Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Few Points from Sean

Sean may be disappearing for a while from the forums, so make sure you read his latest message. Highlights include Sean's asking that we don't consider Steorn a fraud, and that we accept that this will be a long process before things are cleared up.

As an open minded skeptic, I can offer Sean the benefit of the doubt about this not being a fraud. He points out that there are no clear victims at the moment. I honestly don't know what this is all about. I'm sure we'd all love to believe Sean, but it's his responsibility to prove his position. I'm looking forward to the July demos and more updates on the Jury. We're definitely in for a long, hopefully entertaining, ride.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid "long ride" = long con. Let's face facts that it is our own hopes and dreams influencing us to 'believe'. I want this to be real so badly I give the benefit of the doubt, but then I step back and take a moment to look at what is going on. So far it is highly possible that 98% of what Steorn says is manufactured. There may be no device, no jurors, no bloggers who stop by for visits and parties. It would be very easy to fabricate all of this. We are assuming everything he says is true if we assume it's false then everything becomes crystal clear. FRAUD. I judge this as fraud because it is carefully constructed to ensure no one can get any answers. Steorn has the upper hand and endless viable excuses for every facet of this supposed device. I am done wasting my time.

Tundrabog said...

Topic: One Way To Make Money From 100,000 Orbos

Note: This post is about a way of fraudulently making money. There is zero real evidence that this fraud is happening or being contemplated. It’s merely speculation about a potential scenario.

How does one make money from 100,000 Orbos? The most obvious answer is to sell them at a profit. It’s obvious, possible, but very improbable. That’s a lot of Orbos. In my opinion, Orbos will not generate free-energy, which would make Orbo sales very sparse indeed.

So how do you make money?

Here’s a quote about Nominee Companies such as Steorn Nominees.

A major difficulty with many International Tax Planning arrangements is the fact that Invoices from Offshore Companies appear in the accounts of the Owner.
The Nominee Structure provides a solution to this in that all transactions are with an ONSHORE COMPANY!
The source link is here;

It’s a fact that Steorn Nominees exists and is controlled by two people (2005 information filed with the government). One of them is Sean McCarthy. Nominee Companies exist to provide a confidential cover for dealing with Offshore Companies.

Let’s paint a scenario.

A legitimate manufacturer, not located in Ireland, manufactures 100,000 Orbos at a cost of 10 Euros each. The Orbos are bought by Steorn Offshore Company. Steorn Offshore Company invoices Steorn Nominees for 100,000 Orbos at a cost of 50 Euros each, pocketing 40 Euros profit per unit. The additional costs are ostensibly for overhead and markup. Steorn Nominees flows through the costs to Steorn Ltd (parent) or Orbo Ltd. (subsidiary).

If some of the Orbos sell, at say 60 Euros each, then that’s fine. If 98,000 Orbos sit in a warehouse somewhere, then the only people out of money are Steorn investors. Of course, there is a tidy, profit for the Steorn Offshore Company regardless of whether the Orbos sell or not. The profit is already conveniently located offshore.

The agreement between Steorn Nominees and the Steorn Offshore Company ensures confidentiality and makes the transaction very difficult (impossible?) to track down by authorities.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that nobody has given a good legitimate reason for the existence of the nominee company.

Anonymous said...

Folks, for once, I agree with Sean. Can we hold off on calling Steorn a Scam? I have seen Sean obfuscate, contradict himself, spin, evade, ignore insightful questions, distract, ban and belittle. I have seen this (other than the banning) from CEO’s of established legitimate companies so that is not proof of a scam.

I have seen evidence that makes me think Steorn is not what they claim. Not proof. If people yell scam with no proof they are no better than Babcat, claiming that Steorn tech is for real, without proof.

Sean and Steorn are behaving in a suspicious manner and some people are investigating. I think it is only natural when confronted with the enigma known as Steorn and Sean’s baffling claims. If I see proof that Steorn is a scam, I would be happy to (and will) tell the world. If Steorn is for real, the world will know and no amount of skepticism will stop it. Which makes me wonder why Sean is so defensive? What’s the point? Does the machine only work for those thinking ‘Happy Thoughts’?

The things I would like to see most are a posted timeline and direct answers from Sean, as he has a habit of responding to questions, but not answering the question asked or being so vague that his answer appears meaningless.

For the faithful. Can you please stop trying to paint us as Evil or a threat to Free Energy? I for one would embrace Free Energy. I can’t imagine there is a skeptic who would not. Just because we ask questions in an information vacuum, does not mean we want Steorn to fail. For myself I just can’t resist pulling on a loose thread and the story Steorn is spinning seems mighty tattered.

Sean, please, some straight answers, the politicians around here keep me fertilized, no need for you to help.

Anonymous said...

