Monday, May 28, 2007

38 days 21 hours 35 minutes

After a nice break, I see that I haven't missed much. Dr. Mike and sonoboy continue to post updates and more details of their experiments on Steorn's forum here and here. Now that we are in the last week of May, we can start counting down till the July demo. My guess is that the demo will take place the same week as Live Earth in London, based on what Sean has posted in the past. The Live Earth London Website conveniently has a count down, so there is no need for us to implement our own!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Offline For the Weekend...

Other than some great hobbyist experiments, not much has been going on over in Steornville lately. I'm going to be spending the weekend relaxing on Sanibel Island, so I won't be posting or moderating for the next couple of days. Everyone have a great weekend! I'll do my best Monday night to capture anything that took place while I was gone.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Second SPDC Round Over and Some Blog Stats

Today in the forums, SeamusF informs us that today was the last day for the second round of SPDC applications. He also mentions that there was a good response for new SPDC'ers. It will be interesting to see how many additional SPDC members there will be after the NDA's are received.

Unfortunately not much else has been happening in the forums that is Steorn related.

One Free Energy Tracker reader asked if I could post another map of visitors which I did a while back in the 1000th Visitor post. Since the start of this blog in early March, we've received over 31,000 visits and over 61,ooo page views!

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Weekend Update and a Possible Theory

Over the weekend, Dr. Mike has made some progress on his experiment:

I have a microcontroller board from another project which I'm going to modify. It will use 5 analog inputs (3 accelerometer, 2 magnetometer) and spit out serial data, hopefully at 230400 baud. I'll try for ascii so I can just use a terminal emulator to capture the data. Modification parts are on order.

I've got rubber/plastic coated neos (N42 class) being shipped. Shapes are 1/2"X1"X1/4" with N-S thru the 1/4" and 1/2" diam X 1/4" thick disk. Not exactly what I wanted, but easily available and cheap.
Also, in the comments of The Tickets Have Arrived here on Free Energy Tracker, 15-india-street points us to toiz's attempt to explain how the Steorn effect might work:

Also, thanks go to alsetoken who posted this link to photos of Steorn's test machinery.
I hadn't seen some of those photos before, even though they were posted back in November!

One final note, this is the 100th blog entry here at Free Energy Tracker since March. We've had a lot to talk about! My favorite part about this whole experience is the collaboration, which is in full swing right now. Together I hope we can figure out what the heck is going on, be it galactic conquest or galactic embarrassment!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Tickets Have Arrived

From the Few questions to drMike thread:

You will all be happy to know that I have received tickets to London (and back) for the July demo (and 2 days before). So I'll have to make sure my Sv Experiment hardware is portable, not just sloppy prototype!
I'd like to give Steorn credit for following through with this, there were a lot of doubts about whether Dr. Mike would ever get these tickets. Now let's see how they follow through with the demo!

Dr. Mike also has posted here a bit more about what he hopes to accomplish with the experiment:
The idea of this experiement is to test Steorn's methods by a direct attack on the physics. They claim Sv is part of it. They claim magnets moving towards and away from each other are part of it. This test does both, and if we don't see any Sv (either within a few runs or after many) then Sv can't be part of Orbo.

It's a cool test because it should show all the OU builders how to measure real world parameters. It's fun for me because Sv is based on quantum mechanics, so if I can measure something, I can dig into quantum theory to attempt to explain it.

So either way, it's fun and educational. We may not convince Steorn there's no such thing as CoE violation, but at least we can see reality for what it is.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Finances and Physics

Today in the forums most of the activity was centered around Dr. Mike's experiment in the Sv Experiment thread. Sean chimed in pretty late tonight, he must be having some trouble sleeping! Also, ebswift took the time to render Dr. Mikes sketches in 3D. Thanks ebswift!

Now on to some finance information. Today 15-india-street posted this spreadsheet which combines the past seven years of Steorn's public investment data into one easy to read page. I still haven't had a chance to review the CRO documents myself, but this makes it much easier to see the big picture. It's mind boggling that Steorn will need to be worth more that 200 million euros before certain investors break even on their investment.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dr. Mike's Sv Experiment

After a bit of back and forth between Sean and Dr. Mike, which lead to a public approval by Sean for Dr. Mike to publish his experiment, we now have the beginnings of Dr. Mike's Sv Experiment.

