Saturday, April 14, 2007

External Steorn Forum Comments

I've seen a few comments asking to either host a forum or have a link to I'm interested in everyones opinion on this topic. I don't want to compete with the Steorn Forum, and Sean has stated that he'll be opening it up again to everyone this July. Also, I unfortunately don't have time to moderate a forum. So here are my questions for you:

Does meet the needs of those who don't have access to Steorn's Forums?

What could or another forum do differently?

Should we launch an "Until Steorn opens back up" Forum?

Thanks for your thoughts on the topic!


Anonymous said...

There is of couse also the randi forum is owned by crank, if i remember correctly, and i don't know their banning policies. It would certainly be nice to have another forum like steorns for an open discussion. One of the key benefits of the forum software Steorn uses is its simplicity. It's almost perfect for low traffic conditions because you can see all new posts almost instantly.
I for one like it clean, simple and fast.

Thicket said...

The Fizzx forum is fine. I've posted on it several times and will continue to do so. I think those that can't access the Steorn forums would migrate to Fizzx if this blog disappeared. Fizzx is also better from a setup and message organization perspective.

Despite all those points, I much prefer this Free Energy Tracker blog. It's much more active and interactive. You make a significant effort to update things, and as long as you are willing to continue, I personally would consider this the prime posting spot.

I consider you a neutral person who can balance the skeptic and believer perspective. I don't think you'd allow the type of personal abuse that is the hallmark of the Steorn forums.

I think you are doing a tremendous job.

If you are ever legally challenged by Steorn (as he has stated once and hinted another time), let me know. I can and will help.

Anonymous said...

I think a link to on this blog under the link to Randi would suffice.

ST you do a nice job filtering out the noise the Steorn Forum is choked with
and presenting a quality summary of events.

I would miss this place if we ONLY had FizzX or Steorn.

FizzX is not very active at the moment but is a good backup should Steorn go down.

Again, thanks ST

Anonymous said...

I agree that this blog does a great job of filtering the noise in the Steorn website.

At this point, I think an external website is not needed. (now that Crank and Magna have chilled out a bit)

Rhaomi said...

I agree with the above. This blog is an excellent source of important info for when I can't check the forum regularly. Keep up the great work!

15-India-Street said...
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kevin said...

This looks like a good place to communicate to me.

Cheers for running this site steorntacker.

Thicket said...

The Steorn forums, and Free Energy Tracker have participants and a broader audience of 'lurkers'.

How many lurkers are there? It's tough to tell unless you run the site yourself. The FizzX site gives some information. Comparing posts to viewings, it seems that there are 10 - 25 lurkers per participant.

Who are the lurkers?

Chances are that many are ordinary curious folks following the Steorn story out of personal interest.

If you were one of the 22 Jury members, would you check out Steorn-related forums to see what's going on? I know I would. Posting by Jury members is unlikely due to the NDA and the desire to avoid an onslaught of questions. Nevertheless, I believe that there are a number of Jury members amongst us.

If you were a Steorn investor, would you check out Steorn stuff on the web? Steorn made quite a splash in August 2006, so investors either know about Steorn's claim or they live in Patagonia. Since all investors except the Patmore Group have Irish addresses, I think we can rule out Patagonia. If I was a Steorn investor, I'd certainly check these boards.

Forum members have wondered why Sean would spend so much time on an audience of only about 300 active forum members who probably aren't 'high-value investors' but are a rag-tag group of folks with very diverse backgrounds. I suggest that he's playing to the greater audience of lurkers especially the investors.

Is this why Sean has been complaining this past week about blogs outside of Steorn's control? Blogs where they can't edit or delete posts or ban posters? Is Steorn's credibility suffering in the eyes of lurker folks that are very important to them? That's the problem with a very public campaign. It's tough opening Pandora's Box only a crack. It can get away from you.

Of course, there's a very, very easy way out for Steorn. Show the world that your free-energy device works. Silence your critics. The longer you wait, the more your credibility suffers.

If you have nothing to show, then you're between a rock and a hard place.

Steorn is telling the truth about the Jury not seeing Steorn's over-unity device yet. Why? Because there are Jury members watching and they know the truth. These same Jury members will know whether the three month delay is because of Steorn or the Jury.

Next time Sean answers a question, realize that the audience isn't just you and the other active posters out there. There are many other eyes.

Anonymous said...

Why have Steorn been telling us that there are 12 jury members.

Why would Steorn suddenly say that there are 22 persons in the jury ?

Why did they hire 10 extra ?
Are they planning to kick out the jury members that they not are able to buy?

Anonymous said...

Steorntracker rules the waves.