After reading his most recent quote about the history of the "effect", I think they are completely full of it. Sean says:

"Well I think that it is a question of mindset, once we discovered and proved to ourselves the initial anomaly, we got very interested. After some research we found that we could explain the results with know effects, i.e. the result itself could be expected. But we went one step further, which is rather than just accepting classical explanations of these known (if little known) effects (and there are indeed many views on what causes these effects over the years) we decided to do what our engineering educations taught us to do, which is to design tests and make up our own minds on the mater. We did this by the way because we could not find a consensus position on what drove these effects within the third party white papers, the approach seemed very much a 'rule of thumb' approach and so we got at it."

No, Sean. Your tests are wrong. That's the problem with these free energy guys, they fully believe they've been become "Einsteins" overnight.


Tundrabog said...

Of coure there's no proof of a scam. I'm personally still torn. On Monday, Wednesday and every second Friday, I think it's a scam. On Tuesday, Thursday and the other Friday, I think Steorn just made a mistake. I take the weekends off. (Yes... this is a joke. I truly don't know if it's a scam.)

There is no rule or convention that says that believers have sole authority on hare-brained, space cadet theories.

There is no rule or convention that says that skeptics are relegated to being reasonable and rational all of the time.

The longer Steorn drags out this tale, the more investor money Steorn spends.

Anonymous said...

Without breaking the NDA, can someone comment on how the last few days events have affected the SPDC? Mood? Traffic?

Anonymous said...

Nutty conspiracy theory..

Sean is also Energyman8.

I can't prove it. I just have a feeling.

Sean just put up a post in 'Questions'


thomas:Sean, This public demonstration of the "technology", is this going to be a working PMM or just another "toy", operated by a finger tip?

It will be a self sustaining system. The difference between the stop-start type and the constant motion type is not manual intervention, its the fact that in the stop-start version the system stops and starts (with no outside influence, finger or otherwise). The constant motion device does not have 'stop-start' as part of its sequence. The constant motion version of the technology has not yet completed development, but do not confuse this (at it seems that some forum members have) with the fact that the stop-start version is self sustaining, i.e. it has no external intervention, manual or otherwise.


no reply posts to him in 15 min.

Eman appears for first time today in the 'This all ends in July one way or another.' with this,


I don't know how it's possible but this place gets more amusing by the day. Here let me try;

blah blah blah, assumption, blah blah blah, accusation, blah blah blah, mixed up facts spun horribly wrong, blah blah blah, nothing but irrationality and regretfully lacking any substance, blah blah blah, not once ever in all the months spent here anything that actually holds water, wah wah wah you guys are a scam.

There, that was pretty easy.

I would love to know how you guys come up with these wacked out theories. Are you sure you're not smokin bannana peels?

Does that not strike you as what Sean would want to say about now?

Emans language also cleaned up soon after the "if you banned xxxxx, why is Eman still here?" questions started to pop up in the forum.

As I remember, rumor has it Sean swears quite a bit. Was Energyman8 an alter-ego for Sean to vent? Eman did say he was Irish.

These and many more wild ideas, next week on Nutty Theories of the Banned.....Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Worth reading again.

Anonymous said...

This too.

Suomipoika said...

I have a better theroy of Energyman8. I think he's one of the investors of Steorn. He's angry, because we are questioning his investment.

He hasn't been banned yet to date, because Steorn can't bite feeding hand. He is Irish, as are the investors. He's been hanging around in the forum from the very beginning.

I don't believe Energyman8 is Sean, because forum administrators (Crank and Magna) would also know it, and Sean wouldn't play games with his credibility.

I can see this theory has been presented in the forum few times before:

But this is pointless theorization, which doesn't need to get answered.

Anonymous said...

No, energyman8 is just a 27-28 year old guy from NY who believes in free energy and thinks he knows something about investing.

His antagonizing of pennies gave him a permanent spot Sean's heart.


Father Luke Duke said...

I believe that E8 is otherwise know as Jo Somebody is an investor in The GMC Holding Corporation - another PMM company.

GMC think that they should be worth over a "trillion dollars" - although the market seems to value them at slightly less (heh).

At least that's who he's meant to be - I still think he might be a "creation" of someone else's. He's meant to be from New Yark - but just talks like he's from Hill St Blues circa 1982 and that's where he learnt the dialect. On top of that he sticks in completely non-US expressions like "Cheers" and seems to change writing styles quite a bit....

Anonymous said...

I've been reading the Steorn Forum since December, although I never created an account there- but I just want to comment on the e8 speculation.

I was amazed when Crank defended him as being "so damn funny". I've never seen any real humor from him, just really juvenile insults. I know Crank is from Ireland, but don't they have the equivalent of middle school over there? Abusive, scatological, juvenile. E8.

I see him as someone who wrote down all the stuff other kids called him when he was eleven years old, and now that he's thirteen and Mom and Dad let him access the Internet without direct supervision, he's making use of it.

Tundrabog said...

Rofl... E8 invested in GMC Holding Corporation?

No wonder he's so miserable.

You'd think he'd learned his lesson with respect to magnet motors.