Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dr. Mike's First Data, Sean Visits the Forum

Dr. Mike announced here that he has published the first set of experimental data to his website:

First data is uploaded. It's just accelerometer data, packed in a zip file. Let me know if there are problems, this is really just a test run. I've got to add magnets and magnetometers yet.
Also today, Sean chimed in on the "Why hasn't Sean posted any comments for the past two weeks" discussion:
As for the not posting in a while, its pretty simple, have been buried at work and had the flu, sorry its a bit mundane, but true.
He also answered Ping's question on Steorn Nominees:
Ping, agreed on the company structure, and we are preparing to restructure Steorn towards the end of the year, but as I said before in here Steorn Nominees is not for that purpose, it was a vehicle that we used to co-invest into Orbo Ltd. (nothing to do with our technology), it serves no other purpose at all.


drmike said...

Just uploaded an actual Sv run. I'll try to make plots out of it all during this week when I get a chance. Should be fun now that things are up and running. It's play time!

Anonymous said...

Just exactly what business is it of Pings anyway? He's lucky he's even still allowed on the forum.

I would ban him and his 20 odd multiple troll aliases. What kind of trust can you put in the opinion of someone like this.


Anonymous said...

OMG the Steorn board is so dead. I haven't ever seen it this bad. Sean has only stuck his head in once over the last three weeks, and then only to throw out a few posts. The July demo better be good or the forum will die.

Anonymous said...

I noticed ping mention on the Steorn forum that FizzX is an independent forum.

I just thought i would point out that it's not entirely independent. The domain originally belonged to Crank and may still do for all i know or care, Magnatrix is a mod or admin at least and post's have certainly been deleted for reasons other than being offensive.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

I guess it is winding down. Steorn either does a very convincing demostration in the first week of July, or the forum is done.

It is way to slow. Nothing is going on.

Anonymous said...

fizzx has nothing to do with crank and never did

drmike said...

Check out ramuk's plots. I hope he uses some of blue_energy's modified data so we can see things around a zero point average.

I got some work to do to make it more stable, but for a first run it's pretty good. Should not be too hard to fix up over the next week.

nleseul said...

Nothing is going on that you can see, you mean. For all we know, it's such a flurry of activity at the Docklands Innovation Park that no one at Steorn has any time to post. ;-)

Anonymous said...

WRONG - I saw her post where she had bought the site for some venture but it ended up not being used so she offered the use of it to Babcat et al.

Jonathan said...

Of course the forum is dead. People can only put up with absolutely nothing for so long. I predict that this July thing will shake people up for a few weeks then things will die down for another 6 months until Steorn finally comes back w/ some results.

Anonymous said... and are registered by Agnes Davey. Seems to me that Crank is the owner of
Doesnt sound like independent to me....

Check it out for yourself :

15-India-Street said...
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Anonymous said...

FizzX is/was Crank's domain as you can see here:

Crank post on steorn

Anonymous said... and are registered by Agnes Davey.
On you will see the name of Cranks daughter. The daughter's last name is Davey....

ben said...


"fizzx has nothing to do with crank and never did"

I think you're wrong:

This would indicate that crank controls the domain.

I agree that Steorn has ceased to be interesting.
The July demo should be good for a chuckle though, I might even stop in for a closer look if I'm down in London while it's on.
drmikes experiment is quite fun, I haven't seen any papers showing magnetic viscosity in a such a mechanical setup.

Tundrabog said...

The forums are indeed dead right now. Folks are waiting for something to happen. I agree that there'll be a flurry of activity with the July demo, but it will be short-lived. Steorn may or may not care too much about the forums. They likely only care about continuing to collect investor money.

15-India-Street said...
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MrPlant said...

Ping -

Great idea!

If the July demo is successful though, I'd bet most all will be spending their time trying to replicate the demo. You remember the last time we were shown a working device!(K-Toy)

I still think the demo will give some new clues since Sean said it would be "revealing" when asked about the color, etc. My take was that at least part of device would be clear as in plexiglass

Anonymous said...

Ben said:

"I agree that Steorn has ceased to be interesting."

That'll be why you're talking about them just now then eh?

Anonymous said...

