Friday, August 24, 2007

Nothing New

In the Steorn forums yesterday, a new thread started entitled "Nothing New" which highlighted this entry from hdeasy over on Randi's forums:

So – some have visited the public forum. I am a member of the SPDC (private – NDA needed) and it is much more orderly there, as we have more scientists etc. Many skeptics did a u-turn in there as we have been shown a video of a famous inventor enthusing over the ‘miracle that is behind the technology’.

Then we learned the name of a physicist from an old uni who confirmed the effect but can’t go public as Steorn doesn’t want that yet. The story around that is very believable for me.

Finally, the mechanism has been explained – very simple, and I wrote a Fortran sim to convince myself of it. It actually works – as long as a stator magnet is not depleted, and it doesn’t look like it would be – test plots showing this to be the case have been presented by Steorn and some forum members have come close to reproducing the setup – one of them says he had an 8 hour run before something loosened up. Now none of this is substitute for the 22 Jury members and their report – but it’s pretty damn good.

Coming soon for the cognoscenti 7 of us were selected to test the tech themselves.. That activity will start in a few weeks time.

So – it’s all go: no sign of closing up shop after the London debacle.
If you do a quick google search on hdeasy, you'll discover that he's been following Steorn since last August, and applied to be on the Jury. He's currently a member of the SPDC and has been active in Steorn's forum in the past.

Unfortunately, the thread on Steorn's forum has been removed. This is most likely due to the NDA related details Grimer was sharing with the rest of us. It'll be interesting to see if any of that information is verified.


vardan1899 said...


STILL "> NO <" verifiable evidence at all... Hiding behind legally worthless "NDA"s... You can't contract illegal activities...

Found some single odd scientist on the planet willing to waist time studying something of "far off" possible...

They probably are tying to just "hook" a new "investor" that was dumb enough to inquire...

So far, Steorn has demonstrated, ABSOLUTELY ZERO!!!

Given their dumb claims, that level will continue until every last investor is milked clean...


Vardan 1899

Adam said...

Sigh, then show a demo of the device if it's for real.

No offense, but this is turning into a religion with the faith required to keep believing. People keep having "visions" about the device, but there's no physical evidence in our hands.

maryyugo said...

Thanks for the link to Randi's forum. What exactly did Frank Grimer leak? I can't recall.

maryyugo said...

Thanks for the link to Randi's forum. What exactly did Frank Grimer leak? I can't recall.

15-India-Street said...

The involvement of Dr. Bari with Steorn as Grimer posted on the other forum is no news.

He is not one of the Jurors, he was working for Steorn already in 2005/2006. Dr Bari started a technology consultancy company that has catered to Steorn (just another one of the profitable extended enterprise members of Steorn). Sean said in the Spud that he was helpful in providing intial reports that helped them open the door to "Bigger and better Unis". He was the scientist that Crank was going to talk with many months ago before that was cancelled. The fact that he used to consult Steorn disqualified him as a possible juror.

The long lasting silence from Steorn about Dr. Bari, the fact that his 'Strep' company website is still under construction and has no CRO registration makes me think that Dr. Bari has already left the house. I don't think he wants to be connected with Steorn at all anymore, at least since the end of 2006. He understands what is happening, but worked under an NDA.

We want REAL jurors!

Anonymous said...

I love the 'in a few weeks' comment.
It's steorns favourite saying and one of the reasons I quit the SPDC a few weeks back.

Anonymous said...

Some info. was copied from the deleted steorn forum post, and put here.

"An interesting thread on Steorn's forum has just been deleted. The
thread included a discussion of a scientist who has supposedly checked
Steorn's claim:

Luckily I copied and pasted a few things before it was removed...

Frank Grimer: As for the physicist, he was definitely kosher.

Speccy: Without trying to give too much away, what sort of
institution was he from? A UK University?

Frank: Prior to 1921 it would have been.

riterX:You are talking about this guy?

Frank: Am I ? :wink:

And then for some reason the thread was deleted."

Anonymous said...


waist: noun
1. The part of the body in humans between the ribs and the hips, usually the narrowest part of the torso.

waste: transitive verb
1. to consume, spend, or employ uselessly or without adequate return; use to no avail or profit; squander: to waste money; to waste words.