Some thought Sean was a bit harsh on Dr. Mike today. There seemed to be some miss communication regarding whether Dr. Mike could publish his version of the experiment. While Sean had emailed Dr. Mike a critique of the proposed experiment, I wonder if Dr. Mike was still expecting a follow up email or communication allowing him to openly discuss the experiment. Once the dust settled, we got our answer from Sean:

Mikes experiment design is his own, he asked my views, I gave them to him, I saw many technical problems with it, if Mike wants to post his experiment, there is nothing that Steorn can or would do about it, other than to comment on the variety of problems that I see with it, although I do now see that Mike is suggesting stainless steel instead of the steel design that he originally mailed to me and posted above, there are lots of issues, I have no problem discussing them in public, IMO the design is not very good, but lets get the issues in the open, but again I do want an explanation of the lapse of memory issues.
While it's always fun to discuss finances and intentions, I prefer physics. The Sv Experiment thread is off to a great start and I'm sure we'll all learn a lot more about magnetic viscosity and Sv in the process.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dr. Mike's Progress

Over in the thread Few Questions to drMike blueletter asks:

Dr. Mike, How's your Sv testing progressing?
drmike responds:
I'm waiting on Steorn to OK my proposal. I'd like to create a public physics experiment so we can all discuss it, and I'd like for it to be so far off from Steorn's methods that you can't directly see how it connects to anything they are doing. I've got plans, and I've got a few parts listed I'd want to order to build the thing (steel frame mostly) but there's no point in proceeding if Steorn won't let me talk about it.
Hopefully Dr. Mike will get the thumbs up from Steorn soon and can move forward with his experiment.

Monday, May 14, 2007

First 8 Minutes Transcribed...

It's a lot of work to transcribe interviews! It took about an hour to get the first eight minutes of the interview down on paper. You can read them here. I'll be working on getting the whole interview transcribed over the next few days. Below are some of the interesting parts of the first eight minutes.

Sean in response to whether he thinks that engaging the forums is a waste of time:

Sean: ... I don't see it at all as a waste of time, we’ve been asked by Trinity to do a similar kind of thing, ultimately its part of a process of erosion that people have now distilled the view, that I can understand, we're either for real, that people will say that it is such a small probability its not worth considering, or some kind of fraud. General opinion has actually consolidated into a very black and white vision. At the end of that, the black and whiteness of it will be resolved one way or another. Either we will be proven to be fraud, which we're not, or we will be proven to be right which we are, and then we can actually get on with the business of business.
Sean also clarifies some of the details leading up to the UCD debate, and clarifies comments he made about being lied to:
... eventually we got to speaking to the person who is responsible for issuing approval for filming in the university and he’d never heard of it, and that is specifically what I’m referring to ...

The Trinity visit should be interesting. I think we're going to have plenty of entertainment between now and July.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dispatches from the front, an SPDC Update

There was a lot of relevant activity today in Steorn's forum. Sean provided some interesting links in this post to some of Steorn's previous work, including links to FraudHalt and DiscMatch. Also today, crank started the thread Dispatches from the front to give us all a developer's club update:

Sean produces a test carried out on a €4000 machine, and within a few days people can replicate his results using parts cannibalised from other equipment.
It sounds like a lot of the SPDC members are very hands on. Here is part of her analysis of the current situation within the SPDC:
I think it's fair to say that there has been some movement towards the fence by hardened sceptics, and fence-sitters are gingerly lowering toes onto the believer side.

In the words of one sceptic "I'm only looking at recipes for humble pie, it's not cooking yet! But my skeptical foundation has just suffered a magnitude 5.5 quake."
pcstru4, an SPDC member and skeptic, mentioned in the thread that he's shifted a bit, from a 0.000001 chance to 0.00000125 chance :-) enginerd, another skeptic in the SPDC, also commented that no fence movement has taken place for him yet.

Make sure to read the whole thread if you have time. Crank goes on to say:
SPDC members now know the identity of the engineer in the Kinetica video, and know more about who has tested Steorn's tech in the past.
If you've listened to the interview from Friday, you'll know that I'm a bit fascinated with the whole SPDC model. I think it's great that there are true skeptics in the SPDC, and it's also great that crank is allowed to post updates like she has. The more informed we all are, the more likely it is we'll be able to figure out where this is all heading.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hot Topics For Today: Financials and Banning

Steorn was active today in the thread Sean can u clarify the financials? over in Steorn's forum. Steorn starts off by repeating their position:

There has been no new investment since August, I said this yesterday and for the past six months. Its that simple.
nleseul asks:
So is that new CRO document just reporting various transactions that happened during the first part of 2006, as crank is suggesting?
And Steorn replies:
Yep, this whole thing is what happens when you have a cynic trying to check accounts with no knowledge at all of what he is talking about - lol, its in a long list of errors that he has made on the subject, including accusing me of selling 750k's worth of shares.
There still seems to be some technical details regarding the dates of these transactions that are unclear based on what I've read here and in the forum. I haven't had a chance to review the CRO documents myself, so I'll wait to comment until I get a chance to read through them.

