Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dr. Mike Sv Experiment Update

While the experiment is still an on-going process, Dr. Mike has provided everyone with a lot of data to keep those interested busy :-). ramuk has published screen shots of excel graphs of the raw data to give us an idea of what we're looking at:

drmike: I'll take a few more blocks of data this evening if I can, then start to think about signal processing.
I'm still at a loss as to how this data may show a loss of energy and a violation of CoE, but I'm not a physicist ;-).


drmike said...

I'm not sure we can find an Sv signal either, but this is indirectly related to Steorn's claim. The data looks pretty clean now, so I think some heavy duty signal processing can glean useful info about the system.

The bearings can be subtracted, the mechanical vibrations can be subtracted, the coupling between x, y and z axies can be determined and full trajectories can be found for the magnet attached to the arm. The forces are pretty obvious in the accelerometer data, and I can move the magnetometers around once we figure out good places and the right size.

Once we've got all that, a few hundred sets of data may tell us something interesting. I don't see how an Sv loss can be turned into a gain though, but like some of the students here suggested - if you multiply two negatives you get a positive, so we just have to multiply an Sv loss with a heat loss and we get a net gain!

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

Anonymous said...

You seem so meek on the official forum, and so cheeky and undercutting here, Dr. Mike. At least, that's my observation.

So, which audience are your pandering to?

Quanten said...

I disagree with your observation "anonymous". But it is a matter of opinion.

*But* even if what you think you observe on drmike character was true, think about it : Drmike really want to make the experiment, so in such case to be a bit more "mellow" to coerce Steorn into agreeing to show him the gizmo / invite him is LOGICAL. You know the old proverb ? You can't attract fly with vinegar.

Now seeing that you are writing in a way to attack drmike as far as I can see, my analyze is that you are not here to discuss the experiment.

Which audience are you "pandering" to Mr Anonymous ? By the way was it sooooo difficult to click one button above "anonymous" and leave your name ? Especially if you are frequenting the Steorn forum ?
On /. those people are called "anonymous coward" (which is kind of paradoxal if you think about it but this is a matter of discussion for another post ;)).

Anonymous said...

Hi, anonymous coward here.

You are right; I am definitely not here to discuss Dr. Mike's experiment. I am here to make an observation about Dr. Mike having read MANY posts by him, both here and on the official forum.

It is indeed logical for him to be agreeable with Steorn in order to get his trip to London, and his moment in the spotlight. But to my way of thinking that is inconsistent with the "truth" in the "Patience, persistence, truth" credo.

If I am pandering to an audience then I suppose I am pandering to the "speak your mind and don't misrepresent your beliefs" crowd. If you don't believe Steorn's claims then say so, but don't be sugary on the Steorn site while at the same time you are over here, making snarky comments.

Thicket said...

@anonymous coward

Drmike is a skeptic. He doesn't believe Steorn's claims and has said so.

Of course it's easier for you to pretend not to know that and stir the pot.

Come back when you have something of substance to say. Trolls have a happier home on the Steorn forums.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I wouldn't say I was trolling. Merely making an observation.

"Come back when you have something of substance to say."

All the epistemological discussions have been had. If any of us really had anything of substance to say we wouldn't be biding our time in these forums, would we? This pot gets awfully stagnant if not stirred. Especially now.

But, you wouldn't know anything about stirring pots, would you Thicket?

Still anonymous

drmike said...

Hi anonymous!

You are absolutely correct. I can call you any name I like here, but over on Steorn I'd be much more polite!

Set and setting are important in all cultures. All cultures have specific taboos associated with specific activities. Why should the net be any different?

There are times and places for everything. Understanding that requires a refined sense of culture. I hope you can learn that some day.


Anonymous said...

"I hope you can learn that some day."

Harrumph. I shift for setting all the time. But who doesn't? The mere fact that you acknowledge that you do the same garners you points in my (irrelevant) book. So, kudos. :)

I guess what I'm saying is that if you think this is a bunch of horse&hit then why not just say so there (Steorn) as well as here (tracker)? In your boots I'd gladly take the flight to the British isles and strike a dutiful grin on my face. Would but that I had the appropriate credentials!

"I hope you can learn that some day." Is this not the place where we grab each other behind the head and wrastle in the dust? I'm just throwing some sand in your eye, is all. We are not in a church, after all, but on a blog where MANY claims have been laid down.

Who gives a damn? Anyway - I get your message. You acknowledge that you're modulating your behavior appropriate to the scenario. It's the acknowledgment I care about, because it identifies that at least your being honest with your "patient readers" as well as your self. Of course, none of this matters a whit.

If you've got the guts to acknowledge you're working the situation, I hope, and am confident, you'll have the courage to wave a flag when you see something that truly baffles you.

Like inexplicable OU. So, pull on your t-shirt, wave your Dr. Mike flag, hammer away, scratch your head, and tell the truth.

Remember though, at the end of the day, this truth is too important to hedge with an audience in mind.

Cheers and regards,

Still anonymous

James said...

DrMike, don't try and hide from the fact that this person called you out and is absolutely correct.

You post one way on the steorn forum and another way here.

I'm looking very foward to see that smug look captured for eternity when the cameras start rolling though, what a great effect that will provide for the documentary.

Tundrabog said...


I think some believers are motivated by science envy. They have this fervent fantasy about all the stuffy and ignorant scientists that will be amazed by the Steorn free-energy technology. They relish the thought of scientists being made to look stupid.

Too bad it's just delusion and jealousy. Instead of slamming science, maybe they should spend some time learning it.

ben said...


Taking a strong line about Steorns scam over on their boards gets you banned.
I think he is just being pragmatic.