Friday, May 11, 2007

Free Energy Tracker Interview with Sean McCarthy

Yesterday, Sean pinged me and asked if he could get a chance to address some of the skeptics that have posted here on the Free Energy Tracker Blog. Earlier today, we spoke for a little over an hour going over everything Steorn. We spoke on a wide range of topics, and later tonight I hope to transcribe the phone interview.

Unfortunately due to some technical difficulties the quality of the recording is low, but I wanted to post it ASAP to give you all something to listen to and think about. At the end of the interview, Sean volunteered to do future interviews, so start thinking of great questions! Here's a link to the mp3.


Kesavan said...

Can you please provide a transcript? Sean sounds like Kenny from Southpark.

Anonymous said...

Can you provide a transcript ?
Sean sounds like Kenny of Southpark :(

SteornTracker said...

I'll do my best to transcribe the interview this evening.

nleseul said...

Awesome! Thanks for doing this.

Just so people know, the audio gets rebalanced a few minutes into the file so you can hear Sean a bit better. It's still not very good, but it's not as completely inaudible as it is at the very beginning.

15-India-Street said...
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Anonymous said...

So now Sean wants to come here to address the skeptics questions. Why not go back and answer the several "questions" threads on the Steorn Forum that YOU started and then ignored Sean?

After banning many of the people who have migrated here he wants to come an play here now? Couldn't lure us back with a re-opened forum.

Steorn Tracker, I suggest that if Sean is allowed to play here that it should be on the condition that he uses YES / NO asnswers instead of his usual rambling non-sense, no-content style.

This is a great place for skeptics ST, don't let Sean screw it up. This looks like a desperate attempt to silence the skeptics and take a run at skewering Dr.Mike's trip for some slight.

First thing Sean would need to address is the financials. If he has been lying since August, as Thickets data seems to show, he has got some serious explaining to do.

Father Luke Duke said...

Get's in a right mess with the Sv stuff. Apparently all a skeptic has to do to "put and end to us" is "thermodynamically resolve" an Sv interaction. If they have a perpetual motion machine it won't make any difference what the sceptics do, does it? How would it end them?

heheh, also, "if you can't measure the effect [of Sv] you can't measure the effect of the effect" and other great tautological classics.

Looks like the experimental design he's given DrMike is "simple" but with lots of "issues". So excuses for it going wrong in advance.

The car crash continues.

Tundrabog said...

Fine job, Steorntracker. The relevance and credibility of this site is quite apparent.

I don't relish you making a transcript of the interview. It will be very long.

I had little problem understanding Sean, even in the early parts of the interview.

There was very little new from Sean, but that was to be expected.

If/when you do another interview, perhaps you could try and pin Sean down with more specific and pointed questions. You can protect your neutrality by soliciting questions from your posters and selecting which ones to ask. The questions are then not yours, but those from your posters.

I sensed that you were walking a line between asking tough and irritating (to Sean) questions and maintaining a good relationship with Sean. You can do both.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else thinks this image is fake?

I saved it and opened in photoshop, after increasing a bit of brightness, and zooming in, I noticed these anomalies:

- the two black guys in the back pixelate differently than the rest of the image. They look pasted on. The effect becomes obvious when you sharpen it a bit.
- the only sharp shadow is of the shoe of the black bald guy in the front, who is standing on the edge. There are no shadows of this type anywhere else. This shadow looks painted on.
- the two handles on the pump are attached in an odd way. They appear pasted on.
- the face of the white guy looks intensionally blurred.
- this photo is of lowest quality compared to the other pics on the site.
- there is no EXIF data in the image.

I hope I'm wrong, but those of you who are experienced in CGI should be able to decide.
Does anyone has concrete proof that these guys visited the unknown place in Kenya? Is there anyone from Africa who can confirm that they had visitors?

I'm sure no IP rights are violated if this info is made public and hopefully the poor africans are not under an NDA.

Anonymous said...

The photo look like it was captured from a video. The jagged edge on the people were caused by the interlacing on video. Or so I think.

What is the context of the picture? Any idea?

Tundrabog said...


Heh... cross forum/blog posting.

First, I fully agree that there are major discrepancies and errors in various Steorn financial statements. I've described some on these and Fizzx boards, and there are more.

Your tentative conclusion that the 'return made up to' September 30, 2006 is superceded by the 2005 financial year is NOT correct.

I refer you to the top of page 3 on the Annual Return.

"List of Past and Present Members. Persons holding shares on the date to which the annual return has been made up for 2006 (insert year) and of persons who have held shares therein at any time since the date of the last return, or in the case of the first return, the date of incorporation of the company."

The return has clearly been made up to September 30, 2006. That doesn't mean that Steorn didn't screw up their submission. They've screwed it up many other times.


Lol. My direct quote from the Irish Times upset you? I didn't create it. I don't think I took it out of context. Seeing gremlins, are we?

drmike said...

