Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Disappearing Threads and Questions for Sean

According to folks in the forum and an anonymous commenter here, there were some threads deleted from the Steorn forums today. If anyone has a copy of the deleted posts or could summarize them for me, please email me @ wgorman AT gmail DOT com. I hate it when I miss out on drama like this!

On another note, I'd like to compile a list of questions that everyone has for Steorn, so next time we get a Questions thread or a gabbly chat with Sean we can go in prepared to ask the most interesting questions. Here are a few that I've thought of to get the discussion started:

Jury Questions for Sean:

When visiting the US in February, did you meet with any of the Jurors in person?

When did the Jury's white paper phase begin?

How often does Steorn interact with Jury members? Once a week, once a month? How much time do the Jury members seem to be spending on validation per week?

Business Model Question for Sean:

You've mentioned before that your prime market is mobile consumer electronics. Crank mentioned that she has seen an NDA between Steorn and a global company. In addition to the SPDC, jury process, and internal prototype development, are you actively working with other companies on creating products, or will those companies have to wait till after validation day to start working with Steorn?


Rhaomi said...

I'm wondering whether Steorn is still accepting applicants for the SPDC. Somebody had asked something about it in the last round of questions, and Sean seemed to imply that something could be worked out through his assistant ("Connie C", IIRC... correct me if I'm wrong). I never followed up on it, though, as it was pretty late at the time. I hope they still will let a few folks in... I'm sure that that site will at least be marginally more interesting than the regular forum in the time to come.

Anonymous said...

I have some questions.

1) You claim the jurors must be kept secret so they are not hassled. Why not give a news source that everyone knows and NDA and the names, have the source verify there really is a jury.

2) I am starting to loathe the word "Validation" the more I hear it the more ridiculous it sounds. How about split the "Validation" into two a scientific validation and a public validation. For example get the guys at slashdot.org to sign an NDA and witness the Steorn miracle in action. They can then tell everyone "yes this thing works" and leave it at that.

3) 10 years? I have heard in an interview Steorn state it could take 10yrs for validation is this true?

Tundrabog said...

We’ve certainly seen our share of theories about Steorn. Theories have included some kind of reality TV show, an advertising gimmick, a psychology study and an information security demonstration.

I’d like to add another fun theory. I have no idea whether it’s valid. It’s probably not, but it’s fun to speculate.

This theories main premise is that Sean McCarthy truly believes that free energy is possible. Furthermore, work at Steorn shows that free energy is real. The problem is that Steorn can’t quite get there. Despite a deep belief that they have something real, partly based on measurements done over several years, Steorn can’t construct that final device that generates excess energy.

What’s an inventor to do? You are soooo close, and just need a little extra to show the world your revolutionary free-energy product. You are 80 – 90% of the way there.

The answer is that you enlist help. You can’t afford to pay for expert help, so you set up a publicity stunt to entice the world’s greatest physicists to solve your free-energy problems for you. You pay them almost nothing. You recruit them carefully. You choose those that are most receptive to the possibility of free energy.

You don’t show them the device that unfortunately doesn’t quite cross the perpetual motion line. You don’t need experts to tell you it doesn’t work. You need the experts to make it work. If there are 22 physicists that want to help, that’s great. 22 is a lot better than 12. You show them all your test calculations and invite them to build their own free-energy device at a third-party laboratory. You help them any way you can. You pay for the direct costs of the work. When the experts solve your technical problems the solution is the property of Steorn. Hurray, Steorn wins, the world has free-energy and everything is just ducky.

You hedge your bets slightly. You also recruit the Magnificent Seven to build the Steorn device. Maybe these seven bright and talented individuals can get rid of those pesky technical bugs and finally build the free-energy device you know is possible.

Of course, you still have your own people working on the not-quite free-energy device as well.

Steorn folks, the Magnicient Seven and the Jury haven’t quite finished their work. You need time. You drag things out to give these experts the time they need to bring free energy to fruition.

Anonymous said...

Not the first dissapointing Steorn Post,


I can't find any of Steorn's original posts of FAQ's. Anyone have copies?

Would someone like to ask Mags/Crank to go 'dumpster-diving' for the several MIA
versions of the FAQ.

These were originaly posted by Steorn, so I see no reason for Steorn not to re-post them. (not sure why they were removed)

I think I may have them archived. Will check.


Father Luke Duke said...

I've had thoughts about them actually enlisting scientists to help them turn their dream into reality since the beginning.

The whole concept of this "jury" is too bizzare otherwise. Sean has also always been clear that "jury" members will build their own version to test. He's never explicitly said that they will get a working device from Steorn.

Anonymous said...

[ Sink ] Censorship on the forums? ! For shame, Steorn.


Funny that Mags gets anal when WE say deleted;

crank : "I don't want to get involved in this argument, but I just want to say something about the thread that Magnatrix deleted."


