Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wired: 10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets

Along with 9 other gadgets, Wired has selected Steorn's Orbo as one of the 10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets. From the article:

... File this one under deluded: enthusiastically setting up a public display, the inventors were humiliated when it failed to operate. But wait! Steorn gave its deal to 22 scientists who'll "validate" the device. Don't hold your breath, chaps. ...

... Think it might be real? For the love of Liebniz, get a freakin' clue: if it looks like a toy and the net gain is almost imperceptibly small, you're selling a measurement error. ...
They seem to have sided with Dr. Mike on their opinion of Steorn.


Anonymous said...

Cue music: "The End" by The Doors seems appropriate.

Anonymous said...

That's funny.. ahhh ha ha.. I guess I can only laugh because I HAVE SEEN ORBO WORKING!! Wired are full of it. Demo 08 is going to knock Wired and everyone else into a catatonic state of amazement. When they announced in the SPDC2 that there is a new March08 demo I bought 2,000 more shares. I'm already shopping for super yachts and a private jet, life is grand!

Anonymous said...

Sheesh, have Wired set themselves up for a huge fall. I can't wait until it backfires in spectacular style.

Nice one boys - Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The world dying:

Meanwhile at Steorn headquarters:

Staff: The Earth is dying Sean, like can't we just invite 60minutes over for a full segment on Orbo? They can bring a few scientists to see that it's the real deal and all that?

Sean: No! We must achieve validation or no one will believe we have free energy and can save the world!

Staff: Umm.. dude, like that is what we are saying.. bring 60minutes over and they'll do a full story and investigation, we'll be validated in a half a day. I mean, the world is dying dude, people are starving to death, babies in Africa need water.. We can validate on TV and start saving the planet and the human race.

Sean: I'm not having this discussion.

Staff: so when will validation be completed then?

Sean: 1Q 2015

Anonymous said...

In fairness it is amusing the way Steorn have continued operating as a company long after their claim has been debunked by the entire sane civilized world. They have been castigated by the scientific world and yet they soldier on. The investors are so embarrassed as to do nothing about it. They would rather lose their investment than their credibility by going to court to recover pennies on the pound. What alternative has Steorn? None, just continue until the money runs out and that could be at least 1-2 years from now.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The investors are so embarrassed as to do nothing about it. They would rather lose their investment than their credibility by going to court to recover pennies on the pound.

It seems to me that the investors, all of them, rich or not so rich, would want to make sure that everybody knew what a bunch of screwups Steorn were. They would want that much 'justice' at least.

And the investors that aren't so rich would want a piece of Steorn's property to get back some of what they had lost, and would make sure that the place was closed down and the assets sold, and that they collected what they could of the proceeds.

And all of this would be public and we would know about it.

What alternative has Steorn? None, just continue until the money runs out and that could be at least 1-2 years from now.

I thought they were just about at the end of the money they had. That's what the 'experts' here have been saying anyway. But you are stretching it out since the expected end of Steorn hasn't happened yet, is that it?

After the July demo mess, if Steorn hasn't closed or been put into some legal proceedings by the investors, it must be because the investors still believe in them. Sean must have done some very convincing talking and demoing to the investors since July.

Anonymous said...

The investors have no recourse.

All they did was buy Steorn Stock. While they probably did it because of "Orbo" all they own is stock in an information security company that isn't doing very well. There is no legal avenue opened to them to recover their money.

If Steorn had formed a new company and marketed the shares of that new company based on the firm statement that Steorn had a proven technology that produced free energy then the investors of that new company MIGHT be able to establish fraud. As it is now all they (the investors) own is stock in an information security company based in Dublin, Ireland…that’s it.

There will never be any legal action taken against Steorn, there is no legal recourse available to the investors in Steorn. The ONLY way would be to prove that officers of Steorn where illegally converting investors money for their own personal use, accounting malfeasants, or any form of corporate fraud. Unfortunately for the investors that does not cover salary, bonuses and incentives, or benefits. I don’t think Steorn is stupid enough to do any of this. They have been very smart so far and I expect they continue to be smart.

All one has to do is look at public records. Steorn was failing financially and because of the “free energy” claim Steorn was able to sell shares of stock and raise cash. The investors signed disclosures indemnifying Steorn and its officers for any failure of the “technology”. That cash has allowed Steorn to operate for few years…that’s all.

Anonymous said...

LOL@ the new post on FreeEnergy"Truth":

Debunkers: The 3 Types

"It must be understood that all debunkers commit one or more of three errors:

1. They do not know the data,
2. They ignore the data
3. They distort the data to make it conform to their explanations.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

This is especially pertinent to free energy. You will find that anyone wishing to explain it all away will fit into one of these three categories."

The exact same rules can be applied to fervent believers, such as 007, Babcat and Energyman8.

Anonymous said...

There is no data to either not know, distort or ignore. If Steorn had published useful data that could be reviewed and could show unequivacably that OU was possible and coupled that with a working device none of what has happened over the last year would have taken place the way it has. That is the point that the believers seem to gloss over.