Nice job on the interview Steorntracker! I got 3/4 the way thru and all the guys I work with told me to get back to work :-)

The question on Sv was perfect, and I need to listen to the answer again a lot more carefully - especially the part about being able to publish results.

An idea did pop into my head while listening though. If domain flipping is delayed by anisotropy, you might be able to build a Maxwell demon and convert heat (phonon oscillations) to field energy assuming the frequencies are correct. Not exactly CoE volating though...


Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

Anonymous said...

You entrail readers are truly a pathetic bunch. Just wait until the damned Jury is finished -- OK??


Anonymous said...

"You entrail readers are truly a pathetic bunch. Just wait until the damned Jury is finished -- OK??


Sure. But why the dog and pony show? Why does Sean keep engaging the skeptics? Why does Steorn not just wait for a jury result, as you suggest the skeptics should?

Thicket said...

Thanks to Nleseul I now have the latest Steorn financials stamped 3 Apr 2007 by the Companies Registration Office. The report was made on 20 March 2007.

As stated in my previous lengthy post, these financials confirm recent investor purchase of shares.

5,284 shares were alotted for a total of 8,377,433 Euros.

Most of the investors have previously bought shares, but there are also brand new investors.

My oh my, Sean. What happened to your statements about no investment until validation?

Will you ignore this issue, provide another glib answer or actually explain yourself?

Anonymous said...

The photo look like it was captured from a video. The jagged edge on the people were caused by the interlacing on video. Or so I think.

What is the context of the picture? Any idea?

Why would interlacing affect only a part of the image. If I'm not wrong only TV cameras use interlacing.
If this is from a movie, we should have more screen captures or a full video. This will serve as a proof that Steorn is serious about their stuff.

Here is the context:

Anonymous said...

You entrail readers are truly a pathetic bunch. Just wait until the damned Jury is finished -- OK

Why are you so sure that the 'jury' will finish ? Oh let me guess...the ever shifty Sean must have told you so. Lets all believe his word. LOL.

4 months are over today and the brightest of the scientists can't decide whether the machine runs on its own. It should not take 4 mins, the tests can continue forever once its obvious that this thing is creating energy.

But obviously something is fishy. Either the jury is not allowed to see the machine or they found something wrong with it and are now finding a way out of this embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Hey Thicket, notice you're still looking through shares and finding Nada!! Keep up the good work Columbo. LOL

As for flushthebog, father luke puke et all, you can all go to hell because no amount of proof will convince you.

You enjoy your little clique and the thought of it breaking up due to proof would be devastating.


Anonymous said...

LOL, a guy who thinks that he is James Bond is calling someone Columbo.

Keep believing 007.....and have your "Big Oil" stories ready when ORBO fails!

Anonymous said...

Cynic summation:

"We don't know what's going on, so it must be bad."

Are any of you familiar with the clockbug? That's what you resemble most strongly.

Anonymous said...

what a sad bunch you all are, thicket cant add, the rest are his groupies. Follow the thickass till the end ...

Father Luke Duke said...

Steorn have just had the ban hammer out again. Looks like they don't like dicussion of the financials on their own site....

Anonymous said...

Sean has banned BOR. and a(Ping1400) again. He likes Gabys posts much better. Because Gaby makes him look so serious and trustworthy. :(

JTerry said...


Actually, what will be devastating for you is when Steorn collapses and goes the way of Pons/Flieschman, Meyer, and all the other PPM/free energy frauds. You'll then have to find another sinking ship to which you can attach your strange, paraniod beliefs.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have to say, this is pretty damning. 8 million Euro would be more than enough to justify a fraud. Beside the 1% richer, I do not think many people would see half of such an huge sum. So I can now imagine a fraud "potential" : inflate research budget, inflate administration cost, inflate everything, then funnel the difference back to another account. Within 1 year you could have funnelled enough and *skip town*, and you would only need 1 maybe 2 accomplice for creative accounting ...

By the way I see that AGAIN the skeptic are banned while the most obnoxious believer member of the forum are kept in.

Hey Crank, Sean, Care to justify why obnoxious forum member are kept in ?

Father Luke Duke said...

"I have to say, this is pretty damning. 8 million Euro would be more than enough to justify a fraud."
Steorn had never turned a profit in 6 years, and were essentially bankrupt anyway. I think that would have been enough justification for a scam

Anonymous said...

If this "orbo" isn't what it is and SeanCo are still selling investor shares...1. Who are these investors? 2. I have an "OU bridge" I just built that they can invest in.

Anonymous said...

I was involved in the development of this "free energy" device, and can tell you "this" model is not the real thing. His patent will not be filed because the machine is missing a vital component.

Wait until 2009, and the real device will be shown to the world.

I wish I could say more, but cannot.

J. Hamil