Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sean Talks

Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, appeared as expected at DIT to update us all on Steorn's activities. You can listen to the talk here:

Thanks Battman for posting the audio, and to Speccy who converted it into embeddable flash form. Some of the highlights include:

  • The first ~8 minutes Sean spends discussing Steorn's background in fraud technology.
  • Sean goes on to give a background of the quest for free energy, which is still ongoing of course.
  • He then spends time "embarrasing himself" explaining Orbo technology. He brings up the failed demo multiple times, highlighting how difficult it is to engineer this discovery.
Why did he do this?

It's been difficult for Steorn to develop their discovery. Steorn will start to provide their Orbo technology to a broader audience starting in February, offering licenses for their technology. According to McCarthy, these licenses to develop the technology will be free, but require the developers to pay a royalty if a device is built around the technology. The point of these licenses according to Sean are to help with validation.

What's amazing are the things left unsaid. Almost no mention of the Jury, which was the central premise of Steorn's original public launch. I would presume if the Jury was working out well for Sean, it would be mentioned on many occasions during the talks. When asked about the Jury, Sean gets very defensive and admits that their is no near term validation day. Sean makes no mention of a validation toy, which was supposedly going to be in production. And there was no mention of the Aftican pump project.

Now we'll all have to wait until February to see if Steorn delivers on making their Orbo "technology" more available to the world.


AAA said...
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Anonymous said...

Wait -- the quest for free energy is "ongoing"? He gave the impression a few years ago that they had found it ...

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of the haters out there. No one here could possibly imagine the Hell this man goes through on a day to day basis. Let's see you save the world.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the audio!
I really appreciate the efforts of Battman and Speccy and I'm sure they did the best they could. Regrettably, however, the audio quality has left much to be desired. Does anybody know if Steorn are going to publish transcripts of their lectures?

Anonymous said...

>Let's see you save the world.

Oh, now he is saving the world on top of creating OU. Gee, two impossible tasks. I think Sean needs to concentrate on saving his ass at this point. No one forced him to do this so the sympathy is lacking. He is looking to make billions out of this which is hardly altruism!

Anonymous said...

Why I can't fast foreward through the preamble and listen to the good stuff?

Dan Frederiksen said...

we really needed video so we could see his mannerisms and shifting eyes.
at the very least does anyone have a photograph from the event?

maryyugo said...

It was an essentially unannounced event that nobody but Steorn watchers cared about. That's why the documentation isn't as good as one would want. Is a transcript really necessary? Sean's inconsistencies and ommissions are pretty obvious, even in the fuzzy recording.

Based on what he wrote on the Steorn forum in the past and what he has accomplished so far, it is obvious to anyone reasonable that either he is a blatant liar or extreme self-deceiver. I guess he gets to choose which.

Anonymous said...

Here's a picture.

maryyugo said...

Oh... I have to add that the audience was extremely disappointing. Why not ask him about his often repeated claims? In addition to Tracker's comment's on the original post:

1-- EXACTLY why has no working device ever been shown?

2-- What efforts have you made to repair and run the wheel shown at Kinetica? What is the operating principle of that wheel and what did you expect it to do? If the bearings were bad, have you not been able to acquire adequate new ones? What about bearing technology (for example from hard drives) is it that you don't get?

3-- Free energy would be the most revolutionary and helpful technology the world has ever seen and probably the most remunerative. Why are you being so casual, haphazard and slow about bringing it to fruition?

4-- After the substantially large and illustrious audience at Kinetica in July 2007, how you can you still claim that scientists won't examine claimed "overunity" devices? And why have you not shown them one, for example Earthtech?

And the BIG question someone needs to ask the Sean-ster sooner rather than later and in public:

Once more: HAVE YOU **EVER** actually made and do you have any device that runs continuously, either start-stop or without stopping, without any input power other than an initial "kick start"? And if so, why, in the name of Einstein, do you not show it off in public?

