Sunday, February 24, 2008

They're not quite dead yet...

Today in the forums, Sean McCarthy reacted to JREF's declaration of Steorn's death, based on a quote over at What's New by Bob Park:

Steorn: Wow, I wish that some one would tell me this stuff, I need not have turned up to the office all that time. Good to see that JREF is reliable as ever!
Also today, an anonymous poster shares with us a newly available patent application filed by Steorn:
This patent was filed right around the time of Steorn's Economist Ad. It will be more interesting if we start seeing Steorn's core Orbo patents start appearing on these sites. Another anonymous poster did some research on the named inventors, two of which haven't appeared before in documents relating to Steorn. They are Ciaran Mythen and Guillaume Reux. Here is a translated version of Guillame's resume.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the "Steorn" account on the Steorn forum has been taken over (hacked) by some unknown individual, as evidenced by these two posts:

ben said...

Hacked? Looks like same old Sean to me.
That patent application is fairly bizarre. Theatre for the investors?

Anonymous said...

I'd say they are dead. Their secrecy at this point makes no sense at all and can't be justified.

Anonymous said...

Breaking: New Orbo demo set for April 1st 2008! SWEET!

Anonymous said...

Joking aside new tech startup nanozpe is about to make waves. Details are thin, well beyond thin.. but by accidentally creating nano vacuum chambers the microscopic chambers began generating electricity within, when millions are paired together it is a powerful zpe device with a 1x1 sq meter block generating 1mw. Ok ok, just joking but.. one has to wonder if I made a fancy website and pushed it could I get some big bucks? probably..

Anonymous said...

Steorn plays the same game as MPI and Sean does the same as Mark Goldes.They're also in some preproduction stages or some weird lab work.All day every year...they'll be all "soon" ready to licence something...

Anonymous said...

I think the reference was to Orbo (the perpetual motion claim) and not Steorn. Orbo is definitely dead as it never existed. It looks like the employees that worked on Orbo are dropping like flies.

Effectively Steorn is a new company, having reinvented themselves since the demo failure and their latest venture is to save the world from ATM fraud. This is due to last approx one year until new desire is readied.

Tune in same time next year to witness the rebirth of Steorn as a time travel company based upon the principle of time variant magneto-mechanical interactions inverse relationship with time.

Maryyugo said...

Oh, after Kinetica last July, they're dead alright. But the autopsy isn't done and the corpse isn't quite ready for burial.

Anonymous said...

Orbo is complete bunk. Steorn will be around as long as people are gullible enough to invest in snake oil, ab-rollers & get rich quick schemes.

15-India-Street said...
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Anonymous said...

What's new in that patent? The only thing I see new is the "data adjustment" feature mentioned in the last line of the abstract.
Many's the time that I have wished for a data adjustment knob on my own experimental apparatus. It sure would make it easier to get the results I want.


Kent said...

seems to me that these patents on measuring are all part of the scheme. They make up bogus and incorrect ways of measuring things, and when the math says their system is OU, they run w/ it. If someone questions their methodologies they point back to their patent and claim its patented, and therefore, somehow valid. they go for patents, not peer review, because you have a chance at pulling the wool over their eyes at the patent office.


Anonymous said...

This Steorn saga is not doing well with age.

drmike said...

About time for Monty Python and the parrot skit?

Anonymous said...

>About time for Monty Python and the parrot skit?

Cleese: This Time Variant Magneto Flux Capacitor is dead.

Palin: No it's not. The bearings just overheated.

Anonymous said...

When again is the Jury Panel going to announce their Orbo analysis results....?

I swear that was meant to happen sometime last year.

Anonymous said...

Steorn doesn't even cut it as a hoax.

Anonymous said...

Well, since it's pretty much the end of Q1 2008, are we not supposed to have seen some news? Jury results? Something like that?

Still trying to keep an open mind either way - not that any of our opinions actually matter - but Steorn are not doing themselves any favours

drmike said...

