Friday, August 31, 2007

Blake Talks

In the forums today, FreshLaundry points everyone to Free Energy Truth, which has an exclusive interview with Blake, a Northrop Grumman employee located in Stuart Florida. Blake is a member of the SPDC, and is claiming that he was able to run an Orbo-like device in his own workshop for more than 8 hours:

It was late and I knew I had to work the next day so taking a final look at the running rig. I went to was still running when I woke up and when I left for work.
Unfortunately Blake has not been able to repeat the 8 hour run:
I intend to keep trying to replicate the run to quell the naysayers. Until then it is just my word against the odds.


Anonymous said...

Ho hum. Another anonymous witness. Why didn't 'Free Energy Truth' (who strikes me as a 'true believer') do something to verify this guys name, credentials or the fact he is a SPDC member? For all we know, he/she is a 15 year old posting from his Mom's basement.

Anonymous said...

Did he take a photo of the device?

Thicket said...

So it's indeed our lovable, one-legged tinkerer from Florida that was interviewed.

Blake was the only one of the 'Magnificent Seven' to get the Orbo to do anything. In that respect, he was better than Steorn in their failed Kinetica demonstration.

I don't doubt that Blake did exactly what he said he did. He's a lot of things, but he's not a liar.

Those with a shred of scientific knowledge will see the problem immediately. It's dead easy to get something to spin for 8 hours and longer. Heck, the gas turbine in the plant I managed would spin for days without energy input if you let it. All you need is something with lots of momentum, that's well-balanced and has minimum friction. In the end, it will stop. If you apply any kind of load to the device, it will stop sooner.

(My funny bone imagines that Blake's wife got up and gave his device a spin before he woke up. Lol.)

If the device spun for 8 hours, balancing it properly will likely allow Blake to repeat the results.

The spin of Blake's device is far superseded by the interviewer's spin. He imagines that this shows that 'free energy' was created. Priceless and totally clueless.

maryyugo said...

The Steorn story never ceases to be amusing.

You can get an idea of the competence and credibility of the person being interviewed from thse quotes:

" I just want to make it run and scale it down so I don't have to use batteries in my model airplanes."

I have to agree with that. As an occasional model maker, I know that it's so much more important to avoid batteries in model airplanes than it is to solve the world's energy problem, create an unstoppable energy weapon, and rewrite absolutely all of modern physics, get rich and win a Nobel Prize. Modelling comes first. For sure.

"For what it’s worth, I believe that we will find that magnetism has a frequency and that the frequency is present everywhere in the universe. I believe the force which we are converting to energy comes from that."

Not only that but the frequency is "44" and we can convert force to energy at an efficiency of better than 450%. Where did this guy get his engineering degree? From a Crackerjack box top?

"I believe it has always existed and that we are just now re-discovering it. "

Yup-- buffoonery and senseless claims about free energy have existed a long time if not always. It's not much of a rediscovery!

"I think the ancients had more real intellect of physics and nature than we do today. "

Of course they did which is why they built huge civilizations in space, lived long healthy lives, and left huge, powerful and wondrous artifacts we are still trying to duplicate today. Oh wait... they didn't? BTW, "intellect of physics and nature" doesn't sound like English is his native language.

The ***** are hilarious. Like knowing what was left out matters?

I didn't think anything could be dumber than Steorn's claims-- that you need a jury to prove 450% overunity and 0.5W/cc power density. Well... I was wrong. These guys are way dumber.

Magnatrix said...

Gwd I love this Place.. so much BS

btw,Thicket, Blake is Not one the "magnificent seven".

He's a lovely man, who likes to tinker. He is also a great builder of RC Aircraft.

There is no evidence of what he claims that he had created ( on his own); so you can choose to believe or not. whatever.

maryyugo said...


"I don't doubt that Blake did exactly what he said he did. He's a lot of things, but he's not a liar."

How do you know? I don't know if it's possible to make a simple toy wheel which will spin for eight hours, despite air and bearing friction. I find that a bit improbable. I've never seen anything like that.

I bet that turbine you mentioned from your work has some sort of huge inertial mass as well as very good bearings. Just for my amazement, do you know for fact how long it takes to spin down to zero? Also, it probably starts out at many thousands of rpm's and I bet it's starter motor is bit larger than a Dremel tool.

Your guess about his wife spinning it is a good one but he said she was vacationing, didn't he? I was also wondering if someone in the family played a joke on him. Or if, in his rush to get to work, he simply misperceived and the device appeared to him to be running but wasn't.


"Did he take a photo of the device? "

Good question-- but you can't get an answer. There's a highly convenient NDA, you know? It's purpose is to make billions for Steorn. Yah shoore.

Anonymous said...

There was a photo of the device. It looked pretty crude.

maryyugo said...

Anonymous said...
"There was a photo of the device. It looked pretty crude. "

Link please? Thanks.

Thicket said...

Hiya MaryYugo

Blake was on the regular forums for quite some time. We exchanged lots of banter, so I've got a good appreciation what he's like. He's an intelligent man, but not a wise man. He's a skilled tinkerer and has built many things out of everyday materials. I think that he is quite capable of building something that would spin for a long time. While he is very practical, his understanding of scientific principles and processes is extremely poor.

The gas turbine I mentioned is an Alstom GT-24B. It's huge. The rotor alone weighs about 70 tonnes. It generates about 170 MW in simple cycle mode (250 MW when combined with a steam turbine). It's running speed is 3600 rpm.

I don't know how long it would run before stopping on its own. I've seen it go several days while we were doing maintenance on other equipment. We would put the machine on rotor barring before it stopped completely. Rotor barring means that external force is provided to the rotor to keep it turning. If it were allowed to stop completely, and the casing was still warm, differential metal expansion and contraction would cause the rotor to "hog" -- i.e. to bend and then bind/seize on the stator housing.

Anonymous said...

FYI: User AIEMA is Banned. Does someone know why?

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous
yea, Aiema was banned because he was rudely attacking people. Maggie kept telling him to stop. I guess he did not. surprising that she let him get away with it this long.
gotta admire her restraint sometimes. I would have banned his arse long ago!

Anonymous said...

And Drackon is banned too. Let's all hope they don't get their hands on energyscam8.

Anonymous said...

AIEMA is banned? Yeah! I'm a sceeptic too, but AIEMA was a complete bell-end. Good riddance, Partridge!

bc said...

Blake says:

"I waited almost 5 minutes and it still kept going and I thought maybe I got an off center balance that is keeping it going like a flywheel"

Blake may be a great machinist, but he demonstrates a poor understanding of engineering. I would expect even a mechanic to know that flywheels don't work by being off balance - an off balance wheel is likely to stop quicker than a balanced one.

