one to toe the line!

Kent767: I gotta ask sean, off the record... who was pennies? You seemed to have uncovered something dark about her identity

steorntracker: just don't register whitelite ;-)

Steorn: off the record!!!! lol

WhiteLite: lol, i wont ;)

Kent767: ;-)

WhiteLite: yeah we wont tell :O

GravityBoots: Just like my quote reference no one will read the FAQ...or they will but they'll repeat the questions anyway

TESLA: The Huchison effect lab is for sale, if you really want to get into hightech pseudosientifics.

spiritualbeggar: the record's always on!

Kent767: shhhh

TESLA: only 8 million

Walls: Yeah, go on Sean. Go on, go on, go on... Tell us!

WhiteLite: Can you ever tell us or is it best to leave it?

Steorn: lol, cant we talk about fraud instead???

gabber13 has joined.

Kent767: lol

GravityBoots: Hutchison effect lab......A ball of string will do the same as his 'lab'.

TESLA: frieuid

gabber13 has left.

TESLA: no his lab is cool

Kent767: only complaint about this chat program doesn't appear to work with Opera

TESLA: it's all show machinery

Kent767: ‡

TESLA: makes a great video :D

Kent767: ™

Walls: First entry in any new FAQ should be WhoTF was Pennies?

steorntracker: Sean, is this the first time you raised millions for a venture?

spiritualbeggar: Something someone mentioned a while ago - any intentional connection between ORBo and electron ORBitals???

Fiksu_V has left.

WhiteLite: lol

Kent767: lol

GravityBoots: Big dials etc.? Big dials are good.

TESLA: jep

big = convincing

Dirtfarmer: Okay... why would a documentary team have approached you, or accepted the risk of investment?

gabber107 has joined.

Kent767: so sean... a simple emoticon response will suffice... how's the jury process going?

Steorn: @ steorntracker - no I spent a year with an irish company called microsol - from memory we raised about 7 million


Babcat: Sean, the USA needs a way to track how the govt utilizes tax dollars. The General Accounting Office a few years ago did a report which indicated over a trillion dollars went unaccounted for in a five year period.

Kent767: ahhh 'good' isn't an emoticon :'(

TESLA: they are not just smashing magnets all day?

GravityBoots: SB Orbo was a previous comapny that went bust. Steorn had the rights to the name.

gabber107 is now Emeraldsong

Kent767: Hi Emeraldson


energyman8: hey ES :)

Emeraldsong: Hi. Nice little program you have here.

WhiteLite: hi ES

energyman8: yep we are all stuck in a little box again but without the video lol

Steorn: happy

gabber933 has joined.

Kent767: :)

you get everything recorded up today?

steorntracker has left.

Steorn: yep - looking at a rough edit of it now

steorntracker: Sean, how often do you meet with Steorn's investors? How have they handled the ride so far?

Kent767: sweet, looking forward to it

WhiteLite: do you swear in it? :)

Steorn: @ st - several times a year - and yes they are happy - we are no plan

gabber258 has joined.

Steorn: @ WL - no f*cking way

Walls: Sorry, gotta throw in a little joke here...

Kent767: lol

WhiteLite: *shakes head slowly* lol

Walls: How do you titillate an ocelot?

crazy: Steorn: Any ideas what to do with all the steornites when this is over?

Walls: Oscillate its tit a lot!

GravityBoots: Whats an ocelot?

WhiteLite: omg...

avid_engineer: lol

GravityBoots: I don't get it.

Walls: GB, not many people do :(

Kent767: how much will the demo toy you're selling cost when it goes to market?

Dirtfarmer: I just did... (groan

WhiteLite: Why didn't the skeletons fight?

Because they didn't have the guts... :O

Kent767: lol

Walls: ocelot = small cat thing

Kent767: where do wasps go to the bathroom?

at the BP station

GravityBoots: Small cat thing = Babcat...Yay!!

Steorn: @ Kent - its i the chat already - we will not discuss the price or the product at this time

Fiksu_V has joined.

Babcat: Welcome Fiksu_V!

Kent767: lol ok

Fiksu_V: hi

WhiteLite: groan kent

gabber664 has left.

Dirtfarmer: Sean,

Kent767: WhiteLite :D

energyman8: good question crazy, Sean do you see an oppurtunity for some of us to make a career change after this?