Other than that I agree wholeheartedly with you: no evidence for Steorn's quixotic claims has been presented.

What I don't understand is why some people keep bashing them. Skeptics like us have already made our point over and over. I see silence as a good counterpart for the lack of proof. I'd rather let those who speak based on faith ridicule themselves.

It would be interesting if there was indeed an anomaly. Until the observations are replicated by multiple independent experts I'm not going to believe a word.

Arguably the chances that this anomaly exists are slim. Let's suppose for the sake of argument that there's a tiny generation of energy in "certain magnetic configurations" as Sean has named them. I say tiny because if the effect was large it would have been discovered long ago --magnetism is not exactly a recent discovery. How comes that a team who was incapable of setting up a demo with months of time to prepare it were on the other hand rigorous enough in their day-to-day work to detect such a tiny discrepancy?

The only credit I can give to Sean at the moment is that he conceded he wouldn't believe the claim if he was part of the public. For a moment he spoke like an engineer.


Anonymous said...

This is very old news. We are gasping at straws posting and viewing this latest drivel which is basically Sean's latest investment drive campaign. A cash crunch is inevitable.

He actually faked getting very excited after the failed demo when some one in the SPDC supposedly declared that they had got a device to run for 8 hours. But Sean himself went on further to say it was unproven and just hearsay. So why di he declare it in the first place?

The thing about Sean is you never know if he is just lying or lying about something he imagines is real.

That's all that's left to be found out about Steorn.

Anonymous said...

hdeasy is Hugh Deasy, nephew of Austin Deasy, the fine gael politician. He is a SPDC member and a Wiki editor who in the past has edited Steorns wiki entry. More details about him are hear:

Anonymous said...

"Nothing New" is an understatement.

The only thing new about Steorn over the past year is that they said they can make energy from nothing.

No data
No demo
No substantial information about their so-called validation process

How in the hell could anyone believe these guys?! I guess there is a sucker born every minute.

I can't believe anyone gave them money for this. I don't think they will ever be taken to court, the investors will be too ashamed to admit they invested with Steorn. What idiots!

15-India-Street said...

I wouldn't be surprised if hdeasy actually is an alter of Sean (acting like a paid Steorn applause machine). As delusional person he could have multiple personalities, can't he?

maryyugo said...

"I wouldn't be surprised if hdeasy actually is an alter of Sean (acting like a paid Steorn applause machine). As delusional person he could have multiple personalities, can't he?"

There no more evidence for any of that sort of stuff than there is for any overunity device from Steorn. I am always amazed at how intelligent people seem to see patterns where there are none. It must be something we're born and I'm sure it can be useful but some times, it sure is a nuisance!

Dr. Mike thought Sean was deluded. But Steorn's actions and responses are so tangential it could mean mental illness or just as likely it could be fraud. It could even be some unholy combination of the two. A sincere mistake at this point is, IMO, the least likely possibility considering the obvious contradictions and self-serving obfuscatory statements in the developing story of what the "technology" is supposed to be and why it has never been demonstrated in any way whatever to any identified person!

maryyugo said...

"hdeasy is Hugh Deasy, nephew of Austin Deasy, the fine gael politician. He is a SPDC member and a Wiki editor who in the past has edited Steorns wiki entry. More details about him are hear:"

Fascinating if true. How could someone with a "primary degree is Theoretical Physics from the University of Dublin, Trinity College. MSc and PhD in Astronomy from same institute" believe that Steorn has anything at all to show-- given their recent record of hiding evidence and their spectacularly incompetent attempt at a demonstration. Amazing. If true.

Ah well, it will be interesting if we hear from "hdeasy" again in a month or so. Or maybe, given his credentials, he should just pay Steorn a personal visit and ask them if they need a bit of help? And by the way "could you show me how this anomaly you found works... EXACTLY?"

Anonymous said...

I hope that some of the SPUDdies make backups of everything Steorn posts in there. The only purpose of the SPDC seems to be to 'leak' supposedly confidential information. It's just a proxy for Steorn so they don't have to lie in public, IMO. If they wanted to keep their 'IP' secret, the last thing they would have done is setting up something like the SPDC.

