Friday, April 6, 2007

Dr. Mike's Visit

Here is the latest from Dr. Mike on his potential visit:

And no, not one word boo since they told me they got the NDA. So we all wait. :wink:
Also note, I've got access to Steorn's 2005 financials thanks to nleseul, and there have been some interesting discussions in the forums regarding how Steorn originally discovered their claimed over unity machines. I plan on digging into both this weekend so we'll have something to keep ourselves busy with as we all wait.


Anonymous said...

Next update from Sean is now set at Friday the 13th! See sticky on steorn forums.

Anonymous said...

Threads seem to be disapearing from the Steorn forum. The Sean Reference Quote is MIA. Ministry of Truth at work?

Checking Google cache. Make copies people!

Anonymous said...

Steorn is all noise and NO signal!!

Friday the 13th? LOL!

They actually have not removed threads (recently, as far as I can tell) but they chose now to decided to play with the stickies.

More chain jerking in place of their much hyped Q1 "announcements."

I can see no encouraging way to interpert any of this nonsense, if their intention is to blow any remaining credability, they have found a really good way to do that!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who can't spell 'credibility' has no credibility :p

Anonymous said...

"Anyone who can't spell 'credibility' has no credibility :p"
LOL! Feel better now?
Better go drink some more kool-aid, before it runs out.

nleseul said...

ZOMG!!1 They CLEANED UP THE STICKIES LOLZ!!1 It's a SCAAAAAM!!!11!!!!111!!!!!!eleven!!1!