Babcat: GravityBoots: I'm a cat person. I'll admit it.

WhiteLite: It would be a heck of a commute eman :)

TESLA: what is the longest runtime up to now?

Steorn: @ E8 - I have no idea to be honest, I know what I want to do!

TESLA: 3 months?

Walls: Babcat, please tell me that you're not an ocelot?

Kent767: sqrt(-1)*3 days

energyman8: I'd move in a minute WP! I love Ireland,

WhiteLite: I haven't been yet

Sounds cool though

gabber81: When will the video be shown? the one from today

crazy: there are some jobs in the pollination business vacant...

spiritualbeggar: @E8 hopefully - many in the energy industry will be forced!

Emeraldsong: @Steorn Why don't you tell us what you want to do after this?

Kent767: retire?

start an internet forum?

fizzoid!: farm.

Emeraldsong: @Kent767 lol

dcr22: maybe the energy drain from orbo is what's killing the bees... :O

spiritualbeggar: security tech?

WhiteLite: eman, you could always be a paid moderator for the forum :O

gabber527: Celebrity boxing with Thicket?

Kent767: lol

TESLA: sean, how long did the devices run for now?

Walls: Barber?

WarriorPoet: eman will be a legend--the cruelest strictest mod in the history of the Internets

energyman8: haha, I would ban most of them before they could get a word out, I don't think I'd make a good one :0

WhiteLite: lol

Kent767: lol

energyman8: got that right WP rofl

WarriorPoet: NO POSTS FOR YOU! (Soup Nazi)

Dirtfarmer: "You didn't close "SIR!"

gabber258: Hmmm.

GravityBoots: Sean wanst to go back to goat farming...he said least I think thast what he said.

Dirtfarmer: So Sean,

WhiteLite: I think he's gone

Kent767: Peat farming you mean?

Emeraldsong: @GB You see... that is how all of the misinformation starts!

Walls: lol, ES

gabber258 has logged in as sophia23.

Dirtfarmer: after making all of that money from this "scam" what are you going to do?

fizzoid!: he said a few times he's going back to anti fraud tech.

sophia23: my name was taken...

Emeraldsong: @DF Are you sure you aren't a lawyer?

GravityBoots: Ant-fraud tech and goats

Babcat: Lets get something strait. Sean said after validation day when the SPDC is going strong he wants to get back to anti-fraud tech. He said it's something he enjoys.

gabber81: how do you defraud an ant?

WhiteLite: goats? :/

fizzoid!: goats making watery milk.

Babcat: He also said it's something he can do without people making accusations at him all the time.

Dirtfarmer: ... ahh, not a peat cutter? ...what a bore!

Kent767: lol

Steorn: Well this Orbo thing halt a big fight I was having with the credit card industry so I will get back to that

Kent767: mind bog-gling bore-ing

energyman8: sophia, I swear it wasn't me who stole your name. LOl

WhiteLite: what fight is that?

Steorn: chip and pin

GravityBoots: Ants are the real over your shoulder at the ATM's. little buggers for knicking your pin no.

WhiteLite: ah ok

Steorn: and how screwed up it is

Emeraldsong: There he goes off for another fight. I think that was the real reason he tried this.

Steorn: lol ES

WhiteLite: is that to do with them not encrypting them?

Dirtfarmer: No, I am not (though I've borne the accusation before...LOL) What makes you say that Em(erald)?

sophia23: @energyman8,

Emeraldsong: :)

sophia23: right on

Emeraldsong: @DF You were leading the witness. ;)

gabber81: so when will we see the video sean?

Steorn: no - the concept of pin is flawed in the extreame and dangerous for card holders - its cip and spin I am afraud


Fiksu_V: friday

gabber81: lol is that a freudian slip?

GravityBoots: Sean said "I am a fraud". I saw it!!

Walls: Another 1!

gabber81: rofl

crazy: a fraudian slip

WhiteLite: hmmm, I work for an internet company and we get people trying to use stolen cards all the time, (although that's not chip n pin)

spiritualbeggar: you saw it here firs!

Steorn: nope check out the chip and spin website

gabber933 has left.

Fiksu_V: haha steorntracker will have something new to post lol!

"I am afraud" -Steorn =)

gabber81: chip and spin? is this a wind-up? I am afraud, chip and spin

Steorn: lol, the truth is out!!!!

