Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Curtain Drawn...

Steorn today revealed their new website with a video, along with already mentioned plans to open up Steorn's SKDB for a group of 300 Engineers. Also today, SteornLab launched with two products. Also today, Steorn has launched Steorn Enterprise, which includes licensing Orbo tech to the automotive and mobile industries, as well as offering up a new product entitled ZeroF Passive Magnetic Bearings.

In addition to the main headline, Steorn posted a few comments in the forums:

Big Oil Rep: So how much burn money you got left then Mr Steorn? Mr Ping says 2 months...unless you've recently raised more money?

Steorn: lol - no new funding, and Mr. Ping can't read a balance sheet it would seem ...

And last but not least, the story today made it's way to Engadget: Steorn returns, promises to open Orbo specs, give you a pony.

Conspicuously absent was any mention of a jury, or any hint at a demo.


Anonymous said...

They should have kept the curtain down.

Anonymous said...

Well,well... Steorn is selling their own famous non-working bearings :

Anonymous said...

Steorn is at it again!,1000000567,10012080o-2000331777b,00.htm

Rupert pulls no punches when it comes to Steorn.

He asks "Who on earth is funding those jokers"?, but instead the question he should ask is "Who on earth is going to fund those jokers?" for that at least seems to be the idea behind the latest fluff.

Here is the answer In February & March Steorn are visiting Qatar, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain hoping the oil rich Sheiks will be trembling in their boots(or sandals) at the prospect of Orbo and in turn open their wallets to make the free energy machine dissapear. Let's home the Sheiks don't read about Steorn on ZDNet first. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't miss the bigger picture... They have come up with licensing models and online courses that explain the technology.

It won't be long now before we get the first verification results from independent sources.

Anonymous said...

If you would like to perform measurements on magnetic fields you would probabley need several different probes with
different measurement ranges
(30mG-3G, 1G-1000G,1kG-350kG...).
Steorn states that they have a range of 0-1700G with a resolution of 3,64G. Sounds rather useless to me.

You would also need probes that are able to measure magnetic fields in different directions.(axial probe, transverse probe,gamma probe......)
You would need to perform single axis, 2 or 3 axis measurements.
You would need some way of calibrating your probe and measurement software by
the help of a "zero gauss chamber".
You would need to know the bandwith of the probe, and how the sampling is performed.
What is the temperatur coeffesient of the sensor ?
Does the probe contain a temperatur sensor ?

Steorn does not provide any usefull information about their probe. I would not know how to use it from the information they provide. Useless products and useless information sums up the history of Steorn so far.

Examples of magnetic measurement equipment :

Anonymous said...

If you were to buy a hall probe you would also like to know the maximum field strength the probe can handle before the calibration is lost, you would also like to know the field strength that will destroy the probe.

Anonymous said...

"...Also today, SteornLab launched with two products... ZeroF Passive Magnetic Bearings."

What a farce. They have the greatest invention since fire, but are busy selling bearings; and they aren't able or willing to show an orbo to anybody.

If they really had anything, there would be no point in being coy: nobody would respect an nda and keep quiet about the technology: they would build their own and put it on youtube, along with the plans.

Steorn look like clowns.

Anonymous said...

The only hope for the investors now is that Sean does what Madoff did. Get new investors to pay the old ones.

A risky strategy, but it would buy more time. I think he hopes with the Oil Sheiks something will get lost in translation. That and the fact that they are cash rich. Let's face it he struggles communicating with anyone in english because he knows it's a scam.

Anonymous said...

Steron know how to pick their acronyms :

SKDB : Serial Killer Data Base :

drmike said...

One of the interesting things about people who build real stuff is that they describe it:

NASA has built passive magnetic bearings, long before Steorn ever heard of them.

It does seem like they need to get some cash flow, so that explains the hall probe for 290 Euro's and the Magnetic Torque Lab (call for pricing!) I can't see it holding them afloat for long though.

bc said...

It looks like Steorn may have hit on a workable business plan. Instead of trying to produce an OU device themselves, they sell tools and equipment to those other dodgy outfits trying to create OU. Those outfits can tell investors "we are sure it's OU because our Steorn OU-Meter(tm) tells us it is!"

My company uses magnetic bearings, I doubt they will be approaching Steorn ;)

Anonymous said...

Steorn bullshit and contradictions:

"SKDB members can use, adapt, and share contributions with other engineers, developers and enthusiasts around the world."

If I would like to design an orbo based product I would like to have all the information I need directly from Steorn in confidence. I would not like to discuss my own products in an internet forum.

Anonymous said...

How is the african orbo pump going ?

I think I would consider human power instead :

Anonymous said...

This one is for Babcat, something to believe in :

dobson said...

Uh-oh - the Republicans have bought into Steorn... too funny!

Anonymous said...

Quote: "Uh-oh - the Republicans have bought into Steorn... too funny!"

That hallelujah, praise the lord mumbo jumbo story has got to have something to do with Babcat.

For at least Steorn have done one good deed in all this, ridding stupid people of there money.

Here's the real skinny:

Anonymous said...

Joshs just wrote one of the best Steorn saga summaries ever; As aber0der pointed out, it is missing the K-toy fiasco but still a great summary.


joshs: IIRC, the professor who rebutted Sean at the first talk and likened him to a Nigerian scam artist had been asked by some potential investors to go and see Steorn. When he did, he was turned away like you said.

Is the pattern not clear enough for you yet?