And finally: Why should ANYONE believe for one moment this whole charade has not been a scammy stunt?

Anonymous said...

My analysis:
- Steorn really discovered a new physical phenomenon
- Steorn have built a ORBO
- ORBO has flaws
- ORBO don't lasts operational more then few (14) days probably
- Steorn - they want 300 useful dumbs (voluntary developers working for gratis), which will help tune these flaws
- Steorn don't want another public fiasco - these useful dumbs volunters will their front-end (cat's paws) and perfect future excuse: You all (public) must wait
till these dumb gratis volunters finished work - perfect excuse for another XX months of delay
- Why 300 gratis useful dumbs, when for replication is sufficient 3 - 10 succesful developers?
Because these gratis useful dumbs must tune persisting ORBO flaws (for gratis, of course)

- Steorn can't show another demo now - all world would see - ORBO don't lasts
more then few days
- Why magnetic bearings? Because ORBO power is around 0.00003 watt and
sapphire/rubin watches bearings are not suitable

Anonymous said...

A couple of things wrong with that assessment. First of all Sean has made it clear that Orbo is not a thing it is a technology that can be used in things. Like discovering the photoelectric phenomenon I would imagine.

Secondly if an Orbo powered thing could run for 14 days then they couldn't get it to run for five days at Kinetica and if you believe Sean they couldn't get it to run for more than a few hours prior to the event.

What you are probably correct about is the use of the 300 to further stall this process. I call it the infinite number of monkeys tactic. I.e. if you could garner an infinite number of monkeys and have them bang away at typewriters eventually they will type all of Shakespeare's works.

The problem with this approach is if the Orbo technology has any veracity to it the ability for Steorn to control it's dissemination is proportionately diminished by the number of people who have access to whatever data that exists to build a device that employs it. Far lesser technologies have been ripped off much larger companies than Steorn.

Unless Steorn has the ability legally and managerially to control disparate groups scattered all over the world the tendency for leaks, industrial espionage are extensive.

Anonymous said...

As usual the whole 300 engineers story is subjective time wise. Sure sometime in February he will announce he is in the process of contacting 300 engineers. Then in December 2009 just as Santa is threatening to steal his limelight another informal talk from Sean from another rented function room of another University will announce the selection process and the NDA's is complete and that they will be sending out info packs to the engineers in the new year. That talk should buy him another 3 years and keep 007 / Babcat in story telling for some time to come. The fraud goes on and on.

Anonymous said...

Well, Sean hasn't lost the gift for gab. This lecture had no facts, none. Not one shread of science, not one attempt to explain in a meaningful way what they claim to have discovered.

It has been almost two and half years since they took out the expensive add, and they've shown us nothing. Why do we follow this?

drmike said...

We follow it because it is entertaining!
And because we all have something in common - we are interested in energy and
how it affects humanity.

I think Sean is on the edge of sane, and other people are the con artists. The fact that a whole lot of people can continue some form of infinite energy con game is proof that we have a long way to go in terms of education.

But maybe it's hopeless. There's plenty of people that believe virgins can give birth to males, where science says they can only possibly do females (because that's all we observe in nature). Some people will just believe, and facts will not matter.

Which is why it is entertaining!!

maryyugo said...

I don't know why others follow it.

I follow it because I am constantly amazed at what humans will believe simply because another human says so in a particular way or style.

Belief in religion and the so-called supernatural and paranormal fascinates me. How does believing those things, and for that matter believing Steorn, help mankind? How did those behaviors evolve and why? That's interesting.

Hiding_from_the_inlaws said...

As Sean predicted back in the day their technology will be in use everywhere by the end of 2009.

Today, I was astounded when I opened two presents both that had the genuine Orbo trademark stamped on them, not the counterfeit rubbish you buy on auction sites.

My boy gave me a "Your the best Daddy in the whole world" Orbo fridge magnet, blue tack supplied and all.