All that these bozos show is that if you reduce friction enough you can make a wheel spin for longer than some other equally ignorant fool expects, but that just illustrates a general lack of understanding of science and engineering, it doesn't come anywhere close to showing new physics.

The GCSE physics papers are already laughably easy, but apparently the exam boards have been asked to make them even easier!

Thicket said...

Free energy shmenergy. Sure, a limitless supply of energy would have an impact on the lives of people, but it's small potatoes.

Consider the impact of a limitless supply of money!! World poverty vanishes forever. Running short of cash? Just create some more. Theft crimes will slump since money will be readily available for everyone. No more credit cards. No more debt. Everyone can and will be a millionaire or even a billionaire.

I'm sure there are close-minded skeptics that will say that this is either illegal or impossible. Not true. I'm not talking about counterfeiting. I'm talking about creating money using the energy of your mind.

Ancient oriental wisdom has recognized that mind power is concentrated between the ears. The recently re-discovered truth is the basis for my technique.

I'm sure you've all seen the “trick” where someone “magically” pulls a quarter from behind your ear. Suppression by banks and financial institutions have kept this money creation technique from its rightful and legitimate place in generating wealth.

No longer!! I have perfected the Quarter From Ear (QFE) technique and am prepared to share my knowledge with the world. My technique works for any metal based currency. Simply use my technique to withdraw an endless stream of coins from your ears.

My limitless coin withdrawal technique uses the concept of a money pump. Like any normal pump, my money pump needs to be primed. To allow me to prime your personal ear money pump simply send a sizable amount of cash to me. Details can be found at my website

Disclaimer: There is a chance that weak-minded people will not generate enough energy between their ears, and will not succeed in creating quarters. I suggest that you keep this confidential. You wouldn't want your family and friends to realize that you are mentally deficient.

Note: My IT department is tracking down the identity of the anonymous poster who defamed my reputation by stating that 'tasbem' stands for 'there's a sucker born every minute.' NOT FUNNY. Expect a call from my lawyers.

In another exciting development, I am completing design details for my money tree. State of the art gene manipulation technology has allowed me to develop a tree where all leaves are greenback dollar bills. Send money to help this development. I will fondly remember your generosity when my money tree is perfected.

drmike said...

Is that a metal money tree or a paper one?? :-)

Mitch said...

so sean's been working on another patent application all this time. in other words, he is a deeply dishonest and monumentally deceitful person. unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed.

Many great minds have tried...all have failed.

Over a year ago these Irish lads said they could do it...

They've shown us nothing.

Anonymous said...

How much longer before people call a spade a spade?

There are only a few conclusions one can make about Steorn.

There really are only two options.

First, they thought they had something…but failed.

They made a mistake. They aren’t the first. The laws of thermodynamics stand.

Second, they lied to everyone for financial gain.

They raised money by getting suckers to invest…hell it keeps them all employed with a paycheck and benefits. Oh, well…a sucker and his/her money are easy to part!

The question is how long will people fall for this? I hope Crank and Mags didn’t receive any financial compensation….they always take the piano player in the whore house.

Thicket said...


Paper of course.

Frankly, I'm surprised that an eminent physicist like yourself would think that you might be able to grow inorganic metal from an organic plant.

The money tree technology has an interesting history. I first got my inspiration when hiking deep in the woods. While answering the call of nature, I discovered to my chagrin that I was bereft of some critical amenities. I tried to make do with leaves, but it was an unsatisfactory experience. I was very familiar with the process of turning wood into pulp and then into paper. I thought it would be interesting to avoid all the expensive intermediate processing and get the trees to grow paper directly. I would never be caught again without the cottony soft necessities when hiking in the woods.

Having perfected replacing tree leaves with paper, it was a simple additional step to ensure that the paper was bills of money.

Anonymous said...

What is most embarrassing about this story is that after the failed demo Sean McCarthy mentioned almost as a consolation prize that some one in the SPDC had made an Orbo spin for 8 hours. He was very proud of the fact.

And knowing what we now know it clearly demonstrates that Sean McCarthy is in cloud cuckoo land.

How in all sanity did he allow & encourage such a story to propagate knowing it was Blake. Shame on Sean McCarthy for using Blake to further his fake claims.

drmike said...


In the nuclear biz, we can build fuel rods out of metal. When destroyed by neutrons, the metal is much easier to reprocess than the previous style of ceramics. The chemical process can lead to fractal growth - trees of metal can easily be formed!

And with correct processing, radioactive trees at that!

So if you want to pull quarters from behind the ear that glow in the dark, you need metal trees :-)

(For some fun, check out
or )

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the folks at "Free Energy Truth" can't handle the truth unless they have some certifiable credentials. Anonymous posts have been disabled.

Steve said...

Mr. Blake: OK. Let me see if I understand you correctly. You had a working prototype, but you don't have it any more, and you are trying to build another one, but you haven't succeeded. (Or to put it more generously, you are working on an improved prototype and you haven't succeeded YET.) I want to believe in Steorn, but can you see why naysayers might find all this hard to swallow?

It is the same as Sean McCarthy said about his demo. We had it. It doesn't work anymore. We'll show you another one.

>>>--WHEN ?--<<<

We have to wait for this and that, and the other considerations. Oh I see.

I know I am going to look stupid even saying this: I hope you are not lying to us. Yes I HOPE for this to work. But give me a break. Who would believe this unsubstantiated story. --Oh and you said you'll have a camera ready NEXT TIME? Again, when will that be exactly? Uh, you'll get back to us, right? Somehow I knew you'd say that.

Thicket said...

Anonymous said

"Apparently, the folks at "Free Energy Truth" can't handle the truth unless they have some certifiable credentials. Anonymous posts have been disabled.

Funny, but your post seems to have made it to the boards.

Sorry about bursting your bubble.

All posts, whether anonymous or named require the blog owner's approval. Any idea why that might be? It's because some posters have used anonymity to post objectionable material. The last time Steorntracker allowed direct posting it lasted about 30 minutes before an anonymous troll showed up.

Thicket said...


Cool stuff.

Maybe I can grow gold coins from trees. It would be much faster and less painful than pulling them out of ears.

*Thicket rushes to his laboratory."

Vardan1899 said...

So "this" was the whole basis for the "8-hour claim" :|

Hahahahahhaaa!!! That is just way toooo pathetic!!!

Vardan 1899 said...

