Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wired: Vaporware 2007

In addition to making Wired's 10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets, Steorn now comes in at number 10 on Wired's annual 10 Vaporware Products of 2007. One interesting note is that unlike the great snake-oil gadget list, Wired's vaporware product list is determined by votes cast by Wired readers. Steorn is becoming part of the geek culture, unfortunately not in the manner that they had anticipated.


drmike said...

Looks like this is year Steorn falls apart, at least for "free energy". I'm sure they'll be back with something new soon enough.

I wish I could use their marketing expertise to some real good. There are lot of good but difficult to explain ideas and things which most geeks just can't get off the ground. I bet they could make anything sell!

Anonymous said...

This is the year when debunkers of Free Energy like Dr Mike will have to eat their words.

Bon apetit!

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. And the "demo is going to be any hour now".. What a freaking sore loser you are, anon/007.

Happy New Year to SteornTracker! Don't forget to change blog's title a bit :)

drmike said...

You got less than 24 hours to make that happen. Good luck!!


grommit said...

Ah yes, 007iq. See you in December 2008, when you will still be claiming "this is the year it will happen". As DrMike points out there is no time left THIS year. Maybe you should hedge your bets a little and claim, "this is the DECADE it will happen". Still a load of BS but at least it buys you two years.

Vardan1899 said...

Lets hope that 2008 provides as much entertainment from the fools at steorn as 2007 provided!

Happy New Year!!