Saturday, November 29, 2008

Steorn Talks

It looks like Sean McCarthy, CEO of Steorn, will be giving a talk in Dublin this December on Orbo's principles of operation. It's been a while since we've heard from Steorn, so hopefully someone will be able to post a recording of the video:

According to Steorn's website, there will be additional talks given in the US, Europe, and the Middle East.

Thanks Gary for the tip!


Anonymous said...

Why do you need a series of lectures when a jury of preeminent scholars is in the bullpen ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world?


Anonymous said...

Why do you need a series of lectures when a jury of preeminent scholars is in the bullpen ready to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world?


battman said...

Well I would like to go to this, I guess we just show up, I can find no mention of registering. Anyone else planning on showing up?

Maryyugo said...

Not to mention that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a demo is worth, what? A quadrillion?

battman said...
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Anonymous said...

Fool me once.... Shame on you.

Fool me twice.... Shame on me.

Fool me three times.... Hi, my name is 007.

Anonymous said...

What? Sean need to drum up some more investment? The Middle East, well didn't one of those guys just invest in Citigroup? I guess they'll buy anything.

Anonymous said...

"For an engineer nothing is impossible"

should have read:

"For an engineer nothing seems impossible"

Sean's coming out party. This is the first in a series of lectures explaining how they got Orbo so badly wrong, especially when you are great engineers like Steorn. A revelation of how enthusiasm, unbridled passion, guinness and investors dosh skews the scientists perspective.

Anybody attending Room 134 please bring your own supply of flash lamps, light bulbs & fuses.

Anonymous said...

This whole Steorn Talks thing only makes sense if December 17th will be Validation Day...

Actually it would make quite a Christmas present.

Anonymous said...

Great, another stupid talk that Sean does that involves nothing but hot wind. What is point? Talks in universities around the world? Who does he think he is kidding? I doubt a single university will let him on campus. Boo!

Anonymous said...

"This whole Steorn Talks thing only makes sense if December 17th will be Validation Day..."

007... is that you?

Anonymous said...

"Our 'talk' initiative is designed to give people within the technology development community an opportunity to understand the Orbo proposition ..."
"...will involve a sequence of talks in universities around the world, including the US/Europe and the Middle East"

Holy Sheiks, Middle East - they have the biggest development community in magnetic gadgets of the whole world.

Anonymous said...

I have to suppose one question for this 'Talk':

Because Sean don't answer question 'When will Orbo operationally fit for use?"
I have simplest question:
How much money for Orbo development lucky finish?

hairykrishna said...

If they give any talks other than the initial Dublin one I'll be amazed.

Hopefully they'll get a proper cross examination. People giving colloquim talks at my university always do and they're normally people with actual, published, work.

Anonymous said...

Why is there a screw missing on the left side of the Steorn Talks poster? Does it symbolize something?

Anonymous said...

What is there to talk about? WHAT IS THERE TO TALK ABOUT!!!!???? HELLO OUT THERE!!!????

You have a device that will re-write the laws of physics and make you an instant billionaire. Just demo it, be done, and start cashing checks.

Unless, of course, ..........

Anonymous said...

So they have attributed the "For an engineer, nothing is impossible" to Brunel?

Can someone tell me when Brunel wrote or said this? Or is this just more Bullshit on Seans part?

I have never heard of Brunel being responsible for this.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't believe Brunel ever said that. He certainly never attempted anything as inane as building a perpetual motion machine.

It's typical of buffons such as Sean to try and compare themselves with geniuses such as Brunel.

maryyugo said...

Discombobulatorr wrote on the Steorn forum:

Seems odd to me that there is supposedly going to be this 'talk initiative' and yet there is no mention of it anywhere except that freeenergytracker site and that other blog mentioned earlier. It isn't even announced on Steorn's homepage. Seems the only way to get at it is by knowing the URL or clicking it from the free energy site or that other one.

I found this odd too. The Big Date is only about two weeks! Where is this talk which is going to change all of physics going to take place? Who is invited? What is the format of the meeting? Will the press be there? Will there be audio/video/transcripts?

Inquiring minds want to know.

David said...

Long before Steorn became famous, people were attributing this quote to Brunel. For example, look at this person's sig:

There are plenty of reasons to slam Sean, but this isn't one of them. Do a little basic googling before spouting off.

battman said...

Hi All
Where was this invitation actually published? I am curious as to who the target audience is.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the big moment. If it isn't validation day there is no reason to have any 'talk'.

Anonymous said...

I agree with A's last post. Why insult us all again and waste more of our time with a silly perpetual motion machine? Either bring the goods or have the sense not to insult us.

Naive Ottawan said...

I think that this is the beginning of the revolution that Steorn watchers have secretly held onto hope for - this initiative by Sean will undoubtedly signal the merging of Orbo technology and cold fusion research.

Infinite power generation and water powered flying car reality will be upon us sooner than we realize, and we need to prepare for the revised paradigm of reality that awaits us. Its important that we pay close attention to Steorn lest its intellectual and physical bounties be sold off to foreign interests with a vested interest in maintaining status quo power relationships and infrastructures.

And I, for one, welcome our new Free Energy overlords...

drmike said...