"Earned degrees in electrical engineering".....

Tripped the "BS" meter here!!...

EXACTLY... "What degrees from what college and the name and years"...

"I" would like to check up on those "claims"...


to supply the details...

beachcomber said...

Anonymous said...
What is most embarrassing about this story is that after the failed demo Sean McCarthy mentioned almost as a consolation prize that some one in the SPDC had made an Orbo spin for 8 hours. He was very proud of the fact.

And knowing what we now know it clearly demonstrates that Sean McCarthy is in cloud cuckoo land.

How in all sanity did he allow & encourage such a story to propagate knowing it was Blake. Shame on Sean McCarthy for using Blake to further his fake claims.

When you're drowning you clutch at straws.

Anonymous said...

Above all else Steorn are extremely malevolent in their endeavors.

The hang a Vietnam vet out to dry. Sean McCarthy used an unverified story at the failed demo for publicity gain.

They treat the people of Africa with total and utter contempt. To mention Africa in relation to a free energy claim is beyond horrid.

They treat ordinary folk as pawns in their lies allowing them to waste thousands of pounds traveling to events that they knowingly knew were never going to take place.

But what makes Steorn even more detestable is the fact that unlike other free energy scams carried out by individuals, the Steorn scam involves an orchestration of individuals in a company coming together to make the hugely false claim.

Sean McCarthy has fed Blake to the lions and left him wide open to ridicule. This story would never have been published only for the fact that McCarthy let it drop "accidentally" at the failed demo. He is a repulsive self centered individual as are the the individuals who participate along with him in the scam.

Mitch said...

Why is Sean McCarthy in hiding? I'd have thought that he'd want to let everyone know how things are going.

Mishka said...

Anonymous said...

Above all else Steorn are extremely malevolent in their endeavors.

The hang a Vietnam vet out to dry...

They treat the people of Africa with total and utter contempt....

They treat ordinary folk as pawns....

But what makes Steorn even more detestable....

Sean McCarthy has fed Blake to the a repulsive self centered individual...

Got banned from the forum, did you?

Maryyugo said...

Someone (anonymous) wrote above that there was a photo of Blake's device. I'm still waiting for a link. It's easy to upload photos completely anonymously, for example here: (Image Venue dot Com).

If nobody provides the photo, it's hard to believe that anyone has seen one.

Steorn has inconvenienced if not bamboozled so many people now, I don't think they deserve any courtesy or benefit of doubt. If there's a picture, let's see it (otherwise, shut up about it).

Anonymous said...

"Why is Sean McCarthy in hiding?"

Because he has nothing. No OU, no sincerity, no honesty, no respect for those who came to Kinetica. He's a fraud and a fool as are those who continue to defend him.

Suomipoika said...

Happy birthday SteornTracker! It's exactly 6 months since you started this great blog!

I don't read Steorn forums nowadays because of the noise (98% ot the messages are pure crap). All the interesting data is collected here, and presented in a very compact and clear form!

Thanks SteornTracker and keep up the wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

Anybody have a copy of Runningbare's recent K-toy video thread?
I cannot seem to find it.

Anonymous said...

Mitch said...
Why is Sean McCarthy in hiding? I'd have thought that he'd want to let everyone know how things are going.


Things aren't going. If Sean is telling the truth (at least as he sees it) then he should have nothing to do. He said the technology was already developed, at least as far as Steorn is going to develop it. Sean said that Steorn would not manufacture anything. The only tasks left are up to the lawyers to sort out. Sean said early on that the jury was a formality. He said all the technology had already been proven. He also seemed to indicate that the jury process would take several months and yet a year later we still wait.

As far as I can figure, if Sean were telling the truth then all the folks at Steorn would be sitting around right now. He hasn't come on the forum simply because there is nothing more to say. He lost all credability in London, no one is going to believe his wild statements without proof and since he has none he doesn't post.

Anonymous said...

Sean acts like a crook whose con has finally come to an end. He probably spends his time trying to keep the idiot investors from going to the police. He and his select draw a paycheck from a company that would be broke had it not been for his fantastic claim of free energy. So for the last few years he and his employees have received a paycheck and as long as he can keep the law at bay then he will continue to receive a paycheck.

Anonymous said...

Anybody have a copy of Runningbare's recent K-toy video thread?
I cannot seem to find it.
You should better whisper that to magnatrix or else she is going to delete this blog.

sniper said...

Poof. My post about;

"Swearing they had never heard of Unit 18 Docklands Park" (Datapage -

Seems to have been purged.

I guess the fact that this is the same address given for Steorn's office ruffled some feathers.

Anonymous said...

"If nobody provides the photo, it's hard to believe that anyone has seen one."

I saw it. But it's really a moot point; it was a photo of Blake's rig but not necessarily of the exact configuration that supposedly ran for 8 hrs. And if i remember correctly it was not moving in the photo. It was just a shot of his rig.

so yeah, there was a photo alright but seeing it wouldn't provide any clues either way.

Brante said...


Thats what you all one HUGE LAUGH! Between the idealist tree huggers (and I say that in a nice way...since I do not think their entirely crazy), the intellectual high-and-mighties, the I'll-Scam-My Grandmother's to the Maybe The White Mice are Intelligent are really a funny bunch. "The Fact is", we don't know what is possible by science...and no one can claim otherwise, any problem simply requires a higher level of technology, or another method of application. I personally know of at least 2 dozen different applications of "new energy applications", whether they are practical, usable or possible to be build in anything considered a reasonable amount of time or money, is another thing altogether. There is NO SUCH THING AS "FREE ENERGY" Besides the fact that it exists all around us and cannot be bought by winning the lotto! Anyone who beleives without basis of truth and evidence that someone has a new energy source and devotes time and energy into promoting wasting time. Just the same as anyone who denies the possiblity that they might have something to learn about physics or new an egotistical idiot and frankly should be ignored. There are a million facts that each of us "don't know"! So open your minds...get some faith, get some evidence and start helping someone and building rather then nay-saying, need I remind u all...we have a planet to look after here...wake up!

ole Blake said...

To reply to this comments:
To anonymous:
1. I wish I was 15 years old. This is a very exciting time to be alive. My span is probably well over halfway gone. Credetials can be almost flawlessly faked. So why bother.

2. Yes there was a photo, taken many days after the event.

To Thicket:
Thanks for kind words, I do appreciate it. I am sorry to say that I never was even considered for the Mag 7 group. Also I have never claimed that I had free energy..just an 8+ spin.and as you say it could be just a well balanced flywheel effect,,however preceding runs only did a few minutes and stopped. (by the way My lady was 250 miles away,
So if she set it to spinning she did it by telepathy.)