Has anyone tried to contact Mr. Knapen or Dr.Bari? Maybe they don't know that they are used to promote a free energy scheme. Who knows?

Kuhar said...

hdeasy is not Sean. Sorry to disappoint. He may have edited the wiki page for steorn at one point but I've been following his posts on a completely unrelated topic in a completely unrelated forum for about a year and a half and there is no question in my mind that Hugh Deasy is NOT Sean. He strikes me as an intelligent and knowledgeable individual who's only fault is his faith in other people.

Anonymous said...

This thread was also deleted. Strange...

Anonymous said...

Considering hdeasy's background and vocation, I was very surprised by this posting by him. The simple fact is thqat it is utter rubbish.

yes there was a physics prof from a uni who was promised to participate in the SPDC and never did at all, much less "confirming the effect".

And if he is referring to the Kinetron engineer at the Kinetica demo last December...well, "famous inventor" might be a stretch.
And the K'toy amounts to a SMOT IMO.

The rest about skeptics doing u-turns, and the mechanism having been explained is utter nonsense.

And whatever prgrams he has written, or plaots created, he has never posted them.

As for the 8 hour run, it was never confirmed or recreated. And, frankly, I think someone was "dreaming".

The only test plots presented by Steorn have been utterly vague, cryptic, incomplete, unsupported and even the experiments to demonstrate SV, an effect known for over a century, are suspect at best according to top physicsts from world famous labs following STeorn's instructions and plans. What a joke.

The vast majority of everyone including skeptics stopped posting at all after the London demo and the SPDC is a veritable ghost town.

Hugh, put down the dope pipe and get a grip on reality, mate.

Anonymous said...

BULLSHIT! As Penn & Teller love to say.

All this proves is that Steorn has decided to pursue a "suppression" argument. I.E. the effect is proven both experimentally and theoretically, but the reason nobody can have it is because some shadowy ultraviolent ultrarich ultrapowerful entity has successfully suppressed it. World, "So Solly" you just ain't rich enough to afford my perpetual motion breakthrough, better luck next time!

Sean, you sorry son of a bitch, ain't nobody going to buy that lame story.

Anonymous said...

Since the Steorn claim is pure BS one has to ask why would they have put on the demo in the first place knowing it would not work.

I think they wanted a public failure so they could say this," if we were a hoax then the thing would have worked." This allows them to have another demo in the future that IS a fake and they can fall back on the first demo as proof of their veracity.

maryyugo said...

This is a bit more information about Hugh Deasy, an unusual name. At first, I thought there might be two Hugh Deasy's because it's difficult for me to understand how someone with a PhD in astronomy can also write stuff about astrology and souls. But a bit of searching google and Steorn's forums reveals that it is indeed the same person.

Deasy's (shall I rename him "Dizzy"?) has a Wikipedia profile in which he says, and I have no reason to doubt:

"My primary degree is Theoretical Physics from the University of Dublin, Trinity College. MSc and PhD in Astronomy from same institute, based at Dunsink Observatory. Now stationed at ESOC, space operations centre in Darmstadt, Germany..."

But there is a dizzy dipsy side to Deasy. He also has a blogger profile in which he expresses belief in a non-material "soul" and, most AMAZINGLY, suggests that he believes in the totally moronic claims of astrology! An astronomer who believes in astrology! That's a new one.

Now why do I think he is not joking? Because I also found that he defends self-styled psychic, obvious phony, and mediocre magician Uri Geller. My guess is that Deasy probably wrote on the Randi forum because Randi and Geller are arch enemies. Anyway, Deasy wrote this off-the-mark response:

>This is bullshit. Penn and Teller proved and so did James Randi that Geller's stunt was a
>trick and they reproduced it. Besides, think about the ability to use your mind to effect the
>world anyway you want and what do you end up doing? Ruining a good set of flatware.

This in turn is bullshit. Just finished Playfair’s section of the ‘Geller Effect’ and he pointed out that no matter how often Geller did his trick on film and caused unprecedented readings on scientific apparatus, the short memory idiot public or pseudo-sceptics always recall only the one time he was caught supplementing his powers by cheating. But that doesn’t nullify the 100 times that no cheating was possible e.g. in bending a heavy key on camera (or was it for David Bohm?) that not even a hammer could straighten out."

