Sunday, February 24, 2008

They're not quite dead yet...

Today in the forums, Sean McCarthy reacted to JREF's declaration of Steorn's death, based on a quote over at What's New by Bob Park:

Steorn: Wow, I wish that some one would tell me this stuff, I need not have turned up to the office all that time. Good to see that JREF is reliable as ever!
Also today, an anonymous poster shares with us a newly available patent application filed by Steorn:
This patent was filed right around the time of Steorn's Economist Ad. It will be more interesting if we start seeing Steorn's core Orbo patents start appearing on these sites. Another anonymous poster did some research on the named inventors, two of which haven't appeared before in documents relating to Steorn. They are Ciaran Mythen and Guillaume Reux. Here is a translated version of Guillame's resume.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


"What I can say with full confidence is that our system violates the law of conservation of energy" - Thane Heins

The free energy world has erupted again in Canada this week. I have received many emails and comments about Thane Heins, an inventor in Ottawa claiming to have violated the law of conservation of energy. Many forums and discussions have occurred since the original articles appeared in The Toronto Star. If you are interested in following the story a little deeper, here are some links you should read:

The original two articles, written by Tyler Hamilton of The Star:
Turning physics on its ear
'Holy crap, this is really scary'

Potential Difference Web Page with Large Videos:

Speccy's YouTube posting of the videos:

Tyler and Thane comment on the article over on Tyler's blog:

Steorn Forum Discussion: Discussion:,4047.60.html Article and Discussion:

This blog's primary goal has been to keep track of Steorn more so then all free energy claims, I think I'd have to quit my job to keep up with all of them. Thane hasn't yet claimed free energy, although I'm sure he wouldn't be getting this much attention if he weren't implying it. But unlike Steorn's claims, Thane's are testable and publicly available. He's even hosting a demo for Ottawa's skeptics on Monday! Seeing examples like Thane, in which well known universities and professors are willing to test these types of claims publicly, suggest that Steorn's excuses for their approach are bunk.

The closure that I'm looking for with Steorn may never happen, but events like these help bring home the fact that closure is most likely already here.