To Maryugo:
What is important to me is that I try to make it happen. I don't talk about it. If I make a model plane fly with free energy the rest of the energy problems will be solved at the same time.
Now as to this statement:
"Not only that but the frequency is "44" and we can convert force to energy at an efficiency of better than 450%. Where did this guy get his engineering degree? From a Crackerjack box top?"
I havn't the foggiest idea where you got that..I didn't say it.. As far as my frequency theory..just prove that it does not exist.

To BC:
Guess my engineering knowledge is not on a par with yours, mine being a much lower class. However I will issue you a wee challenge...I will design build a full size airplane from simple materials from start to finish and do all the work myself from a wheelchair, and then fly it as experimental, if you will do the same. I think that might qualify my engineering skills. Or would you rather design a tools so that a one armed man could easily use a table saw and a bandsaw..and other shop equipment. I would prefer the airplane but I realize that is right down my alley and might not be yours.
To Steve:
If I could give you the when..I would forget about Free energy and buy lottery tickets. Although I have many skills, predicting the future is not one of them. Do I expect you to believe it...nope..doesn't matter to me either way. I was not trying to impress anyone..just trying to make it happen.. I know it spun for 8+ hours with out wires or springs to why it spun..I haven't a clue.

To my fellow engineers: I aploigize for not wearing my credentials as a badge. Maybe a slur but for me..I prefer the title of mechanic. I want to work among the folks that do the production, not above them.

There might be some that remember when it happened that I did not want to post the information until I replicated it.
But alas I succumbed to human fraility, I was thrilled by what I watched and wanted to tell somebody about it...Given the option again..I wouldn't say a word.
To the folks that called me names or doubted my integrity..I forgive you and pray that one day you will see the truth. I have nothing to prove, as I have nothing to gain.

My life is full and blessed with may good things, despite my lady is undergoing cancer treatment and we are suffering a bit financially..Life is grand..I do intend to show these threads to my children and my grandchildren and hopefully teach them the perils of cynicism and sarcasm.

I only wish that I could bring as much happiness to all of you as I have.
Be well and keep you eyes and ears open..for tis easier to learn while observing and listening than when you are talking.

ole Blake

Frank said...

I saw the photo too. But since I got myself banned I no longer have access to the SPUD posts so I can't provide a copy of the photo.

However, Mr, Anon has confirmed its existence though presumably he doesn't know how to provide a copy without revealing his identity.

Understandably, he doesn't want to do that since it might lead to abuse from the true believers and a ban from the SPUD.

maryyugo said...

@ Ole Blake

It's simplicity itself to upload photos to the internet with absolute anonymity. Simply upload them here (link). Then return to this blog and anonymously post the web address (URL) of the photo. It's free. No registration or ID of any sort is needed.

@Ole Blake

I regret any personal insult in my message-- you write like a nice and well meaning person. What I was trying sarcastically to express is that something is wrong with your statements about frequency, force and energy or you would not claim that magnets have a "frequency" and you would not say stuff like "convert force to energy" because that makes no sense in terms of physics. At the risk of seeming pedantic, which I don't intend, I refer you to this brief physics lesson (link) about force, power and energy, what they are, and how they relate. I'm sure you'll agree that converting force to energy makes no sense.

I also found it strange that you asked me to prove that a magnet's frequency doesn't exist. To my knowledge, nobody has ever provided evidence that there is such a thing nor has anyone measured or demonstrated it --therefore if you believe it, you are the one who has to provide the evidence for it. There is no reason to believe in things for which there is no evidence and to do so can seriously mislead you. As I posted before, nobody has ever proved that I don't have a pink invisible unicorn in my garage. If I claim to, it isn't you who has to prove I don't have one! If I wanted to be credible, I'd be the one who has to provide evidence.

I don't doubt that you believe your wheel device ran for 8 hours. I have not done calculations but just guessing wildly, I suppose you could be correct if it had very low friction bearings and a rather large mass and starting speed but it seems more likely that you misperceived something in your rush to go to work.

It would interesting if you gave us some solid information on which to base more educated guesses. I don't care how the magnets on it were distributed-- conventional physics proves that this doesn't matter. However, I'd be interested to know how much the whole thing weighed, what types of bearings it used, and what your best estimate of the starting speed would be.

Thanks for responding and again, sorry for my premature sarcasm. I hope your and your wife's personal and health problems improve -- they sound very difficult and unfortunate.

With very best wishes and regards,


Adam said...

@ole Blake

Thank you for coming in and sharing your side of the story. Well I do tend to believe the Steorn project is some sort of fraud/scam now, I still give benefit to other's stories / theories without resorting to ad hominem attacks, and I'm sorry you have to come here and see people spouting about what may be wrong with you, without ever having met or engaged in conversation with you.

It seems that when the news gets slow here, people like to pick up on any little detail to attack just for the sake of keeping conversation going.

ole Blake said...

To: Maryyugo
Thanks for the lesson in Physics.
Let me return the favor. I have a friend in Georgia that uses free energy every working day. You see, he owns a grist mill and the corn and wheat are ground by stones that are turned by a waterwheel..the force of the water flowing downstream turns into energy for word as it turns the grind stones...he also has a small generator that power some wee bit of lighting there at night. Of course I am wrong in thinking that the force of the water could supply any kind of energy to anything,,,but to the best of my knowledge,,he has yet to pay and electric bill or had to pay for the use of the water, but has spent a few dollars on grease for the axles. Hence my conclusion that force can be turned in to energy and work. I do realize that it is highly unlikely that it will the power plants or fossil fuel.

My theory of magnetic frequency is just that a theory. Since I am told that magnetic lines of flux exist everywhere in the universe. I thought that maybe gathering the correct materials together and passing through one of those flux lines that it might possibly recharge our magnets...since I have yet to drain one of it's force. But no matter, to me it is just food for thought,,nothing more nothing less. I was asked a question and I gave it an answer.
There are very few things that exist that you could prove to a person who refuses to see logic or this respect Science and religion are the same.
You can not convince a fanatic.
Thanks for answering my post in the manner that you did. I have gained some respect for you where before I had none. I harbor no animosity toward anyone. I would sooner call you friend then enemy.
Given other circumstances we might enjoy a friendly argument. Intellectually you would probably win..but I would have more fun.
Have a grand life..and to quote a movie line..."may the force be with you"

To Adam: Thanks for your comments. Healthy critique is what is needed.
I have learned that it is better to ask a question that makes me look stupid then to make a statement that could bring on pain hurt feeling to anyone.

ole Blake

Anonymous said...

