Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Magnatrix Sees the Goods

Update: This thread has been removed from the forum

Today Magnatrix, one of the forum administrators, claimed on the forum that she has seen a "webfile" of the orbo running for a little bit of time, I'm assuming either it was a video or live webcast:

Magnatrix: The fact is the demo will happen.

How can I be so certain? Because I've seen the product.

pcstru4: And did it demonstrate OU, this product?

Magnatrix: That is a difficult one to answer...
I did not see it running long enough ( imho), not that it stopped or anything, it's just that this was via a webfile.
and since I don't have one in my hands yet, I could not state unequivocally that this is OU.... however, I do strongly believe that it is; (or rather will-be when I get one)
And I see no point in having a demonstration in such a public venue, making such claims, if it were not.
No more answers from me about Orbo...
either go to London yourselves, read what Dr. Mike has to say about it, &/or watch the broadcasts (:cool:)


Anonymous said...

Is the SPDC getting a little dull? There have been a lot of the SPDC crew slumming in the public forum of late.

So Magnatrix got to see a vid of the Orbo? Is that the 550bhp version? Continuous motion or start/stop? Is the London Demo going to be this vid?

Father Luke Duke said...

"Is the SPDC getting a little dull? There have been a lot of the SPDC crew slumming in the public forum of late."
Perhaps Sean is being slow in revealing the secrets of the universe to them.

Mags is so confident as she saw a "webfile" (whatever that is) of the device. The fact that there are hundreds of "webfiles" on youtube showing apparent perpetual motion machines doesn't seem to concern her.

I wonder what we will see in London, though perhaps more tellingly what will DrMike get to see?

Anonymous said...

The last 2 threads are not in the Steorn forum anymore.... somebody must have deleted them...

Magnatrix said...

What I have seen is the first product that will be sold after Validation day... not whatever the planned demonstration item(s) is/are

Anonymous said...

Come now....we've been over this before.

The term is 'hidden' not 'deleted'.

I think someone realized that they pulled a 'Gaby' and hid it.


Anonymous said...

Link to forum is broken here...

Anonymous said...

Magnatrix -

Was it continous motion?


Anonymous said...

"Mary" has just asked me

why an entire thread was removed from discussion

well Mary, Threads are often removed from viewing here. It can be for several reasons ( you didn't ask which thread). It maybe that it was nothing about the topic anymore ( as this one seems to, it could be that a thread has digressed into just bickering. It might be that there is some nasty whispers ( & I/we) don't feel like trying to step in and end the fight. It could be that there is sensitive information, which just keeps being repeated in quotes ( again editting is time consumming), it might be that the subject either violates the TOS, or is simply not something appropriate for this forum.


Which of the above reasons would apply in this case?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is the Steorn forum down?


It's the MIB.

other anon said...

With all the disappearing threads and people, the Steorn forum looks like a eastern bloc revival party. I'm still not sure if it's a social experiment or a scam. I think the probability is 10/90.

Anonymous said...

have you ever been to any other forums?
The adminustraters at steorn seem very mild in comparrison to what's out there.
okay so there is a couple of threads deleted.. well boohoo, go cry to yur mamma.

maryyugo said...

Hi Anonymous.

Perhaps you're not aware of it but a censored forum, especially when the reason for removing specific posts is neither announced nor discussed, is a very strong indicator of rank fraud. Why else would conflicting dicussions about the company's announcements and pronouncements be deleted? Can you think of a single good reason other than hiding?

maryyugo said...

By the way, I took the unusual precaution of saving most of the last thread I participated in, thinking it might do a disappearing act. It was entitled "Skeptics: Put your "money" where your mouth is" and I will repost it in full, as far as I saved it, in a blog which I will announce here, as soon as I have to do the job -- might be a day or two. You can see how harmless the stuff is that Steorn's admins delete. Now why do you think they do that? A surplus of honesty perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I think the root of the problem is that threads disappear with no explanation. There may well be good reason to delete a thread but if that reason is unknown by the masses then it appears to be an arbitrary decision. This was pointed out long ago but for whatever reason the mods don't seem to feel inclined to explain their actions. IIRC the concerns were summarily ignored in the past as evidenced by the continued lack of explanation when a thread vanishes.

nleseul said...

You know, I might be willing to take thread deletion as indicative of a scam if:

* There were a consistent pattern of threads expressing serious dissent being deleted (which there isn't), and
* The person usually responsible for deleting these threads were actually involved in the scam (which she isn't).

There are a couple instances of this behavior that worry me a bit—like the deletion of a good Noether's Theorem thread by HK specifically by Sean without much explanation—but the most recent deletion events don't seem to be of that nature.

maryyugo said...


