Friday, June 1, 2007

The Slowest Week Yet...

You may be wondering why this blog hasn't been updated for a few days. Unfortunately there has been no news to pass along. While we haven't heard a peep from Steorn lately, we are getting updates from Dr. Mike on his experiment:

I got the bearings! So now I get to build the actual experiment. Biggest problem is that the steel rod I got is exactly 0.75" diameter, and the bearing holes are exactly 0.75" in diameter, so it won't go together. I've got the rod in the freezer and I'll stick the bearings outside to warm up, so with luck I'll get .001" clearance be able to assemble my pivot. I don't think it's going to sag much. :smile:

The accelerometer and other two inputs (which will soon be magnetometers) are being read at 796 Hz and I can capture to file with no apparent loss using hyperterm. I think collecting data under linux or dos should be trivial.

But mostly, it's just plain fun!
For any of those folks who think validation or experiments, especially during someone's spare time, only takes a couple of days, Dr. Mike's setup shows that even something as simple as a pendulum takes a while to put together. Watching Dr. Mike's process on getting the sensors working, bearings fitted, etc is "just plain fun" for the rest of us also! I can't wait to see some photos and data.


other anon said...

With the fresh 8 millon cash infusion i think steorn is in a position where it can't be slow enough.

Anonymous said...

Validation basically takes only observation time. If the Steorn device were real it could be "Validated" within a week. For example a claim of OU is made. So you basically let the device run for a week. VALIDATED. Even better give the device to CNN so their lead technical correspondent can observe and report. He too let's it run for a week or so. omg! VALIDATED. Or you might just have a scam and if this is the case here are a few tips: 1. claim validating the technology is far more important than the technology itself (not in those exact words but you must make people feel this). 2. claim you have a team of scientists to validate it but DO NOT give out any names (you can leak one name of a scientist you are stringing along to add credibility of having a full team, but really there is no team). 3. Pump up your scam by putting a public face to it (make videos, do some interviews, make more videos, try to be funny every day people - the believers can relate to this and will embrace your scam even harder). Better yet converse with every day Joe's in web forums and blogs, register a few fake names as well and drum up some 'this thing is the real deal' support. 4. Call together a public demo of the technology, now the investors start rolling in big time! Get those off shore shell accounts ready!

quanten said...

Anonymous, who need a scam when you already get the money in form of investment ? There are many (illegal) ways to siphon money out of a firm when you are the CEO and have the complicity of very few (CFO for example). A lot of VALID firm do it. I think it might be called embezlement in english. Steorn could do it too. And it is a scheme which is neither new , nor far eteched.

Anonymous said...

Please, Please, Please fix the SPDC.

Since it has been down the regular forum average IQ has been steadily falling.

Babcat, have you ever been absolutely sure about something, only to later discover you were mistaken?

But it is different this time, right?

Belief is one thing, proclaiming that you know the undisputable truth is foolish.

Isn't "claiming to know the truth" exactly what "mainstream science" does in your eyes?

Anonymous said...

This scam is winding down. spdc broken, sean awol, forum moderators not touching anymore posts, the office not answering the phone and the july demo cancelled. I truly feel bad for those who put their heart and soul into this dream.

Anonymous said...

what makes you think the demo is cancelled?