(in this string in the Steorn forum.)

Here are all his Steorn posts.

I didn't look at most of them but just from the search return, they don't seem particularly insightful or clever or even scientific.

So again, we have someone who has managed to get through serious academic training in physics and astronomy, apparently without any of it entering the logic-tight compartment in his believer-brain (Hi, Frank Grimer!).

Deasy seems to believe that a boring, crummy magician like Geller can actually bend metal with his mind, that the human soul has an existence apart from the human body, that the position of planets can affect human lives and predict the future, and apparently, that Steorn somewhere and somehow is going to come up with the real goods.

I never cease to be amazed. I would have sworn there had to be TWO Hugh Deasy's but I would have been wrong!

None of the above is intended to impune Dr. Deasy's credentials or accomplishments. It's entirely possible and not all that unusual for someone to be good at what they do in a scientific field and hold way way out beliefs in other areas. That may be the case here.

It reminds me of the old joke about the obstetrician who was listening to two drunks argue the spelling of "womb" in a bar. One said it was spelled "womb" and the other that it should be "wooooomb". Finally the obstetrician turned to the drunks and said "I'm an obstetrician and I can tell you: womb is spelled "w o m b!". One drunk turned to the other and exclaimed: "What does an obstetrician know about elephant farts?"

Still you'd think this trained and accomplished physicist would know how easy and quick it would be to test Steorn's claims. But he clearly doesn't. That's interesting, amazing, and concerning.

John Kinsella said...

The question I would put to Hugh Deasy (if I had an email address for him):

Why run numerical sims of an effect (especially a supposedly over-unity one) that are bound to omit some of the physics when you can presumably (if it is that simple) just *make* one and test the excess power output?

Or put it another way - a numerical sim is a discretisation of a mathematical model of a physical system.

If the mathematical model is consistent with energy conservation, Maxwell's equations etc then I dont see how a numerical approximation to it can exhibit violation of energy conservation???


Anonymous said...

It is beyond me why some many people get wound up about Steorn and I think some of the comments posted here on Hugh Deasy are bordering on libellous. Irish libel laws are strict and expensive if proven so be warned before you make humiliating comments. The bottom line here is that the onus is on Steorn to prove themselves. No amount of ranting on this or any other website is going to change that or make it happen any quicker (if they can prove it that is). In the meantime why are so many worried about the poor investors? Ireland is awash with money and millionaires. Apparently we have the second highest number of millionaires per capita in the world and the highest per capita number of billionaires. The people who go into these things are not gullible fools who will bet the shop on something like this. They are the kind of people who will spread risk and I suspect for many of them Steorn is purely a punt. Despite some of the stereotypes from the past there are a lot of very canny Irish business people and I am sure most of the Steorn investors will have at their disposal resources that people posting on this site will not build up in many lifetimes. Relax, get a life. Stop worrying about the investors. Chances are they know exactly what they have got into. They don’t need your sympathy or for you to worry on their behalf.

Anonymous said...

"So – some have visited the public forum. I am a member of the SPDC (private – NDA needed) and it is much more orderly there, as we have more scientists etc."

Who are the all the scientists ?
I have seen a list of the 200 first
SPUD-members. They were just the usual crowd from the Steorn forum.
But i did see a free energy scammer from my country...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said.

"The people who go into these things are not gullible fools who will bet the shop on something like this."

And you know this because...?

The investors were gullible fools. They've lost their money on a perpetual motion scam.

You have no friggin' clue whether the investors spent their last cent on this investment so stop spouting this rubbish as if it were fact.

I've researched the investors and have found out a fair bit about some of them. These are primarily professional people with high-paying jobs. Nevertheless, they work for a living. They don't sit around contemplating how to spend their billions.

You're an apologist for a scammer, fraudster, rip-off artist, shyster, crook named Sean McCarthy.


ben said...

I didn't see any libel. It seems crazy though, an astrophysicist who believes in astrology? That can't be right.