Doh. Blake, if a water wheel is you idea of "free energy" you may be missing what all the fuss has been about. It may be free of monetary cost but it is not free in the physics sense. Neither are solar panels or windmills, they all have obvious input energies.

Hope I am not insulting your intelligence here, but you do understand the difference. Right?

Water+gravity, photons, moving air....

Anonymous said...

Besides this Steorn bullshit story, here is a real story about true unlimited, (nearly) free energy that will be available on planet Earth in the foreseeable future. Something that will obsolete fossil fuel and most other conventional energy sources and in the process, in all likelihood, save the planet:

Device turns sunlight into laser light

BOFFINS AT Osaka University have joined forces with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency - or JAXA - to cook up a device which converts sunlight into laser light.

The new device manages to convert the sunlight with an efficiency four times greater than previous attempts, reports Nikkei. Sunlight is collected and kept as energy in a plate made of a sintered powder of metals such as chromium and neodymium, said Nikkei.

If weak laser light hits the plate, the energy already kepts in the plate is transferred across to the laser light and boosts its strength - using a 0.5-watt laser device, the power was able to be amplified to 180 watts.

Previous attempts to convert solar energy to laser light energy have only managed to yield about a 10 per cent transfer rate, whereas the new technology managed to convert 40 per cent of solar energy. The technology will provide a boost to the design of space solar power systems which will one day collect sunlight in space and convert it to laser energy, then to electricity for our use down here on the planet.

ole Blake said...

No Anonymous,
I really do understand the physics of force,energy and work and power. The point I was making was that you can convert a known force to energy (water force to mechanical enegy to turn the wheel)
If Magnetic force was a frequency wave, we need only to determine the type of waterwheel to revolve within that wave to extact mechanical energy to conovert it to what ever we needed. That is a big IF...but a theory none-the-less. With most type of apparatus being experiemted with the researcher tries to make it run by introducing different field upon a rotor. What if all that was needed was a properly tuned rotor, just stick it out in the stream and let it work. Pipe dreams..yes...but stranger ideas have worked. I do not believe that anything is forever, all things change over time, even laws. The question is not "what if the laws of physics change" but "When the laws of physics change" There was a time on this earth we did not need fossils fuels to live. But that has all changed. All because someone ventured beyond what was normal. Some one conducted experimented...and bang we would find it hard to live with out it today.
I will leave this quote with you to think about..not mine..but I have adopted as a favorite...
"Those who dream by night awake to find it was vanity..but beware of those who dream by day for they tend to make their dreams a reality."

ole Blake

Mitch said...

ole poor Blake:

I find it interesting that you go out of your way to cast yourself as a sympathetic character to shield yourself from criticism. I also find it incredibly unbecoming.

Having said that, I have a humble question for you:

What kind of recording equipment do you have in place RIGHT THIS MOMENT so that it will be available to you when the machine begins to work again?

regards ...

Vadan1899 said...

Yawn... Just all mindless BS here...

And so we wait for our prey :o))

ole Blake said...

Dear Mtich,
I am anything but poor, I am rich beyond compare but in friends not money. I have always placed myself on a lower scale than my peers. I find that I can extract much more information that way. Sympathetic...nay my friend, you see the world through Freudian eyes.

As to the recording of the next event: I have Kodak 7630 Digital camera set on a tripod, overlooking my work area, I also have a handheld digital voice recorder. I also have a notebook in which I record changes made to my rig.
I have no test equipment, other then my homemade torque meter.
However if I ever do get a sustaianable run again, all the information will go to Steorn, I would not publish it to the public in any way shape or form.

ole Blake

bc said...

ole Blake writes:

If Magnetic force was a frequency wave, we need only to...

I see, your thinking is at the level of "If the Moon was made of cheese, wouldn't we have a lot of cheese!".

Instead of building aeroplanes, why not start with something simpler - learning how flywheels work perhaps?

Thicket said...


Thanks for coming to this blog to shed some light on what you built.

I'm sorry that doing something you love... building stuff... has thrust you into the polarized and sometimes rude Steorn discourse.

My best wishes to both you and your wife.

zpe said...

Ditto... If Old Blake has really done this, well; that is an incredible, historical feat that should have been recorded for posterity.

Think of that famous photo that captured the Wright brothers first powered flight, it was only a few seconds but it was the World's first powered flight.

Blake suspiciously doesn't seem to appreciate this. Oh, and don’t tell me that Steorn did it first, I don’t think they were ever successful so they formed the developers club to help them out.

Knuckles O'Toole said...

Blake, none of this is about not being able to dream the impossible. It is not about having hope or believing that human beings are not clever enough. It is not about overturning the laws of physics or upsetting the sacred cows of science.

It is about proof. There is plenty of the above but none of the proof either by you or Steorn.

Daydreams will not fill my tank up or keep the lights on.

ole Blake said...

Ok Folks, Color me gone.. Ya'll have a good life. I'll see if I can send you someone else to challenge. Time with my lady means more to me than being here. Especially now.

Thanks again for the kind words.
I will pass them on to my wife.
You are a gentleman.

ZPE, It would have been important to me if I could have duplicated it. However until I can do it at will, it merely past event in my memory.

Knuckles, I know 'bout proof., I am not out to prove anything to any body...I just play at building and fixing things and that gives me pleasure. when you reach retirement age,,isn't that what you are supposed to do.

and to BC.
You should see some of my planes. Flywheels are a snap compared to flying machines. Would you like to see a flywheel powered airplane model...takes about 9 minutes on the ground to spin it up...and it only flies for around 4 minutes...but the flywheel is what turns the prop...just like the old friction push cars...'ceptin I got me some better bearings.

Enjoy the ride through life can only do it once...or so I have been told...
And like Jimmy Stewart,,,I tried being smart, I would rather be nice.

ole Blake

Knuckles O'Toole said...

"Knuckles, I know 'bout proof., I am not out to prove anything to any body...I just play at building and fixing things and that gives me pleasure. when you reach retirement age,,isn't that what you are supposed to do."

I have no idea what you're supposed to do. I thought at retirement it would be better to do those things you want to do after a lifetime of doing what you're supposed to do.

maryyugo said...

I don't think we'll ever know what Blake observed. He seems honest and well motivated but not able (for whatever reason) to provide a clear explanation of what he did and what he saw during his experiment and he has no visual record.

