Monday, July 28, 2008

Significant Steorn Forum Changes...

As many of you are aware, recently Steorn's forum changed from public viewing to member only viewing. This of course has caused a lot of discussion and debate, but there are plenty of places still out there in the open to discuss Steorn, including FreeEnergyTrackers, Fizzx, and of course this blog.

Something you may not know, is that Crank has now resigned as forum administrator. Crank's been administrating Steorn's forum for well over a year, and because of her relationship with Steorn, has been able to provide us with a lot of insight into the organization. I'd like to personally thank Crank for her service, and wish her well as a regular forum member! I also want to wish Magnatrix the best of luck putting up with everyone in the forum.


Anonymous said...

This is the end of Steorn and free energy in general.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not end of Steorn.
Steorn probably delayed ORBO for another half year again. According to 007 (FreeEnergyTruth), public launch was to have been within first half of 2008. In FreeEnergy community world, "Soon Enough" is equivalent to 18 months, not to 11 months.

Anonymous said...

I think this would be worth a blog post: "...a due date is set and some jury members have their reports in already".

drmike said...

Thank you SteornTracker for keeping us informed. It was fun while it lasted.

As a side note, I will use the devices I built to take to London last year to measure magnetic fields in a plasma experiment I'm building. It will take a long time to make it work, and it won't produce energy (it will probably consume a hell of a lot actually!) but it will be a lot of fun physics.

I doubt it will take me 18 months though, by myself and doing it as a hobby. I can't imagine why it takes Steorn so long to do nothing. You'd think even a fake demo wouldn't be that hard.

Anonymous said...

Interesting developments over at MIT...time to go short on oil?

Why Oil Really Fell Today—and Could Keep Falling

Hydrogen Power on the Cheap--Or at Least, Cheaper

Anonymous said...

'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution

The new catalyst works at room temperature, in neutral pH water, and it's easy to set up, Nocera said. "That's why I know this is going to work. It's so easy to implement," he said.

Anonymous said...

I wish freeenergytracker would move on to more promising stories like the one listed in the comments above as Steorn died a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment on the forums from sonoboy:


"I have talked to someone who was very close to this but has not been involved for about 1 year. I will not say if this person was a member of the Jury or not. Anyhow, the Jury existed at least up until that point. There were problems with the Jury, at about that time, because this individual said some members of the jury did not believe, as the skeptics have stated here, that validation should be taking so long. They expressed doubt about whether or not Steorns claims were workable, so therefore you can assume they had not seen a working model. (this goes along with Dr Mike saying that Sean had not yet shown a working model to the Jury as of the Kinetica fiasco). I can say that at least one member of the jury resigned. This person will not discuss technical details because of the Non Disclosure that everyone associated with Steorn has to sign, and I gave my word that their relationship to Steorn would not be disclosed. I know their name."

Anonymous said...

"full launch before next summer"

Sunday Tribune Article


"It anticipates a full launch before next summer, and says any further public demonstrations of the technology will now coincide with the commercial launch.

The company claims the technology can generate substantial amounts of excess energy by using a particular system for constructing magnetic fields. If proven, it says Orbo could allow for the creation of infinite amounts of clean, free and constant energy.

It has selected a worldwide jury of 22 scientists to examine its claims, and says validation of the technology is happening in "several forms", including this process.

Asked why it is taking so long to complete, a spokesman for the company said the process is a "complicated one, and has been affected by continued development of the technology by Steorn".

He added that no details of those involved in the jury process will be released "until the process is complete".

Anonymous said...

"'Major discovery' from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution

The new catalyst works at room temperature, in neutral pH water, and it's easy to set up, Nocera said. "That's why I know this is going to work. It's so easy to implement," he said."

How does a catalyst work ?
A catalyst decreases the "starting" energy for a processs, and turns the process into several smaller processes.

Does a catalyst decrease the total needed amount of energy for a process ?

The energy needed to split the watermolecules can not be reduced, but you can probably make a process more efficient and reduce the heat-losses ?

Anonymous said...

A catalyst does not change the amount of energy consumed or generated by a process.

A catalyst can do a number of things.
For example;
* reduce the temperature at which a process occurs at (so-called activation energy)
* selectively make products that you want, instead of products that you don't want.
* improve the yield of a process
* speed up a process

Anyone who says a catalyst will increase the energy release from a process is blithering.


Anonymous said...

On a lighter note long time Steorn supporter Energyman 8 showed up today made his usual foul comments causing momma Magnatrix to come out and shoo the bad people who were making fun of him. Check out the "Steorn Back in the News" thread.

Magnatrix=Energyman 8?

Anonymous said...

So can we call "time of death" now or what?

maryyugo said...

Way too much on the Steorn forum is about personalities. Way too little has to do with Steorn's imaginary technology or their bizarre and most likely illegitimate "business model".