Wednesday, October 3, 2007


As readers here have posted recently, Steorn filed for the trademark "STEORNLAB" back on September 7th, 2007. From the goods and services section of the trademark:

"Providing test methods, namely, hardware and software to measure characteristics of mechanical systems, namely the torque and energy associated with mechanical systems and magnetic properties of materials"

It is unclear if this is related at all to the steornlab google page. I doubt Steorn would file a trademark strictly to thwart some hobbiest, but who knows. If anyone is familiar with trademark law, why would Steorn need to file this if they already have the trademark on Steorn?

Steorn is still alive and up to something, but now that they have gone radio silent, there hasn't been much to report. Any nugget of news or information, even as small as a trademark filing, is all we have to go on for now.


Suomipoika said...

I just can't understand why there are believers left at this point. It's three months after "broken bearings" now... THREE MONTHS = thousands of working hours!!!

My theory is that there are no believers left, but people just can't admit they have changed their minds. Of course they are embarrassed, because they have defended Steorn very aggressively in the past.

Now they're silent.

If there are true believers left, it's just sad. Very sad.

nleseul said...

For what it's worth, I can admit that I've changed my mind. While I'd still love to be proven wrong, after July, Steorn's initially convincing story has been looking increasingly dubious. I haven't particularly bothered following the public forum or this one in the months since then.

JTerry said...

Ummm, it's seems almost obvious to me what is going on here. Steorn is desperately trying to find some other source of real business income. As a company, they have ZERO income or cash flow (other than investor cash). They probably have a bunch of now unused crap laying around the office they bought to test their silly non-working device. So they need to put some things to whatever use they can in the hopes of branching out and getting some positive cash flow. Seems to me that is what is going on here. I would say this is an indication of financial troubles ahead for Steorn, or actual financial troubles right now. Meanwhile, you're not going to see anymore demos, devices, or hear anything from the jury. It's basically over at this point. I expect that within the next year they will be scaling back tremendously if they do not go under completely. Look for lawsuits all around and litigation a-plenty if they sink.

maryyugo said...

Oh, Steorn's dead allright, if they really ever lived. They just haven't been embalmed and buried yet.

What's amazing is that other nutcase collectibles keep going like demented little energizer bunnies-- bullpoop spouters like Mark Gold's company (Magnetic Power) and SuperVision International (those turkeys don't even have a web site).

Quanten said...

What I like is to draw parallel with huuuuuuu one of those "honest" free energy snake oi.... I mean peddler.

Look at dennis lee : expansive advertising in wall street journal, and immediate demonstration of something. Sure it is worthless stuff which use more energy than it generate, but whatever. He even sold dealership. No delivery.

Steorn : expansive economist advertising, lot of promise, swear by to have a JURY judge them, no demonstration of OU device. No delivery.

I have the feeling that it might end the same way.

Chili Fries said...

I was waiting for this. I thought about starting a thread on the Steorn forum, asking what the new venture was going to be (now that they've given up Orbo). We have our answer. Let's add it to my list of Steorn's "accomplishments":

1. Risk management for IT/e-commerce projects.
2. Security devices for computers (or was this Fraudhalt? Sean's statement that Fraudhalt was a customer didn't make this clear)
3. "Technologies that address counterfeit crime in areas such as plastic card fraud and optical disc fraud."
4. "Expert witness services to the international law enforcement community."
5. Wind generators for ATMs
6. Kinetic energy generators (maybe)
7. Low energy magnet actuator patent
8. Magnetic overunity device (Orbo)
9. "Providing test methods, namely, hardware and software to measure characteristics of mechanical systems, namely the torque and energy associated with mechanical systems and magnetic properties of materials."

So the one thing Steorn have learned from the Orbo fiasco is how to test mechanical systems, even though they appear to have failed in the testing of their own Orbo device. I thought the jury was supposed to be the testing experts anyway.

Who wants to bet this new venture lasts about as long as the old ones?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, you left off one of the most interesting (and improbable) of these groups - From their frontpage:

"The Terawatt Research Center in Los Angeles has confirmed in August 2006 that there is evidence for “producing energy” by following the compensation process of a reflective, symmetrical, mechanical chain reaction named “MCR”."

