Monday, May 21, 2007

A Weekend Update and a Possible Theory

Over the weekend, Dr. Mike has made some progress on his experiment:

I have a microcontroller board from another project which I'm going to modify. It will use 5 analog inputs (3 accelerometer, 2 magnetometer) and spit out serial data, hopefully at 230400 baud. I'll try for ascii so I can just use a terminal emulator to capture the data. Modification parts are on order.

I've got rubber/plastic coated neos (N42 class) being shipped. Shapes are 1/2"X1"X1/4" with N-S thru the 1/4" and 1/2" diam X 1/4" thick disk. Not exactly what I wanted, but easily available and cheap.
Also, in the comments of The Tickets Have Arrived here on Free Energy Tracker, 15-india-street points us to toiz's attempt to explain how the Steorn effect might work:

Also, thanks go to alsetoken who posted this link to photos of Steorn's test machinery.
I hadn't seen some of those photos before, even though they were posted back in November!

One final note, this is the 100th blog entry here at Free Energy Tracker since March. We've had a lot to talk about! My favorite part about this whole experience is the collaboration, which is in full swing right now. Together I hope we can figure out what the heck is going on, be it galactic conquest or galactic embarrassment!


skeptical said...

I have created a Powerpoint file (complete with animation) of toiz's work and am happy to upload it somewhere for those who would like a "local copy". Since the ideas etc. are not mine I would prefer toiz to give me an OK first.

Toiz said...


Feel free, I'm happy to share my ideas by any means possible.

skeptical said...

Thanks toiz.

For those you want it:


Anonymous said...

Friends, I have sadly uncovered a smoking gun that Steorn is playing us for fools. I have tried to post this elsewhere but no active steorn communities let me register, they seem locked out. I am hoping I can get the word out here. I gathered this intel from the sky news interview. A steorn device was present in the interview and running. Whir-stop-whir-stop-whir-stop. Approximately 2 days ago my wife began making pizza dough in our bread maker, in the distance I hear it.. whir-stop-whir-stop-whir-stop I heard this sound before! It was not just a similar sound it was IDENTICAL in every single respect. I frantically made a digital recording of the bread maker motor and ripped the audio from the sky interview. They were an exact match. As OUTLANDISH as it may seem, I have no doubt Steorn were using a hacked up bread maker motor and timing device for the device present in that interview. This needs to get out but I have no idea if it will. I am posting this anonymously to evade the Steorn legal backlash when/if it goes public. I am deeply saddened a company would do this and have no idea what their end game is, I suspect bilking investors. Sigh.

15-India-Street said...
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Father Luke Duke said...

"Friends, I have sadly uncovered a smoking gun that Steorn is playing us for fools"
Speak for youself. I have never believed them.

Anyway, how do you know that they haven't disovered an ever-lasting bread maker?

drmike said...


So can you find someone to put up the two sound tracks on the web so it can be analyzed? I'd think there are plenty of people with FFT packages that can do a time - frequency sweep on the two recordings and see how similar they actually are.

Staying anonymous is pretty easy. Outlandish claims require extrodinary proof.

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody!
My first comment here, but i check the site very offten. I would have post this on steorns forum but my account have never been activated.
Reason for me posting here is some article in my country about a car motor that doesnt need fuel.
Link is here ( but i doubt you will have use of it because it's in croatian.
But here is one part translated by me :) (sorry for my english)

Innovation is not perpetuum mobile, but it is continue of Nikola Tesla's idea who knew about motor which would use power of neodyimium magnets, but american oil lobbies prevent him in realisation.

"My motor without fuel isnt some sort of perpetuum mobile, but motor which use huge power of neodyimium magnets, the strongest magnets in the world. The problem i'm trying to solve for a quite some time is how to find "support" ("how to subdue them") and with that transform its power to energy", says Kunić.

JTerry said...

Except that if he's not in the US, the "US oil lobbies" cannot impact his efforts. He could easily obtain Euro/Russian/Asian investors who could care less about the evil "US oil lobbies". By the way, you understand what it means to lobby right? In the case of "US oil lobbies", they work to try and obtain favorable regulations and tax credits/deductions for the oil companies; provisions that might allow them to drill in protected areas, export, receive tax credits, etc. Lobbying is directed at the US Congress, not some guy who wants to develop a machine. Just to hear your developer make that claim tells me he's very likely full of shit.

SteornTracker said...

I deleted 15-india-street's comment and I'm reposting it here with a slight email mod to avoid spammers:


To anonymous Croat: first thank you for sharing this interesting information with us.

Second please write a nice e-mail to Magnatrix (ravensns [AT] gmail [DOT] com) to ask for membership of the Steorn-forum. In that forum there are very kind people that love to discuss Tesla (the part about the suppression of free energy, not the unit) and cars that are propelled by magnets. And they will give you lots of links to other people that have also such cars. I'm sure they will be able to help Kunić because of their deep knowledge of free energy. Compared to this forum the members of the Steorn forum are much more experienced in that area of science. Good luck!