Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Chat with Sean

Thanks to Rhaomi's posting on the webchat Gabbly, many of us tonight got to speak with Sean about upcoming events at Steorn. Discussions like these make me question the possibility of this being a scam. An anonymous user posted the whole transcript in a comment on this blog in an earlier post, but I've pulled out Sean's highlights. Note that I've corrected some grammatical errors so it's easier to read, and I've done my best to not take comments out of context... Please correct me if I've made any mistakes:

:: what can we expect on friday the 13th?
Steorn: not at lot, most of the stuff you guys know - it is an update for people who do not spend too much time watching us

steorntracker: Sean, do you expect anything exciting to happen at Steorn between now and the July demos?
Steorn: Anything exciting, not really, if you believe it or not, we are focused on the validation, and this keeps us busy

steorntracker: How is the SPDC going Sean? Any new modules coming out soon for them to play with?
Steorn: There was a video experiment last week and a new module, I believe that another module goes up this week and another video experiment the week after

gabber196: Sean, have you any ideas about solid state version of your technology ?
Steorn: solid state would be the holy grail - cant get my head around how it could be done, but we do need to spend some time on it

steorntracker: Sean, patent question for ya... Any idea when we'll start seeing your latest patent apps on the web? It seems to take about 8 months for them to appear.
Steorn: On patents, not for a while, we use provisionals, then changes and so on to keep them out of the public domain!

Steorn: But the funny thing is that most of the 'revelations' in the SPDC could have been worked out in a pretty logical fashion!

In Reference to the Video to be published Friday:
energyman8: Hows it lookin Sean?
Steorn: The setting is nice, the fat fella in the camera should be changed, other than that ...

TESLA: how much for the license?
Steorn: The license fees are not yet decided

Rhaomi: how will the third-world charity thing work?
Steorn: the humanitarian stuff is simple - there will be no money due to steorn

steorntracker: Any feel on when the Jury process will be complete? Do you think it'll be around the time of your July demos?
Steorn: No, validation will not be completed y July

yossarian: Steorn, considering the lack of infrastructure in Africa how would you suggest your tech best be implemented?
Steorn: Ok on the Africa thing we are putting our money where our mouth is, but we will not solve the problems, just give i some focus

GravityBoots: Not much mention of the water pump recently...how's that coming along?
Steorn: Not much mention of anything to be honest, but we have appointed a local engineering company in Africa to start the build
Steorn: The pump is designed yes, we are getting a company in Africa to build it

Rhaomi: What about the goal of validation?
Steorn: The goal of validation is simple - to get the world of science to acknowledge that it works
Rhaomi: so no attempt to formulate it?
Rhaomi: or to try to integrate it into current scientific understanding?
Steorn: we think that it fits in pretty well with most of science
Note: I'm not sure what Sean is saying nope to here...
Steorn: nope - I think that we will see a redefinition of what energy is

gabber699: So what is the next big thing after "free energy"?
Steorn: well I do not want to be in this position again! I will go back to developing antifraud tech
Steorn: thats what I love
gabber699: but its like discovering electricity then saying your going back to farming.
Steorn: not at all, there is nothing particularly complicated about this tech, the battle here is a PR battle, how do you change a state of mind

Karellen: if validation is completed, will there be an announcement by steorn or is every jury member going to publish results on their own ?
Steorn: The jury will publish as a group and be available to the media

Rhaomi: How is the validation going, anyway?
Steorn: well the Jury process is long and very indepth - as it has to be, our original estimate is that it would take a couple of years

steorntracker: Do you think the July demos will cause problems with the Jury? Jumping the gun on validation possibly?
Steorn: No - there is no conflict with the Jury on the July demos

TESLA: and do you have a plan C still?
Steorn: We no longer need Plan C

gabber527: It's simple? and validation takes a year?
Steorn: A serious review of this technology takes very carefully designed experiments, time to conduct the tests, review the data and on to the next tests.

dtorus: sean: end of this year, beginning of next - are you referring to all 3 phases?
Steorn: yes

steorntracker: With the July demos, the SPDC and activites like Dr. Mike visiting between now and the end of this year, do you think the Jury becomes somewhat irrelevant?
Steorn: no July is important to put the technology back onto the public agenda

crazy: Li-ion batteries were never validated in such a way and sell like ..crazy
Steorn: indeed, but li-ion is not a claim against fundamental science!

