Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sean to the Rescue and the Forum is Wide Open

pcstru4 started off Sunday's discussions with this question:

Believers - What will your excuse be when Steorn does not demonstrate a working OU device in July?
This caught SeamusF's attention:

LOL do you know something that even Steorn doesnt know?

Dam I may go and cancel everything, the venue, hotels, media, etc seeing as Pcstru4 stated that "Steorn does (will) not demonstrate a working OU device in July?".

Besides all of that pcstru4, where are you based? Are you going to come along and see the demo, or are you happier making random comments about a technology which you actually know anything about?
I guess Seamus took this question personally! pcstru4 later posts that he'll definitely come if Steorn has an OU Device. SeamusF unknownly sets himself up with this statement:

We will see you at the Demo then. I will ensure you have full details on
venue as soon as we announce the dates. Make sure you introduce yourself to me
or Sean when you arrive and we will see who is right or wrong

You'll find out from Sean in a second why Seamus set himself up, but first the discussion turned to whether Steorn has actually announced that their July Demo will be of an OU device at all. SeamusF again starts digging himself a hole:
Information on this will be published as a Press Release. We are not releasing any information on it before that.

So we're now starting to all think that the July demo may not be of an OU device at all, but something else! But wait, Sean to the rescue!

July will be a demo of a real self sustaining OU device.

Sean did bring some bad news for those across the Atlantic:

On the July stuff we are not going to pre-announce the actual dates. ... The
press release will be issued the day the event start ... Its a decision we have
made based on advise from our PR company. And its one that we will not change.
Dr. Mike has a mail with a copy of the advise (and indeed the dates themselves)
however he is under NDA and cant put it in the public domain.

I'm sure that disappoints some folks, possibly even Seamus after his remarks! It's still great to know that Dr. Mike is still planning to go.

Finally, Sean made this announcement:

hehe, well I just reopened the membership thing so you get a change to get pcstru5 thru x now!
I verified that the forums are wide open at the moment. Get your account now before it's too late!


Lurker said...

I´ve been watching this since August, and never posted anything, anwhere.
A thought just crossed my mind... I know Sean said they would re-open the forum, but why now? maybe because too many people were posting here and they weren't able to control the message any more ?

just a thought ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pardon me but WHY are we starting to think it might be something else? I can't follow your logic from your to WHY WE might think the July demo might be something else...


SteornTracker said...


If you read the discussion, someone claimed that Steorn never explicitly said the demo was going to be of an OU device. Seamus said he wasn't able to comment on whether the demo would be of an OU device or something else. This caused folks on the forum to speculate about that possibility, until Sean cleared the issue up later in the day.

ben said...


Meh. I'm not sure I want a new account. There's much less amusement in asking awkward questions when Sean is likely to throw his toys out of the pram and ban me at any moment. Besides I’m far too busy doing real physics to go back to that time stealing forum!

I’m not sure what reason I got banned for before, other than ‘it was Sean’s birthday’. Maybe because the standard reasons they gave me for not releasing information didn’t really apply when I started asking for the name of a physicist from the first round of testing? They know, from my name and uni email address, that I am a PhD physics student. It wouldn’t do me any good to publish/harass any guy whose name they gave me and I’m likely to know someone who knows him (or at least knows of him), especially if he is UK based. There was no possible harm to him or them. If a real physicist had tested, with positive results, only an increase in their credibility could be obtained by giving his name to me.

No real, competent physicists have tested their device and got positive results. They have no device that works.

I agree that an active Steorn discussion community here probably isn't the the best interests of Steorn and whatever game they are playing. Controlling information release is key for them I think.

Tundrabog said...

Topic: How Much Did Sean Pay For His Shares In Steorn?

In the early days of Steorn, there were 4 ‘original’ investors. I’ve posted this info before, but they were Sean McCarthy (Steorn Director), Michael Daly (Steorn Director), Shaun Menzies (Steorn employee) and Francis Hackett.

The original four bought a total of 100,000 shares of Steorn at 0.01 Euro per share for a total cost of 1,000 Euros. Sean McCarthy’s portion was 37,500 shares for which he paid 375 Euros.

As of September 30, 2006, the original four retained 88,238 shares of Steorn. Of this, Sean McCarthy owned 37,193 shares. Michael Daly, the other Steorn director, owned 37,802 shares. Together, the two directors owned 60.6% of Steorn shares.

35,421 shares (28.6%) were owned by investors other than the original four. These investors paid a premium of 5,895,325 Euros.

Tundrabog said...

Banning skeptics was a bad call by Steorn. Sean lost control of information and this forum was and is a thorn in his side.

Re-opening accounts was a good move for Steorn. Things were getting very stale there.

For myself, I like it here and on FizzX. I've had my Steorn accounts banned twice. I'm not sure if I would post on the Steorn forums if they were unbanned. I don't plan on applying a third time.

Anonymous said...

Banning skeptics was a bad call by Steorn. Sean lost control of information and this forum was and is a thorn in his side.

Re-opening accounts was a good move for Steorn. Things were getting very stale there.

For myself, I like it here and on FizzX. I've had my Steorn accounts banned twice. I'm not sure if I would post on the Steorn forums if they were unbanned. I don't plan on applying a third time.

The time will come when the bannings start over again. Or maybe not, if he manages to avoid direct confrontation. It's good to have choices, and it surely does not hurt to cross post on different platforms and promote the alternatives a little.

Anonymous said...

Bannings will only happen If people do not abide by the Terms & Conditions. This is no different to any other website.

Stop with the paranoia already.

Tundrabog said...

Topic: Executive Pay

How much are the two Steorn directors, Sean McCarthy and Michael Daly, paid by Steorn? Unfortunately, that information is not in the public record.

Who decides how much the two Steorn directors are paid?

That’s an easier question. Ultimately, the Steorn shareholders decide. 60.6% of Steorn shares are owned by directors Sean McCarthy and Michael Daly.

These two gentlemen are in the enviable position of deciding their own compensation! That compensation is paid for by Steorn investors.

How many of you decide your own compensation? How many of you would like to decide your own compensation? What would you pay yourself?

If you decided your own salary, decided to pay yourself well, and were afraid that your company would fail if it turned out that your only potential product didn’t do what you wanted it to, what would you do? I suggest that you’d want to drag things out as long as possible so that you would continue to get paid. Delay things and make excuses so that your failed product is not public knowledge. Keep that pay cheque coming.

Anonymous said...

I think they need to re-ban A1. I'm glad he is banned here.

Why do I have to enter the word verification letters twice and three times before it will take? Very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone yet proposed that the whole thing is some type of bad allegory? That the "perpetual motion" being created is all this discussion about it? It certainly exceeds the amount of "energy" input (actual facts and info given out by Stoern). Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous what makes you think A1 is posting again?

Anonymous said...

A1 is 15 India Street. Not difficult to figure out.

15-India-Street said...
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