Kent767 has left.


energyman8: kent's off to the newspaper!

gabber81: kent767 has left to tell everyone

spiritualbeggar: Kent767 has his proof

energyman8: jinx!

gabber151 has joined.

WhiteLite: I though you were joking sean :O

Dirtfarmer: that is too funny... that's all I had to hear... your witness.

Steorn: bugger did not even get to book my flights to south america ROFL

spiritualbeggar: argh! cursed realtime communication!

energyman8: at least you will have no problem wearing a wig!

Steorn: must learn to type

WarriorPoet: Sean I know a flophouse in East Cleveland where you can hide out

Steorn: lol

WarriorPoet: And I PROMISE no one will look there (really!)

gabber81: flights? Seamus and the gang going too?

WarriorPoet: or they'll um, die

Steorn: shhhh... don't tell them!

WhiteLite: You can borrow my shed. The cat wont mind.

GravityBoots: One typo too many and the whole operation comes crashing down.

WarriorPoet: Now WL, you know cats are really the secret of perpetual motion, right?

Dirtfarmer: I've got a river! woods up back!... (*whiskie!* shhhh!)


avid_engineer: thought it was gerbils ?

WhiteLite: lol, along with jelly toast? ;)

Kent767: cats and jelly covered bread


Walls: Maybe Sean should be thinking about moving into typo prevention technology?

GravityBoots: WP are you Gaby..the youtube tart.

Fiksu_V: unfortunately, that doesnt work wp

spiritualbeggar: My money is on the overunity hamster

WarriorPoet: SHHH! Don't tell them!

Fiksu_V: or perhapsthe fault was with my neighbours cat

WhiteLite: Do you know the real reason toast always lands face down?

gabber81: bet kent767 took a screenshot before he left

WarriorPoet: (where is my Wang Shum UFHo?

dcr22 has left.

Kent767: screenshoft of what?

gabber81: what?

energyman8: phew, he missed it. lol

Kent767: ?

GravityBoots: Quick everyone hide the evidence

Fiksu_V: lol

Kent767: lol

energyman8: were just yankin your chain kent

Fiksu_V: type as much as you can.. it'll disappear

Kent767: i caught on

slowly but eventually

WhiteLite: type type type

gabber81: rofl

Dirtfarmer: So Sean, can I assume you did initially hire the documentary team? or how would they approach you? (post ad perhaps?)

sophia23 has left.

WhiteLite: Where's Thicket anyway? I thought he would show. :(

Kent767: same

Steorn: @ DF - they i fact do most of the stuff for U2 so there was a bit of a third party connection

Kent767: he will be missed :'(


Dirtfarmer: Thicket has 30 gigawatt powerplant to attend to... dangit!

energyman8: you are friends with Sir Bono Sean?

Kent767: thats what i actually was most intrigued about , his posts about his plant

Dirtfarmer: Fair enough.

Steorn: Nope

WhiteLite: I saw a picture of him on some website, he looks old!

Dirtfarmer: Yeah, Bonos' getttin up there ;)

Emeraldsong: @WL He mentioned retiring... and then going to work somewhere else.

WhiteLite: but he looked happy

GravityBoots: Cool someone in Steorn knows someones friend of a brother of a girlfriend of one of the U2 roadies?f

fizzoid!: why just 2 weeks on the demo at kinetica?

WhiteLite: yeah but I thought it was early retirement

Emeraldsong: @WL Yes, well old people are just young people who wonder WTF happened.

sophia23 has joined.

WhiteLite: lol

GravityBoots: ES...Thats me!!

WhiteLite: Sorry didn't mean to offend the older members here

Kent767: Sean was the demo reel shown at Kinetica going to be the same device as you originally planned to demo?

Emeraldsong: @WL Not sure. I don't think it is a money issue the way he talked.

Kent767: I imagine not

since it was developed by someone else


Anonymous said...

jterry! I wondered where pennies_everywhere got off to. There you are!

Anonymous said...

@ Steortracker - are you going to let the threats from Storm exist here? He is calling my home. You make a call on this but this guy has crossed a line.


Anonymous said...

Sean, call the police. Dudes deranged.

Anonymous said...

Aye. Call the cops.


SteornTracker said...

stormbringer, you are officially banned from this blog. Don't post here again.