Steorn is a sponsor of "an annual enterprise competition for undergraduate students of the Dublin Institute of Technology". So it is no surprise they get a chance to give a "talk". On anything they want probably. Hopefully the kids at DIT will ask hard questions.

Anonymous said...

On second thought, maybe Steorn is taking advantage of their yearly opportunity to give a talk to burnish their image a bit. Maybe they figure it will add some legitimacy to the orbo project and keep the investors quiet.

Maybe they think they have something and maybe they are crooks. Either way, this might buy them a little time, and money.

I can't see any other reason for doing it. As someone said, if they have OU, why f**k around with giving talks, why not just unveil the thing in a blaze of publicity?

Whatever happens at the talk, there won't be any orbo. The only chance for entertainment is if Maryugo and Pennies jet over to ask insulting questions.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Tracy Kidder is writing the book that Sean mentioned way back when, but he seems like the right man for the job.

No matter how it turns out, it should make for an entertaining and instructive story.

It would be nice if the Mark Goldes conjob could be mentioned as a contrast, maybe showing them at the end to be two different approaches to the con, with Steorn being much more sophisticated.

If a few of the behavioral psychologists who hang out in the Steorn forum could be brought into the mix, and some in-depth interviews with the investors added, a good writer might be able to immortalize the scam.

Of course if Steorn turns out to be the real thing, then Goldes might better be dropped, and the psychologists portrayed as opportunistic clowns.

However it is done, I'm sure Kidder is the man to make the most of it.

Anonymous said...

With the media descending on Room 134 the damage to DIT by association with modern day rain dancers has never been clearer.

DIT is carelessly close to tarnishing it's good reputation. The President & the board of Governors of DIT will face a lot of pressure if Steorn uses the institution's good name to give credence to their ridiculous claim.

Past & present students will also make their voices known.

Anonymous said...


"Do a little basic googling before spouting off."

One persons sig line makes a validated quote?

Got anything a little more conclusive? Maybe you could do a little more before "spouting off".

Anonymous said...

"Long before Steorn became famous, people were attributing this quote to Brunel. For example, look at this person's sig:

There are plenty of reasons to slam Sean, but this isn't one of them. Do a little basic googling before spouting off."

The point is that Brunel never said it, not that some idiots say he did.

bc said...

One persons sig line makes a validated quote?

Good enough for Steorn maybe ;)

I couldn't find a source for this quote, the "nothing is impossible" idea is often attributed to Victorian engineering in general. This reflects more on the audacious nature of those projects and the confidence (some say arrogance) of men like Brunel, than on whether engineers have God-like powers. It's worth noting that not even all of Brunel's projects were successful.

Anyway, even if Brunel did say it, it's not true. Like Sean he might have believed nothing is impossible, but that speaks to delusion, which Sean has been accused of.

Here's one for Steorn: science does not work by soundbites.

Anonymous said...

I commend Steorn for doing this speech, let's face it even 007 & Babcat's faith must be waning by now.

Time to rally the troops again(and again and again and again......)and show those overly concerned investors and doubters that 2008 was a success after all.

"For a delusionist nothing is impossible"*

*The Great DrMike, or something like that any way :)

Anonymous said...

"Why is there a screw missing on the left side of the Steorn Talks poster? Does it symbolize something?"

That's really funny.

If nothing else, it must be made absolutely certain that there is a full video and a transcript of the event. Or will Sean pull a Karl Rove and demand no recording devices of any kind... including pencils?

This is also as good an opportunity as any to arrest Mr. McCarthy once and for all for perpetuating this despicable fraud.

Anonymous said...

The sign shold read:

----FOR OUR----
--seems to be--

Anonymous said...

Don't forget if you can't make the talk you can always meet Sean daily between now and Xmas on Moore St.

Just head in the direction of the guy yelling "Three nodding donkeys for a euro".

Anonymous said...

Actually I've always wondered how those nodding donkeys keep going for so long... Powered by Orbo, eh?

Anonymous said...

No, I think Sean is trying to get rid of Richard, Roger & Michael.

However being in a recession you can get far more bananas for a euro.

David said...


I did not assert that the quote was valid; I merely asserted that Sean was not the first person to attribute that quote to Brunel. To prove my assertion, I need provide only one example, and I have provided such.

Anonymous said...

From Steorn Forum (today):
Anyone reading this neverending stream of debunking can be sure that there will be more talks after the Dublin event. You can be absolutely confident about that. When it happens and you're reading this months from now be sure and remember what I said at the time.

Uh oh...I missed something, what did 007 "say at the time" again?

- - - -

From Detective to Harvey:

Dear Harvey, in March 2008 Mr. 007 said: ORBO is going to market.

Anonymous said...

jury reports 15/12/08

maryyugo said...

Jury-guy: You're too late. OJ has already been convicted.

Anonymous said...

You can listen to the file in streaming format here:


You can embed it on your Blog/web page there.

Anonymous said...

Well that was utterly underwhelming.

Sean McCarthy is a criminal and should be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

Why lecture when you have an actual Orbo in your hands - albeit in need of just a few new bearings! Just put in the new bearings, place it in a cool enclosure, and vindicate the Kinetica demo. This is a house of cards that should have fallen long ago. I can only believe that its investors don't want the fraud disclosed since their investments would be lost. I imagine that they are hoping for new money and some type of payment arrangement to get out before the collapse.

Frank Pearce