Also in the same thread Sean discusses the bannings of Ping and Big Oil Rep:
Well you cant really call pings banning a banning since he had set up a load of accounts, so its a bit of fun to be honest. Father Luke is a different matter.
FLD/The Pope/BoR had crossed the line one too many times. ping has many accounts set up (they all have the same avatar), so thats just playing around.
Lol, I could ban all of pings accounts in a few mins, but I have not seen anything recently that he has done that is ban worthy (you can always of course ask the question if one person should have multiple accounts). As for BoR he has posting information about Steorn that is factually incorrect, he could phrase this kind of stuff as a question, but the point he posted info that is stated as a fact and is just untrue and I strongly suspect that he knew it was untrue.
I apologize again for not getting a chance to transcribe the interview today. I listened to the interview while driving, and I especially want to pull out some of Sean's comments regarding Magnetic Viscosity and Sv.

One final note, if you didn't get a chance to view the UCD debate, I noticed that Dispatches from the Future has links to working versions of the videos on YouTube. Check it out while they last!

Friday, May 11, 2007

More Bannings, Financial Questions

Today "a" aka Ping1400 was banned in the forums for the umpteenth time, Big Oil Rep was also banned. They were most likely banned due to the discussion on Steorn's financials, which started when Big Oil Rep quoted Thicket's questions in the forum here. At first I wasn't connecting Thickets dots, but then nleseul dug this up:

I withdraw my earlier argument. Steorn filed a document with the CRO on April 3, 2007 showing an allotment of 5,284 ordinary shares for a total of 8.4 million euros cash on March 26, 2007.
crank may have an explanation:
Shares can be issued up to three years after the money has changed hands, as far as I know. I checked with an accountant friend when that article was published, and the share issue things were downloaded, to see if the shares would have been paid for at the time they were issued. He laughed at me :confused:
It would be nice to get a clarification from Steorn on this one. In regards to the phone interview, I didn't get a chance tonight to pull out the good quotes. Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend. If anyone else feels up to the challenge, it would be greatly appreciated!

Free Energy Tracker Interview with Sean McCarthy

Yesterday, Sean pinged me and asked if he could get a chance to address some of the skeptics that have posted here on the Free Energy Tracker Blog. Earlier today, we spoke for a little over an hour going over everything Steorn. We spoke on a wide range of topics, and later tonight I hope to transcribe the phone interview.

Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties the quality of the recording is low, but I wanted to post it ASAP to give you all something to listen to and think about. At the end of the interview, Sean volunteered to do future interviews, so start thinking of great questions! Here's a link to the mp3.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Game is Afoot

Dr. Mike has posted this message over in the Few questions to Dr. Mike Thread:

I have received a description of an experiment and some results. It's proprietary, so that's that. If you get the paper listed in References on magnetism about magnetic viscosity you can see where the term Sv comes from.

Anisotropy energy has a time constant in nanoseconds. Sv has a time constant in milliseconds. One of the formula in the above paper shows

Sv = -k*T/(dE/dH)

where k = Boltzman's constant, T = absolute temperature, and dE/dH = change in energy barrier with respect to external field.

What's interesting is that they claim dE/dH should be measured at constant M_irr where "irr" is a reference to irreversible processes. M is permanent magnet field strength (I think). If it's irreversible it's an energy loss and entropy gain. That says
it will be really hard to see any violation of CoE in this process.

But I've got more to read, and lots of questions to ask. So check out that paper and let's see if we can figure out Sv!

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike
Also in the forums, nleseul asks:
Care to tell us your initial impression of their setup, though? Does it look like an experiment that would answer the question and be worth your time to do?
And Dr. Mike responds:
I've got some questions for them, but I want to read up on magnetic viscosity and how Sv is used in the literature. The main tie in for me is via anisotropy energy - seems like it's quite similar and has the same underlying physics as magnetic viscosity.