The two threads deleted that I participated in contained no threats or name calling. I have no idea why they were deleted. Anyway, there is no need to delete an entire thread when usually there are most a couple of profane or insulting messages.

In the case of the last deletion, you will be able to judge for yourself because I am going to "restore it" to a blog as soon as I have time.

15-India-Street said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Quanten said...

From the earliest of Steorn forum many people were unhappy of the "deleting" post fever and thread hidding. It was told over and over and over this is bad practice.
And people wonder why Steorn looks shaddy.

QUOTE [quote]The adminustraters at steorn seem very mild in comparrison to what's out there. [/quote]
We have a proverb out there : "it is easier to scope a bit of mud than to reach to the star". In other word : comparing yourself to the bottom feeder of the forum isn't a good way to put you into good light. You have to compare with the top half of the forum, and most of them say WHY they censor post or delete thread.

Anonymous said...

@ Mary
it is very obvious why the first thread was deleted; it was nothing but squables and entirely off topic.

The second thread that you cited is still there.

if your job is to go around and cause dissention ( as I see you are on several energy forums as well as some porn sites!!??)
then you are doing a great job at it.
after all, if you can't debunk the tech, ( since there is no evidence for you to do that), at least you can stir up some trouble for the admins :-P

other anon said...

The second thread that you cited is still there.

No, it's not.

other anon said...

Now the thread is back, but it's sunk, closed and it looks like something is missing...

maryyugo said...

The second thread is again present here: but it's now locked. I see no reason why an administrator would freeze it. Do you?

I don't recall all the details of the thread that seems to be permanently removed-- it was here: . It was entitled "All Great Truths begin as Blasphemies". In that thread, Sean wrote: "We are not planning any futher ads at this stage, we will annonce the details only on the day it goes live, its going to be lots of fun, it will be interesting from my point of view just to watch the analysis of what is going to happen. I am already aware of people planning to bring IR cameras and all kinds of test equipment, so on-line may be the best place to watch (however there is only one place were you can get the T-Shirts and thats in the venue - and yes they are free, just like the energy!)."

If I remember right, this was also the thread where the reason for scheduling the July demo as they did was to coincide was some entertainment events so that Steorn would get more media attention. If that's the thread (there are so many), I pointed out that it is beyond silly to suggest that publicity for a real free energy discovery would need to ride the coattails of some entertainment event. I also said that giving away T-shirts was a stupid way to trivialize the event. I mean--really: you need a T-shirt giveaway to cause attention for something that would, if it existed, revolutionize the entire world's way of doing just about everything?

Trivializing their discovery that way is what a lot of scammers do-- perhaps subconsciously because they really know they have nothing.

I'm not sure that was the thread but I think so. From now, I am going to save any thread on the Steorn forum in which I participate and if they remove it, I am going to place it in a blog. If everyone did that, it would cure them of their deletion addiction pretty quickly, IMHO.

As to Steorn's merits, if they screw around with trivia again in July and show nothing of value, as they have done for the last four years, I think this time their credibility will be over with everyone except the most die hard and gullible believers.

maryyugo said...

Oh... and I am not on "porn sites". I frequent because of the lively discussions of current events, humor and entertainment. It is indeed an uncensored environment (how refreshing) and porn is sometimes linked to it but it's unfair (and silly) to describe it as a "porn site". If you'd bother to search for my contributions, you'll see that for the most part, they are as far away from porn as one can get (though I have no problem with people who like quality "porn").

"Anonymous" (original name, that one) also noted that I participate in other energy forums. I like to expose scams wherever I can and there are sure a lot of pernicious and wasteful ones "out there".

I also helped a little to publicize other people's actual exposure of the Sniffex "explosive detector" scam which work (the other people's) can be found here and here.

I firmly believe Steorn is also some sort of scam --probably in the end, it will be a large, fragrant, and nasty one. I also predict that nothing of any persuasive value whatever will be shown by Steorn in July and nobody will learn anything new except maybe how to get a free T-shirt in exchange for travelling to London. I guess we'll see soon, won't we?

I wonder what the believers will say when the July demo shows nothing credible of consequence.

Anonymous said...

This is the comment that was 'hidden' in the "Money" thread. I will reserve my judgement on this kind of behavior until the mod responsible has a chance to explain.....

* maryyugo
* CommentTime40 minutes ago

Perhaps you forgot but I did specify which thread. Here's the entire conversation (sorry no time to remove the forum codes)

CommentAuthormaryyugo to Magnatrix CommentTime1 day ago edited edit permalinkquote
Hi all.