I also got the limited edition 'must have gift for dads this xmas', the Orbo Flash Light with free crank and a lifetime warranty that says if one of the 300 imaginary gobshites discover perpetual motion I will receive a free upgrade.

I sat back and thought to myself how wrong I got it. My wife, amazed by the technology, has promised me the Orbo Tesla Roadster this time next Xmas if I am good boy. But that might have been the drink talking.

Anonymous said...

From Talk Show: "What we do is we license the core technology to people who develop products. And that process starts in February of next year"

Problem is with trickery use of word "process". Remember jury started "tests" in January 2007? At that time Mr.S. used word "process starts", this herewith is meant Excel tabs etc.

At last stunt "Talk Show" trickery word "process" has been used once again. So that in February developers will supply with letters of understanding.

Vardan said...

I am sure some calamity will pop up and ruin the February whatever. That is a common thing for these scams. Every thing is coming on some date and then OOPS!! Oh darn - sorry... Your money is all spent...

Study scams and how they work for about five minutes and it will all seem so very obvious. Repeating the scam over and over is also very common.

bc said...

Belief in religion and the so-called supernatural and paranormal fascinates me. How does believing those things, and for that matter believing Steorn, help mankind? How did those behaviors evolve and why? That's interesting.

That is an interesting question, and I think it may be largely inevitable. Rational thought is an add on to a brain system that is based on emotion. Emotions are a simple way of enhancing survival, e.g the fight or flight response. It's often more important to make a decision than to wait until all the facts are available. Even if the quick decision is wrong, as long as there is variation between individuals (i.e. some fight, some run) then some of the gene pool will survive.

The flip side to that is that cooperation brings benefits, and humans are supremely good at cooperation. There are few other species that cooperate so extensively with non-kin. Therefore, some sort of group belief is engaged to get the group to cooperate. Again since we developed from a state of ignorance, that reasoning was not based on rationality. That doesn't matter, it's just glue to get people to work together.

The problem now is that if everyone acts together, the whole gene pool is at risk. Therefore, we expect that subgroups will form, who compete for group members. Even when there is a vast consensus, there is still a benefit to be gained from having minor groups who bring new ideas to the table. Most of those ideas may be nonsense, but some will be useful.

The competing benefits of cooperation vs variation of beliefs means that a complete consensus is always unlikely. While the debates over who is right bring apparent turmoil, they also ensure our survival.

Anonymous said...

From Steorn Forum:

Dynx: am not an expert in European law, but as far as I know, all EU countries apply the 18 month rule across the board.

Yeah, patent publication deadline forced Steorn to perform another stunt in February, i.e. not their love for mankind and African clem people.

My hypothesis:
- They have big and prolonged problems with mechanical configuration

- From January 2007 to June 2007 validation jury has not see the ORBO, only Excel tabs etc.

- Jury tests with rig/mechanism start around beginning August 2007

- Thus Steorn stuntmen filed for patent application around end of July 2007 or so

- So July 2007 + 18 months = February 2009

- Big Mystery deciphered, not progress of development but patent publication deadline forced Steorn

- So I don't anticipate great solved ORBO with reliable mechanism. This will another clownery. Purpose of 300 engineering developers is HELP with irresolvable engineering mechanism of ORBO

- Thus trickery word "PROCESS" starting in February. It is not real launch, real ORBO presentation.

It is only start of "PROCESS" in Sean's of word meaning, i.e. Excel tabs, "a lot of data on web" etc.

Anonymous said...

In 2006 Steorn claimed that the "device" was working and was tested by university experts under mutal NDA.....

Now Steorn is extending the jury and spud-club with 300 engineers. Steorn is also asking them to sign a developer’s licence, which is a right to use the patented technology, as the technology is patented, to develop and either disprove it for yourselves.

How do you disprove a working device ?

"..disprove it for yourselves." Does that means that you are not allowed to tell anyone if it doesnt work ?

"a right to use the patented technology, as the technology is patented"

Which patents ? Future patents developed by the 300 engineers ?