I think one of the main problems is that the term "magnetic viscosity" has different meanings in different contexts. I think "domain realignment time" is more appropriate for what Steorn is talking about compared to what ferrofluids or AC motors use the term for. Maybe - I have to read some more.
Dr. Mike also posted this comment here in regards to his trip in July:
No tickets yet. Promise was for next week. But I have something to read up on, so I can wait! For fun, check out:
and read up on Sv.
Now everyone start reading!

Can Dr. Mike Sv CoE?

Dr. Mike, our favorite skeptic, and Sean, our favorite free energy CEO, went at it in the forums today:

drmike: To not have anything to show anyone after all this time from last August's big splash and also to have claimed to have worked on it for 3 years prior to that, just makes it
look like there's really nothing there.

I claim the emperor has no clothes. I'm a skeptic. I'm also an engineer that likes to play with toys - no toys, no play time! That's boring. I'd rather see a toy and get a clue how to build it, that's all.

Steorn: Dr. Mike, You are also a scientist, there is enough there to go and prove us wrong if you feel that you can - go for it, you are a scientist, engineer and skeptic - surely you are in a position to test and demonstrate that an Sv reaction is thermodynamically resolvable?

drmike: Yes, I have all the tools necessary to do that in my own personal laboratory.
How'd you like to send me a toy to hook up to all that equipment?

Otherwise, I'll get together some equipment in London and do it before the demo starts.

I'm sure the forum members would like to watch, so any chance there's an internet connection at the demo site? A web cam would be very cool!

Steorn: lol Mike - as you said in your post above "I'd rather see a toy and get a clue how to build it, that's all." - well you can get that clue in July, but not before. But surely you are in a position to test an Sv interaction and prove via test that it is thermodynamically sound?

drmike: Sure. What's the set up?

Steorn: Try any interaction that includes Sv.
This next comment made me laugh:
Big Oil Rep: So any interaction that involves Sv violates COE? And no one noticed this before? Hmmm
Back to the conversation:
Steorn: look forward to hearing how your own Sv testing goes - will you keep the forum updated?

drmike: Like this paper found by Emeraldsong: Anything in particular or just replicate something at will?

Mike, I just mailed you a simple Sv test setup and so on, try to replicate it and then sum the energies!!
As nleseul put it, "Some excitement to fill the time between now and July! Thanks, Sean! Thanks, Dr. Mike!"

In the same thread Sean had some general remarks about the debate:
Steorn: I have to say that I had zero expectations on anything other than a bit of fun on Friday. It was the last day of college before the exams start and I was pretty sure that the whole thing would end up as an student prank. It was not that, so be it. With respect to being laughed at, so what? It is not in my nature to back down, even though we had been repeatedly lied to about the event by the organizers we went through with it, we expected nothing more than the treatment that we got.

I will continue to do this kind of thing because I think that its the right thing to do, if someone asks me to talk about it to a group of people who I think might have a genuine interest in it I will talk to them, if I have the time. They can decide to debate the issues or call names, this says more about them than me.

The UDC thing was just another day in this forum, people get emotive about the claim and revert to cries of foul - this says a lot more about them than me.
And finally, on a lighter note, Spiritual Beggar brings us another in a series of great Steorn Cartoons, which Sean used in the debate to break the ice:

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Debate on YouTube: Real OR BOllocks?

Second Update: The folks over at Dispatches From the Future have links to working videos on YouTube.

Unfortunately the videos have been removed from YouTube due to copyright issues, see michael's posted below.

Singularity over in the Steorn Forums points us to YouTube, where michaeldoyle has posted what seems to be most of the university debate mentioned earlier. The video quality is unfortunately rough, so slides are next to impossible to make out, and the audio isn't great either.

Some of the highlights include Sean mentioning 4 PhD's that work for Steorn, the "take Conservation of Energy on Faith" comment by the rebutters, and also Sean reminds everyone that threats of physical violence were made by scientists towards Steorn.

If you can't make it through all five videos, make sure to watch the last one, which is a short Q&A session with Sean.

Steorn Part 1

Steorn Part 2

Steorn Part 3

Steorn Part 4

Steorn Part 5

Monday, May 7, 2007

Sean Interviewed on The Last Word, May 3rd 2006

This past Thursday, Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, was interviewed by Matt Cooper of The Last Word, a radio talk show on Today FM in Dublin, Ireland. Here is a link to the audio. The interview starts at around 11 minutes into the show, and it's about 7 1/2 minutes long. Thanks go to the reader who pointed this out to me! Here are some of the more juicy excerpts:

On the Jury:

13:02 "Their mandate is to basically come in and prove us wrong"

13:16 "They started the 9th of January"

13:32 "The names of one of the jury names did actually leak on the Internet"

This is another confirmation that Dr. Jeff Bechtold is one of the jurors.

