Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Wish: Closure in 2008

I'd like to wish everyone a happy New Year. Thank you all for your contributions in 2007 to Free Energy Tracker, together we've been able to keep up with Steorn's events and claims. My hope for 2008 is that some form of closure is reached. I realize that this might be wishful thinking on my part! To everyone, including Steorn, enjoy your holiday, and have a successful and productive 2008!


15-India-Street said...

The Free Energy Tracker tagline:

"Steorn's perpetual motion claims are extraordinary. They've raised millions from investors, and 2007 is the year that this will all change the world or Steorn will fall apart. Which will it be? Find out here first."

I think you are missing the most obvious option in your tagline. We did find out Steorn has nothing, but it also didn't fall apart. That is because scams tend to drag on for ages. And everytime the money runs out, the big 'breakthrough' can be reached with just a little extra investment.

Maybe it's even better to close this forum. It is creating credibility to their claim. Active criticism could be interpreted as a reason to believe the opposite.

At least change the tagline into something like "Steorn, the free energy scam from Dublin, that keeps going as long as people give their money".

To all the FET's: Happy 2008!
(this year I intend to place an additional 6 m2 of solar panels on my house)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you too, and thanks for the great blog! I think you need to change the text at the top of the page, "2007 is the year that this will all change the world or Steorn will fall apart" :-)

SteornTracker said...

15-india-street and anonymous, you both express very valid points, which I'm well aware of. I realize that excuses will come up, and this thing will most likely drag on for ages. I just *hope* that it doesn't, and that we reach some form of closure.

drmike said...

In terms of "free energy" Steorn has reached closure already. They will most
likely come up with more ideas for generating income from investors, but that
is not the same thing.

As a study in human psychology it has just
been a blast to be part of the Steorn phenomena. I have learned a lot, and I've
had a ton of fun.

For 2008 I'm going to see if I can help build real power plants. That will be a different kind of fun. But the lessons I've learned from Steorn won't be forgotten - I think the combination of *real* energy solutions and good marketing will be incredable.

Happy New Year to all!

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

FringeReporter said...

Steorn was the free-energy hot-air story of the year! They will likely fade away as their investors realize they were scamming with Orbo. For a more realistic exciting energy development, check out!

Thicket said...

There were certainly entertaining moments in 2007 with respect to Steorn.

I expect very little, if anything, in 2008. Steorn's investor scam is running out of inertia. It's funded on dwindling investment fumes. Sean has essentially gone into hiding, with the exception of one pathetic interview with a tail-wagging, lap dog space cadet.

Thank you for maintaining this site and have a great New Year.


Anonymous said...

2008 will reveal another year of nothing. No demos, no real proof of their technology. They can probably keep this rolling for another couple years though due to investor stupidity.

15-India-Street said...

"They can probably keep this rolling for another couple years though due to investor stupidity."

I don't believe they can keep on rolling for another couple of years. It will stop before the end of 2008. Steorn has a too high cash-burn-rate to continue much longer.

They are different from the typical free energy scam, where only one or two people are involved. They cannot drag on for years on little investments, they need millions at a time. Now they lost momentum, that kind of investment will halt, I expect.

So FET's new years wish will most certainly come true in 2008. The shop will close.

Maybe it is better to keep the tagline like it is. It is in fact the most cynical warning against free energy scams possible.

Shunya said...

My thanks to the Free Energy Tracker initiative. Especially in the later phases of Steorn's parable (post the July un-Demo) it has provided all the essential information one could wish for. I too would wish for an quick and clean closure on Steorn's part in 2008, but that's obviously not their game. Happy New Year to all,

Anonymous said...

The March 08 demo will rock & shock all.

Anonymous said...

2008 is only the start!

Anonymous said...

Another shocking demo? What for?
I was pretty shocked the first time...

Anonymous said...

The demo of 2008 and the validation will have everyone doing a major rethink of their harsh criticisms of Steorn.