It is in their best interests to paint skeptics as the evil doers which is completely irrelevant to Steorn's claims. They also gloss over the fact that McCarthy himself has said repeatedly that if he were faced with this claim from afar he would not believe it without proper thermodynamic testing in a controlled environment. Something none of the skeptics have at their disposal.

The believers are making skeptics out to be bogey men for the sake of supporting their own beliefs.

After four and half years, considerable amount of press and money spent the only people who truly believe Steorn's claims are Babcat, 007 and Eman and none of them have any credibility whatsoever. If they were true scientists who had done extensive testing and seen a working device then it would be a different story but they are as far from that type of individual as shit is from shinola.

bc said...

The believers think "data" means "Sean Says...".

1. They do not know what Sean Says,
2. They ignore what Sean Says
3. They distort what Sean Says to make it conform to their heathen beliefs and idolatrous worship of the false god of Science. Sean is the true God and "Sean Says" is the word of Sean, all praise to Sean, cast all scientists to damnation. Lemme me hear an "Amen"

Anonymous said...

Domain names owned by Steorn (this is not a full list):

Steorn (Belize) (China) (Cocos Islands) (European Union) (Germany) (India) (Mexico) (Montserrat) (New Zealand) (New Zealand) (Samoa) (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands) (Turks and Caicos Islands) (Turkmenistan) (Tuvalu) (United Kingdom) (United States) (Virgin Islands)

Steorn Lab (Ascension Island)

Orbo (Austria)

Self-deluded, or not self-deluded: that is the question... :)

maryyugo said...

"LOL@ the new post on FreeEnergy"Truth""

The BIG LOL about "FreeEnergy Truth" is that the blog owner disabled comments. Some confidence.

15-India-Street said...
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maryyugo said...


Guess they should've asked here (especially of Dr. Mike) or done some reading first.

"A Fool and his money are soon parted"

-adapted from T. Tusser written in 1573 in the "Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry"

Some things just don't change.

Anonymous said...

happy thanksgiving


Vardan1899 said...

We are looking forward to a hilarious 2008 with Steorn :D If next year is anything like the last!!!


Anonymous said...

Steorn's proudest achievement by far is the great work done in Africa, the non working pumps.

Sean is completely unique, in a bid to become a great scientist / businessman he has reversed roles and become a philanthropist first. This perceptive tactic should eventually lead to a reverse engineered OU device.

God Bless John Rockefeller, Joseph Rowntree, George Soros, Andrew Carnegie and now Sean McCarthy of Steorn. You know, eventually we will just be saying Sean McCarthy.

Thicket said...

There is less new investment, but 3 suckers still got conned by Steorn. Man, some folks sure are stupid!!

Of course, this is further proof that Sean's statement of 'no new investment' was an outright lie. It's wasn't a mistake, delusion or some funky accounting fantasy. It was a bare-faced lie.

Anonymous said...

Those 3 suckers are not investing in Orbo but Steorn's new cure for cancer.

Get in early while you can. I have already asked for the prospectus for the up and coming Time Machine they are also working on.

Sean says he is going to go back in time to reverse the agony he caused the poor folks in Africa. Very noble indeed.

nleseul said...

(To SteornTracker re: new allocation of shares. Couldn't reply to your mail, since this computer doesn't seem to like my SMTP server.)

His spreadsheet seems accurate. I grabbed the PDF and dumped it on my site, but it doesn't have too much to say beyond what he's reported.

Also worth noting that their annual return is also filed, but isn't yet scanned and available for download.

nleseul said...

Actually, I withdraw my statement. Looks like 15-India-Street misread the new document. The new investor he identifies is a "Mr. Drumconrath," but there is no such person on the allocation of shares document. Drumconrath is the entry in the next column over, the address of the person in question. The actual name of that investor already exists in the spreadsheet.

maryyugo said...


Good point-- no delusion there. Probably no delusion about Orbo either. Nobody can be *so* dumb or deluded as to make Sean's claims and then show up at an large and elaborate demo with that pitiful junk they had.

Anonymous said...

Thicket said...
Of course, this is further proof that Sean's statement of 'no new investment' was an outright lie. It's wasn't a mistake, delusion or some funky accounting fantasy. It was a bare-faced lie.

Or that Steorn changed its mind about permitting new investment.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Steorn has never registered an Irish domain. They appear to have Mexico and Montserrat but they never thought to get the .ie domain. Seems a bit of an oversight that.

One that could be easily taken advantage of by people in that frame of mind.

15-India-Street said...

@nleseul - thanks, my mistake


There has been a new allotment of Steorn shares on October 26th 2007.

Three existing shareholders paid Euro 1.084.293 for just 661 shares, setting a new valuation record for the Steorn shares of over Euro 1640 each. Together these three investors have funded Steorn since 2005 with more than 9 million Euro (almost 60% of all Steorn funding). With this new investment Steorn can extend it's life by at least three months.

These new 661 shares represent about 0.5% of the total number of Steorn shares. The combined number of shares of Sean McCarthy and Micheal Daly is below 60% now, but they still have a solid majority. With the latest valuation of Euro 1640 the combined paper value of the two Steorn directors has risen beyond 120 million Euro.

Corrected sheet: