Thursday, May 17, 2007

Finances and Physics

Today in the forums most of the activity was centered around Dr. Mike's experiment in the Sv Experiment thread. Sean chimed in pretty late tonight, he must be having some trouble sleeping! Also, ebswift took the time to render Dr. Mikes sketches in 3D. Thanks ebswift!

Now on to some finance information. Today 15-india-street posted this spreadsheet which combines the past seven years of Steorn's public investment data into one easy to read page. I still haven't had a chance to review the CRO documents myself, but this makes it much easier to see the big picture. It's mind boggling that Steorn will need to be worth more that 200 million euros before certain investors break even on their investment.


Anonymous said...

If ORBO is real, and I don't think there is a chance in hell that it is, then 200 Million Euros will be easy assuming they can claim ownership. If ORBO is real it will be a money making machine in licensing fees!

drmike said...

If Orbo is real, then galactic conquest is possible.

It's that simple. "Free energy" is infinite energy with no consequences.

Money won't matter. Power will. If you think todays dictators are bad, wait until you see a galactic empire.

My question is "who's the mark?"

Anonymous said...

Sean is saying :
"I am not sure if Mike can measure the actual speed of the pendulum
through its whole cycle, but that would be very, very useful if at all possible."

What is Sean saying ?
Doesnt he know how to use an accelerometer to measure acceleration and calculate speed and position?

Anonymous said...

There is not the faintest possibility that
CoE is violated in the classical domain (non-relativistic speeds and distances that are in the metres scale rather than on the Planck scale).

So there will be no Orbo that produces more energy than it consumes.

What baffles me is "what is their game".

Because there is definitely a game...


Kent said...


I'm a little concerned with your setup. You say you'll run the experiment over an over to get a statistical measurement for Sv.

This is risky. Say you have a 0.1% error in your measurement. Running this test a few hundred times, could cause our error range to become quite large. After subtracting any energy 'loss' due to eddy currents, you could still have a real value that sean claims is due to Sv, but which is actually just garbage data left over due to a very large experimental error.

The only way you'll be able to do this is to be able to get measurable Sv in 1 to 5 passes. Even then you'll need to calculate your error percentage, and subtract any other known calculable energy 'losses' (friction, eddy currents, etc).

Hope this makes sense. My explanatory skills aren't that great.


Anonymous said...

This assumes that all those sums represent the purchase price of Steorn shares. Some of them are bound to be a mix of shares and investment capital. In the case of a sale the loans are repaid first before the shareholders get a profit. Nice spreadsheet but arse about face, and meaningless without a full breakdown of the equity/loan ratios.

Anonymous said...

And if Orbo is not real, Sean and company will have a wonderful life in Brazil or some other non-extradition country. Do we know the spreadsheet is for real? I am not familiar with how other countries collect financial data on private companies.

ben said...


As I understand it there's no debate that there are magnetic hysteresis/anomolous loss mechanism(s).
(I still have trouble figuring out what Seans specific definition of magnetic viscosity is or which mechanism he thinks gives rise to it)

It's Steorns argument that this specific loss mechanism violates CoE i.e. the energy is actually lost, 'destroyed', not lost in the sense of being turned to some non-useful other form of energy. It also their argument that this process can be turned in the other direction through some clever arrangement of magnets, producing energy.

They are, of course, talking nonsense. Literally every time you use anything electrical you are proving experimentally that we understand what happens when how something is magnetised is rapidly switched. Also don't forget Sean said in a 'debate' with me that this unexplainable loss could be shown mathematically using the 'standard equations'. In my mind this is one of the stupidest things he has ever claimed.

drmike said...


If you are right, then Sv isn't what gives Orbo it's power. The idea of this experiement is to test Steorn's methods by a direct attack on the physics. They claim Sv is part of it. They claim magnets moving towards and away from each other are part of it. This test does both, and if we don't see any Sv (either within a few runs or after many) then Sv can't be part of Orbo.

It's a cool test because it should show all the OU builders how to measure real world parameters. It's fun for me because Sv is based on quantum mechanics, so if I can measure something, I can dig into quantum theory to attempt to explain it.

So either way, it's fun and educational. We may not convince Steorn there's no such thing as CoE violation, but at least we can see reality for what it is.

15-India-Street said...
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