Saturday, June 16, 2007

No News, Good News?

It's been a while since I've posted. I'm still reading the Steorn forums every day, there just hasn't been much to report! Steorn hasn't posted to the forums since early June.

Dr. Mike has posted more data from his Sv Experiment, but won't have time to analyze the data between now and the July Demo. Also, on the good news front, members of the SPDC have sponsored Babcat's trip to go to the demo. While it might be quiet this month, my guess is it will be tough to keep up with all the news starting in July.

On a completely different subject, I'm in the process of starting a SCUBA related website, and I could use some help! If you are a SCUBA diver and are interested in helping, please email me at wgorman AT Thanks!


vLan said...

A company called Kedron has a new generator which is based on surprisingly similar methods that are being used by steorn. This is the site:

This ppt explains the method in detail and how and why there is a net gain during a cycle.

Strangely the inventor claims that the work required to pull two attracting magnets apart 'heads on' is less than that required to pull them sideways. Can anyone confirm this with some evidence?

Quanten said...

It is quite easy to demonstrate (since magnetic force is conservative) that the work of two magnet no matter the path taken is the same on a closed path. So anyway having a look at the later animation of crank shaft and other cyclic energy generating stuff, I can only say this will never produce any energy if our experience of magnetism is correct.

Now in the case of an open path : I can't honestly remmember if the path itself is important or only the start and end positions. One would have to integrate the magnetic force over to check if the work is the same or not. Or consult a book of physic. Which I don't wqant to so early :P (05am 10 minutes to go to work :P).

My gut feeling is that it would be the same work for a simple reason. Consider the closed path formed by 1) removing the two magnets as per sliding or not sliding and bringing them to the same position parallel to the magnets but away from 1 meter 2) the second part of the path is the same bringing again the magnet together

This path part 2 is the same in energy gain, and since a closed path will net a zero energy gain, then the first two path 1 must have the same energy. In other word the path don't matter only the start and end position (just like any weight pathed in a gravity field only the starting and ending heigth matter, not the path). Granted this could actually be a property of any conservatiste field too, but my physic-fu is rather low right now.

Quanten said...

ACtually now I remmember , in conservatic fields, what matters is start and end points, not the path used to integrate. So a closed cycle will always provide zero and any path coming and going to the same start and end point provide the same work. As wrotten above, gravity is an example easy to understand.

If only somebody would come with an experiment to falsify the conservatism nature of magnetism ;).

Now off to work.

Anonymous said...

This is something for Energyman8, kedroncorp want investors..... :

"This discovery is the real thing: it is not a false claim of any kind. The research findings can be
tested easily and inexpensively. A detailed research report can be obtained by e-mailing a
request to or visiting Corporations and investors
interested in this new energy technology should contact Dr. Kozeka at (615)618-3804."

Anonymous said...

How do you convert 6.75HP to 5.03KWH ?

"A total volume of neodymium magnets less than the size of a
car battery can generate 6.75 horsepower or 5.03 KWH or an amount of energy equivalent to the
energy yield of 4,598 gallons of gasoline burned in a combustion engine every year"

vox_causa said...

It is obvious the whole web site that vLan posted was a shell of a site. Many of the "products" this guy claims to have invented have links that go nowhere, or if they do (like the rediculous anatomy site), the links off the main page go nowhere. So the guy operates from Tennessee and sells custom cabinets, anamoty tutoring, a dermal patch, and some magnetic research. He could do himself a favor and hide those other bogus products. He might get more investment money that way.

Tundrabog said...


How do you convert 6.75HP to 5.03KWH ?


You can't. This is conversion sloppiness. The conversion is 6.75 HP-hr equals 5.03 KWH. Forgetting the time element is a common mistake by non-technical folks.

Furthermore, 5 KWH would light 100 light bulbs (50 watts each) for only one hour. This would 'not' take 4,598 gallons of gasoline to generate.

