Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Can Dr. Mike Sv CoE?

Dr. Mike, our favorite skeptic, and Sean, our favorite free energy CEO, went at it in the forums today:

drmike: To not have anything to show anyone after all this time from last August's big splash and also to have claimed to have worked on it for 3 years prior to that, just makes it
look like there's really nothing there.

I claim the emperor has no clothes. I'm a skeptic. I'm also an engineer that likes to play with toys - no toys, no play time! That's boring. I'd rather see a toy and get a clue how to build it, that's all.

Steorn: Dr. Mike, You are also a scientist, there is enough there to go and prove us wrong if you feel that you can - go for it, you are a scientist, engineer and skeptic - surely you are in a position to test and demonstrate that an Sv reaction is thermodynamically resolvable?

drmike: Yes, I have all the tools necessary to do that in my own personal laboratory.
How'd you like to send me a toy to hook up to all that equipment?

Otherwise, I'll get together some equipment in London and do it before the demo starts.

I'm sure the forum members would like to watch, so any chance there's an internet connection at the demo site? A web cam would be very cool!

Steorn: lol Mike - as you said in your post above "I'd rather see a toy and get a clue how to build it, that's all." - well you can get that clue in July, but not before. But surely you are in a position to test an Sv interaction and prove via test that it is thermodynamically sound?

drmike: Sure. What's the set up?

Steorn: Try any interaction that includes Sv.
This next comment made me laugh:
Big Oil Rep: So any interaction that involves Sv violates COE? And no one noticed this before? Hmmm
Back to the conversation:
Steorn: look forward to hearing how your own Sv testing goes - will you keep the forum updated?

drmike: Like this paper found by Emeraldsong: Anything in particular or just replicate something at will?

Mike, I just mailed you a simple Sv test setup and so on, try to replicate it and then sum the energies!!
As nleseul put it, "Some excitement to fill the time between now and July! Thanks, Sean! Thanks, Dr. Mike!"

In the same thread Sean had some general remarks about the debate:
Steorn: I have to say that I had zero expectations on anything other than a bit of fun on Friday. It was the last day of college before the exams start and I was pretty sure that the whole thing would end up as an student prank. It was not that, so be it. With respect to being laughed at, so what? It is not in my nature to back down, even though we had been repeatedly lied to about the event by the organizers we went through with it, we expected nothing more than the treatment that we got.

I will continue to do this kind of thing because I think that its the right thing to do, if someone asks me to talk about it to a group of people who I think might have a genuine interest in it I will talk to them, if I have the time. They can decide to debate the issues or call names, this says more about them than me.

The UDC thing was just another day in this forum, people get emotive about the claim and revert to cries of foul - this says a lot more about them than me.
And finally, on a lighter note, Spiritual Beggar brings us another in a series of great Steorn Cartoons, which Sean used in the debate to break the ice:

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drmike said...

Let's start with a definition of Sv from here:

It's from the forum:

I think once we all agree what "magnetic viscosity" means we can start talking about it in a rational way.

Maybe :-)