A paper on what Ping? Proving that Magnetic viscosity exists? Are you now completely brain dead from inhaling too many toxic fumes? Try looking at some of the papers in the magnetic references thread.
I think you'll find this has been tested every way except friday. You might even learn something, although I understand that's not the point for you.
The problem is the crazy claim from(steorn), that every one just missed it.
Please go back to your financial brainiac analysis or come back with an interesting theory. Really, that's all we ask. Try to be clever, entertaining and original. That's your job. You're failing and improvements are needed before you can be promoted to moron.

Anonymous said...

How could the july demo possibly be proven legit? There are 100%s of ways to hide battery power to the demo device. If the device is under Steorn's control then this is a waste of time. "Wohoo! looks it works!!" meanwhile power cells hidden in the framework get the job done. Steorn rakes in new publicity, 20 million in additional funding and they all disappear into the night..

drmike said...

New block of data uploaded to my web page:

The first duplicates the previous run but the accelerometer is glued down, and the second run is with ferrite on the base instead of a PM. That's to duplicate sonoboy's boiled magnet experiments.

All previous Sv experiments are done in static conditions. If we can get free energy from dynamic conditions, it'd be worth a paper or two. Don't hold your breath! :-)

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

Anonymous said...

GOOD LORD, this subject is getting so damn boring. To me it’s like watching movie that halfway into it you realize it’s bad but still you have to see how the crap ends.

15-India-Street said...
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Anonymous said...

"Steorn Apr 14th 2007

icuken:Sean, sorry for asking again.
What is the cycle timeperiod for the start/stop device?

Well obviously it depends on the config, they can be pretty fast,
I do not know off the top of my head, sorry. "

Sean has been working on this for 3 years and can not "remember" the cycle time of the device...
If Sean had said that he doesnt want to answer the question I would accept that, but I do not accept that he answer "dont remember".

JTerry said...

@Ping and Dr. Mike

Enjoyed your comments Ping. I think your a right on the mark in suggesting a publication if Dr. Mike's experiments add something new to the field of science. After all, it is my understanding that science progresses in such fashion. This, of course, would be unlike the Steorn approach, which is to obfuscate, hide, and rely on the ready cadre of believers.

It is worth noting, however, that when this issue of Dr. Mike's experiment was originally proposed, Sean did not say that what Dr. Mike is testing formed the basis for their technology. In fact, I think somewhere he expressely said it was not. While I enjoy reading the progress of the experiment (although I do not have the technical background to understand all of it), could this not be a red herring? Is it a convenient way to distract the skeptics and buy some time?

drmike said...


Yes, it is a diversion. But it comes from some papers that Steorn finally sent to me. They are propiatary though, and I wanted to find a way to describe the fundamental physics without disclosing any of their technology.

So the idea of this experiment is to show the basic physics without showing how it can be applied. Obviously, smart people can figure out how to apply the physics, but you'd think Steorn is advanced enough over the past 3 years that they have all the patent paper work well in hand.

So Steorn has nothing to worry about in terms of their secrets and technology and the rest of us can learn how it might be possible that their claim has any validity.

I don't think it'll be publishable, and I sure don't want to take the time and effort required to publish something I'd be proud of. I've got several publications (you can see the list from a link at the bottom of my web page) so I've go a clue what it takes to do a good job.

This is fun, and now I've got a tool I can take with me to London which I know can examine what Steorn puts up. In addition, everyone here knows what the tool does and will be able to compare Steorn's device to something I've done.

I still need to order those security bits though....

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

Anonymous said...

[ Sean has been working on this for 3 years and can not "remember" the cycle time of the device...
If Sean had said that he doesnt want to answer the question I would accept that, but I do not accept that he answer "dont remember". ]

email snippet (do not ask for source)

"Cut Jordy some slack. He's an actor and sometimes actors are ill prepared, but overall he is doing a fantastic job and working very hard. He was out for two weeks recently doing some work on a short film. The film will not be released for another 6 months and his Steorn gig is up in 1 month so good timing.. Yes, to answer your question we are good mates. It is no easy task pretending to run a company, he is insanely stressed! If you could only see some of his emails to me, they are full on."

Anonymous said...

Well, but it can't be Jordy Cernik, can it? He has the chin, though...