But it's been a great success for Steorn! They are internationally known, their cheif officers have been able to afford trips to the center of Antartica and all the employees can drink as much beer as they want!

Even for a movie star, bad publicity is better than none :-)

bc said...

Are there any signs of life from Steorn?

Or is everyone waiting for the money to run out.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice the thread deletion on Steorn's forum? A recent thread with "Poll" in the title, that contained critical analysis/comment of Steorn was deleted? Anyone want to venture a guess as to why this and presumable other critical threads have been deleted? Why can't Steorn take the criticism that's expected when no proof is provided? Enduring some criticism seems inconsequentional when you're sitting on the biggest discovery in the history of mankind?

Seems thin skinned or maybe anecdotal evidence of a scam.

Anonymous said...

Interesting; April Fools Day and Steorn is off-line.


15-India-Street said...
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Anonymous said...

Steorn's dead will be a quiet one. Maybe their website will go into 'under constuction' mode again in the near future, and that's it. The investors got what they paid for. Free energy for Steorn,
'We really tried hard, but at the end of the day we were simply wrong, but thanks for the money anyway.'

Anonymous said...

The paucity of communication from Steorn hardly justifies sites like this anymore. I think we are seeing the endgame as a long, drawn out fizzle. There will be no satisfactory resolution.

Anonymous said...

OMG no jury! I knew it I friin knew it! I'm in shock I am speechless! GOD!!!

drmike said...

I've been watching NASATV ( instead of reading the Steorn forum. It's really amazing to listen to a press conference from Russia that has Koreans in it live along with english translation not to mention the live space links with Russian, Japanese, American and Korean cosmonauts and astronauts.

It takes a lot of energy to explore the solar system. It's kind of why we were all hoping Steorn actually had something to help with it. But they don't, so I think that's the end of it.

Anonymous said...

There was a very interesting thread started by Hammer Thrower called "A Simple Demo." A former SPDC member made some revealing statements about Steorn and the SPDC and the jury very late last night. And now, low and behold, the thread has been removed.

I think from this and a few other threads that have been deleted the truth about Steorn is slowly coming to light.

They have nothing and never did. They have some simulations and calculations but no device. They cannot build a device as the live demo last year proved and they are stuck.

They were hoping the SPDC would actually come up with something but really left the members hanging with not enough information.

The jury is probably in the same sad state of affairs. They are hoping someone can build this thing and save their asses from this cluster fuck they have created.

The jury in all likelihood has dispersed out of boredom and lack of sufficient information to work with.

This company is NOT on the level. Perhaps sincerity may have started it but now there will be nothing but obfuscation, stalling, until this thing disappears quietly altogether.

The point about the NDAs was more about hiding the lack of information than revealing information.

So here is where it is at:

Babcat and 007 are shills for Steorn. No one in their right mind could continue to believe in vaporware to this extent without some collusion. Ergo their ridiculous and adamant stance.

The SPDC is a hopeless disaster and the jury has probably disbanded. There is no Steorn device and never has been. Furthermore, there never will be.

Free energy is dead. Long live free energy!

HammerThrower said...


They banned me on the Steorn forum. It was pretty funny because I was reading Cranks comment that I would be banned if I posted the deleted thread and right at that moment my screen refreshed and I was gone!

Anyway, I wouldn't post the thread without your permission. I guess it might get you banned also. What say you?

For anyone left who's interested, the contents of the thread are no big deal. It just confirm to a degree what we all can see--a big, complex, time-wasting game that developed to fill the vacuum of non-OU.

If that's not the case, prove it. It would be so simple.

Anonymous said...

Post it here... I want to read it!

Thicket said...

Sure... post it. It's not like it will contain anything we don't already know.

When Steorn first went public, there were many gullible and naive people who believed Steorn. Anyone that still believes has a screw loose in their heads.