The main thing I don't understand is why he doesn't take and publish specifications (size, weight, type of bearings), pictures and diagrams of the best configuration of his gear that he can reproduce-- I suppose he's honoring some sort of NDA-- IMO, a bad idea at this far gone point in the sad Steorn story. I mean, hey-- does the world need free energy more than Steorn needs money in your view, Blake? If you really had something of value to the world, how can your conscience allow you to hold back the information when nothing at all is coming from Steorn (or has ever come from Steorn)?

Trivializing a claim is often a sign of self deception or scam. That's about Steorn, not Blake. Overunity is no trivial claim!

Circumstances and current motivation obviously don't allow Blake to put a lot of time into replicating the work. Unfortunately, that probably doesn't matter much. Whatever it was that actually happened that day is very unlikely to lead to new sources of energy.

This story now seems like a minor distraction. The bad guys are Sean and Steorn -- for stringing people along with constant equivocations, fumbling, half truths and hedging, witholding information, and generally acting like immature scum buckets.

Mitch said...

oh, Blake. you mean you STILL don't have any video recording equipment? so if you duplicate your results you still won't be able to record them on video. that's just fabulous.

oh, i see you're leaving. just like sean mccarthy, you can't spare as many as 10 minutes out of your unusually and inhumanly hectic day to answer questions. how interesting that you hightail it as soon as you realize you can't withstand the heat. gosh, these heat issues really bother the free energy folks.

Anonymous said...

"Would you like to see a flywheel powered airplane model...takes about 9 minutes on the ground to spin it up...and it only flies for around 4 minutes."

I guess if you remove the propeller the flywheel will spinn for severeal hours?....

Why do ou need need 9 minutes to spin up the flywheel ?
What is the weight of the flywheel ?
What is the total weight of the airplane including the flywheel ?
What is the radius of the flywheel ?
What are the initial RPMs?

ole Blake said...

For civil inquires,
my email is listed on the old Steorn forum profile.

Mitch: ignored did not read the reason I am leaving.

I won't give you details but for 150 bucks (USD) I wll build you one...the flywheel just turns the prop,,,still need radio and servos to fly it (9 minutes = 8 minutes to charge the battery for the motor that spins it up. (Can be done at indoors with drememl tool.) and one minute to run it up to speed,
The price icludes prop, flywheel motor and extra bearings but not plane or radio
Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. each one is hand made.
Bye Ya'll, If you want to contact me directly, email is the way to go.

ole Blake

Anonymous said...

Here is a photo of the 8 hour device....


Vardan1899 said...

@ole blake

Thanks for stopping by and helping to set the record straight :)


Anonymous said...

Physics was a required subject when I attended engineering school.



Anonymous said...

"I won't give you details but for 150 bucks (USD) I wll build you one"

No details means no deal.
The same goes for Steorn.

Anonymous said...

blake@"Would you like to see a flywheel powered airplane model..."

How do you control a flywheel powered airplane ?
How much energy is lost in the flywheel when you perform a sharp turn ?
Is the plane able to make any turns at all? What about take off ?

You are pulling som legs here, ole blake ?

Anonymous said...

"Frictionless bearings and a vacuum to minimize air resistance can result in rundown times of 6 months "

8 hours is nothing!!!!

Anonymous said...

For the record:
The photo of the 8 hour device is a record player from Basis Audio.
Price is $150000

Anonymous said...

Hello anonymous,

This is really a strange device.

The question is, if it is not an orbo, what is it ???

bc said...

Anonymous writes...

Here is a photo of the 8 hour device....

That's a record player, you stupid idiot.

maryyugo said...

Don't get me started about "high end perfectionist" audio. The idiot is the person that pays $150,000 for a turntable, not to mention thousands of dollars for a power cord and tens of thousands for speaker wires. That's a totally different sort of scam than overunity but in its own way, just as foolish.

bc said...

Now I think about it, the flywheel powered 'plane sounds pretty unlikely. I've never heard of one, so I googled expecting to find at least some info, but found zip.

If it takes a minute to spin up, that must be quite a lot of mass. A lot of mass is not a good idea for an aeroplane. A battery is charged to drive a motor to spin the flywheel...why not just drive the prop with the motor, and lose the extra mass?? It doesn't really make sense, and the story seems to change on each telling...

I could be wrong, but it doesn't smell right. Of course he could easily prove me wrong, but Blake claims he has the secret, but won't reveal the details. The secret is "better bearings"? I don't think so.

Instead he asks us to send money... Where have we heard this scam before?

An American with a rare sense of irony perhaps? Or is he pulling our leg?

Anonymous said...

Maybe glued a few hundred flies onto his 'flywheel'?

Anonymous said...

The gyroscopic effect of a flywheel capable of sustaining a propeller for any usable length of time would render an airplane un-flyable.

I call Bullshit.

drmike said...

Helicoptors have a lot of gyro problems, and they fly. Run a "pushy - pully" with two props running front and back with two flywheels counter rotating and there's no problem with torque.

It is physically possible. But it ain't easy.

Anonymous said...

Quite right, DrMike.

However, two counter-rotating flywheels still resist changes in direction and the weight of the flywheel capable of sustaining a propeller would make for a VERY heavy plane.

Still seems like BS to me. But just like Steorn, it would be easy to prove the assertions. But just like Steorn, no proof is offered.

So I still call BS. Be happy to be proved wrong, but it's not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Just read the FreeEnergyTruth blog.

Even Blake says his rig spins down. What part of self sustaining do these people not get. If anyone has a device that is generating excess power, with no load it will speed up until it spalls, not slows down and stop. Best of luck to all who seek free energy but for Christ sake, quit claiming that you have the Holy Grail of free energy until it can support it's own rotation without a power drill.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just got here.. did I miss anything?


So, are you saying that going up in quality (and often, price) has no effect on the net reproduction quality of an analog audio system? You couldn't really mean that.. that's just absurd.


maryyugo said...

"So, are you saying that going up in quality (and often, price) has no effect on the net reproduction quality of an analog audio system? You couldn't really mean that.. that's just absurd."

Hey, anonymous, try reading what I wrote! I never said that.

First, it has nothing to do with whether or not the system is analog or digital. Second, it's not about the *system* quality (although expensive systems are often vastly over rated and even more overpriced for the small if any marginal benefits they have).

My post had to do with blantant "audio quackery". In someone else's words: " the "high-end" audio/visual market that is chock full of spurious claims, services, devices, and gimmicks." All extremely costly, I might add.

For example, a $1000 line cord is placed in series with 100 miles of transmission lines and ordinary wall wiring. Exactly how does that work?