On the funding of Steorn:
13:54 "We're privately funded by private Irish investors"

Back to the Jury:

15:06 "It's safe to say that if it didn't work, the jury would have delivered already"

I wonder how the Jury feels about that! As far as this being a scam or hoax:

17:15 "This is not a question of you know it be a small joke... We have put our family futures on the line"

And finally:

18:18 "The deepest reaction we've had, we've had threats from scientists, and I'm not joking, we've had threats of physical violence from scientists"

18:32 "We are not a scientific organization, I mean the validation is fundamental in something that is such a large claim, but for us we are a business. We want to get beyond this and go on and get this technology in to the market"

If you didn't catch Matt's original interview with Sean back last August, here is a link.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Another Account

Another attendee from yesterday's debate appeared today in the forums with their opinion on the debate. This would be much easier if we just got the video!

gillo_100: First Sean got up a gave his presentation which have to say wasn't great a did beat around the bush a bit but here is what I picked up from it. (appologies for any mistakes in my theory and by all means correct me, I don't claim to be an expert this is just what I picked up) There is a phenomenon known as magnetic viscosity into which little study has been carried out, the study that has been carried out has mainly been to try an overcome it as it is a problem in electric motors generators and other such devices. Anyway a couple of years ago steorn discovered by accident that by utilising this magnetic viscosity they could achieve net energy output from a process. This can happen due to the fact that the BH curve(don't really understand this but it can be googled) changes shape with time. It is not really breaking the CoE just modifing it slightly to include a "time invariance".
We've all seen the terms "magnetic viscosity" and "BH curve" thrown around in the forums. It would be great if Dr. Mike or some other expert could write up in laymen's terms what these mean, and how they may or may not apply to over unity. I'm willing to host the writeup here if necessary.

gillo_100 goes on about the first rebuttal:
He based his whole argument aroud the solidity of CoE and concluded by stating that if the CoE is true that Steorn's proposal must be wrong. And that he for one would not allow even a shred of doubt regarding CoE. This attitude from a supposed academic is disgraceful. How can anyone with 100% confidence state that a particular law always applies completely? Answer: they can't.
He also had a few comments about the Question and Answer session at the end of the debate:
As I remember only one question was aimed at the lecturers, asking did either have any previous experience of magnetic viscosity, the point Sean was strongly pushing at this stage, neither had.
And finally:
But what I have learned most from all of this is that they are many who claim to be intelligent but are in fact unbelievably ignorant just because something goes against the grain, this is somthing I really did not expect in an academic environment in modern times.
Thanks gillo_100 for the info and your analysis! Hopefully soon someone will track down the video and share it with the rest of us.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Great Debate

We had some interesting Steorn activity today. Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, went to University College Dublin to debate with Jerry O'Dwyer and Dr. David Timoney on Steorn's position on the Conservation of Energy. Here's a link to the event description. crank's daughter was able to film Sean's part of the debate but was asked to turn off the camera at that point. Also another student in the classroom filmed the whole event, but at this point we don't know if we'll ever see either of these tapes.

Here are some of the more interesting parts from the Long Weekend thread:

crank: It was one of the saddest things I ever saw. I expected that Sean would be slaughtered by the two academics, instead it was just a song and dance routine for the amusement of the students.
Steorn: to be clear we presented an overview of why certain magnetic transactions violate CoE. There was no rebuttal at all on the point, the "leading magnetics expert" who was part of the rebuttal did not know anything at all about magnetic viscosity (in fact he stated that it was to do with Eddy Currents). Other than insults the actual rebuttal consisted of asking engineering students to accept CoE on faith.

drmike: Real science requires real data. And it has to be repeatable by anyone. So far, there's no data. From the scientific perspective, there's no science either.
An engineering student who attended the debate logged in as "." and provided us with some details about the debate:
... Frankly the talk didn't convince me of the truth of pm and orbo,but maybe that wasn't the purpose. ...

... Firstly the major major failing was the lack of a demonstration,or even photos or videos ...

... Secondly, Sean argued that journals would not accept any white papers from Steorn. Yet he didn't provide a satisfactory explanation as to why he wouldn't publish these same documents on this website, claiming something like he didn't want people stealing the idea. But if it had gone ahead published in a journal? Contradiction there I'm afraid. ...

