Thursday, February 7, 2008


"What I can say with full confidence is that our system violates the law of conservation of energy" - Thane Heins

The free energy world has erupted again in Canada this week. I have received many emails and comments about Thane Heins, an inventor in Ottawa claiming to have violated the law of conservation of energy. Many forums and discussions have occurred since the original articles appeared in The Toronto Star. If you are interested in following the story a little deeper, here are some links you should read:

The original two articles, written by Tyler Hamilton of The Star:
Turning physics on its ear
'Holy crap, this is really scary'

Potential Difference Web Page with Large Videos:

Speccy's YouTube posting of the videos:

Tyler and Thane comment on the article over on Tyler's blog:

Steorn Forum Discussion: Discussion:,4047.60.html Article and Discussion:

This blog's primary goal has been to keep track of Steorn more so then all free energy claims, I think I'd have to quit my job to keep up with all of them. Thane hasn't yet claimed free energy, although I'm sure he wouldn't be getting this much attention if he weren't implying it. But unlike Steorn's claims, Thane's are testable and publicly available. He's even hosting a demo for Ottawa's skeptics on Monday! Seeing examples like Thane, in which well known universities and professors are willing to test these types of claims publicly, suggest that Steorn's excuses for their approach are bunk.

The closure that I'm looking for with Steorn may never happen, but events like these help bring home the fact that closure is most likely already here.


Anonymous said...

Finally, something we can sink our teeth into. And the guy is going public! Is Steorn watching? You don't need a flippin jury ffs! Fingers crossed this dude has hit the trifecta!

Anonymous said...

I'll take mine with extra cheese please!

It sounds like a new lunch special from Taco Bell. And like Taco Bell, I am sure that it WILL perpetual disappoint.

Anonymous said...

"Seeing examples like Thane, in which well known universities and professors are willing to test these types of claims publicly, suggest that Steorn's excuses for their approach are bunk."

ding! ding! ding! we have a winner!

Anonymous said...

Links to all six YouTube videos of this device:
Part 1 and 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Anonymous said...

looks to me like a powered motor and the coils are adding resistance. he cuts off the coils and the motor speeds up due to less resistance as expected it would. ?

Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with "creation" of energy, the name he's chosen "perepiteia" is not to be confused with anything like "perpetuum/perpetual...".
this is just the effect that the magnetic fields that would decelerate the rotor escape through the rotor shaft which is quite neat but no violation of any law here...
(the motor is of course powered)

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that Heins has found "free energy". I'm not sure what he has, but it looks like it won't take months and months and a discussion forum and a super secret insider discussion forum and a failed demo and an ad in the Economist and recruiting a jury that may or may not really exist to find out.

It is weird that while he does not claim to have perpetual motion, he is quoted as saying that his device violates the Law of Conservation of Energy. Umm....

Anyway, whatever it is that he has, there is a very important point here. Supposedly Steorn showed their overunity tech to the few who would look at it, but even though they agreed it was the real deal, they were too cowardly to say so in public. Because peer pressure in the physics department is even worse than in junior high or something like that.

Despite the absurdity of his claim, the "free energy" taint, and his lack of credentials, Heins has apparently managed to get professors at top tier universities to take a look at his crazy claim. Prof Zahn at MIT doesn't appear to be hiding in fear.

The comparison is interesting.

bc said...

Whatever Thane has got, he has already posted a more impressive demo than Steorn ever did :)

Anonymous said...

Ah yes but the question remains. Had Thane's demo failed WOULD HE HAVE TAKEN FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT? I doubt it, and this is what separates the men from the boys, the real deal from the wannabes. Sean takes responsibility, nuff said.

Anonymous said...

>Sean takes responsibility, nuff said.

Which is absolutely worthless.

bc said...

Oh sure, Sean took full responsibility, after blaming the lights, and "failed bearings", two of the lamest excuses ever. Then by way of explanation, saying that it was over ambititious to demonstrate a technology which they said was proven and had been working for two years.

"Taking full responsibility" would mean admitting they have absolutely nothing to show, and Sean stopped well short of that.

Anonymous said... webpage is down, at least 2 days now.

Page not found
The page you are looking for might have been removed,
had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Rubens Sayegh said...

Does anyone remembers Nikola Tesla? He was working on a massive energy-production complex, that could feed an entire city, basically using electro-magnetical fields and forces (aka "free energy") but "strangely" he "commited suicide" and in a more "strange coincidence", his lab caught fire and "all his documentation burned... Poor guy, totally crazy...".
I don´t know if this new invent really works, but it should be taken seriously and more research should be done. It certainly would initiate a new horizon on energy producing devices...
But, as it happened before with more efficient ceramic motors, cars that could drive hundreds of miles on a gallon, super efficient generators, and other new devices to create (or store) energy, the big oil companies will find a way to ridicularize this new approach and make Thane Heins "the clown of the day"...

Anonymous said...

>but "strangely" he "commited suicide"

Basically that whole post was a bunch of crap but specifically, Tesla did not commit suicide. He had heart problems for several years and succumbed at age 86.

Anonymous said...

"the big oil companies will find a way to ridicularize this new approach and make Thane Heins "the clown of the day"

Thane needs no help in clowning himself. That paranoid BS about car companies always amuses me-- it didn't seem to stop Toyota from making the first practical 50 mpg hybrid and planning soon to make a plug in 100 mpg hybrid. You'd think Toyota would be terrified of the black helicopters but somehow that's not happening.