I actually feel sorry for Babcat and 007. I don't know what world their minds are living in, but it's something twisted from reality.

Crank and Mags continue to be Sean-toadies, futilely guarding a crushed shell of nothing.

The Steorn forums are bereft of anything meaningful or even interesting about Steorn. It's now a debating society for all sorts political, social and religious drivel just like tens of thousands of other websites.


drmike said...

True believers don't need to be bribed. Babcat and 007 simply believe because the hope of utopia is more powerful than their ability to reason. It's just they way they are wired.

The reasoning has always been pretty simple. If OU were possible, the universe would not look like it does now. That does not mean we have found all possible energy sources - it may well be possible to rip the fabric of space-time apart and get energy from the vacuum. It just won't be free.

Anonymous said...

From what I understand time and space are manifestations of a continuum as are mass and energy. The law of conservation would still apply even if a new manifestation of energy were found. I doubt very much if a new "form" of energy were found using simple refrigerator magnets. If it were remotely possible to create new energy from nothing commensurately you could create new mass.

Mass and energy are always in balance. There cannot be more mass than already exists in the universe and consequently there can be no more energy. The concept of Over Unity (discounting a new form of energy hitherto unknown)that would create new energy from nothing continuously would upset the balance of the mass-energy relationship which is A) Not in the least bit desirable and B) impossible. The universe cannot have more energy than it already has without consequently increasing mass if the homeostasis is to be maintained.

Babcat and 007 are simply scientifically ignorant people that have more enthusiasm than intelligence.

Babcat seems to be a truly nice, but naive person but both he and 007 have an underlying desire to egotistically upstage skeptical people. They both long for the day when they can make skeptics look foolish. This alone makes them arrogant with an agenda beyond anything beneficial.

Steorn is playing a game that has nothing to do with physics. From day one it has been about marketing with the hint of physics thrown in for window dressing. They have never shown a grasp of physics nor even of engineering that makes any sense.

Whether they are deluded or scam artists their intentions are suspect. They have never finished anything they started. They are here today after a long history of failures in every business venture they have engaged in.

Groups like this do a great disservice to science and they deserve to be pilloried on that basis alone. When the world is faced with major energy problems groups like this are bound to spring up to take advantage of the Babcats and 007s of the world and channel money into their pockets. They are amongst the most lunatic fringe aspects of pseudo-science and should be put out of business to ensure that whatever sanctity of science exists is preserved so that people are not taken in so easily.

15-India-Street said...


bc said...

It only remains to write the obituary.

Famous last words?

Wow, I wish that some one would tell me this stuff, I need not have turned up to the office all that time. -- Sean McCarthy

Yeah, probably should have stayed at home.

Anonymous said...

The so called Steorn Jury is one big fat red herring.

First of all in the history of science no such thing has ever been required for all of the fabulous and controversial findings that have ever been made. And many, many of those findings were done with tremendous skepticism and push back from the powers that be at their respective times of revelation. Did Galileo need a jury? Or Copernicus, Madame Curie, Maxwell, Newton or Filo T. Farnsworth for that matter? The only real jury in science is the peer collective of other scientists done in an open and above board manner with no necessity for "hanky panky."

The only reason to have a secretive jury is to stall. The stall is a favorite tactic of scam artists as they obviously want to tie up truth to keep the game going for as long as possible. Steorn is keeping this game going solely on the basis of this specious jury.

There never will be any jury results as it would not serve Steorn's purposes at all. There never will be any African pumps or validation day or any of the other promised deliverables because it would be "game over." At the very best, if this is some kind of SMOT in which the loop cannot be closed then it is folly beyond belief in its convoluted and thoroughly unnecesary proceedings.

Truthfully, scientists are willing to review any manner of findings (and do regularly) despite Steorn's phony argument to the contrary if they would only produce documents available for peer review. It seemed to have been good enough for Pons/Fleischman albeit to their peril.