A $695 walnut knob on the volume control and a $50 felt tip marker to magically improve CD's. How do those work?

My favorite? $1800 (or much much more) for speaker cables that have been shown through double blind tests to be indistinguishable from a $5 piece of #10 heavy duty line cord. Those tests are rare and hard to find in high end audio magazines because the crappola artists who sell this woowoo bullshit don't like to see the results.

Speaker and video cables are the most obvious flummery but the same companies also sell grossly overdesigned and even more grossly overpriced amplifiers, various switching, filters and control devices, and of course turntables that cost more than a yacht.

A summary of current audio scams (click the link)

If you don't get it by now, please go see Sean for some stock in Steorn. In any case, it's way off topic for this thread.

Vardan1899 said...

I guess we are OT now ;-)

@Dr. Mike
"It is physically possible. But it ain't easy."

"Computers" make it easy...

Remote RC control makes it safe. It shows what the basic machine is capable of!!!

Here is the Steorn demo version. :D


Vardan1899 said...

"The photo of the 8 hour device is a record player from Basis Audio. "

Yes... This one:

So there is zero evidence to support the Blake claim... worse yet, the little evidence there is not only appears fake, but perhaps deliberately false...

So the claims of Steorn are not only still at "zero", they seem to be going "less than" zero now...


Anonymous said...

"Helicoptors have a lot of gyro problems, and they fly. Run a "pushy - pully" with two props running front and back with two flywheels counter rotating and there's no problem with torque."

The rotor of a helicopter has very little inertia for its size. The rotational speed of a helicopter rotor is very slow compared to that of a gyroscope. The mass at the circumference of a helicopter rotor is very small compared to that of a gyroscope.
A helicopter has an engine and can therefore aford to loose some energy when it is moving around.
A flywheel powered airplane is something completly different than an engine powered helicopter.

I am worried about the gyroscopic, effect of the flywheel not the torgue of the rotor.

What is the weight and RPM of the flywheel ? Can the material handle the rotational forces ? What is the energy needed to fly the plane ? What is the energy needed to overcome the gyroscopic effects ? How sharp turns can the plane make ?

Tim said...

I found the comments from "ole Blake" to be quite amusing. Frankly I'm surprised that Mary Yugo let him off the hook so easily.

Blake is your typical "good old boy" free energy inventor. They are almost always older men with little or no formal engineering education, the lack of which they often seem to treat almost as a badge of honor. Some of them are quite sincere but deluded about what they think they've discovered. Others are simply harmless B.S. artists who enjoy the attention they get from spinning tall tales about their irreproducible inventions.

Go take a look at the Steorn forum, find the Diode Array thread, and read Charlie Brown's posts. Brown and Blake are cut from the same cloth. Right now Brown is in hog heaven with the attention he's getting while persuading the latest batch of suckers to try and replicate his nonsensical invention.

If Blake's anecdotal blather is the best that Sean can do in terms of "confirmation" of the Orbo, then all I can say is that Sean is not only a fraud, he's an incompetent one at that.

Anonymous said...

It's been more than two months since the failed demo. There never was an orbo, there never will be, and Ole'Blake is an ole pathological liar.
Sean, your career is kaput.
Thanks bye.

Anonymous said...

Well SteornTracker, looks like the Steorn Circus is finally breathing it's last breath.

Sean MIA. No new demo. Some crackpot with a flywheel aeroplane. Fewer and fewer post here or at Steorn. Nutjob preachers, insomniac tinkerers and Omnibots seem to be all that is left of this sad joke called Steorn.

What a way to waste a year.

I wonder what the dehydrated Africans make of all this? Maybe they all shaved their heads in support of Steorn.

Bring on the next charlatan scam, this ones gasping on the shore like a dying mackerel.

Anonymous said...

"Bring on the next charlatan scam, this ones gasping on the shore like a dying mackerel."

"'E's not pinin'! 'E's passed on! This parrot is no more! He has ceased to be! 'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker!

'E's a stiff! Bereft of life, 'e rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed 'im to the perch 'e'd be pushing up the daisies!
'Is metabolic processes are now 'istory! 'E's off the twig!
'E's kicked the bucket, 'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Well SteornTracker, looks like the Steorn Circus is finally breathing it's last breath.

They sure haven't shown anything except a botched demo.

But why is the spdc still in operation? I have heard rumors that Sean himself has even posted there recently and answered questions!

drmike said...

Check out the thread:
called "Orbo Limericks".

It's really funny.

Thicket said...

The limericks thread is quite good. I chuckled at a number of them.

The Steorn forums are good for the occasional laugh, especially when a small number of truly outrageous space cadets post their ludicrous but very entertaining fractured physics.

Other than that, things are really dead.

maryyugo said...

Looking back at the original video, the call for an unnecessary "jury", and all the bullshit pronouncements by MacCarthy that never made sense, it was dead from the original announcement. The main thing spicing it up for me was the promise of a demo in July. I just couldn't imagine what swindle they were going to pull because there are so many candidate possibilities (from hidden batteries to air blasts to who knows?)! Well, we know how that went -- they didn't even bother. And then, I suppose, that Dr. Mike was going all the way to London was interesting and the psychology of the believers and moderators made me also mildly curious. How is it that people believe nonsense that is so easily and quickly tested or disproved?

The only things remaining of interest to me now? What was the original intention and how could it have been so monumentally botched, whatever it was. And finally, I have a small interest in seeing the perps brought to justice. If the Tilley caper is any sign, that won't happen.

A friend of mine tells me a powerful US agency (actually several) is on the trail of another fragrant scam involving the homeland safety industry with something as silly as overunity from magnets but much more dangerous. Unfortunately, that's all he would tell me at the moment.

Of course there are new scams all the time. Scams like those perpetrated by Perendev, Bedini, Bearden, Goldes, Lee, and many many more. At the moment, someone calling themselves Lodewijk is regaling the credulous on the Steorn forum with a tale of 20 years development of overunity devices in Mexico-- never mind that his story isn't even internally consistent, his characters act with less sense than a scantily dressed heroine in a Hollywood horror movie and nothing about it is in any way believable. Hey, he has a video!

The world could use a good web site containing a list of the scams and explaining why each is phony. Actually, Sterling Alans' wiki is a good start-- most of what he highlighted as good news in the past were rank scams. But he's more cautious now (at least a little) and he mixes the good stuff indiscriminately with the scams so it's not all that useful. I'd make such a web site but it's thankless work for the most part.

Knuckles O'Toole said...