Anyone know why this discussion below is no longer available? The message returned is:

"Some problems were encountered
The requested discussion could not be found." here:

CommentAuthorMagnatrix to you CommentTime1 day agoWhisper back permalinkquote
because it's been removed from viewing
CommentAuthormaryyugo to Magnatrix CommentTime1 day ago edit permalinkquote
Oh... thanks. If you know, WHY?


By the way the Google cache is your friend. Or not.

Magnatrix said...

Hey anonymous
that post by mary is still there, it just that since it was addressed to me and was based entirely on whispers, I re-whsiperized it & addressed it to me.
( just because you can't see something, doesn't mean that it has been removed entirely)

Mary, I do apologise, that I hadn't seen the final post of " why?" until you reposted it...
not that I would have necessarily answered anyway.
I do suggest that you re-read the Terms of Service contract that you agreed to. Posting steorn forum content verbatim on other sites is a direct violation. Thank You

maryyugo said...

Oh, I don't have even to bother to post the deleted thread (the REALLY deleted one). It's mostly or entirely in google's cache... for a first example here. and here. and probably lots of other places too.

You see, Magnatrix, once something is on the internet, it's pretty much there to stay.

Anyway... I am tired of all the irrelevant bickering and silly side arguments and censorship on Steorn's forum. It adds to the impression that they really have nothing to show. Like I said before, it reminds me of trying to argue with those who believe that psychics talk to the dead -- a waste of time.

I'm going to sit back until Steorn does whatever they are going to do in July and then I will have more to say, probably a lot more.

Oh, and BTW and FYI, I am not pennies, Parks or anyone you could likely have ever met or know.

Anonymous said...

Funny what you find when you become curious about why threads are gone.

Read the thread for the context of this quote here,

Steorn - "Ok, the most probable explanation is in fact that we just got it wrong, I could explain for example self sustaining devices without CoE violation. The probability of us being right is in fact very, very slim. However it is a very far cry from this position to fraud. We have done as much as possible to demonstrate this, everything that we do is always weighed against the question of what would those who would cry fraud say about this - and how do we mitigate these cries. We are right or wrong about the technology and the Jury is out on this question!"

Thicket said...

This statement by Sean would be prominently displayed in any kind of fraud case against Steorn.

Sean would say

Sure, we spent millions of investor money, but we said that our chances of success were very, very slim. Unfortunately we were wrong about our technology.


Sean continues

Our fat salaries and bonuses were very appropriate considering the cutting-edge, revolutionary technology we were trying to develop.

... and the gullible believers would clap enthusiastically in support of their fallen hero who fought the brave fight but couldn't beat Mother Nature... this time.

maryyugo said...

Right. But there is a large paper, voice, and video trail of apparent contradictions. Where is the 0.5 watt/cm square? The self-running machine (maybe it's start-stop but it needs no energy to run it)? What were the investors really told? Is there really a jury? There is enough money involved, if some remaining amount can be found, that the lawyers could have a field day. I doubt the disclaimers would save Steorn principals... but then courts are very unpredictable.

Quanten said...

[quote]I do suggest that you re-read the Terms of Service contract that you agreed to. Posting steorn forum content verbatim on other sites is a direct violation. Thank You[/quote]

Really ? I just read the ToS. assuming you are speaking about paragraph 2.4, know what ? I will citate two words (copyright law) : FAIR USE. Even Steorn themselves recognize the right of fair use, which include the right of quoting : [quote]Except as expressly permitted by the copyright laws[/quote].

Furthermore [quote]f any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be struck and the remaining provisions shall be enforced.[/quote] if one live in a country which law allow full quoting on other forum or any form of copy-left, then even if such non-quoting provising EXISTED on the ToS it would be rendered invalid.

The final nail of the coffin is this one : I *I* post something on steorn forum, I only give them perpetual right to hold the post so that they can show it on people and be ok with copyright law with respect for my post , for which I HOLD COPYRIGHT and retain ALL RIGHT to any other forum including this one.

In other word magnatrix, due to fair use, other country law, and self quoting, there is now way in hell a clause of non-quoting on 3rd party would be aplicable. But feel free to spout such non-sense again and again.

Anonymous said...

Something for the Eman fans.

* energyman8
* CommentTimeOct 30th 2006 edited

Great Thread!

But oh shit! It looks like I have been screwed! lol


Thanks for the input on the problems with the back EMF. You see I am an investor in a company who claims they found a way to harness the back EMF providing OU, but after reading the comments here I am thinking I was bamboolzed! Ratz! Oh well, maybe the device will toast bread a better way or something.

In all seriousness thanks for clearing the air on some issues today and have a great week.


They claimed through the circuitry, and also said it ran cold:

The REMAT ™ system contains proprietary circuitry that captures a significant amount of back EMF (electro magnetic flux) that is produced during the motor's operation. By harnessing this otherwise wasted energy, the captured EMF is reintroduced back into the system thereby providing sufficient power to operate the motor. GMC believes this to be a novel application of proprietary circuitry that is a first in electric motor design.