Whoever wrote this is a rank amateur with not even a basic knowledge of energy.

However, if he claimed to have used his technology for water pumps in
Africa, he could rival Steorn in credibility.

15-India-Street said...
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Father Luke Duke said...

I wonder if he's trying to grab people searching for the real Eden Prject:

Plus his sites are just horrible. I couldn't look at the mess that is for more than about a minute before I starting feeling ill. Though I did find out it sells such exciting products as "Tape recorder". Well, sort of sells them, as there weren't any details or price.

You would have to be on crack to actually buy anything from him.

Chris said...

That website looks really dodgy. But this site looks a little more reputable, kind of reminds me of the Orbo stuff. Still, they've been promising things for a while now without showing us too much.

Quanten said...

Google around. Lutec has been demonstrated to have "nothing" in the hand. They simply made a classical measurement error (I think it was using a volt-meter for direct current, on an alternative source, or something alike really basic). Before they have been demonstrated they were in error, one could say they might be honest if albeit mistaken. But they persisted AFTER being demonstrated they were in error, and that was the point where IMHO they overstepped the fine "This is a scam" line.

vLan said...

I actually emailed them from their website and got a reply today. My email was like this:

Dear Dr Kozeka,

I'm very excited about your new generator and I want to congratulate you for successfully commercializing it.

I've gone through your ppt and I have a question. What is the amount of work needed to bring the moving magnet back to its original position, so that the cycle can be started again?

Is it less than the 'yield'? If so, have you done any measurements? What methods are you using for continuous yields? If there is any patents kindly provide a link.

I'm eager to place an order for a sample/demo unit. Thank you.

The reply:

Thank you for your interest in the Eden Project.

Please click on this link to download
the full research report.

My discovery concerns a source of new energy. There is no machine. The magnets will however drive a machine that will include an electric generator.

The report which you can obtain from the link above explains that the amount of energy required to separate the magnets is less than the amount generated when the come together (along a different path). Once they have been pulled apart, the amount of energy (work) required to move the magnets back to their starting position is very small provided friction is kept at a minimum.

The mentioned report is entirely about measurements.

Please know that there are no prototypes or demos. A new pollution free, abundant, and virtually free source of mechanical energy has been discovered.

Once again, thank you for your interest.


Kenneth C. Kozeka, Ph.D.

So note that there is nothing so far, only measurements. No free energy machines yet...
At least the guy was honest in telling that, unlike steorn, who claims to have working machines, even the one with 550 bhp output ..LOL

Anonymous said...

So which one of you adherents to the scientific process is going to be the first to devise a reproducable test to disprove this guy?
I think I could do it with the same equipment he uses. It's quite simple really. Unfortunately I don't have any of it. Well, I suppose I could make and buy it. Let's see what the other half says.
Maybe just fish scales and roller skates...Wait a minute, , , BRB

Anonymous said...

Sound's to me as though kedroncorp have been paying attention to steorn and are guessing this is how thier orbo may work.

Maybe if this is what steorn are getting at then Kedroncorp just secured 'prior art' and can have a crack at steorn in court if the device actually does more than than make Sean McCarthy rich.

Which it probably won't.

Incidently i was wondering recently whether Steorn have requested a refund from Cedrat for thier 50K worth of software. Because Sean has stated that if you were to study Sv you would see anomalies and energy loss and even gain, Sv is a known and studied feature of magnetic interactions. By Sean's word this amazing 'do all' flux 3d software does not show the effect.

I would be a bit miffed spending 50k on physics software that neglects known effects, effects that routinely integrated into electrical engineering projects.

Hey ho, im sure Sean knows the answer, or maybe he already answered that one (not).

nleseul said...

Hey, Anonymous, you could write to Cedrat and ask if the current version of Flux3d models Sv, you know.

maryyugo said...

From the semi-illiterate
Lutec web site
(I kid you not).


How about it Anonymous? Are you a "sophisticated investor"? The Lutec variety?