Anonymous said...

The demo of 2008 and the validation will have everyone doing a major rethink of their harsh criticisms of Steorn.

Exactly. Like the 2007 demo.

15-India-Street said...

Discussing with yourself?

zpe said...

Another believer has jumped the fence. Remember Paul Story?

"The Dream of Steorn
Looking back on the past year, I find myself asking the question:

Have I used my time wisely in supporting Steorn?

As it stands, I have to conclude that the answer is, ‘No’."

bc said...

I'll second Nanosolar as most promising free energy development of 2007, they promise to do for solar PV what Henry Ford did for automobile production.

As for closure of Steorn :), these things tend to drag on. Even if Steorn go bust/work on other things, Sean will likely be saying to his grave "we really had something, just couldn't get the right bearings!".

Steorn is not really much different than a thousand other high-tech co's that promise a dream to investors based on vaporware and never deliver. The significant difference is that other vaporware purveyors do not claim to break the laws of physics, which surely should be a red flag to investors, but apparently not!

Anonymous said...

Here we go again! This is very interesting:


Anonymous said...

There's one thing I'm very curious about and which, strangely enough, has never been mentioned by anybody: What the heck happened with the jury Steorn (supposedly) appointed? Wasn't that jury supposed to arrive to a conclusion about the validity of Steorn's claims and publish the results till the end of 2007?

maryyugo said...

New location for the ("Al"'s) video is

Anonymous said...

Al's machine is REAL. However, it must be validated or no one will believe it. You could have it on Oprah with a panel of top scientists examining it, you could have it on Mythbusters with a total working recreation of the device but this would not work. It must be taken through the full validation process. Al hopes to be validated within 48 months. Stay tuned and send money stat!

bc said...

I think what OC has done is replicate an AC electric motor mechanically. Instead of the alternating magnetic field in the stators being driven by current passing through coils, he has used rotating magnets.

In an electric motor, electricity is input to generate the alternating field. In this case, he has input the energy by hand. It's basically a fancy flywheel. Friction will cause it to slow down, losing sync, and eventually the device will stop.

If levers or whatever are used to keep the stator magnets in sync, this simply adds friction and makes it stop quicker.

This perhaps illustrates why the magnetic PMM myth is so enduring, people keep coming up with creative ways to obscure simple physics. This device is as futile as all other PMM devices before it. It can never run continuously, nor could it ever produce useful work.

Meanwhile, I hope DrMike gets somewhere with Bussard fusion.

drmike said...

Thanks BC!

I agree it is a flywheel. I think there is a resonance point which has a lower energy state at a higher angular spin than what they started with. It's that simple.
It could probably be modeled as pure dipoles with the outer ones free to rotate on their axies and inner ones fixed to the wheel. They already found there is an optimal distance between magnets and wheel, so that's pretty good proof to me it is a resonance condition.

But it is fun to watch, and the skills of Alsetalokin are worth admiring. That people are still having fun is a very good sign all around!

maryyugo said...

"Al's machine is REAL. However, it must be validated or no one will believe it."

Of course it's real but it's not overunity.

Please don't recycle absurd bull crappola from Steorn's playbook. First, these guys do NOT claim overunity. Second, it's very simple to test this or any other device that claims a significant amount of overunity. I've proposed just such a test for Al in the Steorn forum and he agrees with it. You make a run with magnets and then you make a run with bits of identically shaped inert metal instead of the magnets and compare the results under a slight external load. See-- no jury, no delay, no problem.

Please-- study some basic physics. There is nothing difficult or time consuming about testing overunity, scientists are not reluctant to get involved (ie. the Kinetica "demo"/fiasco) and the government and big companies are not conspiring to suppress it. Grow up.

curious outsider said...

Ok.. Is the OC device simply transferring energy?