Anonymous said...

Is the Steorn forum shutdown or have they disabled browsing for anonymous users ?

Anonymous said...

What is ?

Registered through:, Inc. (
Domain Name: STEORM.COM
Created on: 23-Aug-06
Expires on: 23-Aug-07
Last Updated on: 23-Aug-06

Anonymous said...

Who is this magnatrixie ?
Have Steorn given her the power to change the access policy of the Steorn forum ? You now have to be registered to read the forum.
But there is just one flaw, I can still read the forum anyway magnatrixie.
I guess Sean has left the building and magnatrixie is holding the fort alone:

"Magnatrix 3 hours ago
Recently I said something on this forum, that I regret.
Although it was true, I realized a little while after saying it, that I probably should not have. ( I'm refering to the validation product, in case you haven't already guessed)
In any case I removed that thread where that was discussed. it would have been difficult to just get rid of each post that came after I revealed that.
There was a lot of bickering in that thread to start with ( which is why I got mad and said what I said) and the thread was entirely off-topic.

I don't feel bad about removing it, it seemed like the correct course of action.
However, I was too late. A certain blogger had already directly quoted me on his blog. I had asked him to remove it, but I don't think that will happen.

In the meantime, it might be interesting to experiment with non-member viewer capabilities here.
if only forum members can see into this forum, then perhaps we can expect a higher level of privacy. This forum truely becomes private.
(and we can be covered under copyright laws)

remember this forum was an "after thought" and many at Steorn felt that it shouldn't exist. Perhaps privacy is the way to go.
I just don't know how I feel about it yet.. lots of other forums are run that way.

I would like you all to think about how you would feel if everything you have said here, might end up on a website out there somewhere, being discussed.
( perhaps you would be attacked for your views)

I have already changed the forum temporarily.
I welcome your thoughts on keeping it this way

" Mags " :-) "

Anonymous said...

"Back EMF" represents energy losses. GMC tried to convince people they could turn this loss into usefull energy.
Viscosity represents lost energy too, and Steorn is trying to convince people that they can turn this loss into usefull energy.
A long list of typical words describing this sort of business comes to my mind.....

Anonymous said...

Has Sean said all this ? :
"What we've said is that from the day we issued the advert until the day the results are coming in, we will not commercialise in anyway. We will not sell shares in the company (we've had hundreds of offers). We will not licence the technology. We will make absolutely no effort to commercialise the technology. And that's simply a statement to say this isn't about us making fraud of the claim."

Anonymous said...

I think whoever made magnatrix a forum moderator should make him a normal poster.he or she, whatever, delete posts that are actually not off topic, close "the doors" to the forum then reopens them again and ofc delete another post where he/she ask about making the forum "more private".lol private internet.
@magnatrix : think twice before you do what you do and say what you say!

SteornTracker said...

I just rejected a comment from an anonymous poster. While we may not agree with the decisions Magnatrix has made over the last few days, please try to refrain from using childish remarks to make your point. Thanks!

Tundrabog said...


Huh? Just because you said something that you regret, and it got cross-posted on this board, you suggest making the Steorn problems totally private?

A better approach is to use good judgment and watch what you say. If you really must talk about something, do it in the exclusive, 'elite' SPDC forum where everyone has signed an NDA.

As moderator, you at least have the option of removing a Steorn forum post from public view. Not many posters have that power.

A dual moderator/contributor role is fraught with potential problems.

Anonymous said...


Apologies for the childish remarks if they offended you. Monday morning before coffee and all that.

I do wish Steorn and Mods could behave in a less shifty manner. Reeks of dishonesty and elite privilege, thus the allusion to Richard C.

Again, Sorry to you ST

(Mag – Genie and bottle. If you don’t want it out there, don’t say it in public.)

Anonymous said...

Thread - Steorn forgot to hire a Webmaster?

* Magnatrix
* CommentTimeSep 4th 2006

Sean has moderated a bit; removing some threads,
but for the most part there is very little censorship here ( fighteningly so).

I am over-all enjoying the freedom ( although I certainly could do with out some of the very nasty stuff posted last week & definately with out some of the racist, religious-anitreligious stuff... geographical intolerance... etc)
it has been a grand experiment... ( I'm enjoying the freedom. I have discovered that I no longer want to post on forums where i have to "watch" every fricken thing I say)

I see us becomming some-what more civilized with one another.... ( or at least the people who have been here at least more than a week)

@ Lister, who are the mods?
I've only seen Sean here :-)


Things change when handed power. I used to enjoy the freedom too.