He also seems to think Blacklight power are on the level too.

Not the most useful of commentators.

Knuckles O'Toole said...

"It is beyond me why some many people get wound up about Steorn..."

You mean wound up about the company that flagrantly tauts having the ability to produce unlimited free energy in a world that is on the brink of running out of oil and that is already fighting wars over? Why should anyone be wound up about something so trivial as that?

If it is true then people are naturally champing at the bit. If it is not true then it is major cluster fuck. In either case the attention Steorn gets is the attention they deserve, good or bad. They did bring it on themselves in spades so they are reaping what they planted.

Restucci said...

You're an apologist for a scammer, fraudster, rip-off artist, shyster, crook named Sean McCarthy.

Jeez, that is not a very nice thing to say about McCarthy and you do not know it is true anyway. The jury is still out on Steorn.

15-India-Street said...


Do you still believe there actually is a jury?

Anonymous said...


The jury may be out for some people, but not for others and certainly not for me. (Note: not sure if you meant 'jury' rhetorically, or the supposed Jury of 22. If it's the Jury of 22, I doubt they currently exist beyond a list of names of scientists who have done nothing for many months, and won't be doing anything meaningful.)

A person who has scammed millions is not worthy of respect.


15-India-Street said...

One more update on the possible non-existence of a jury. Why do we hear nothing of any scientist, even when there are supposed to be 22 on the jury?

In the NDA they signed it does not say they are not allowed to tell the world they are doing some paid testing for some little Dublin company claiming to have found a free energy technology. It is also not forbidden for the jury to tell they stopped working on it because it was a waste of time (while making some jokes about it).

As long as no Steorn trademarks are mentioned, and no specifics of the effort itself is disclosed.

1) The 22 jurors do exist, but realize by now to all their shame, that they want nobody to know what fools they were. And not one of them has the courage (and humor) to tell to be one of them. Which is a bit shy, when talking about top level scientists.
2) There just isn't a jury, which could explain the silence very well.

When one juror would have found a real unexplained phenomena he would have leaked that positive news long time ago (that is not explicitly forbidden by the NDA, and in practice would be even stimulated by the Steorn guerilla marketing machine). So even when a jury would exist, all silent, it points only towards total failure.

Quotes from the Juror NDA:

"For a period of three years from the date of termination of this Agreement, the Juror shall not disclose the nature of the effort undertaken for Steorn or the terms of this Agreement to any other person or entity, except as may be necessary to fulfil the Juror's obligations hereunder, save with the prior written consent of Steorn."


"The Juror shall not at any time use Steorn's name or any Steorn trademark(s) or trade name(s) in any advertising or publicity without the prior written consent of Steorn."

Anonymous said...

How do,

Just thought i'd let you know i cut down 5 trees, built a shed and fitted it with benches and shelving, replaced 80 yards of fencing, oiled my worktops, burnt several tons of tree and old outhouses, serviced my car, emptied my loft, laid piping for a new boiler, made a few garden features and various other things too.

How's steorn doing ?

maryyugo said...

If anyone who admins the Fizzx dot com forum reads here, the forum is not working. Trying to post returns this error:

Failed sending email :: PHP ::
Line : 234
File : emailer.php

The message I was attempting to post is this:



Not quite sure what you're getting at there-- can you explain a bit more?

It's pretty obvious by now that NOBODY, no matter how nuts or incompetent, would do what/like Steorn did after the failed demo. Anyone who had any viable technology whatever to show would have brought at least some of it out after that Kinetica debacle. The leaked videos and published interviews show what Sean/Steorn did instead -- they showed toys that don't work, no "corpse", no working device, and Sean rambled on at the post-Kinetica meetings and interviews without giving any credible or valid information. That this contrasts so strikingly with Steorn's earlier claims must mean that they hey don't have any overunity device.

It's equally inconceivable that, seeing the failed demo, someone from the jury or anyone who had seen the "technology" wouldn't snitch. Overunity would be too important and revolutionary a discovery for there to be complete secrecy if it were real. People just don't work like that. Even a project as carefully guarded as the development of the atomic bomb in war time had huge leaks.