He spins the rotor, the 3 magnets also spin, meaning hes applying quite a force. Then he engages the counter magnet. Lets say the magnetic fields are perfectly in sync, we can assume that the energy from the rotor, and two remaining magnets is transferred to the counter magnet, ie the counter magnet is free to accelerate, while the rotor and two magnets - locked magnetically - decelerate, naturally.

Now, he stops the two magnets that are in sync with the rotor, which are at this point decelerating with the rotor as it transfers energy into the counter magnet. The rotor now becomes synced and driven by the counter magnet and accelerates.

Removing the the two initially synced magnets from the rotor has actually reduced resistance by a huge amount, allowing the counter magnet to accelerate the rotor.

A test in spinning just the rotor by hand would not be enough to determine that this is false, because the initial input is the total amount of energy it takes to spin the whole rig, which is magnetically geared into itself.

Is this correct? Is this just an example of using magnets to gear something? Or am i completely wrong?

drmike said...

@curious outsider - yes, it's like a gear, but it is also like a fly wheel. If you stop something from spinning, you remove its angular momentum. The magnetic gear coupling may be one way the energy is transfered rather than lost as heat into his hands. Doing the same experiment with out magnets would help discern this possibility. And it sounds like OC and Al will try it!

Anonymous said...


Don't know about that. Al appears to be getting ready for some down time. I may be ready soon as well.

Would you like to try and pick up the pieces and carry on with our efforts?


Anonymous said...

Al's device is interesting but it's not steornthropomorphic so that video is likely the last we will see or hear from Al. Orbo is proven OU so comparing Orbo to Al's toy is apples & oranges. If anyone wants to submit something more steornthropomorphic I'm waiting.


Anonymous said...

Al's device is interesting but it's not steornthropomorphic so that video is likely the last we will see or hear from Al. Orbo is proven OU so comparing Orbo to Al's toy is apples & oranges. If anyone wants to submit something more steornthropomorphic I'm waiting.

At least we have seen a video of the OCAL motor and it does run. We have seen nothing of the Orbo - unless you count that abortive July demo that wasn't.

drmike said...

Howdy OC!

I'm working on something a touch more powerful. Nuclear powered rocket engines are the only way to get single stage to orbit, and if I'm going to Mars I need a really powerful rocket engine :-)

What is Al going to do with the hardware he built? Can he at least send you the dimensions of all the "as builts"? You should be able to build something similar without all the fancy cutting. Places like Small Parts have lots of nice bearings (they helped with my kids trebuchet :-) I don't know where
he found the circular magnets with a radial instead of axial field, that would be the hard thing to get I think.

I'll be happy to lend ideas, but I'd rather spend time on fusion reactors for now.

15-India-Street said...

Well, I got the electric machines experts analysis of the OC MPMM movie. My question was “how does it work?”. His answer was …

Where is the bug?
- The bad lighting, hiding the boundaries
- The bad sound, hiding other noises
- The close-up, hiding all the other equipment in the room
- The way the machine is manually placed on the table at a very precise spot, twice
- The way he is holding the machine with his left hand
- The size which can hold batteries
- The very flat build of the machine, making possible to connect with a magnet under the table

- The machine is driven from under the table. The noise of the thing is to hide any motor noise
- The magnetic coupling is weak (large air gap), that’s why it has to be started by hand
- At 1:08 in the movie “See if I can get it to synchronise” the amplitude of the noise doubles: something is turned on out of view
- I don’t expect pressured air drive, makes even more noise

That was it.
And I thought to be a skeptic.

maryyugo said...

"Orbo is proven OU"

Not in your wettest dreams, silly person.

As to Al's thing, I'm reserving judgment but it does seem increasingly suspicious that he's faking (or at least not showing and telling) something important.

drmike said...

I didn't listen to any noise, my computer does not have speakers, but I did watch where he picked the thing up off the table at one point. It was still spinning, but I don't know how it changed speed or if mention is made about it.

It would take a lot more work to fake that then just do it. And there's no point.

Other than to tease people :-)