Sunday, December 13, 2009

Steorn Demo Take Two

As folks have pointed out in the comments section of this blog, Steorn is gearing up for a second demo of their Orbo technology. As many remember, the first demo back in July 2007 didn't go particularly well.

So far the information we have, reported by an anonymous insider over on reddit, is that the demo should take place next week, and that Steorn is in the process of setting everything up at the Waterways of Dublin. The anonymous source has posted photos inside and outside of the building:

Also pointed out in the reddit post is that Steorn is projecting the following video on the side of one of the buildings:

The video contains the following quotes, including the final Jury decision:

"It's a fraud" - Dr. Michio Kaku, ABC News, August 2006
"Powered by Blarney" - Forbes, July 2007
"...prolonged self deception" - Eric Ash, BBC, 2007
"Perpetual nonsense" - The Economist, July 2007
"10 Great Snake-Oil Gadgets" - Wired, November 2007
"...magic fairy powered rotary and magnetic systems" - Engadget, February 2009
"...have not shown evidence of energy production.." - Scientific `Jury`, June 2009

The video teaser concludes with the blasphemies quote, which we've heard a few times from Steorn.

If you are feeling Steorn withdraw and want to read about what has been going on this year, especially related to Steorn's 300 announcement, I recommend checking out Nolan Chart's blog. Nolan is a true optimist, but as you can see from his most recent posts he's beginning to realize the situation the 300 are in.


Anonymous said...

If you think the most hardened skeptics had fits of outrage before...they're going to be visibly purple-faced by the end of 2009.

This'll be fun.

Anonymous said...

As posted on the "Village of the Banned" forum earlier today:

I've just telephoned the Waterways Visitor Centre Dublin (+353 1 677 7510). I asked the nice chap who answered whether Steorn were doing a demo there this week.

He replied that they were and that it starts tomorrow (Tuesday). It's open from 10:00am to invited guests, and from 1pm to members of the public!

Yossarian said...

Ok, two observations... all the threads are back up on the Steorn forum... 11 hours before the public demonstration. And looking back over the threads it appears that 007 won the last poster wins thread. In the spirit of having sent babcat to Dublin.... somebody should buy that poor sod a victory Guinness.

Anonymous said...

It's alive

Anonymous said...

Well, the "free energy" device contains a battery and does 0 work (as opposed to what the video says which implies that spinning at a constant rotary velocity is doing work).

More bollox.

Anonymous said...

A battery?

HA, lol

Where is the Orbo from Kinetica? If it worked as they claim before the Kinetica fiasco, why is it not repaired and on display with the new unit? They have had ample time to fix it. Maybe because it never, ever worked and Sean is a lying SoS.

Anonymous said...

Feed is down, must be time to change the battery?

Anonymous said...

This device is using a fat 1,2 Volt/10 Ah battery for the next 10 days (as testing will be stopped on december 25, to be resumed in january). That's 1 Ah per day. Pretty much !

My kitchen-clock is working two years with a single and much smaller battery.

Anonymous said...

Why don't they use a capacitor (GoldCap) instead of the battery. Would convice me perhaps.

Anonymous said...

So what do we have, a well-known electric motor variant spinning a disc with low friction bearings, powered by a battery. Yawn, yawn... I wonder why they didn't add a few other well-known inventions like a voltmeter, ammeter and oscilloscope so we could see what it was doing. Whoever heard of a perpetual motion machine with a battery in it - it's too funny! If it was really working as claimed all you would have to do (without a battery) was give it a spin by hand to set it going :)

Surely, they should have gone for a mucked-about Stirling engine - needs no battery - appears to spin happily with no input of energy (to the man with no knowledge of physics) and works even better with hot lights shining on it.

Grunchy said...

I have a Timex that is guaranteed to run for 10 years on its battery, which is scads smaller than that D cell. Clearly, the battery throws a major monkey wrench into the demo, predictably encouraging us to point our fingers and cry "foul!". This demo runs until Dec 23 then starts again for the month of January; I predict at that time they do the same demo but omitting the battery. In other words.. I'm pretty sure we're being manipulated somehow.

Look, we've all seen unbelievable things in the past before, just watch any TV magician like James Randi to see better tricks than this.

So I will be steadfastly skeptical until something is scientifically proven; in the meantime this is nothing but a grandstanding spectacle that is contrived to hide what is really going on, which is to get suckers excited & cough up some cash to keep the circus rolling.

Anonymous said...

Nolan Chart is not a person, its a political map. A visual representation of the political beliefs of a person.
The article is written by creator, who is a libertarian.

Anonymous said...

The demo was astounding! Everything I had hoped for. Please tell me how I can invest???

Grunchy said...

First of all, the video feeds are up & down as fast as a yo-yo, so whatever proof they are intending to demonstrate is completely destroyed. They could easily be changing the battery whenever the coast is clear and the video gets knocked out -- so I won't be bothering to watch any more.