While I don't see how large clockwork machines might lead out gravitational energy (thank you, ltseung), their hardware is quite interesting to watch in motion, and they have produced some of the most elaborate web content to date - of the various Internet free energy schemes.

Just what the heck are those folks up to?

Oma's Sherrif said...

It really looks like it's over now.
But there are still some unanswered questions:
- are bcat, 07 and e8 steorn employees?
- why has lazy8 never said goodbye?
- are the voluntary forum admins really that voluntary?
- is mr. knapen embarrassed?
- does the camembert quartet regret?
- will the beta atmosphere ever become gold master?
- are time variant magneto-mechanical interactions only detectable with stoerns special equipment?
- are stoern looking forward to the invalidation of their claims.
- was there a jury
- is crank the mastermind behind all this?
- why has gaby de wilde stopped to share his wisdom with the steorn community?
- is grand hudges a real person?
- wtf was this lodewijk thing??
- are diode arrays more efficient when the diodes are attched to a wheel?

Shunya said...

I wouldn't be at all surprised if one of these days we were to wake up and -- presto -- no more Forum. I haven't been into the public forum for a while now (I added some limericks a while back, that was fun), and the addiction is slowly wearing off.
But I did enjoy most of the time spent on the Forum, meet interesting people, go to London for the demo, and I did learn a lot about the odds and ends of things. I guess, that, like in the old Cunard Lines ad, "Getting there is half the fun".
Shunyacetas (Alex Passi)

Anonymous said...

>wtf was this lodewijk thing??

Well, considering his name is an anagram of "Wild Joke", take it from there.

Father Luke Duke said...

">wtf was this lodewijk thing??

Well, considering his name is an anagram of "Wild Joke", take it from there."
Slaps forehead in realisation...

Anonymous said...

@ oma's sheriff

lazy8 was banned from the public forum and the SPDC.

There isn't enough space to type an acronym long enough to express how hard he is laughing about it.

I just wanted to stop by and re-establish my presence here. Being that this forum is monitored by certain members on behalf of STeorn who report anything that might be a "violation" back to SeamusF, who wants to bet I get another threatening email from SeamusF threatening legal action if I divulge anything.


What an idiot.

SteornTracker said...

Anyone know what got Lazy8 banned? Lazy8, do you read this? Could you fill us in?

Anonymous said...

Initially I was threatened with banning by SeamusF from the public forum for "signposting" threads and comments posted last year long prior to the SPDC regarding my own ideas and well-known properties of magnetism (all public domain) in an attempt to raise a scientific discussion about magnetism somewhere as the SPDC is dead and even the knew secret groups within the SPDC that only special members can access now are apparently dead as well according to those "special" members.

After sorting through the more than a half-dozen threatening and nasty emails and personal messages from SeamusF I was able to deduce that a small minded, petty, vengeful troublemaker had convinced Seamus to infer from my comments that I intended to violate my NDA (as if there is anything propietary or meaningful in the Every single thing posted by Steorn, especially the ideas that they claim to allegedly have patents pending on, are incomplete developments of ideas posted by others (such as myself) in the public forum long before the SPDC formed or from other already debunked magnetic motors. Who can say whether we simply guessed what Steorn were on about or whether Steorn are using our own ideas in partially developed forms to make us think we did? Who really cares anymore?

In any case, I was told flat out that "I had seriously breached the trust of the SPDC" and "was on thin ice" and that if I ever posted on the public forum again, I would be summarily banned. Not seeing the difference between "not posting" and being banned, I laughed out loud and asked SeamusF if he was on drugs. Um...doh. I realize he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed to start with, but ... lol.

So, I stopped talking about magnetism on the public forum. But I continued posting just to see what would happen.

A week or so later, having continued to post and not be banned, I decided to slap Seamus about a bit about the dearth of magnetic discussions and the overwhelming plethora of UFO, political and religious threads on the public forum and breifly referred to the way Seamus childishly threatens members into obedience in the SPDC (more on that later). Anyway, according to the logs, at that point, Seamus went to Sean who, after not visiting the public forum since July's mea culpa, popped in that morning, read my comments and apparently approved my banning.

