Tuesday, August 14, 2007

alsetalokin's connection

maryyugo, a regular commenter here, came across an interesting post over on Steorn's forum by alsetalokin:

Well, for what it's worth, I know of one senior scientist at a well-known (non-academic) institution who applied and was selected for the original "12" jury, signed the NDA and all. Of course this was many months ago now, and I have heard no reports through "back-channels" of any developments since then.
I, therefore, believe that there at least _was_ a jury, once, containing at least one member with eminent qualifications.
Whether there is still a jury, now, that I doubt. It probably exists "on paper" but I'd bet that, once they all stopped ROTFLTAO, they went back to work at their "real" jobs.
In another thread, riterX asks alsetalokin if he'd be able to follow up with his contact:
Well, I respect the NDA, and I was sort of waiting for the promised report, after which presumably all could be revealed, but now I see the error in my thinking.
So, I think I will do just that.
I hope alsetalokin can share with us details about his potential contact. More evidence of an active or inactive Jury would go a long way to understanding what Steorn's intentions are.


BustinBilly said...

Yeah, my uncle's on the jury. The last time I talked to him about it he just laughed it off as continued incompetence but said at least they are paying him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, appreciate the updates. Don't have time to track the forum all the time...

Anonymous said...

BustinBilly - Really? My Dad is on the Jury and he has a completely different view - they've rebuilt the prototype they were sent several times from scratch. Today they are just about ready to send in their report of confirmation that the Steorn effect is real.

See what I did there? Complete fabrication, with no evidence, but passable right?

If we hadn't seen comments like the one about the Steorn Offices being shut down like a couple of weeks ago you might have been believed for some time - and yes I know you've posted about your uncle before, but there was no evidence back then either.

If you're going to say stuff like that please back it up with some kind of evidence. I'm a skeptic about the whole thing but comments like yours make me hope to god that Steorn are right.

maryyugo said...

"Yeah, my uncle's on the jury."

Sure Billy. And my aunt is an alien from Betelgeuse. We should get them together sometime.

Seriously, has anyone from Steorn ever said the jury is getting paid? I recall reading something about some compensation for travel and maybe something about equipment expenses but never any "honorarium", salary or anything similar. How could you have an impartial jury paid a salary by the people whose gear they are judging??

Anonymous said...

I don't think they are getting salaries. The money was to be used for travel and expenses directly incurred with the project but not the juror's time per se.

Paying the jury could be construed is rigging and would defeat the whole purpose of trying to create an air of propriety and build credibility.

BustinBilly said...

You all don't have to believe me. Unfortunately I can't say too much because of the type of contract he has signed with Steorn. I had never heard of Steorn before my uncle told me about them, so that's how I started following this thing. I read through the forum every once in a while, but honestly it's much easier to keep up with it by reading this blog. Thanks to Free Energy Tracker for staying on top of things.

bc said...

According to the summary of the juror agreement on the Steorn website:

"Fee: €2,000 per phase capped at €6,000 in total + expenses"

I guess there are 3 phases. Any idea what phase your Uncle is at Billy?

BustinBilly said...

I don't know how much he's been paid so far, bc.

Quanten said...

2000$ ? TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS ????? I should have read the contract earlier. if it is true, that does not justify more than 1 month of work by an UNDERGRADUATE. This was how much I was paid per month.

maryyugo said...


"if it is true, that does not justify more than 1 month of work by an UNDERGRADUATE."

I have to say it again. Given an overunity device that has a power density of 0.5 watt/cc, it would take anyone with any knowledge of electrical engineering a few hours at most, certainly less than a week, to test it. And it would require neither expensive nor unusual instruments. That would be true regardless of whether the device is stop-start or continuous, rotating or reciprocating, and equally without regard for whether its output is electricity or mechanical in nature. It just isn't hard at that level of power density.

This whole business of a jury is a misdirection. The claim that scientists would not test Steorn's devices is a plain lie as evidenced by all the ones who willingly travelled thousands of miles to Kinetica to do just that only to find lame and non-credible excuses instead of a device to test.

The problem is and has always been that Steorn, as far as anyone has been able to tell, has never shown anyone any working device of any sort for any purpose. And Sean's long diatribes have been judged incompetent and meaningless by every reputable scientist who has heard them. Those are the facts. The rest is just bull poop.

Anonymous said...

Well considering there are three phases and as of July Sean said they had not actually seen or worked with a device yet that means they have been in Phase 1 for eight months stretching that $2K out to $12.50/day.

I guess physicists are pretty hard up these days. They should drive pizza delivery if they were smart.

Anonymous said...

So when is alsetalokin going to share the juror info?

Anonymous said...

So when is alsetalokin going to share the juror info?


The silence of alsetalokin can only mean one thing: the jury is real and the validation of steorns technology is only a formality.



15-India-Street said...

When checking alsetalokin's resume, one can easily determine the identity of the possible juror. I just like the jurors to 'come out of the closet' themselves. Then they say (with a million dollar smile) to have joined the jury for entertainment value, and it won't even hurt their scientific career. But we want to hear all the funny anecdotes! (we may have to wait few more months, because the NDA is still radio-active)

Anonymous said...

>But we want to hear all the funny anecdotes! (we may have to wait few more months, because the NDA is still radio-active)\

I believe the NDA precludes anyone from talking for years.