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Saturday, July 14, 2007

30 Investors

Back in August of 2006, in the Guardian Unlimited Article "These men thing they are about to change the world", the author makes this statement:

Last week, frustrated that they couldn't persuade scientists to take their work seriously, McCarthy, Walshe and the other 28 shareholders of Steorn, a privately owned technology research company, took out a full-page advertisement in the Economist. In it, they called upon scientists to form a 12-member jury to decide whether their free-energy system is real, hoaxed, imagined or incorrectly well-intentioned.
Someone here recently quoted that number, which made me realize that I should go take a second look at Steorn's Financials [google docs link] [excel link] (thanks anonymous). If there were more than 30 investors listed, I'd know that Steorn took additional funding, like the March 2007 document suggests.

What I found was that there are exactly 30 Steorn investors, two of which hadn't invested until the latest publication. I think this is reasonable evidence that Steorn has not taken any additional funding after their declaration. What do you think?

Update: As you can see in the comments, Thicket points out that according to the spreadsheet, there are actually 34 stock holders. I missed the three class B share holders and also the BES Scheme investment. Unfortunately, the numbers don't add up in either direction now. I guess I'm not that surprised things don't add up ;-(.