Friday, October 5, 2007

Test Your Steorn Knowledge

A friend of mine has launched a new online testing site, so I created a Steorn Knowledge Test for everyone to see how closely they've been tracking Steorn. Good luck and enjoy!


drmike said...

That was fun - nice test! I guessed a couple right, but one wrong out of the whole lot isn't too bad :-)

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

Anonymous said...

100% right. God help me...

15-India-Street said...
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Anonymous said...

I only got 80%! Success! My interest in Steorn's antics is obviously waning.

Although I am still reading about them.

On a Saturday afternoon.

Hopefully Steorn's next move will be a truly desperate one and I can give them up for good.

And, Steorntracker, please try and find the time to keep this site going when the inevitable happens to the Orbo.

You and the people who post here have really opened my eyes.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

As of this writing, all Steorn-hosted web services are down. Guess someone kicked a plug..

Anonymous said... and are offline. A Sunday-server-shutdown or the end of the steorn-story? ;-)

Frank Grimer said...

Good quiz. Well done.

Got the jury member wrong. Should have cheated and done a search instead of guessing. :shame:

15-India-Street said...
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Anonymous said...

It's back on-line.

Magnatrix said...

I got 100% on the test; quelle surprise.

what is interesting is that I had decided to go with what is considered "public" knowledge. Works well for this test.. and as well. The answer is not always the correct one, but the public opinion answer is how I got to be ranked 4th this week and 9th for over all :-)

maryyugo said...


People's ability to jump to conclusions based on no evidence always amazes me. The belief that Steorn had something isn't the only example.

Internet sites go belly up temporarily all the time and most often on weekends and holidays. That's because servers (both their hardware and their software) require constant maintainance and on holidays and weekends, there is often nobody available (or nobody who knows anything and then they take much more time to effect repairs).

At this time, 9:45 PM Sunday (GMT), the Steorn forum site is up and well again.

Edit: and *this* comment function on this blog is malfunctioning and refusing most of the "verification word" character entries! Persistence worked though, as you can see-- the comment eventually posted. And the Fizzx forum also has it's usual kink-- some weird error message after posting. It's how life is on this Internet-- hey they only had a decade or so to get it right. Microsoft had more than two and look how buggy every one of their products is. End edit.

Anyway, Steorn's claims to overunity are as dead as a doorstop after the insanity that was supposed to be a demo at Kinetica. But the forum is still around and the final chapter is yet to be written.

What I'm hoping for? Someone's going to snitch and give up the truth. It's difficult to keep a substantial number of people quiet-- someone will have some good sense and some ethics and "will spill the beans" about what really went on at Steorn. Anyway, we can hope for it.

Anonymous Real Steorn Employee said...

I would love to "snitch" something but the NDAs we signed are far more restrictive than the SPDC version and the retaliation is much closer to home.

We also all earn very good salaries here and do not wish to give that up anytime soon even though our conscience buggers us a bit. Nonetheless, we have discussed this subject a time or two when S&M is out (our nick' for Sean because he is a tortured man) and agree that it would be bonkers at this point in the match to come clean. Coming clean though is only a point of view because there is an effect that may or may not be yet developed; the jury is still out on that and S&M is TOTALLY convinced... no, believes unconditionally. The man works nearly 24-7 pushing and spinning and Cranking on his little Magnatrix creations. What more can I say?

So my friends, the game goes on and it is your choice to suffer or not. I guess in the bigger scheme, you could say that for us as well, especially for Sean.

We all wait, some believe, some do not.

We are as you.


P.S. Does ZPE have anything to do with this?

maryyugo said...

"the jury is still out"

What? There's a jury? They're awfully quiet. NDA's aren't military secrecy. Something credible will eventually get out. Even the Manhattan project got busted by Klaus Fuchs and Theodore Hall but of course, there was a whole lot more interest in atomic bombs than in whacko overunity schemes.

Thicket said...

19 right. Maybe there's hope for me yet... unlike Steorn.

Fun test.

JTerry said...

Here is an interesting quote that can be found in the thread, "Anyone Still Think There Will Be A Demo?" over at the Steorn forum:

From: Astraeus
@ Lister
You are not competent to say what is real and what is not. I'm not asking you but who know answer to my question. Probably would go again with answer about NDA... Well, I'm under NDA and i can not reveal nothing cause they told me nothing. They promised after demo, but there was nothing said about failed or not failed demo. They don't keep their word.