And as per the previous poster, where do you get that hogwash nonsense about Tesla. The reason Tesla's dreams weren't realized was that they didn't work. He was genius but he was also a nut job and the nutty things he wanted to do, he simply couldn't accomplish. No mystery there!

bc said...

Anon write: "cars that could drive hundreds of miles on a gallon"

As a rule, any post referring to Tesla is full of nonsense, and your is no exception. For some reason, his achievements (or lack of) have become mythological.

The 100 mpg "miracle carburettor" was a scam, which led to the urban legend that Big Oil suppressing these things. It's a myth built on a lie.

In fact, achieving 100 mpg is very easy - it's a simple matter of energy, mass and power. But for "cars" weighing 3.4 tons with a 6 liter engine (Escalade), which is the sort Americans like to drive, achieving 100 mpg is not so easy.

Want some "free" energy? Drive a smaller effing car!! /rant

Anonymous said...

CLaNZer started a project today that looks more exciting than OCPMM. Here's a quote from the Steorn forum:

> Think the Tri-Force Gate is my next bit of fun.
> I played with a Smot ramp for ages the other year and never had it perform as good as this, so might be worth knocking up a rotor to try!

This gets past the sticky point in both directions! I can't wait to see his rotor version attempt.

Anonymous said...

The tri-force gate that CLaNZeR showed on youtube can actually be replicated! Imagine that. For the first time I don't have to rely on someone's claims.

I was able to replicate the experiment through 2 gates in both directions to prove to myself that it gets by the sticky point. In the next day or two we should see CLaNZeR's rotor spinning around endlessly! (of course he might have to turn the triangles so the reaction is similar to the experiment on a table).

ben said...

Don't get excited; it's just the same as a SMOT. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are missing something. You can't setup a large array of smots and have the ball make it through all of them. With this you can.

15-India-Street said...

No, you can't.
Try 20 or more.

YAS = Yet Another Smot.

Anonymous said...

Looks like I have to take it back. I was excited by my own experiment going through 3 gates in either direction, but then I decided I needed to test from outside the entrance repulsion zone.

I setup a very shallow ramp to have a consistent roll on each test. I tried with no gates many times to see how far the bar would roll. Then I put 1, 2, and then 3 gates in the path. The bar would consistently roll to about the same place. It would slow down then speed up at each gate but the net result was the same distance (or less, if it wasn't perfectly centered and would lose energy centering itself).

As a sanity test I made sure that I could place the bar magnet past the repulsive entrance and see the easy gate traversal shown in CLaNZeR's videos. (the bar orientations were all right).

So it seems you get out the energy it took to beat the repulsion keeping you out of the array.

I would like to see how many gates CLaNZeR can get the bar through though, because it should lose a slight amount of energy at each gate?

Anonymous said...

This is all moot as my FIO6PERMBM (flux inversion optocatalitic 6 point extrusion refractor magnetolium blade motor) is 8,002% efficient. Youtube videos will be posted tonight, however I am being followed the last few days. I need a safe house stat.

Anonymous said...

Energy fraud seems to be rather popular at the moment.

Lifequality web pages have no informatin on it, but it smells
like a future "Stanley Meyer fraud" :


The web pages of hyway1 are saying the same thing as Stanley Meyer.

Stanly Meyer's brother owns the rights to the "Stanley Meyer fraud". Maybe Stanly Meyer's brother should sue hyway1 and lifequality so he can make som money ?

Anonymous said...

The lost Titor files recently released to a privileged few discuss the future of power generation. It is vague but the gist is that in a certain man made vacuum environment matter is created out of nowhere. It is unknown how this happens exactly. This matter on exposure to certain microwave frequencies produces incredible sustained energy. The system is self sustaining and emissions free. One reactor is capable of producing all energy requirements for 1/8th of the earth. It was known that the technology was suppressed by the US government for over 35years. Titor claims the tech was 'leaked' by the scientific community when oil hit $182.00 per barrel several years from now.

Anonymous said...

There is no difference with a SMOT.

In the SMOT you have two conservative force which have no interaction (there is no crossed term involving gravity and magnetic force, which is why you can consider and solve the equation on the two field separately).

What you have here is a SMOT with a zero height difference. In other word, you only keep the magnetic part of the SMOT and get ride of the gravity part of the force. But this DOES NOT change the fact that as soona s you close the loop, there won't be any higher energy potential gain to be possible. You will have a simple cyclic field, and wherever you put your steel ball or rolling magnet, it will simply have only the magnetic potential of the place you put it in (in other word the person imparted energy by putting it at a high potential energy place). My prediction is that it will simply slow down and stop after this magnetic potential energy has been converted to heat/friction.

Anonymous said...

New patent from Steorn:

drmike said...

I'm guessing that was submitted 2006/08/16. I thought it sounded familiar! It is the original test jig that was supposed to measure the "start-stop" PMM. Too bad we never got to see that :-)

Anonymous said...

Looked for some of the patent applicants names and found this:

Guillaume Reux:

Ciaran Mythen:

The first one is the same person because he says he works (or worked ?) for Steorn.

The second one I'm not
really sure but since the name seems to be so peculiar and gives almost no results in google or yahoo then it's probably the same guy.

Anonymous said...

"New patent from Steorn:"

What is there to patent ?
It sounds like Steorn interconnected som standard components and hooked it up to a PC and then they want a patent?????

A serious company would never trust Steorn or Steorn's patents. I guess that this is just a patent they filed to impress some investors. Investors want results and a patent is some sort of impressive result....

Anonymous said...

somebody confirm steorn website is down?