Sunday, December 13, 2009

Steorn Demo Take Two

As folks have pointed out in the comments section of this blog, Steorn is gearing up for a second demo of their Orbo technology. As many remember, the first demo back in July 2007 didn't go particularly well.

So far the information we have, reported by an anonymous insider over on reddit, is that the demo should take place next week, and that Steorn is in the process of setting everything up at the Waterways of Dublin. The anonymous source has posted photos inside and outside of the building:

Also pointed out in the reddit post is that Steorn is projecting the following video on the side of one of the buildings:

The video contains the following quotes, including the final Jury decision:

"It's a fraud" - Dr. Michio Kaku, ABC News, August 2006
"Powered by Blarney" - Forbes, July 2007
"...prolonged self deception" - Eric Ash, BBC, 2007
"Perpetual nonsense" - The Economist, July 2007
"10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets" - Wired, November 2007
"...magic fairy powered rotary and magnetic systems" - Engadget, February 2009
"...have not shown evidence of energy production.." - Scientific `Jury`, June 2009

The video teaser concludes with the blasphemies quote, which we've heard a few times from Steorn.

If you are feeling Steorn withdraw and want to read about what has been going on this year, especially related to Steorn's 300 announcement, I recommend checking out Nolan Chart's blog. Nolan is a true optimist, but as you can see from his most recent posts he's beginning to realize the situation the 300 are in.