I find this interesting because the person claims to be under an NDA. Presumably, this would be the same NDA that the SPUD fools, the alleged jury members, and other personalities involved with this insanity have signed. In the case of Astraeus, I'm betting that his/her NDA is occasioned by his/her involvement with the SPUD. This of course means that SPUDers get nothing more than anyone else. It also means that people like Babcat really don't have a leg to stand on with respect to proof or any other revelations. The old, "I can't tell you because of my NDA," excuse is therefore completely worthless. They can't tell us because they have nothing to tell. The NDA is complete bullshit. This is just another nail in the Steorn coffin and further evidence of a swindle. Unbelievable that grown adults would be taken by this cheap, two-bit song and dance confidence scam.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure Astraeus was referring to the second SPDC membership drive that was supposed to finalize some time after the demo. Many signed and sent NDAs but haven't heard anything since.

Anonymous said...

Astraeus clarified.
He signed the NDA but they have not let him in the SPDC yet.
That would be the SPDC2 group.
The nothing, nothing stuff is nothing.

JTerry said...

Indeed; thanks the for the clarification. By the time of my post, nothing was there other than that comment. So I take it he is saying then that he is NOT a member of the SPUD. He has only applied for membership. Is that correct?

Anonymous said...

Steorn's B1C annual return for 2005 was registered by the CRO at the 03/04/2007. Steorn was supposed to do it before 30/09/2006.

Steorn is supposed to submit their B1C annual return for 2006 before 30/09/2007, but have not done that yet. The Steorn Nominees LTD have filed their papers to CRO before 16/07/2007.

Anonymous said...

Looks like "Free Energy Truth" is planning an interview with Sean. Does anyone here have a clue what's on the agenda?


maryyugo said...

"Looks like "Free Energy Truth" is planning an interview with Sean. Does anyone here have a clue what's on the agenda?"

I imagine it will be such difficult questions as "what did you have for breakfast?" "when is Steorn planning to have another shaved head benefit day?" and "I know you can't say anything about plans for jury results, new demonstrations, and independent testing of any sort, but other than that, how is that Orbo project going? It's going well? I thought so. Good."

The key feature of that blog:

"Comments on this blog are restricted to team members."

Uhhun. Right. That certainly bolsters confidence in truth and objectivity.

And still, it will be interesting to witness how many ways a human being can weasel out of giving simple direct answers to questions.

ben said...

Isn't "free energy truth" the blog that belongs to 007?

Whoever runs it, that rant on the front page isn't exactly confidence inspiring.

Thicket said...

The interview, if it goes ahead, should be quite funny. 007 almost rivals Babcat in his blind, fervent belief in Steorn.

It would be quite a comedown for McCarthy from the days of FoxNews and the Guardian. His media coverage may have degenerated to the looney toons blog of a believer space cadet.

Anonymous said...

Yep Thicket, how deep can they sink.

To speak out in public as the CEO of a $250 million company after a shameful period of several months on a pathetic weblog of one of your last remaining worshippers.

Remember the time when Steorn public communication would not do for less than a full page in the Economist?

Anonymous said...

sad news today. orbo technology has been scrapped. sean says the zero point field can not be contained and if orbo is left to run it could destroy the universe. due to the nature of the destructive potential the device and all information regarding it has been destroyed. sean sends his apologies to all investors and has stated "these things happen, and i take full responsibility".

sorry guys.

Anonymous said...

sorry guys.

Oh no! Does that mean we have to move to another universe?

drmike said...

Damn! That's what I WANTED it to do!!

I just wanted to be in charge of the destruction :-)

Anonymous said...

The Windbelt :
"Rotation-based wind turbines don’t scale down well due to friction and the lower energy of lower wind speeds.
Invented by Shawn Frayne, the Windbelt is a taut membrane fitted with a pair of magnets that oscillate between coils. Designed for low wind speeds and budgets, the device is 10x to 30x times more efficient than the best microturbines, and its cost is proportionately small. Frayne envisions Windbelts being made available for $2 - $5.00, able to provide electricity for small lights and radios in the third world."

I just had to check this thing when I saw the words "microturbines" and "third world"....

Anonymous said...


What a terrific idea. It's so simple it leaves me feeling like DOH! Why didn't I think of that?

Anonymous said...

Tomorrows big announcement (to hell with waiting on the official release):

Steorn has accepted Randi's million dollar challenge (this has been in the works for 2 months). The two organizations will converge at Kinetica on Oct.26th, with media and full webcast of the event.

This is it folks. Hallelujah!

Anonymous said...

Way to go jerk, thanks to your leak the SPDC2 has voted to delay the announcement until further notice. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

What SPDC2? Anyone else let in? I wasn't.

That 'jerk' was probably Sean. That way he can manipulate the situation and claim the delay is not his fault. If they really were going to accept the Randi challenge why wait till now? Does nobody remember Seans BS long ago about how he wouldn't accept the challenge because then Randi would have control of Steorn in the public eye? Or is this just another distraction?