Steorn has admitted from day one that they had found eight universities that were willing to review their discovery but conveniently would not divulge or go public. Subsequently, Earthtec was willing to review their work as was Dr. Mike on their own dime. Many others I am sure would love to have a crack at reports, calculations, and test results despite the erroneous assumption that the peer review process is somehow biased against looking at new things. If they had done the peer review process two years ago when this started it is completely reasonable to assume the whole thing would have been concluded by now instead of this open ended circus Steorn has created. But that would not have been in Steorn's best interest. When papers are published and publicly made available for peer review there is no jeopardy to any scientist to look at this so called OU hot potato. If they read the reports and think it is hogwash they just don't comment if they choose and no one would be the wiser. No reputations would be compromised if such was a concern. This concern is however manufactured by Steorn for their own purposes that have nothing to do with science.

Supposedly Steorn is to have this jury given data in a phased approach. This makes no sense whatsoever. Scientists are perfectly capable of reviewing complex subjects "whole hog," without being spoon fed in drips and drabs. In fact they would demand nothing less if they were expected to have all the facts at their disposal for a diligent and thoughful review.

How it is that anybody has bought into this defies all reason. This is legerdemain not honesty. This has all the classic earmarks of a scam and stinks to high heaven.

Anonymous said...

The major bogus argument of the energy pseudo science community is that discoveries of new energy or improved energy efficiencies are suppressed by Men in Black so that fossil fuel remains the only game in town.

Right now the US is spending hundreds of millions of dollars pumping petrol into their Abrams, Bradleys, Humvees, and air fleet in Iraq. Would they not benefit by taking advantage of some of these supposedly repressed energy enhancing devices? Wouldn't the military have done whatever it could to secure these types of devices or technologies if extant considering the billions they spend on secret development and testing anyway?

The pipe dream of a free lunch in this universe is such that people will abandon all reason while finding all manner of bogeymen operating behind the scenes in a mass conspiracy. They seem to gloss over the fact that there are literally scores of bogus energy schemes out there all over the Internet. Why aren't these suppressed? Why would we even know of them?

No, this is the scammers ploy to rationalize why they cannot deliver the goods. Goods that in fact do not exist not out of suppression but out of hucksterism.

Atomic energy could not be suppressed or kept secret despite huge expenditures by the US government after WWII to maintain a monopoly. Too many people had ideological axes to grind and too many people operate under the age old motivation called greed to allow major scientific discoveries to go fallow.

As to why a portion of the population ascribes to these conspiracy theories is really a subject for psychologists but has no other place in science.

The truth of the matter is the world is in need of a replacement for fossil fuel and no government or company will be able to stop the genie of a new source of energy from popping out of the bottle. The stakes are too high, the financial gains too great, the egos of men too filled with hubris to allow such a thing to remain hidden.

Anonymous said...

@ hammerthrower

FFS. I'm sorry to hear that. What a crock.

I don't think andromeda would have a problem with your re-posting the comments. I don't believe any of them violated the NDA, only Steorn's "request" that SPDC members not post on the forum or discuss the SPDC. That said, in hindsight, I imagine andromeda might be more comfortable having the opportunity to review the comments and double check the NDA before they were re-posted elsewhere.

PS I have just checked your account on Steorn forum and you are not listed as "banned" at this time.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Alsetalokin has resurfaced over on fizzx.

Anonymous said...

>Did Galileo need a jury? Or Copernicus, Madame Curie, Maxwell, Newton or Filo T. Farnsworth for that matter?

The funniest aspect of this jury business is this: Steorn has said from day one that the reason behind the jury was because they could not get "serious" scientists to look at their invention. However, think about that for a moment. If they could not get serious scientists to look at there gizmo then who were all those people who requested to be on the jury?

If in fact they are serious scientists would they not have also looked at a paper for peer review? I mean, it is obvious that despite Steorn's protestations to the contrary there are in fact hundreds of scientists who are willing to look. So what is the point of a special jury?