LOL. What a coward Sean is. He refuses to engage anyone in the SPDC anymore either. He maintains that the Kinetica toy absolutely demonstrates OU but refuses to discuss it. Or to discuss his "thought experiment" and COE wrt Noether's Theorem from his "I'm in the mood for a fight" thread in the public forum that became the beginning of the infamous end for HK.

HK, mary yugo (pennies or not)...I consider myself to be in good company..LOL.

Anyway, the SPDC banning was again due to a small vocal group of believers shouting for me to be banned because I suggested to another member that babcat would be a happier person with more self-esteem if he took responsibility for himself in life. Like buying his own airline tickets, etc. At least, that is all I can figure as Seamus refuses to provide me with a quote and merely insists that I contact him in a month to beg his forgiveness. The only "reason" given is several members emailed him and claimed to be distracted by my comments. Of course, his vague and unsupported characterizations of my words (no example, no quote) have no bearing on the stated cause of the banning, namely that I had violated the new moderation rules and "attacked" another member. Yet, when I ask for specifics, he refused and moved the goalposts and said people were distracted. I don't recall "being distracted" being in the new moderation rules for the SPDC.

What a joke. Distracted from what?

So, at the end of the day, I have been banned based on Seamus' personal vendetta alone as his original reason does not hold water and he will not or simply cannot support it with any evidence to demonstrate cause pursuant to his "new rules" of moderation which he himself and others are repeatedly guilty of breaking.

And that is the source of his vendetta. After the failed demo, while Sean was "taking it on the chin" and posting his mea culpa's with deep felt contrition, Seamus was threatenening the SPDC with banning for anyone dissenting or demanding explanations and stated flat out that a new demo or video was not on the SPDC agenda and would not be tolerated. It was time to sign off on the London debacle and move on...because Steorn had done so already.

Needless to say, IN MY OPINION, this pissed off a lot of members and the the place basically died off thereafter.

Anyway, considering the vehemence and inanity of Sean McCarthy's final remarks to me in the SPDC (which were his final remarks to anyone there AFAIK, probably because so many members were tending to stand with me) while failing to address the issue I had presented and weakly calling my comments BS (very much like Omnibus) as he twisted, spun, shucked and jived and did everything possible to evade and avoid a straight answer to a straight question (as usual) before finally disappearing again and the ongoing empty threats and toothless powertripping from young Seamus, it should be interesting to see their next move as I have made it clear that I couldn't care less if my forum posting or "SPDC privileges" are restored and that, in any case, I will never be cowed by or kow tow to an immature ass like Seamus Flanagan.

Anonymous said...

Oh, in my rush to get through that long winded explanation of my banning(s), I forgot the salient point of the "vendetta"...

Pursuant to folks getting PO'd at Seamus' rude arrogance and continuing to voice dissent, Seamus showed up in a self-admitted drunken rage and blasted a bunch of us for having "bad attitudes" (I have to imagine he is parroting the BS that is laid on him and his fellow investors by the powers that be at Steorn). He then addressed a comment specifically at me by name attempting to put words in my mouth that I was calling Blake a liar wrt his 8 hour run when I had said no such thing, nor even implied anything like it. LOL ... another wannabe spin doctor in his mentor's own image. Or should it be "mentor's own shadow"?

Oh...everyone here recalls that Seamus and his family have approximately $1,000,000 invested in Steorn. Right?

Well, anyway, the morning after when I called Seamus on his BS, his reply was, "Was I even talking to you?"

When I pointed out that he had addressed the post to me by name, he simply ignored me. And has since pretended that nothing ever happened.

Anyway, at that point, finding Seamus original behavior unprofessional at best and basically unconscienable in any case, I wrote a little open letter in which I pointed out the inherent conflict of being an investor and an employee and that in light of the failed demo, I too would probably be up until 4 am drinking (and posting) like he had been for the past couple of weeks since London. I mean, if you had almost a million dollars US invested in Steorn, would you be able to sleep right about now?