One ridiculous claim, some pathetic excuse followed by a lie. Lather, rinse, repeat.

How are those thirsty Africans Sean? Still thirsty I bet.

Not only is Steorn running out of money, they are morally bankrupt as well, trading on the suffering of others.

maryyugo said...

I suspect that response about the Randi challenge is some anonymous moron's idea of a joke. It's not really funny. Bilking investors and wasting the time and effort of other people is not a good joke. Steorn is a joke but it's a bad, sad one.

Anonymous said...

The Kinetica Museum permanently closed and shut down operations at the London location the week after the failed demo.

They say that they intend to continue setting up ad hoc events around the world.

Anonymous said...

Not true, I was there 2 days ago and even got the Randi/Steorn pamphlet. I'll try to scan it today and put it up on imageshack. Stay tuned.

maryyuugo said...

"Not true, I was there 2 days ago"

Strange -- it's not what the kinetica web site says.

Anonymous said...

I was at Spitalfields six weeks ago and it looked pretty closed to me.

Kinetica's current exhibition seems to be in Mexico.

Anonymous said...


I wonder if anyone told Randi about this. No mention at all on his website or in his weekly commentary. Steorn is not included on the log of challenge applicants, and there's not so much as a tease about any sort of public test next week.

Perhaps Randi is under NDA.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does Randi have to do with Kinetica or Steorn?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"What the hell does Randi have to do with Kinetica or Steorn?"

Apparently, nothing.

Randi has a standing offer of $1,000,000 to anyone who can successfully demonstrate a perpetual motion machine.

I don't think Sean can do that.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does Randi have to do with Kinetica or Steorn?

In reality, nothing.

If you read up a bit you will see the comment was in response to someone "leaking" that Steorn's second demo (motto: keep bearing with 'em) will be at Kinetica this Friday for Randi's millions.

It does seems odd that there is no sign that either Mr. Randi or his organization is aware of this.
It's probably just an NDA thing though.

Anonymous said...

Orbo blueprint leaked?


zpe said...

"Orbo blueprint leaked?"

LOL! I stared at it until my eyes crossed.

drmike said...

I love the dimensions on it too!!
I'm sure that Steorn can build that brace and get perpetual motion at the same time :-)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I never thought the Steorn saga would turn out THIS bad. There was so much excitement, so much hope and so much activity on this and other blogs. Now we sit here with updates once a month chatting about Steorn quizzes! It is truly depressing. I know Steorn is a total bust yet I am still drawn to finding news. Steorn has without doubt taken the money and run. This was a scam and it can not be argued otherwise. I however can't seem to move on until I know all the details of how an organization could pull such an elaborate scam and trash the goodwill of so many people. The fact they have not been arrested or sued via a class action is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

>The fact they have not been arrested or sued via a class action is beyond me.

Funny how the world doesn't work, isn't it?

Glug said...

Anonymous said...

This was a scam and it can not be argued otherwise.

Why can't it?

Anonymous said...

go for it then. we are all waiting..

maryyugo said...

"Thursday, October 25, 2007
Steorn: Sean McCarthy Interview Tomorrow

Ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for your patience.

Tomorrow Friday 26th we will be talking to Sean McCarthy (CEO of Steorn). Sean will be talking about the location of the next demo, orbo patents, future plans, and much more. Only here on FE Truth.

For the truth about the existence of free energy technology.

You can handle the truth.

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Written By The Administrator at 12:04 PM 0 comments

Labels: CEO of Steorn, free energy truth sean mccarthy interview, new orbo demo, patents, sean mccarthy interview, steorn interview..."

wow-- from

I hope (if Sean show up) that he talks about WHEN the next demo will uh.... not take place... and what exactly it will consist of. So much for hope. Wanna bet?

Anonymous said...
Any comments?

Anonymous said...

Craig/007 has posted his interview with Master Sean :

Anonymous said...

How do we know if the 007 interview with Sean is real ?
Sean has not been posting on his own forum for a month ?

I think 007 is bluffing, as usual.

Anonymous said...

The interview just proves that regarding Steorn nothing is worth waiting for.

Anonymous said...

Total fabrication by 007.

Anonymous said...

Sean McCarthy eariler this year:
"The pump I believe is being installed at the moment."

Sean McCarthy last week :
"It’s an ongoing project. We have contracted a local engineering
company to conduct water surveys and to design a one-fits-all water pump, that work is ongoing, they haven’t finalized their work."

Are Steorn installing or designing their pump at the moment ?

Anonymous said...

>Are Steorn installing or designing their pump at the moment ?

Isn't it obvious? They are doing whatever you 'believe' they are doing.