Anonymous said...

Lighten up. Steorn are next-gen scientists. This is maverick, free thinking and cutting edge. People do not understand this but it will be the norm very soon. I applaud them for ignoring the bored, tired and rigid scientific community of yesteryear. Journal this, peer review that, blah blah yawn yawn. Welcome to the future and that future is Steorn Science. The world is about to change so enjoy it, this is history in the making folks.

Anonymous said...


God save us from Steorn Science.

Well, ya see, I have a hamster in a box, but you can't see him... yet.

First we need millions of dollars and a group of respectable people to agree that there is a hamster in the box.

It's sort of like Shroedinger's cat you see. Except that it's a hamster that can live forever and if we open the box it will collapse the wave function and the it will ruin free energy for the world and starving children in Africa won't have water and we will lose millions of dollars of investment and... I have a hamster in a box.

Anonymous said...

Steorn saved me, in every way a scientist can be saved. For that I am forever grateful. God Bless them.

Anonymous said...

Recently deleted thread from Steorn Forum:
How Will You Remember Mr. McCarthy ?

In my memories:
- grand humbug
- no new investment until validation promise
- Soon / Soon Enough
- 400 000 minutes of waiting
- a lot of crushed people
- his answer: LOL, LOL, LOL
- I lost all fortune
- Validation Day
- 10 000 sold licenses for 5 inches plastic disc
- McCarthy & Co. earn 35 billion Euros

Entertainment business is so sweet

Thicket said...

Lol. The Steorn forums should be renamed Magnatrix forums. Her majesty has not been amused lately and is beheading unruly subjects. It's ironic that most posts about Steorn are now taboo. Given the lack of direction, she is accuser, judge and jury (ahhaaaaa... there IS a jury) meting out Magjustice.

Using and abusing power, even when it's only moderating a fringe website, is an interesting study in human behaviour.

...and now, back to your regularly scheduled program (:->).

Anonymous said...

Bye HedyL;

# From Crank
You're becoming too personal in your Limericks. I've hidden the thread, and if you continue to post limericks implying that Sean is getting psychiatric treatment I'll ban you.

Please remember that you're on Steorn's forum. There's a lot of latitude about what people post, but there are limits.

* CommentAuthorHedyL
* CommentTime7 minutes ago

edit permalinkquote

Okay. So either you think I have access to actual documents pertaining to such sessions or you can't distinguish between a lampoon and a news report--?

Does anyone remember Seans Bullshit about how the forums wouldn't be censored?

I wonder if the Psychotherapy sessions are for being an inveterate liar?

This is your forum. This is your forum on Crank. :)

drmike said...

I thought those poems were hilarious!
Figures they would be banned - even getting accidentally near the truth hurts I guess :-)

15-India-Street said...

Wow, "FE Truth" has another world shocking interview!

I can write such interview anytime.
(well, maybe I did)

JTerry said...

Been sometime since I've posted here. I see that the Steorn fraud is still going strong with the mag/crank duo in lock step helping to perpetrate the fraud. Are they just simpleton believers or is there something more there?

In any case, I read that ridiculous "world exclusive" interview on FE truth. What a joke. For grins and giggles, I did a search on this Archer Quinn loser. And guess what I found? He's full of BS:

When will this ever stop?

drmike said...

It will never stop! It's perpetual!!

Turning dreams into reality requires an understanding of reality. That's hard work. It should not be suprising that some dreamers will simply continue to dream with out doing any work to accomplish their dreams.

I think laughter is the best solution.

Anonymous said...

They're not quite dead yet...but what about this blog?

Is there really no new Steorn news to report? Even just to say, "there is no new Steorn news", would inform visitors that you are still tracking something.

Anonymous said...

I suppose FET went and found something better to do, hence, no new updates. That's what I guess most normal people did. Oops...wait:(
Also there's apparently nothing to report.