Steorn makes no sense either as a legitimate business or a scam. In both cases the operation seems terribly flawed. In both cases they will run out of money fairly soon so the endgame cannot be that far off. In both cases their tactic for generating new money is non existent. The inclusion of Kinetica makes no sense either. Nothing makes any sense for that matter.

It is an enigma and that is the only compelling aspect. Bearden and the others are obvious scams but at least they appear as successful scams. There is nothing successful about Steorn from the demo forwards or backwards.

It is just amazing how the thing just keeps going on now without any input from Sean to keep the momentum.

This jury thing is the most bizarre aspect as OU can be tested by numerous people/organizations in a very short time. Some guy named Kraft stated that his involvement in the SPDC indicates to him that the process is a very, very long one. I have herd of long cons but this is beyond the pale.

So after a year of getting nothing the question of "why" lingers as ever.

Vardan1899 said...

@Free Energy Tracker
"Steorn's perpetual motion claims are extraordinary. They've raised millions from investors, and 2007 is the year that this will all change the world or Steorn will fall apart. Which will it be? Find out here first."

It's mid September now... Steorn needs a miracle even bigger than free energy now...

On the bright side, "They've raised millions from investors" YES!! :P

Anonymous said...

Actually there is a way that this whole sordid story can make some sense: Sean & band of idiots lose control of their company, which is subsequently going bankrupt ass-over-teakettle, while some fool experiments with inventing a mini windmill to power a CC camera to watch an ATM, for some bizarre foolish fuckin reason. Sean is faced with a dilemma: do I dissolve this fucking mess, and try to get an honest job, or do I go ahead and tell...

Yup that's what he did. With like 74 euros left to the name of the company, they decided to tell THE BIG LIE: a lie so "colossal" that no one would believe that someone "could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously".

It answers one of the original boggles: why the Economist, of all the rags in the world, to run the ad? Simple: they were the only magazine that wasn't "on the ball" enough that day to actually refuse to run it. Everybody else they pitched it to told 'em to fuck off! Even the Economist had to issue an off-hand apology later on, in the form of an editorial about free energy scams, for its buttheaded mistake.

And this kind of technique snowballs big time, at least for awhile. Hitler used it to take over the entire country, for Chrissakes! Organized religion uses this technique to continue to persist, THOUSANDS of years after the Big Lie. All sorts of other scamsters continue to use it. Caveat Emptor: there are lots & lots of Big Liars out there.

Now that Sean has got the money he can ride this as long as he wants. He will never admit failure; that was never the point, DESPITE what he said "we will publish all results no matter what they say". You really thought he was going to publish something?

You are a naive sucker.

Self included BTW... sigh!

15-India-Street said...

"The limericks thread is quite good. I chuckled at a number of them."

Well, I can't look, my IP is banned from their servers :-)

Anonymous said...

Sean is getting comptetion :

Anonymous said...

"Sean is getting comptetion :"

Not really. This guy isn't claiming to magicaly make energy from nothing. Sean claim in magic.

Also this guys technology isn't very efficient. He has to put in a lot more energy then he gets out.

Anonymous said...

I think this forum should start to focus on other "free energy" claims. Steorn is dead.

Had it not been for idiots that "invested" in Steorn they would have had to close their doors 3 years ago. Sean would have had to get a real job.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about the limericks thread. You have to stay on top of it as some get purged. Someone had a thin skin about this one,

There was an old woman called Crank
Who was built like a big Sherman tank
She went to see Sean
Who sold her on Steorn
Which shows she's as thick as a plank

There was another good (if rude) one on Grant too.

maryyugo said...


"Well, I can't look, my IP is banned from their servers :-) "

Oh-- that's easy to fix. You can use an anonymous web based proxy server. There are many but one I tested recently is: (link)

The page is in French however all you have to do is to paste the Steorn (or any) URL you want to go to in their address blank. Or you can use this direct through-proxy link to the Steorn forum (click here)

You can see exactly how the proxyserver changes your apparent ISP of origin here: at (link). Access that site first directly and then through your anonymous proxy and you can watch the ISP numbers change. Of course Steorn could block that proxy's ISP too but I checked and they didn't. I suggest using that for READ ONLY-- I'm not even sure it provides for posting but if it does, I wouldn't use it that way. If they block that one, there are literally dozens of others-- just google "anonymous web based proxy server" (no quotes).

I did not detect popups, viruses or spyware in the above sites but my system is pretty well protected as yours should be.

As for the guy who's "burning" the water, he's actually burning hydrogen which is somehow released by immense amounts of RF energy he pours into it. The system must have huge losses which, of course, he ignores. And then don't get me started on Dr. Rustum Roy. He may be a genius in highly specific areas of material science but he's a dunce about almost everything else-- he actually supports homeopathy which is perhaps the common denominator of stupidity in the entire universe of some pretty stupid claims for "alternative" medicine.

As Dean Edell says, "There is no such a thing as alternative medicine. Just medicine that works, and medicine that doesn't." There's no reason to think homeopathy would work and no credible evidence to show that it does-- but Roy "believes" in it. He's as flaming a nut case as the "burning water" (IMHO of course).

aiema said...

Glad you liked my Crank limerick. At least now I have the distinction of getting banned under two ID's.

Anonymous said...


You got banned for that?


Too funny.

zpe said...

We should start a free speech limericks thread here!

I'll start:

There once was a lad named Sean
'e was 'bout to be tossed to the 'gators
So 'e crossed the pond and told a big one
Now 'e injoys the support of 'es moderators!

Anonymous said...

I was going to post this at Steorn,
On this most beautiful morn',
But the mods with no humor,
Would treat it as tumor,
And excise it with much scorn.

Sean claimed to have energy gain,
There was to be riches and fame,
Many explanations he tried,
Babcat insisted, "Sean never lied",
Now we all think he's quite insane.

Thicket said...

The Orbo it just sat phlegmatic
No motion, completely dead, static.
But what Sean had missed
Drink Guinness, get pissed
Then Orbo would spin quite erratic.

If you remember, Steorn employees left the failed Kinetica demonstration very quickly and went to the pub. They knew that a few hours at the pub was the only way to get Orbo to spin.

Anonymous said...

@Anon: "There was another good (if rude) one on Grant too."

There once was a wanker named Grant
Who certainly knew how to rant.
From his mouth he did spit
The most ludicrous shit.
And his logic was nothing but scant.

Magnatrix said...

There once was an admin, named 'Trixie
who inhailed the dust of a pixie
The Demo did die
She'd mud in her eye
but continued on whistling-dixie

Anyone who thinks that I don't have a sense of humour, is wrong; dead wrong :-P