Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Steorn's Curtain, along with some Finances and Patents

Steorn updated their website today with a rendering of a curtain, along with "4 February 2009". We'll learn more tomorrow, but this is probably the kick off of Steorn's 300 Engineers campaign mentioned by Sean in December.

Also, we learned that Steorn's financial statements were made avialable. I haven't had a chance to look at them yet, but according to 15-India-Street:

They lost 3,5 million in 2007, and still had some 4 million cash on 31 December.

Assuming the burnrate continued in 2008, they had only 0.5 million on 31 December 2008, with less than 3 months left. The end may be near, at last.
Finally, Steorn has submitted another patent application, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR MEASURING ENERGY IN MAGNETIC INTERACTIONS. Here is a list of three patents that Steorn has submitted through the patent system so far.

Thanks to all the posters here for filling us in on the activity!


Anonymous said...

If you perform measurements on your own OU-machine with your own measurement patents you are pretty sure to achive OU. But there will be no credibility.

Anonymous said...

The new patent will certainly not work. There is a rotating device involved in one of the claims. A rotating device would probably be needing a bearing..

"..15. A method of measuring energy exchanged due to the relative motion of magnetic materials, comprising: mounting a permanent magnet on a disk having an axis of rotation; revolving the disk at a constant speed around the axis of rotation; mounting a passive electromagnet proximate to the circular path; measuring current induced in the electromagnet for corresponding angular displacements of the permanent magnet around the circular path; measuring torque on the disk for corresponding angular displacements for the permanent magnet around the circular path; calculating mechanical energy exchanged as a function of the measured torque and the speed of the disk; calculating electrical energy exchanged as a function of the measured current and the speed of the disk; and adding the absolute value of calculated electrical energy absolute value of the calculated mechanical energy together to produce a measurement of the total energy exchanged".

Are you allowed to patent this well known stuff ? Measuring torq, rotational speeds and time gives you all you need to perform energy analysis.

What is the piece of new technology involved in this patent ?

Anonymous said...

"..calculating electrical energy exchanged as a function of the measured current and the speed of the disk..."

Steorn needs to learn the difference between watts and watt-hour. You need to measure the time too if you want to calculate the energy.

Anonymous said...

The new website is up. First port of call is to the oil sheikhs of Qatar, UAE, Oman, Arabia & Bahrain in February and March. Anything after that is vague.


Sean's hoping the Sheiks will be freaked out by the prospect of Steorn's proposal that they will open their check books and write a big fat dissapearance reward for the IP. Let's hope they are not as dumb as Steorn thinks they are.

maryyugo said...

At the moment, the forum web site times out-- due to overuse. Everyone wants in on the joke, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Steorn, What happened to the jury? Why are you not doing a live demontration as you promised? I dont believe you have or ever had a prototype. What engineering obsticles have to be overcome to go from test results to a prototype?

Detroit Inventor said...

I have been "chasing"Peswiki now for month asking well is Steorn truthfull???NEC,just get out of business.This site is so much more "tell it like it is"and thank you for not being another "YELLOW PRESS",they are just like Steorn.