WhiteLite: Sean, have you contacted the press about July yet? If so are they interested or where they like "yeah whatever"?
Steorn: Hi WL - we get requests for interviews every week and turn them down. We are happy that we will get a lot of exposure in July
Steorn: When I say happy, its great as a company, but feckin difficult as an individual

Rhaomi: how concerned are you with leaks from the SPDC? Or even from the people you work with or from inside Steorn?
Steorn: leaks, not that concerned, leaks happen - we have nothing to hide

jellybean: just a thought... what would have happened if you had decided to quietly develope and release a product on the market and then people just sort of found out once they had bought it.. instead of all of this validation stuff
Steorn: hi Jellybean - we decided not just to start selling the stuff because it would be written off as a fraud - validate then commecialize

avid_engineer: Anyone know if an estimate is set for completing the documentary work?
Steorn: The documentary will only be completed with validation , since interviews with the jury will form part of it

Fiksu_V: I still want to get an answer to whether the results will only be published after all three phases
Steorn: @ FV- we will only release reports with the agreement of the Jury - now if for example the full thermodynamic analysis requires a search for ZPE or mass loss the it is most likely that a report will be released before such tests (that could take tens o years are done)

fizzoid!: so 5 years from now, will the world look different?
Steorn: in 5 years, for sure

energyman8: Sean, how much do you plan on expanding the company once this is all over?
Steorn: @ E8, to be honest once the validation is in and the full developers forum is rolling I doubt that I will stay in Steorn much longer - hand over the reigns to someone who is better at that kinda thing than me

WhiteLite: I guess you'll have enough money to persue all those cool engineering projects you've always wanted to do
Steorn: Money, the funny thing is that it is the last thing in the world I could give a sh*t about

supes: so, april 13th is the sure date for the updates?
Steorn: yep - friday the 13th - watching it now - not a lot to say to be honest

Referring to the video:
Fiksu_V: how long is it?
Steorn: about 5 mins

Referring to the Steorn Product:
crazy: how much will it cost ?
Steorn: the price and the product itself I will not go into at the moment

GravityBoots: As CEO you have company shares....what about the rest of your staff...will they get a nice hefty bonus when this is all over?
Steorn: @ GB - all the staff are shareholders (or at least the paper work is in place)

Dirtfarmer: So Sean, brutal three weeks or so? Still getting another working vacation, or has that passed?
Steorn: lol, I love to moan about my workload, but went mad over the long weekend when I was not allowed to work- heck this is great fun

crazy: are there plans to keep the forum running for ever?
Steorn: we have no plans to shut the forum - we will open it up again in July
gabber81: What you mean you'll open the forum again in July? Are you closing it?
Steorn: nope - at the moment new members cant post and there are a few banned members out there that we will welcome back!

steorntracker: Sean, is this the first time you raised millions for a venture?
Steorn: @ steorntracker - no I spent a year with an irish company called microsol - from memory we raised about 7 million
steorntracker: Sean, how often do you meet with Steorn's investors? How have they handled the ride so far?
Steorn: @ st - several times a year - and yes they are happy - we are on plan

Kent767: so sean... a simple emoticon response will suffice... how's the jury process going?
Steorn: good

Dirtfarmer: So Sean, can I assume you did initially hire the documentary team? or how would they approach you? (post ad perhaps?)
Steorn: @ DF - they in fact do most of the stuff for U2 so there was a bit of a third party connection
energyman8: you are friends with Sir Bono Sean?
Steorn: Nope

Kent767: Sean was the demo reel shown at Kinetica going to be the same device as you originally planned to demo?
Steorn: @ kent - nope
Sean, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions!


Anonymous said...

A carrot on a stick. Does anyone else feel this way? Things do not look good. Anytime you have 1) a grand claim 2) stringing people along regarding that claim.. well.. I had high hopes for Steorn until reading your chat transcripts. Sean's answers and actions absolutely wreak of a sham. I do not know what their end game is but this behavior is textbook for a scam of somekind.

Anonymous said...

"A step too far"

"aveeguy 7 hours ago
It is not going to get any better, Sean. If your number is that easy to get a hold of you should change it. At some point in the near future you are going to have to have security on the level of Bill Gates.

p.s. I was a Marine for 4 years. If you ever need some legs broken in the U.S give me a call. "

aveeguy is here making an offer to commit a crime against other people on Sean McCarthy's behalf.
What kind of behavior is that ?
Why is he not banned immediatly ?
Do Sean, Crank and Magnatrix accept offers like this ?