Now we all have to "watch" what we say........Sigh.

15-India-Street said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

In the meantime, it might be interesting to experiment with non-member viewer capabilities here.
if only forum members can see into this forum, then perhaps we can expect a higher level of privacy. This forum truely becomes private.

LOL...a great proof of the stupidity of steorn's forum mods and the reason I left that forum. Sean is known by the company he keeps :D

Perhaps its good for them to have such mods. No sane person will try to join them and be able to criticize them. Those who do, get banned or their threads get deleted, only because someone thinks that the forum is their own property.
While the forum gets choke full of gullibles and nutters, steorn gets their much needed support and also....potential victims.

Anonymous said...

A blast from the past, comments on free speech by some famous Forumites before the Reign of Mod.

Some people expect freedom of speech for none but themselves and those who concur.......

maryyugo said...

"Huh? Just because you said something that you regret, and it got cross-posted on this board, you suggest making the Steorn problems totally private?"

Could someone please point me to the cross posted item? Or repost it here? I am not sure what that comment refers to. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mary, any idea why you were banned?

Tundrabog said...


This thread "Magnatrix Sees the Goods" is what was cross-posted. I guess Mags wishes she hadn't revealed this information. She hid it on the Steorn forums but it had already been posted here. She asked for it to removed from here. It wasn't. She is now suggesting that the Steorn forums be made private so that any future slips by her would stay contained within a 'secret society'.

maryyugo said...

"Mary, any idea why you were banned"

Far as I know I did not get banned, some posts I made got censored. Not quite the same thing but still a very bad sign about what Steorn really is.

Anonymous said...

When Magnatrix was made a mod, Incidentally, just after whispers were introduced, she made it clear to me the only reason this was so was to stop the porn links and diatribes of the loon's during US time periods when Steorn had gone to the pub or bed.

At the time i suggested that Crank need not be a moderator anymore as her role as forum rep was over by her own refusal of the role at the time. This was pointedly ignored by Sean during a few q&a's i had with him around that time.

Any doubter of Steorn must consider that the twin dobermans of Mag and Crank are part and parcel of the Steorn enterprise. And always were.

What logic would be behind Steorn giving complete control of the public forum to a net entity they have never met, that is a domicile of another country whose privacy/copyright/ all legal terms and conditions will be different to thier own.

What logic would conclude it advantagous to show Magnatrix your OU device when you have taken so many steps to hide. Such as utilising delaying tactics in the patents, the whole jury affair rather than normal publish and even threatening other websites who merely comment on steorn with legal action. Yet sending a "webfile" to someone you like in Canada is ok...........

It's a complete load of shite.

The only question that remains is what particular brand of shite are Steorn up to. Hoax, Scam, Fun, Idiots.

other anon said...

Maryyugo, look there:

You are banned. But why?

other anon said...

They also edited the stylesheets of the forum so that sunk threads are not longer show the [ SINK ] badge.

maryyugo said...

"Maryyugo, look there: -You are banned. But why? "

Oh... you're right. I just noticed that while I can sign in, I can't post any more. Why? I don't know. I did write (outside the forum) that I believe Steorn to be some sort of nasty scam. I also pointed out that seeing a video is not the same as seeing a device. And I questioned magnatrix's claim that she could prevent me from cross-posting almost anything I chose to. I have found that believers don't like to be challenged -- this is just an example of that.

Actually it isn't a problem for me to be banned. I have another identity to use if they ban me from seeing the threads. And I have nothing more to say on Steorn's forums until after whatever it is that they are going to do in July. I could predict what that is likely to consist of but I think I'll wait and look just like everyone else.

Thicket said...


Magnatrix is convinced you are Pennies. Your account screen is edited with that message.

The banning of the skeptics continues. The flock is being purified.

Anonymous said...

So let's get a rundown on the nutty folks left talking about Steorn on the web longggggg after they have been banned and unwelcome to us their forums anymore.

Well we have Thicket, a bitter old bag of wind, still making up lies and distorting information to suit his one sided vision.(fyi moron Maryyugo put the pennies name in her profile herself as a joke, moron)

Jwk, quite possibly the biggest nutter of them all, still crying and moaning and all disturbed over something that is all "bollocks" to him. Will the gobshite ever learn? Most likely not, but it is funny watching a maniac with a keyboard and what can flow from one clowns mind.

Ping/15 India Street/etc.etc.etc
Reduced to asking and answering his own bs questions, following along with the rest of the no nuthins that spend oh so much time worrying about what is really going on with Steorn.

FLD/the Pope, well not really anything special here, just a pathetic sorry excuse for a life.

And just think, in a few short weeks you will all be shown just how wrong you are about this venture.