Second, the first live talk that was held yesterday Dec 19 (and is available as a recording now) sounds pretty technical and seems to demonstrate something unexpected, but with my limited knowledge of electric motors I am unqualified to judge how remarkable that is. I understand the function of the oscilloscope, but the voltage trace seems like a non-issue to me: if you supply a constant potential difference to the machine, and you monitor that, where's the miracle?

What I can say, is if you found a means of providing free energy, how come you aren't selling it to the grid at 9 cents per kWh after all these years? That's a rhetorical question: the statement is, it's a bunch of baloney.

Anonymous said...

e catch the latest Q&A? Sean was sweating bullets big time, deflecting important questions and trying to crack jokes to distract the audience. It was sad.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Steorn should try som Mark Rodin coils

Rodin is probably a better showman than the strange Steorn crew.

Anonymous said...

How about a simple test for the battery operated Orbo ?

Suppose the Orbo has a "COP of 2", then we take one "fully charged" 1000mAh battery and one "fully discharged" 2000mAh battery and two diodes.

Let us connect both batteries to the Orbo at the same time by using the diodes:
We connect one diode to the fully charged 1000mAh-battery, this battery can now only be discharge by the Orbo. We connect the other diode the other way around to the discharged 2000mAh-battery, so this battery can now only be charged by the Orbo.

Keep the Orbo running until the 1000mAh battery is empty.
Now let us measure the charge of the 2000mAh-battery. If it has ben charged with 2000mAh then the Orbo has a COP of 2, but if the charge is less than 1000mAh, then the Orbo does not work as promised by Steorn.

Anonymous said...

Here is a simple test. Suppose we have two pins and on the head of one pin we have fifty dancing angels and on the other we have 100. Now which one is doing the Irish jig better than the other?

Anonymous said...

Steorn flickr album :

srossnz said...
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Anonymous said...

So, what's the consensus?

Anonymous said...

Steorn is moving on. Now they are talking about a Solid State Orbo(SSOrbo).

Sounds like MEG ?

Anonymous said...

Steorn have published some anonymous calometry :

I would guess that the temperature difference of 0.3C could be caused by the fact that a rotating orbo would conduct heat in an other way than a non moving orbo...

Anonymous said...

The Perendev man, Michael James Brady is put behind bars in Germany :

"After declaring bankruptcy in Germany, Mike Brady rented a house at Lake Zurich in Switzerland and leased a fleet of Maserati and several Range Rovers. He was arrested on March 29 and extradited to Germany where 61 customers wanted their money back ($1 million Euros+) for non-delivered 100 and 300-kw electromagnetic motors."

When will the Steorn investors do the same with Steorn?

Anonymous said...

The forum on the Steorn website seems to be closed. The address leads now to the site's main page.

Anonymous said...

Steorn Financial Statements 2008 have been published!

More details here

Anonymous said...

The Post.IE 6.juni 2010 :

Do someone believe any of this :

"He said that the company would publish details of the technology behind the Orbo system on its website this week."

"Steorn’s latest accounts show a loss of about €3 million in 2008, bringing its accumulated losses to €12.4 million."

"McCarthy said the firm should break even or make a modest profit this year, and had the support of its shareholders."

"Sean McCarthy, chief executive of Steorn, said he expected at least 5,000 people to pay a licence fee of €419 to use the so called Orbo technology this year. The income from Steorn’s ‘developer forum’ would help it to break even this year, he said"

Anonymous said...

The public forum of Steorn is reopened, and is strongly moderated.
You are not allowed to write about Steorn's Orbo.

Anonymous said...

Failed replication :

Joe said...

I can't believe that Steorn is still around. There hasn't even been an update on this blog in 8 months, let alone any free energy device seen in the world. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

It's like watching grass grow. Crab grass that is.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe mccarthy isn't in prison yet.

Anonymous said...

At they say that Steorn is offering "Orbo evaluation kits" by e-mail :

"Orbo Evaluation and Development System due for release in October

Steorn is delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of the Orbo Evaluation and Development System, comprising an Orbo Evaluation and Development Unit (OEDU), Developer License and membership of the SKDB, Steorn's online learning and development community.

Register now and avail of an early registration discount price of €360

Electronic and electrical engineers can use the OEDU to:
Evaluate the core principle of Orbo Technology, which is that a time-variant magnetic interaction leads to a non-conservative energy result
Modify key parameters that adjust performance and efficiency
Prototype and develop products driven by Orbo Technology

In short, the OEDU provides engineers with a perfect hands-on introduction to this revolutionary new energy technology.

Can anyone confirm this ?

Anonymous said...

>Can anyone confirm this ?

It is on the Steorn website.

Anonymous said...

the moletrap is down again? is bigscam or the gullibergs to blame?

Anonymous said...

t's on engadget: Steorn are now selling a dev kit for 399 pounds (about $550 USD). I