Anonymous said...

Before the next believer accuses the skeptics of 'spreading disinformation', someone should put a leash on the 'Cat'.


My favorite,
Babcat:"Steorn has constructed devices with a continual output of up to 550HP that utilize no input energy whatsoever. This output is a result of the interaction of magnetic fields. Once again, there is no energy input into the device. There is no input energy."

"There is no input energy" - true, because there is no "devices with a continual output of up to 550HP"

He really isn't helping Steorn, is he?

Anonymous said...


Great insight into Faith vs. Fact thinking.


'Why faith needs no facts'

007:" jaybird:007...Faith or Fact?

Fact. Jury is still in session, so how can you account for that?"

Anonymous said...

A few Sage words from Tubbers;

Effective arguing 101


Tundrabog said...

Sean mentioned someone specific when talking about the 'eureka, we have free energy' discovery. Does anyone remember who that was? A link? Was it Michael Daly?

Anonymous said...

Cranks visit,
[Closed] Another visit to Steorn

Crank:"Today, as it was a normal work-day, it was full of people, and the engineering rooms were open. I saw 'The Big One', what they tested up to 550bhp on. That was to prove its scalability."

I find it hard to believe that Crank just assumed this. In context it appears that this is what she was 'told'. Otherwise how did she know it was "to prove its scalability."

You be the judge.

Anonymous said...

Just a guess,

Thicket will reveal something of interest today. ;)

Almost? What do you mean "Almost?!?!"

Tundrabog said...

No 'almost' reveal for me. I'll let Anonymous do the honours. Funny what you find when you dig a bit.

On a different 'almost', could it be that DrMike 'almost' made it to to the Steorn offices, but that Steorn has backed down? That would truly be a surprise, right? *sarcasm*

From the forums it seems that Dr Mike has been invited to the July demo in London. Of course that's what Sean meant all the time, right? (I see the believers nodding their heads obediently).

Whatever happened to Dublin and the hammer? Say it isn't so, Sean. You don't want another item on your bullshit list, do you? Quick... you still have time to rescue this one. Just let Dr Mike come like you said he could.

Anonymous said...

Woot ! this is incredible the number of contradiction which are being dug up. Especially this one "they tested up to 550bhp on." from Crank. In the mean time Sean himself admitted that they have nothing in the region of 550 bhp.

There are more interresting stuff going on Steorntracker than on the official forum.


Anonymous said...

QUESTION - Sean, many people were planning their vcacations to include the US East Coast demo in July, how about rescheduling the event and giving us advance notice so we can plan for the trip!

Anonymous said...

QUESTION - Sean, many people were planning their vcacations to include the US East Coast demo in July, how about rescheduling the event and giving us advance notice so we can plan for the trip!

Anonymous said...


"Almost". Search page for it.

Not a direct quote as such, but it makes you wonder. Care to clear this up Sean?

Anonymous said...

Hi ST,

Anonymous poster here, the one posting the interesting links. Are we tired of them yet? Should I keep digging?

Anonymous Linker

Anonymous said...

Dissapearing threads:

I "removed" 4 " Test" threads yesterday and two threads about jury speculations.

Magnatrix :-)

JTerry said...

Thicket: Enjoyed your theory regarding use of the "jury" to actually create the device for Steorn. This is something I have suspected could be the case for some time. I also note that Father Luke Duke once again points out that Sean has never said they will provide the jurors with an actual working Steorn device.

I have asked this several times and have been treated with the utmost contempt from the Steorn faithfully brainwashed. They have a passion for simply not answering the question but instead placing links to places where Sean answered the question "directly". Of course, he has not answered this question directly in any place, ever.

So allow me to continue to beat the drum:

Sean: Please just answer YES or NO; will you give the jury members the Steorn manufactured device that you allege generates "free energy" for testing and inspection?

Anonymous said...

How to apply for the SPDC :
Convince Steorn that you are a possible bussiness partner and a
strong believer with a lot of money to spend.

One of the SPDC members has been "running" a "free and clean energy company" for several years and his company still exists.
(All his devices have failed so far..)

Tundrabog said...


Digging up media reports reminds us of some of Sean's past bullshit comments that were published.

The Guardian reporter, Steve Boggan, was promised a diagram showing how the free-energy system works. Steorn then withdraws the promise with the familiar "the lawyers won't let me."

We can expect the lawyer excuse to fit in somewhere in the upcoming July Farce.

Also, what's this about Steorn's European partner with the moving, almost perpetual prototypes? Almost?? I thought Steorn had free energy. My car is almost perpetual. When I put the car in neutral it is 'almost perpetual' because it keeps rolling for a while... until it stops.

Yup, this is last year's news. It's also another example of Sean McCarthy, the pathological bullshitter.