Friday, May 4, 2007

For Those Basement Mechanics Out There

Unfortunately it's been an extremely slow week for those of us tracking Steorn. Today, the most interesting thing that happened was Chili Fries sharing The Basement Mechanic's Guide to Testing Perpetual Motion Machines link with us here at Free Energy Tracker. I especially enjoyed section four on magnetic motors:

Magnet-motors are all the rage these days. But even folks who have had physics and engineering courses are often deficient in understanding of magnetic fields and magnetic materials.


zpe said...

Very interesting thead going on in the Steorn forum.


The answer to one of your questions is in the thread:

Jerry O'Dwyer (one of the meany professors) visited their (Steorn) facility a few years ago.

Also, in the thread; Freedom of Information offers use of his account so the students present during Sean's talk could post their take on it:

To use the special freedom of information account:
- forum user: . (single dot)
- password: onedot

Please be kind and don't troll it.

Anonymous said...

FYI - Sean just posted a note several hours ago about the SPDC opening up again soon.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thread on Sean's session at the college. A video would be interesting. I'd like to judge for myself how 'rude' the group was. Sean seems to project himself into a victim role a lot. With 14 million Euros of investor money from which he funds his salary, I bet he was the richest 'victim' in that room.

I chuckled about the comment that Sean doesn't seem very charismatic. Rofl... that's exactly what charisma is. It's the not the obvious flashing white teeth and smooth charm. It's the "aww gawrsh", friendly, 'you can trust me', human image that makes him charismatic.


Rhaomi said...

"Opening up"? As in, able to take in more applicants? Sounds good to me... :)

ben said...


Which question of mine was answered? (I may have missed it it’s late and I’ve been out all night!)

This description of the debate/rebuttal demonstrates in a nutshell how the two sides in the ongoing ‘they don’t have something/they do have something debate’ can see the same thing entirely differently.

An appeal to the ‘believers’:

Get Sean to explain what he thinks magnetic viscosity is and the mechanism which he thinks causes it. Get him to explain why he thinks this is important to the violation of C of E. Ask him if it works with any physical system that exhibits relaxation. Try and get clear answers (good luck to you!).

He’s apparently out to educate via his SPDC. Why don’t you believers get him to do it?

Anonymous said...

There is no point in asking Sean any relevant question because all his answers are rather evasive....

You have to trick him into a corner and put some pressure on him then he will give you rather stupid answers or bann you from his forum.