... Thirdly, most of his answers in the q&a at the end were evasive and inconclusive. In fairness he was under pressure as almost all questions were directed at him, perhaps in future some of the steorn guys muttering angrily down the back could have gone up with Sean and helped him out? ....

... In summary, the talk was not very constructive, although quite entertaining for students present. Steorns stance was of vague magnetic forces with dubiously simple analogies, while the UCD professors disclaimed him, with sarcasm yes, but they were consistant.
I'm surprised Steorn even attempted to submit whitepapers to journals about their technology. I'm sure we'd all love to see those documents! One interesting part of the debate included details of Jerry O'Dwyer visiting Steorn in their early days of the discovery:
Steorn: As for Mr. Dywers visit, he came in at the anomoly phase, long before any 'machine' so there was no machine to not work. The guys recolection was that we were a 'jigs and fixtures' company so maybe he just cant remember stuff at all. Dot, any 'scientist' who tells you to take CoE on faith is a joker. They had no rebuttal to the actual technical points in my presentation, they just do not know the subject matter.

Steorn: Btw we were explicitly denied a request to film the event for 'insurance' reasons - I hope the video shot by one of the students gets out, lets see.

Steorn: @ RB, as you know we are preparing a product for validation, it is not yet completed so there is no product at this stage. However do not confuse this with the fact that prototypes exisit, but prototypes fail more often than products and we are always developing around them, that is why they exist.
Also today, Sean announced that they'll be accepting new members into the SPDC shortly:
We continue to get a lot of people asking if they can join the SPDC. We will be inviting a second group of trial users into the SPDC the not too distant future. Note that a mutual NDA is required. If you are interested in joining please e-mail Seamus (dot) Flanagan (at)
He used the SPDC signup mulitple times against skeptics in the discussion:

Steorn to Big Oil Rep: "If you want to see a machine come along in July, if you want the opinion of experts wait for the Jury, if you want to get hands on, join the SPDC. If you want to talk rubbish, then keep going. You have all the options."

Steorn to RunningBare: "you want to know more, join the SPDC."

Definitely an interesting day today.

Friday, May 4, 2007

For Those Basement Mechanics Out There

Unfortunately it's been an extremely slow week for those of us tracking Steorn. Today, the most interesting thing that happened was Chili Fries sharing The Basement Mechanic's Guide to Testing Perpetual Motion Machines link with us here at Free Energy Tracker. I especially enjoyed section four on magnetic motors:

Magnet-motors are all the rage these days. But even folks who have had physics and engineering courses are often deficient in understanding of magnetic fields and magnetic materials.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Forum Update, Dr. Mike's Status

Steorn's forum went back to its previous state today, requiring admin approval of new accounts before posting. No comments in the forum itself were made about the subject, but a couple of commenters here mentioned that they were banned. Hopefully all those who were interested in getting accounts were able to get them!

On another note, Dr. Mike updated us on the status of his trip to London:

No tickets (although they say they are working on it, so I believe 'em), no text to read, no idea what I'll see. There was mention of discussions with the spud club, but that is all the NDA parties, so not webbable (is that a word???)

A one way web cam plus the forum would work too. For all of us skeptics that would be a great way to get some idea on how real any of this is. Frustrating because there's only one of me, but hey, it's a start!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dr. Mike's Magnetometers

After a little bit of activity this weekend, it's been dead silent over in the forums from Steorn. With all the new folks joining the forums, at least we've have had some entertainment. I figured I'd share some of Dr. Mike's comments on his upcoming trip to London:

There won't be time to prove anything, but I hope to hook up some magnetometers and 'scopes so I can measure fields at various points in the operational cycle. I'd also like to hook up microswitchs to measure delay times. And I think just touching it and getting a feel for what it's doing will be interesting. If it's got more than 100 Watts power I'll have to careful (might want to rub M'abuse's nose in it :wink:), but I think just giving it some physical drag will tell me a lot.

I will also try to rearrange simple parts to see how things fail. Sometimes it is easier to understand failure than to understand function, and that may give us all some clues as well.
Also today Dr. Mike confirmed that Sean has sent him the PR agencies reasoning for not making the demo dates public. Here's Dr. Mike's opinion on the whole thing:
It makes no sense to me. But I'm an engineer/physicist, not a marketing expert!
The person who sent the advice is definitly a marketing expert.