Friday, May 18, 2007

The Tickets Have Arrived

From the Few questions to drMike thread:

You will all be happy to know that I have received tickets to London (and back) for the July demo (and 2 days before). So I'll have to make sure my Sv Experiment hardware is portable, not just sloppy prototype!
I'd like to give Steorn credit for following through with this, there were a lot of doubts about whether Dr. Mike would ever get these tickets. Now let's see how they follow through with the demo!

Dr. Mike also has posted here a bit more about what he hopes to accomplish with the experiment:
The idea of this experiement is to test Steorn's methods by a direct attack on the physics. They claim Sv is part of it. They claim magnets moving towards and away from each other are part of it. This test does both, and if we don't see any Sv (either within a few runs or after many) then Sv can't be part of Orbo.

It's a cool test because it should show all the OU builders how to measure real world parameters. It's fun for me because Sv is based on quantum mechanics, so if I can measure something, I can dig into quantum theory to attempt to explain it.

So either way, it's fun and educational. We may not convince Steorn there's no such thing as CoE violation, but at least we can see reality for what it is.


15-India-Street said...
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bert said...

This domain realignment stuff might very well cool the magnet though..

Anonymous said...

Drmike, I believe that Sean was trying to set you up to observe the destruction of energy. All I can say to that is remember Sv in magnetic materials may occur due to the diffusion effect (migration of impurity atoms), tunneling effect (at low temperatures in highly anisotropic materials) and THERMAL ACTIVATION of metastable states over energy barriers. The Thermal activation process is specific for permanent magnets.

I assume the set-up he suggested was much different then the pendulum rig you devised. Was it something smaller and rotational in nature perhaps? …very interesting.

15-India-Street said...
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Anonymous said...

There is a nice article in which some guys actually took loss data on a chunk of magnetized NdFeB running under actual operating conditions (i.e. perturbations about a fully magnetized operating point).

All losses seem to fit pretty well into an eddy current + static hysteresis paradigm without resorting to magnetic viscosity effects.

drmike said...

I can't confirm or deny any speculations about how similar this is to Steorn's tests.

Very cool graphics on the japanese paper. Any translations available?

Thanks 15-india-street for the pointer, I'll read it when I get a chance.

I'll be posting status reports under the Sv Experiment thread. So far so good.

Anonymous said...

India -

Thanks for consuming an entire day for me with the madpages write-up!

Seems to fit the kinetica thread hints from Sean very well.THANKS for having the balls to post it!

Any references on the write-up or software used to create the images (and forces) would be greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Free energy, cooling effect, next you'll tell us it has anti-gravity.

If we got THAT trifecta it would match the claims in John Searl's SEG.


drmike said...


I liked this comment the best:
"We are able to pull the small magnet away using repulsive forces and use no energy in the process."

Right, there's torque on the small magnet and it has mass, but it takes no energy to move it!

I think you are correct, it's a good guess based on all the clues given so far. I wish I could read Japanese, my bet is the viscosity effect is way too small to be useful.

I do need to learn more about spin states in solids so I can understand the details of domains better. But the rough descriptions seem to all concur - the only thing you can do is lose.

Back to mechanics for now!

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

15-India-Street said...
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Toiz said...

For clarification, I wrote the madpages article. I am not part of the SPDC or 'magnificent 7'.

The write up is my theory on the 'effect' based on the information Steorn has posted on their forum.

I have done some testing of this configuration with different materials but have not been able to replicate the effect. My testing apparatus and measuring techniques are very primitive so I consider the results inconclusive.

15-India-Street said...
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drmike said...

Rotating the magnets 90 degrees should be pretty easy. We'll see if the accelerometer can pick up differences in forces as a function of N-S vs N-N alignments too.

Thanks for the work Toiz, that's quite an impressive graphic!

Anonymous said...

Toiz, don't listen to the post before this - please get on the and apply for the SPDC.

You seem like a natural fit and risk nothing but your time.

Anonymous said...


Excellent work!


Good find!

From what I "know" the more interesting discussions have actually been outside the SPDC in the last week or so.

Anonymous said...

"From what I "know" the more interesting discussions have actually been outside the SPDC in the last week or so."

Not to mention NDA free, we can post the results of our developments.