We now continue our regular programming of nutters galore, here on the Mindless Banter of Noisemakers Blog. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Wow 54 comments under this posting,
magnatits must really be all that and a bag of chips.
This makes her the most popular subject on this blog...
what is this blog about again? ;-)

maryyugo said...

"Magnatrix is convinced you are Pennies. Your account screen is edited with that message."

Yeah. Actually "Pennies" contacted me by email (Maryyugo [at] yahoo dot com if anyone is curious ]. We had a good laugh about it. Hey, believers just believe. They don't have time for evidence.

One of the "anonymous" (original name that) said: "fyi moron Maryyugo put the pennies name in her profile herself as a joke, moron)"

No I didn't, genius. We'll see what you have to say after the July demo except you'll probably just crawl back into the woodwork.

Quanten said...

eman8, 007 (sorry guys if this is not you, but that post reeks of your wonderful prose style) or whoever you might be "anonymous coward", I blame you for not putting me in this wonderful list. For I am also one of the nutter which claim that Steorn took a wrong turn. But I claim this nutter title high and clear, and will not let it be forgotten. Coming from you this sound like a wonderful compliment, any impartial person reading all the psot including yours will then draw their conclusion themselves as to which is nutter , and nutter and a half.

By the way, was it maccadamian nut, peanut, or just plain marroon nut ? Quality and taste in nutter vary you know, you should be more precise.

Now back to our program with a description of free speech on Steorn forum and how the believer would rather hide in the dark, than wallow in full light.

Thicket said...

Lol (:->).

The frantic believers continue. Such sad, pathetic, naive and gullible little nutters.

Yup... there's a lot of gobshite being served up. Sean is the chef and the believers are swallowing it and convincing themselves they are eating chocolate mousse.

Father Luke Duke said...

"So let's get a rundown on the nutty folks left talking about Steorn on the web longggggg after they have been banned and unwelcome to us their forums anymore."
Ah, E8, the Oscar Wilde of Steorn. His wit and erudition are famous throughout the net.

So is his ability to be fleeced by free-energy scamsters:

"Thanks for the input on the problems with the back EMF. You see I am an investor in a company who claims they found a way to harness the back EMF providing OU,"

That was GMC. Didn't you also "invest" in EBM as well? Seen much return from that yet?

Of course when you tell us that Steorn have the goods we should take notice, as you are clearly the Warren Buffet of the free-energy market....

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,

I am the one who posted the 'hidden' whisper. Seems that it got you banned. I guess some Mod just made the assumption that it was your doing. The over-reaching Mods obviously have no need of evidence. Makes sense, as we have seen Sean take a shotgun approach to banning in the past, winging the innocent on several occasions. Mags is just following the lead of Sean, removing anyone who dares to point out their shortcomings and foolish behavior.

Mags, only a true friend will tell you when you are acting the fool. I wonder if you have any 'true' friends left on the forum.

(Mags - I thought highly of you once, but you have been changed by the last nine months. I hope you recover)

Anonymous said...

FLD/The Pope/Puss

Ahh still making up lies as you go along eh? Typical, and oh so sad.

Like I said, a pathetic waste of life you are. Are you sure you and jwk aren't one in the same? Must be something in the Queens water that encourages this insane behavior the two of you seem to revel in.

How sad is it that the one of the most commented on blogs on this waste of a site is about the admins on the Steorn forum. What's the matter dips? After all these months of you all being so sure it's just a scam you have not one bit of evidence to back yourselves up and are reduced to bitchin and moanin about who is banned and why?
ROFL, great investigative work done by all here.

Oh and Maryyugo, don't worry bout me, I won't be going anywhere expect to shove Steorns validation right back down your bitter throat. That is, if you still are "being forced to spend time following them" LOL, talk about bollocks! We shall see who crawls back under the rock head firmly shoved tight where the sun don't shine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Energyman,

"Ahh still making up lies as you go along eh? Typical, and oh so sad."

Could you specify which lies as my BS detector is not on par with yours. Thanks.

P.S. Are you an investor in GMCC?

Father Luke Duke said...

"Must be something in the Queens water that encourages this insane behavior the two of you seem to revel"
What's "Queens water"? Some kind of perversion I'm not aware of?

Ahh still making up lies as you go along eh?"
Which lies are you referring to? You have stated several times that you have invested in free energy companies.

maryyugo said...

"We shall see who crawls back under the rock head firmly shoved tight where the sun don't shine. "

Uhhun. I'm counting on it after the July "demo".

Interesting how it's always the believers who want to know the identity of skeptics and all sorts of irrelevant trivia and it's always the believers who become angry, ban skeptics, and it's mainly the believers who spout the most insults. Not sure what all that signifies but it is interesting.