The only reasonable conclusion is that Steorn has no overunity device and never did. Why they made their claims boils down to the usual possibilities-- self delusion or fraud or both

JTerry said...

@ ALL:

FYI: a Steorn fanboy site is alleging some sort of big announcement to come from Steorn next week. This same site claims to have an exclusive on the story. You can find the link here:

I'm sure that whatever this is will be good for a laugh or two. Probably a new demo under "controlled" and "limited" circumstances so that no one can detect the AAA batteries. Otherwise, Steorn seems to be dying out; even the most rabid believers seem scarce there these days.

Anonymous said...

jterry said:

"FYI: a Steorn fanboy site is alleging some sort of big announcement to come from Steorn next week. This same site claims to have an exclusive on the story."

That blog site belongs to a forum member. As I understand it, they presumably intend to interview the forum member who claimed the 8 hour run.

For whatever it is worth, don't touch that dial folks ...

maryyugo said...

I can hardly contain my joy until Friday (yah shoore):

"On Friday we have a world first fantastic EXCLUSIVE interview with an independent DIY builder who has first hand experience of the "Steorn Effect" and has actually built and replicated the effect himself.

Hear his first-hand account of what happened and how he is the first person in the world outside of Steorn to have successfully verified the free energy principles of Orbo.

For the truth about free energy technology."

I'm not sure why people are so eager to confuse claims with evidence. Ah well... It should be an amusing if distressing demo --of human gullibility!

From here.

JTerry said...

@ All:

My, my, that's interesting. When I initially made my post here yesterday, the only thing on the fanboy website was this announcement:

"Next week, only on Free Energy Truth we have a world exclusive that you won't want to miss. For the truth about Steorn, Orbo and free energy technology check us out next week for an fantastic scoop."

Seems they have since added the part about an inteview with some third party who did nothing exciting at all. I would guess this was in response to wild speculation over at the forum that this would be a Steorn announcement of some kind. Typical hype for nothing.

15-India-Street said...


>>Who are you?

I prefer not to mention my full name in public, but you may call me Elo. I contacted the Free Energy Truth team because I believe it is important that truth is told about the results of the free energy developments. There are much negative, sceptical and often insulting comments about the hard working free energy enthusiasts. I am here to bring the positive news.

>>Ok Elo, what do you have?

I have proof that free energy can work. I build a machine that runs independently of external energy sources for as long as the mechanical parts don't wear. Even the earliest test versions worked for over 8 hours. The basic design is based on my own experience, but I was only able to make it work because of the time variant magneto-mechanical technology of Steorn. During the development there was a lot of contact with Sean and a few others from the SPDC. We exchanged a lot of information, from configuration and magnetic materials to bearings and safety precautions.

>>How did you came in contact with Steorn?

After the publication of the Economist advertisement in August 2006 I first contacted Steorn to be on the jury. But soon I realised my value to them would be much greater when I could help them with my practical knowledge of building free energy devices. With my credentials it was a logic step to become a member of the SPDC.

>>What are your credentials?

Well, I have 20 years of experience in the free energy field. I realised there are major faults in the accepted classical theories on magnetism and vacuum energy. I don't believe in violation of conservation of energy, but there are enormous resources of free energy available we can tap into.

>>That sounds like a solid enough scientific background to us, did it help in your collaboration with the SPDC?

I was working on the magnetic viscosity effect long before Steorn went public. That's why I was able to take a leading role in the SPDC development efforts in helping Steorn to understand the theoretical backgrounds. I have learned a lot of things in the last few months and know for sure that we are on the brink of a society changing revolution. We will enter the Orbo era.

>>Do you feel proud?

I am very excited about the results and happy to be able to play my role in helping to develop solutions for the problems we face in the world. I'm very proud to be a member of the SPDC and thank Steorn for this opportunity.

>>Any comments on the failed demo?

I am not a very conspiracy kind of person. But there have been some things happening lately that bother me, almost like someone doesn't want free energy to succeed. I know Steorn had machines running for days, but somehow they couldn't get it work at the Kinetica. Of course there were reserve machines, not that beautiful though, but they pulled the demo too easy. The last few weeks Sean is very difficult to reach and didn't return my calls. Something is going on, one of the reasons for me to go public with my story.