Anyway, at that point, although many of the few clear headed folks left in the SPDC stood up and said that while my tone may be abrasive, my words rang very very true.

At which point all the little believers went screaming meme off the walls and began attacking me personally and then demanding my banning.

The rift has continued since. Seamus with his immature, overbearing, outrageous attitude, rudeness and arrogance, and about a half dozen educated and clear headed folks bothering to post dissent in defiance. There many more to be sure who have merely gone into lurker mode, and and a certain MIT engineer checks in once a month to laugh at the believers and say, "Yup, still nothing".

So, my opinion is that like some other bannings that Sean supported because the members had become "leaders" in dissension, certain folks who find me offensive have been waiting for any opportunity to twist my words under the new "rules of moderation" that logically include "no attacks on fellow members". And Seamus is only too happy to oblige. Ironically (though not surprisingly), those who do the most attacking (on Steorn's behalf) are allowed to continue on abated. And I who called loudly for moderation to get rid of the Energyman*'s foul mouthed invective, etc is

Ok...gotta run. Unlike so many, I actually have a life!


sampson said...

Hey look it's the town drunk of Steornland giving his half assed and bs view of what happened!

When you crawl away from the bottle and finally get some help for your... well ummm... problems, let us know. Till then keep your head burried in that bottle fat little man.

Anonymous said...


Would you be one of the small group of vocal believer's that lazy8 refers to, Sampson?

Rumor has it you are a dying breed. The top post theorizes that you are even extinct. Are you really sad like suompoika thinks?

Anyway, can you offer us any insight into what actually happened then, Sampson? Or are you only capable of unfounded accusations and name calling?

Please form complete cogent thoughts or stop wasting your breath and our time. You do seem sad.

Suomipoika said...

Hello Energyman!! Or "Propoptionsjoe", whatever, I'm so glad you're still among us - despite of your total embarrasment! How are your investments these days? I heard you're one of the biggest money loser in the scene.

Tell us about your "free energy" -investment (GMC), energyman. I heard rumors that investors are becoming angry. Are you one of them?

Probably even you have noticed, that "free" energy is not free, it's quite costly! At least for stupid investors!

Ha ha ha!

Frank said...

Anonymous said...
Oh, in my rush to get through that long winded explanation of my banning(s), I forgot the salient point of the "vendetta"...etc.

I shouldn't have got myself thrown out so early after the demo. Sounds as though I missed all the fun. :bigsmile:

DOG!! said...

Another Demo? No.

I think it is now blatantly obvious that the thing only ever existed in software data. Sure there was an anomaly but only as data. All comments from Steorn to date would point towards this being the case.

1. Not simply hooking it up to a generator - somewhat difficult to hook numbers to a mechanical object.
2. The whole 'pennies' saga re torque measuring - see above
3. The longest 'run time' - sure, but a simulation run time.
4. Only being 'Stop start', then continuous - differing sims being developed and refined.
5. 550bhp - just a possible figure suggested by the data
6. The demo - I believe that the team were sent off to London loaded with software and data and told to build it. Guess what, it didn't work in the real World. Hence the message and excuse that the team 'just weren't given enough time'. As always it's "we just needed more time and it would definitely work, honest". Hence also the non-possibility of dashing back to Dublin for a replacement or new bearings.
7. The Jury not getting a physical object until after they had waded through and accepted the concept and data. Because so far numbers is all there is.
8. The documentary crew. I would think they were shown the effect as it existing in software and jumped aboard to visually document the process of building it.
9. The PacMan stop start machine. A third party attempt to replicate the effect suggested in the software which as we now know, did not actually show OU due to measurement errors.
10. The new Steorn direction of a measurement Lab. Using the refined and developed software to create a revenue stream. A smart move, but also IMHO further proof.

However, if I am correct then it's not all bad. There is an effect shown in someone's software and data, so there is further cause for investigation. Perhaps the software does have an error, or just maybe there is a possibility of real life replication of the anomaly.

I'm not sure that pretending that it exists outside of software is any way to go forward though.