The only things that matter are the claims and the evidence. We know the claims. We'll see how good the evidence is very soon... or not.

Thicket said...

On May 15, 2007, Crank posted the following.

fpg - I may have caused people to think that maryyugo was pennies, but on re-visiting, I think I was wrong. When I googled the name maryyugo I saw a post addressed to 'penny', so drew that conclusion, and posted it in one of the threads. Now that I've looked at the forum in question, I think the post was by maryyugo, not addressed to her.

In my defence, if you could see the IPs for posters you'd realise that quite a few posters have multiple handles, and just switch handles if they're banned. That's why regular posters are so suspicious. And maryyugo's writing-style is very similar to pennies.

It was Crank that started the Maryyugo is Pennies claim. She then posted this retraction.

Apparently Mags is sticking with the original claim.

Shame on you, Mags. You used to practice some semblance of even-handedness. You've now completely become a Sean Pawn.

You once said you were disappointed in me. Look in the mirror and see what you've become.

Anonymous said...

Mary Yugo

"or not"
This is probably the most likely answer. Sean said he expects the upcoming demo to raise more questions than it answers. I personally guess that the demo will be something very similar to, if not exactly the same as the kinetica video.

It will prove nothing but give Steorn months of interest from the rabid's and maybe weeks from other saner people.

It won't be impressive.

Anonymous said...

"Shame on you, Mags. You used to practice some semblance of even-handedness. You've now completely become a Sean Pawn."


maryyugo said...

".... Sean said he expects the upcoming demo to raise more questions than it answers. I personally guess that the demo will be something very similar to, if not exactly the same as the kinetica video.

It will prove nothing but give Steorn months of interest from the rabid's and maybe weeks from other saner people. It won't be impressive. "

Well, I am not sure that's correct. First, Steorn has allowed the anticipation to build such that if they don't produce some hardware device, they are dead in the water. Second, they promised to allow Dr. Mike "hands on" experience "with his screwdriver in hand" and presumably his magnetometers, accelerometers, temperature sensors, and a camera. Dr. Mike should bring back some interesting data. I do not think Steorn will be credible if they do not show evidence of a self-running machine (whether start stop or continuous) at this "demonstration".

There should be enough intelligent people there to bust them outright if they show nothing or something that's crooked or doesn't work.

Failure to produce at this juncture would be extremely damaging to Steorn, IMHO, except for the die hard believers and, well, nobody really cares about them much anyway. They'd believe just about anything.

JTerry said...


Well, I wouldn't be all too sure of even the ability of experts on the scene to bust them outright. Sean has not actually provided any specifics regarding the forum or how this device will be presented. As we all know, Sean and Steorn maintain the iron grip of control on their concept while at the same time trying very hard to appear open and desirous of scientific inquiry.

Take, for instance, the "jury"; it has the appearance of an independant group of scientists out in the world somewhere working away at each's own pace and direction to test and validate the technology. Yet this is merely pretext for the power that actually governs how the jury will do anything; Steorn and its jury agreement. Nothing happens that Steorn does not approve; no file is sent, no data provided, and no step concluded without Steorn's direction and approval. In fact, according to the many, many posts on this topic, no jury member has been given a device for testing.

I cannot say I fault Steorn for implementing some controls over what it claims to have; who wouldn't? The technology could be worth the greatest fortune ever conceived and its implication for the world are tremendous. It makes sense, therfore, that Steorn should excercise whatever degree of control is necessary to ensure the safety of its technology (before you start, I don't believe the claim at all and think it's a scam; I'm merely pointing out that many of us would probably do the same). At the same time, Sean has a track record of (at least attempting to) manipulate public forums. I could just see this ending up as a gimmick on a raised dias encased in blast proof glass, and no one is allowed within 20 ft of the thing. This ability to control and manipulate also applies to Dr. Mike's examination despite what many of us expect (and hope) will happen.

I have no doubt in Sean's/Steorn's ability to manipulate and maneuver in such a way as to avoid any real penetrating anaylsis yet provide just enough to make the eyes of the believers gloss over with stupified worship. Perhaps I will be completely surprised myself and proven 100% wrong. I do hope so because this oil thing is killing us, and I could use a break in my utility bills.

Finally, Sean said several times that the demo is nothing special and no one should be hopeful for anything. Makes me wonder why even bother then. Yet, I'm sure that to the credulous and mystified, whatever the outcome it will be viewed as favorable to Steorn in their eyes. And so, we devolve once again to an impasse.

Anonymous said...


I hope you are right, but i doubt that you are.

Nearly a year on from Steorn's debut on the free energy scam market place and we have learnt nothing. Steorn have offered nothing into the scientific community and nothing into the public domain.
Deniable suggestions are nothing. Steorn have done nothing of substance

I imagine this demo will be more of the same. The date will not be announced untill the day, and we only assume something will happen after the start day.

