Tuesday, April 24, 2007

beating a dead banana

Thanks go to Windplay, our banana loving forum skeptic, for starting this thread on the SPDC. While nothing monumental has been revealed by our fellow SPDC members, it's still nice every once in a while to hear how things are going. In the thread, J i O discusses his Narrative approach to understanding what is going on with Steorn. He also posts some amusing aspects of the SPDC:

Sean has a blog and it's kind of fun to get a peek into his life as he tells little stories as good bloggers are wont to do.
Oh man I wish I had that RSS Feed! ralphyboy also had a few things to say about the SPDC:
The SPDC is a really fun place to be. It is extremely civil and (mostly) all business. Progress is actually being made, although sometimes the sledding seems a bit tough as I expect it would be with any collaborative effort where one doesn't see each other face to face on a daily basis.

And, oh yea, it's even more addictive than this forum.
And finally, GravityBoots points out the differences between the SPDC and Steorn's forum:
This forum: "shut yer face ya donkey lover...you're talking bollox!!"

SPDC: "With respect my dear friend, I appreciate your opinion but please accept my apologies as I must beg to disagree."
I hope we continue to hear about how things are going within the SPDC, with or without bananas.


Father Luke Duke said...

"SPDC: With respect my dear friend, I appreciate your opinion but please accept my apologies as I must beg to disagree."
I must say, this whole "spud club" thing makes me cringe with embarrasment.

Steorn apparently have some technology that will change the face of human civilisation more than any other development in our history - even the mastery of fire. Yet they want to spend their time messing around with forum members, many of whom are a few sandwiches short of a picnic, producing some kind of "wiki-guide" to understanding the tech?!?

It's insane on one front, but it's also a nice touch by Sean in that it makes all the believers feel special - like their Sean's mates and will go down in history as key players once "validation" arrives and humanity's course is changed for ever. I think some of them truly believe that schoolchildren in 50 years time will be reading about them and how they stood up to the evil sceptics who wanted to end the dream....

"Sean has a blog and it's kind of fun to get a peek into his life as he tells little stories as good bloggers are wont to do."
Do you think any of the believers have considered that Sean may be telling one BIG story concerning the invention of perpetual motion?

ben said...

I think it’s a genius move for a scam. Get the believers to feel like they’re special (important in any long con), make them think they’re ‘real scientists’ and get to feed them physics knowledge with your own special spin on it. In addition, ‘developers club’ sounds impressive on the website.

Anonymous said...

I think the "riding the tailcoats of glory" aspect of the forum is what attracts a lot of people to Steorn's forum.

To say you've been there when history was made...it's very attractive. I started a thread back in Dec. 2006 entitled "Steorn Digital Autographs" to poke fun at those who were trying to obtain some sort of association with the Sean/Steorn phenomena by way of the forum.

The SPDC is very interesting in that its membership isn't getting any additional info on ORBO beyond some Sean blogging.

(just a few bananas short of a full bunch)

Anonymous said...

It was said today that the SPDC won't get the secret information until after validation... is that new? I was under the impression that they would quite quickly go through some basic magnetics materials then be fed the secrets of Orbo.

And is it just me or is factuurexpress the most predictable poster in history? Conventional science is worthless and closed minded by definition and eccentrics in their garages are geniuses suppressed by big oil/CIA/B&Q etc.. it's really tiresome.

Chili Fries said...

It's all about giving the investors confidence that progress is being made.

zpe said...


Just so you don't fall prey to any more false impressions; the SPDC will never be 'fed the secrets of Orbo'.

If you find factuurexpress tiresome then try this, it works for me and I have found the steorn forum a much more pleasant place. Simply do not read any post by her or anyone with a 7 or 8 in their name. The same goes with replies to their comments, I skip over them as well because it's a waste of time reading responses to their nonsense.


Anonymous said...

factuurexpress is female???

Father Luke Duke said...

factuurexpress is human?

SteornTracker said...

Hey folks, I'd rather not have us post details about people unrelated to Steorn here. Thanks!

JTerry said...

Speaking of factuurexpress, I was searching YOUTUBE today and came accross a post I believe attributable to her. I was watching this video:

Searl and Newton Part 1

I was watching the video because a friend pointed me to more free-energy scams and insanity after a discussion regarding Steorn. Wouldn't you know it, there was a post by gabydewilde! This is our friend fractuurexpress. It seems that her delusions run very, very deep.

Take a look at the series of videos by "Dr" Terry Moore and his alleged Searle "SEG". Aside from the sheer lunacy of this group of con men, the old guy is absolutely HILARIOUS to watch. He even wears what appears to be brand spanking new unversity regalia while discussing whatever his technology is supposed to do but doesn't.

One thing though, if you ask for a statement of his credentials (he claims to be a "Dr" and a "professor"), he will ban you. He doesn't want any uncomfortable facts coming into the discussion. It is no wonder I found Gaby there, I shouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Gaby is a girl? Are you sure about that?

Hey Steorntracker, great job with the blog. You summarize the old forum quite well. I don't get by there as much what with the spdc forum, so I check your blog every day to find out what's going on over there. And of course, to check up on the latest conspiracy theories.

Thanks again, Steorntracker!

Anonymous said...

"Jealousy will get you everywhere."

Suomipoika said...

I don't understand why it's not allowed to post a link to factuurexpress home page. It's public anyway, and people are talking about HIM anyway.

If that really is your policy, then OK, and I will just say that you'll find the data by googling his alias.

And he is male, btw.

SteornTracker said...

Suomipoika, sorry that I had to mod your post. I've had multiple situations here where people asked me to remove their personal details before, and I'm just trying to avoid that.

Father Luke Duke said...

Yeah, cheers steorntracker, good job.

Gaby is apparently a bloke, not a lass.

We are running out of stuff to talk about though if we resort to disussing Mr de wilde.

Any new facts anyone? Or just some wild speculation to tide us over.

zpe said...

In the states, Gaby is a female name. I didn't mean to insult, it's just a natural call. In addition, I've had numerous exchanges with her and I have always felt I was talking to a female. Gaby, please correct me if I'm wrong.


zpe said...

Well, I was going to start a thread on the steorn forum and ask Gaby if she is male or female but again, the server is down. Perhaps they should attach an Orbo to it.

Magnatrix said...

Gaby is male
( yes in NA, that is a female name)
however, I have met a man named "marrion" and another named "ginger" before.
gaby's picture is on the net, plus I asked him many moons ago.
He is a he :-)

Gaby de Wilde said...

"And is it just me or is factuurexpress the most predictable poster in history?"

It's just you.