Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sean Talks

Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, appeared as expected at DIT to update us all on Steorn's activities. You can listen to the talk here:

Thanks Battman for posting the audio, and to Speccy who converted it into embeddable flash form. Some of the highlights include:

  • The first ~8 minutes Sean spends discussing Steorn's background in fraud technology.
  • Sean goes on to give a background of the quest for free energy, which is still ongoing of course.
  • He then spends time "embarrasing himself" explaining Orbo technology. He brings up the failed demo multiple times, highlighting how difficult it is to engineer this discovery.
Why did he do this?

It's been difficult for Steorn to develop their discovery. Steorn will start to provide their Orbo technology to a broader audience starting in February, offering licenses for their technology. According to McCarthy, these licenses to develop the technology will be free, but require the developers to pay a royalty if a device is built around the technology. The point of these licenses according to Sean are to help with validation.

What's amazing are the things left unsaid. Almost no mention of the Jury, which was the central premise of Steorn's original public launch. I would presume if the Jury was working out well for Sean, it would be mentioned on many occasions during the talks. When asked about the Jury, Sean gets very defensive and admits that their is no near term validation day. Sean makes no mention of a validation toy, which was supposedly going to be in production. And there was no mention of the Aftican pump project.

Now we'll all have to wait until February to see if Steorn delivers on making their Orbo "technology" more available to the world.