Thursday, April 5, 2007

When the SPDC goes down...

When the SPDC goes down, we actually get updates and discussion on the forums! We had a few interesting posts in the What's been happening in the SPDC? discussion. SeamusF defends Sean in this reply to Thicket_:

Thicket_: It's only a matter of opinion if you DON'T know much about physics. If you DO have a grasp of physics, it's obvious that Sean knew very little and Hairy cornered and trashed him on several occasions on basic Physics issues.
And where was Sean trashed by Physics questions? Can you please provide questions on Physics theory/application that HK posed and Sean could not answer?
Also, enginerd gave a great update on the general feel of the SPDC:
The reports here about what goes on in the spdc forum are not hiding anything. If you want drama, you can pretend that all kinds of information is pouring into that forum and that all us members have nearly finished orbo powered clocks in our workshops.

The truth is that we are reviewing information from the learning modules and recently a video about steorn-effect linked magnetic properties. We are discussing stuff very much as is done here but more politely. There are many more posts in the "relaxation zone" category (where the non-technical talk is supposed to take place) than there is in the "searching for OU" category or the "magnetic effects" category.

Lots of feedback has been provided to make the learning tools better. We are looking forward to when the learning tools will proceed past general basics and get into steorn-effect specifics.

I would be very very surprised if we are told anything that would provide any understanding of "the effect" until the jury has spoken. Otherwise, what point the jury?
And of course we're still waiting for the Q1 Update, but at least something was discussed today!


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cool how enlightening - they have a 'searching for OU' section. So there is no over unity found here ;) I can stop wasting my time checking that site now :D

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Whatever you read on is misinformation.

Anonymous said...

The first name "Avneeda" is most likely spelt incorrectly.

Given that Steorn scientists have superconductor backgrounds I searched for "tripathi superconductor" in google and found A. Vedavathy Tripathi.

Interesting question to Dr. Mike, are superconductors involved as part of his "reading material" that was suggested by Sean ?

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Ping said...
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nleseul said...

Funnily enough, ping and other skeptics seem to be way more emotional over the late Q1 announcement than any believers I've seen.

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Good to see that Dr. Puthoff has taken an active interest. He is a skeptic who has great familiarity with outrageous energy claims.

Sean's dearth of physics knowledge fits the obvious scenario. The engineers "discovered" a measurement anomaly (actually an error) and the marketer jumped the gun. Steorn will eventually wind up with egg on their face.


Anonymous said...

Google cache of Hairykrishna's Noethers Theorem that Sean deleted. Page 1 only.

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Why is it that experimental evidence is always trumped by existing knowledge these days? Sure explains to me why physics hasn't really done anything since the standard model was finalized in the 70s. String theory is just mathematically manipulating almost 40 year old physics without any empirical input and calling it science. Might as well be contemplating how many angels can fit on the head of a pin.

Rhaomi said...

Oh, anonymous... why must you ramble so?

If you're so concerned about cowardice, honor, and standing up for one's beliefs, could you not at least make a profile to speak by and stop hiding behind a wall of anonymity?

Rhaomi said...

Apologies that I can't spend all day monitoring this blog for your comments.

Anyway, I'm just curious as to why you take this whole thing so seriously. You carry yourself like a mythical hero or some wannabe Deep Throat, throwing out cryptic phrases and warnings. "Dishonor makes me angry"? "You just made one enemy that doesn't know the meaning of the word Quit"? This is a blog comment page, not a rostrum or some great Hall of Justice. Chill out.

Rhaomi said...

"I gave my word, and i failed to see the treachery coming.."

"A man who trusted me to look out for him is hurt, career in ruins, Assets frozen. My cross to bear. I tried to stop it, Once i realized what kind of weasels had their grubby hands on his name. Too little, too late. But i will not be too late to do my duty"

"Men like me are what's holding back the tide of lies and deceit,Of Empire. and we are losing, drop by little drop of blood, little cut here, a small nick there, honor is dying."

See, this is what I mean. What the hell are you going on about? You're acting like you're the protagonist of a dramatic epic. Don't you know that we have no clue what you're talking about? Did you know any of the suspected jurors personally, or what?

Just please cut out all this pretentious nonsense. You juxtapose your "heroic" words with the venue on which you're writing them, and you come out sounding pretty foolish.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord you people really need to find something better to do with your time.

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