DrMike may well be presented with a device to examine, but if this happens, then why can the device and the associated papers not be presented to a proper open independent review? They can sign NDA's too.

Who would you trust with your world changing internet entity or your peers.

Steorn will offer no new evidence of thier claimed discovery at this demo. It will merely serve to keep the weak minded interested and everyone else watching.

Anonymous said...

Well, July is almost here. I'm still sceptical but hopeful, something that the Steornthodox seem to believe a contradiction in terms for reasons that escape me. Oh well.

I've definitely lost interest in the forum, and my interest in Steorn in general is fading. Kind of hard to imagine losing interest in something that could completely change the world; but kind of hard to imagine a forum about something that could change the world degenerating into the nonsense that it is. Steorn can end our dependence on finite and polluting fuels, completely rewrite the foundations of physical science, forever alter economics and politics in ways we can hardly imagine ... and we're discussing which posters are and are not jerks and the decisions of the forum moderation? Is this a social experiment to see what people talk about when there is something momentous to discuss but nothing to say?

Thanks for maintaining this blog; it's nice to have someplace to follow the story. I'm still interested in seeing just how the July demo and/or tapdancing recital turns out to be. I guess I'm dumb enough to still hope that it's for real, even though I'm sure I know better. I'll echo the sentiment that if this July demo isn't pretty impressive, I'm finished.

On another note (sort of...). What ever happened to the African pump? Certainly that is something that Steorn could provide more info on without compromising any business plans or intellectual property.

Pennies_Everywhere said...

Oh angry man of energy it's your oldest and bestest friend Penny Gruber here. If you have any doubts email me and check. You know the address.

No my American pet I am not maryyugo. I am just the nice lady who told you about GMCC when you still had a small window of time to get out. And for that you harbor this amazing hatred. Over time I have learned that you cultivate that hatred towards any who speak reason to you.

It is unlikely that the recent sinkings, deletions and bannings are oversights. They are more likely just part of the distillation process to separate the really rabid believers from anyone with a speck of sanity. The great news for you is that you qualify.

PS: Hans and Simon send their love from the great beyond. I got a deal on a psychic channeling headset. It's great for contacting dead relatives, especially imaginary ones. You should try one.

nleseul said...

LOL! Hi, Pennies. Good to see you again.

pennies_everywhere said...

nleseul hi.

Waaaaay back when last September the scammers who took energyman8 were telling him all was well. They just slid that carrot a little further away, and then a little further, and a little further... The angry bugger hasn't tried to verify that I am me by email.

I think it's hilarious how different people were accused of being me since my banning. Remember that Sean claims to know who "we" are. That didn't stop them from banning maryyugo who most certainly is not me not we not pennies in any way. Steorn is one odd organisation.

maryyugo said...

Anyone know how they ban? My preliminary experiments suggest they ban the ISP number. I may try to get back on with a proxy server and a different name. If I do, I may keep a bit lower profile. Maybe if I act dumb enough, they'll think I'm a believer instead of a "Pennies".

Hi Pennies...

Anonymous said...

What's the matter Bob aka Pennies? Felling the need to be called a lady again. My, you physicists have some strange behaviour.

You and your mates from the APS need to get it into your thick skulls that Steorn are about to reveal that all the laws that you so dearly cling to are not worth the paper they're written on.

Same goes for any other self proclaimed "Sacambuster" out there. You're barking up the wrong tree with this one.

maryyugo said...

"You and your mates from the APS need to get it into your thick skulls that Steorn are about to reveal that all the laws that you so dearly cling to are not worth the paper they're written on."

The existing laws of physics explain everything from tunnel diodes, computer chips, airplanes and air conditioners to exotica like supernovas. Why are you're ready to throw that all away based on a few meaningless statements from some public relations specialists? Do you mind explaining why you believe Steorn and not all the experienced and qualified people who are patiently trying to explain to you how unlikely Steorn's claims are?

The human mind and the weird ways it works (or actually doesn't)never stop to amaze me.

pennies_everywhere said...

anonymous dumpling if you think my name is Bob you are very sadly mistaken. Where did you ever get the idea my name is Bob in the first place? Do you have a particular Bob in mind darling?

Babykins I hope all the bullets don't drop out of your PPK when you figure out Steorn doesn't have the goods.

pennies_everywhere said...

MaryYugo I think it is best to leave tunnel diodes out of this. We don't want certain people finding out about the negative resistance characteristic. You know what it could mean in the wrong hands!

Anonymous said...

What did Magnatrix see ?

Did she see the oil pump (donkey) ?