Steorn whine and cry that no one will take them seriously and go on record.
When asked who has seen it and agrees it works, Steorn hide behind NDA.
When a prof goes to see Steorn's stuff, it's "sick" and can't be shown.
Steorn say that a jury is the only way to go. Whatever the jury find, Steorn will report. Two years later there's nothing to even indicate there ever was a jury, much less if there was that they saw anything to evaluate.
When a newspaper shows up with a physicist, suddenly the lab is off limits.
Steorn say they are going to show at least how they test the device. They take weeks to cook up some flash crap that doesn't add up for just the first part. They never follow through with the rest and pull the first stuff down.
Steorn say they will reveal the technology to people who sign up for Sean's Holiday Camp the SPDC. After about two years of jerking around the camp closes.
Steorn tell Dr. Mike to come have a look at their device, tear it down if he likes. They send him their papers explaining their ideas. He is never provided access to a device. After reading everything Steorn would provide and spending time with Sean, he concludes Sean is delusional.
Steorn say they are going to do a big Orbo demo. They swear it worked the night before but don't film it. Then the lights twenty feet away are too hot.
Steorn say that the demo is not canceled but deferred. They just won't set a new date until they have a good device running. Over a year and a half later there's been nothing.
Steorn say they don't have a device to show because they are in the ideas and not the product business. But they are offering products for sale.
In a TV interview Steorn say they've spent the past few years working on proving the device. No one seems to see evidence that would meet any reasonable scientific standard.
Steorn declare they are going to present lots of information that supports their theories and proposition. They don't.

I am sure there is lots more there. But the incontrovertibly consistent thread is that Steorn never put up any evidence to back their claims. They offer lots of promises to, but never deliver.

Anonymous said...

Steorn Saga summary :
How about the 550bhp engine Sean said they had ?

How about the static measurements to explain a "dynamic effect" ?

How about the changing energy density of the orbo ?

How about the african orbo pump and a rather strange(fake?) picture ?

How about Sean saying that they were no accepting any money, but the financial statements at CRO said something else ?

How about banning critcal people from the Steorm forum ?

How about lost/removed postings in the Steorm forum ?

How about Steorn history of not delivering any usefull products or
services ?

Anonymous said...

Qatar University will not know what hit them:

Sean: Hi lads, we are here for some of the black stuff.

Student: What black stuff? You mean Oil?

Sean: No, a few pints of Guinnesss. :) You think it is hot here, you should try Ireland in February with a bunch of investors on your tail. Thirsty work.

No seriously we are here to sell this gizmo that makes free energy. any of you guys Dad's an oil man? Go home and tell them the days of oil drilling are truly over. Our technology is about to surpass the need for oil.

Student: So how does it work?

Sean: Vroom, vroom, vroom, round and round the Orbo goes where it stops nobody knows. But that is not the important part, the real important thing is it is going to change the world.

Student: Oh Ok. So how does one invest?

Sean: We wont be hard to find, we will be staying here in the Middle East for the next few months, just check in with any of the watering holes in Qatar, UAE, Saudi, Oman. And dont forget all investments are protected by the Steorn guarantee. We always gurantee to find new investors to pay off your investment.

Sean to Steorn Employees: Rap it up lads, for some reason I feel the sudden urge to visit Egypt to see the pyramids.

Anonymous said...

God bless them, a true inspiration. Can we order t-shirts anywhere?

Anonymous said...

The Steorn story has been interesting up to now, but recently it's gotten really very serious indeed. we've just discovered that a relative of ours has, aparently, invested millions in it. This brings the whole thing to a completely new level. He's very naive technologically - a real innocent abroad in fact. Is there any group we can get in touch with in order to get help for him? I suppose it's too late to get his money back?

Anonymous said...

Looks like someone has beat Steorn to the punch. The other day a new form of energy was unveiled. It uses magnetically stored energy that creates electricity without a chemical reaction. This is likely what Steorn stumbled upon but these scientists who announced the discovery actually know what they are talking about and how to apply it. Oh well..

Anonymous said...

Can you provide a link please?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We can now assume the world series lectures are over as it is going to be too hard for them to blag Orbo to an English speaking crowd in the UK or USA, so what now for Steorn, anyone hazard a guess to their next move?

Anonymous said...

FE Tracker should cover these guys...very exciting stuff!

"The closest to a potential reactor scheme is what General Fusion is proposing."
- R. Kirkpatrick, Los Alamos National Laboratory [Popular Science, Janury 2009]

drmike said...

Yeah, I love that one. 19th century mechanics to drive 21st century power. Hook it up to a Sterling engine for the dynamo and it's complete.

Anonymous said...

hello drmike, can you tell us when the NDA you signed with Steorn expires. Can you tell us more about your trip to London when that happens?

drmike said...

That's a good question, I can't find the document in my mess, but I'll keep looking.

I think the essence of the entire trip was that there was nothing there to see. Mr. McCarthy lives in his own world. No matter what words you use, the truth just sits there like a huge boulder.

The fact that Steorn was capable of pulling off a huge international stunt says a lot about their marketing skills. If they got hold of something that really worked, they could probably reverse the world wide recession.

There was only one report that really falls under the NDA, and the equipment used in that report was at the Kinetica site. So everyone who was there can talk about what they saw. I would assume it's on the Steorn forum and has been for a while. There was nothing important though - meeting all the people was the best part!!

Anonymous said...

In ten or so weeks we are coming up to the second anniversary of Steorn's failed demo in London.

Does FE Tracker plan a special post for the anniversary? Steorn news has been sort of light lately.

Anonymous said...

I think the glaciers are melting faster than Steorn releasing Orbo to the world.

Anonymous said...

See the jury report at:

Anonymous said...