>>Can you show us something?

Not right now, I deconstructed my test machine to use the components for a new one I am building. It is based on some complete new insights and will have a much higher yield. From my calculations I expect it to be over 400% efficient. I cannot go any deeper into this, because I don't want to violate the NDA and personal trust with Steorn.

>>Elo, thank you for this interview, any last words?

Yes, I have some last words. People should not lose their faith, the sceptics are wrong! I have my trust in Steorn and would put all my money on it if I could. They are going to be the most exciting company of the 21st century, if we keep supporting them.

(The identity of Elo is known by the Free Energy Truth team)

Anonymous said...

that "interview" sounds like a twelve-year old child desperatly trying to get the attention of his parents by telling some "i´m so incredible" least little sean is not alone out there.

anyway, i need to get back to the moon to prepare the "laser"...

Senthil said...

No offense to anyone, but the time is long past for "I built it, trust me" kind of statements. (Referring to the Elo interview)

It's time for some hard-cold facts.

Anonymous said...

Free Energy Truth team : "Can you show us something?"

ELO: "Not right now, I deconstructed my test machine to use the components for a new one ..."

Doh! (should have asked him yesterday before he took the freakin thing apart! You get the sense that this whole industry is populated with unemployed mechanical wizards on a tight budget).

We have all these great testimonials for these marvelous machines, but funny how they magically seem to vanish when a skeptic comes looking. Elo scrapped his for spare parts; crank saw where the 455bhp unit *used* to be; a select few saw the carcass after the demo; various visitors to Steorn saw various units broken down into bits and pieces, but it seems no one ever visits on a day when anyone has anything working. This Elo guy is such a wiz he got it to work, and such a passionate advocate that he gives a highly touted interview because the growing skepticism concerns him, but it never occured to him to save that working prototype or film the dang thing. Does he really believe that yet another testimonial will satisfy folks?

Elo: "From my *calculations* I *expect* it to be over 400% efficient."

Yawn. Nothing new here. Shawn already has calculated that they believe they would have measured approximately 485% OU in one of their prototypes had they actually measured it when it was doing that, if it was doing that.

Is there any person that we can name (first and last real name), other than Sean McCarthy, who has claimed to have actually observed an OU device operating as such? At best we have anonymous claimants, then either vague testimonials ("I'd tell you the exciting stuff I saw, and it is really great, but, oh, that pesky NDA wink wink"), and at the bottom the 3rd person anonymous testimonials ("we showed it to a "very famous" inventor/physicist astrologer and they said it worked, but he won't let us reveal who he is")

Anonymous said...

He/she ticks lots of boxes:

- they clearly believe in free energy in the religious sense
- they are an egotist ("soon I realised my value to them")
- they believe in black helicoptors and MiB

Knuckles O'Toole said...

The Steorn thing is so bizarre that anyone could create a blog and spew more bullshit and people would start grasping at it for vital information.

It is purely and simply mythology in the making for a pathetic gullible world.

bernielomax said...

Aw gawd. This blog is truly the source of a lot of disinformation. I wonder how many people will relay the information given by a known anti-steornite in a fucking blog-comment dude without a disclaimer.

maryyugo said...

What's hilarious is that some people are confusing 15-India-Street's parody/spoof (featuring "Elo")with the actual interview which has not yet appeared on the "Free Energy Truth" blog and is supposed to show up tomorrow!

One thing this whole Steorn stories clearly demonstrates: there is no shortage of people who think in strange ways!

Anonymous said...

@bernie, about as many people as those which believe in the drivel of Omnibus.

bernielomax said...

Arguing against omnibus gets old, so I rather try to understand what the hell he is going on about. Not that it has made me any smarter, though it made understanding einstein a bit easier ironically enough.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Knaper video with the "K-toy" on

Anonymous said...

Linked on the forums, Mr Knapen, the inventor of the Quartz clock:
from this thread:

Anonymous said...

It has only 11 views so far. LOL
It was in demand last year and people were dying to see that video.

Who is that guy in the video anyway?

Toiz said...

The k-toy does not demonstrate OU and never did. What does that tell you about Sean, who claims that it does?