Tundrabog said...

Topic: Steorn Share Price – Who Pays, Who Receives and How Much”

The following sentence is found at the bottom of page 8 in the 2005 Steorn financial statements audited by Phelan Prescott & Co. Chartered Accountants.

“During the year the company raised 3,515,460 Euros through the issue of 2,421 new ordinary shares at varying prices and 336 ‘B’ ordinary shares.”

The first point of interest is that there are ‘varying prices’ for the shares. It seems not every investor pays the same price. Since there is no public market for the shares, I wonder how it’s decided who pays what for a share of Steorn. Is it a matter of negotiation between the investor and Steorn? If the investors are lousy negotiators, do they pay more?

Of greater interest is the investor cash generated. While we don’t know what each investor paid, we do know that the average price paid per share was 1,275 Euros per share!! That’s quite impressive. Steorn has done a very good job in getting a great price per share!

Wouldn’t it be great to have some Steorn shares and sell them at that price?

From the 2005 Annual Return filed with the Irish authorities there was a transfer of 1,218 Steorn shares total. All these shares went to Patmore Group Limited. Half of those shares were transferred from Sean McCarthy to Patmore Group Limited. I don’t know what price Patmore Group Limited paid Sean for those shares. If the price was the average 2005 new share price, then Sean would have received 776,475 Euros. That would be truly amazing for an investment in a company with no products, services or revenues.

What do we know about Patmore Group Limited? Not much. You can reach them at a Post Office Box in the Channel Islands. The Channel Islands are a popular tax haven. An Internet search for Patmore Group shows nothing but an old gold property claim in British Columbia. It’s unlikely to be the same group.

I’ve presented some factual information, but have also extrapolated possibilities that may not be valid. Without validation there can be no conclusions. There are some interesting questions though.

1. Who is Patmore Group Limited?
2. How much money did Sean McCarthy get from transferring 609 shares to Patmore Group Limited on January 10, 2005?
3. Why were Steorn’s Financial Statements submitted late? The Companies Registration Office received Steorn’s 2005 Annual Return on February 9, 2007. They received the audited Annual Return on March 13, 2007. I believe that both were due in October, 2006. The 2004 reports were an additional year overdue.

Note: While I have some knowledge on financial matters such as this, I’m not an expert. Corrections are welcome.

SteornTracker said...

Good point on the breaking legs comment... I'll keep an eye out for physical threats posted here from now on.

"Things do not look good" - I actually disagree with you. While I'm still extremely skeptical about this whole thing, Sean has fair answers to questions asked. Unfortunately for us we'll all just have to wait until some of these Steorn defined milestones are met.

Thicket, great questions, keep up the digging. Before I post this anywhere though, I'm gonna double check your facts ;-).

Tundrabog said...


It's always good to check facts.

I should point out that the 2005 Annual Return showed additional share transfers, but these happened in 2004. The same transfers also show up in the 2004 Annual Return. I'm not sure why they are duplicated.

Anonymous said...

info on patmore group can be found here, then searching for 'patmore' on name.
(the search url can't be copied)



Anonymous said...

Update: Interesting to note, the company PATMORE INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED has been dissolved.

I'm not sure what that does to share values for other investors etc...


SteornTracker said...

Note that it was desolved on 01/12/1987, so I seriously doubt we are talking about the same company.

Suomipoika said...

Hi Steorntracker (or whatever)! You wrote "I'm not sure what Sean is saying nope to here..."

I am.

I asked Sean, whether all physics books must be rewritten after validation. Sean answered to my question: "nope - I think that we will see a redefinition of what energy is"

Then I asked does Sean believe that E!=mc2. He didn't answer.

Anonymous said...

yeah, perhaps, but thats the only company registered in ireland containing the name 'patmore', its hard to say.


SteornTracker said...


I thought that might have been the question, but his answer didn't make much sense to me. If we have a new definition of energy, more than just textbooks will need rewritten!

Tundrabog said...


Sean McCarthy of Steorn repeatedly states that Steorn is open and has nothing to hide.

Time and again Steorn’s passion for secrecy and information suppression belies this claim of openness.

They claim to have a free-energy device, but it has not been made public.

Steorn claims to have a jury of twelve, but their identities are secret.

Steorn intended to show their free-energy device at Kinetica, but then didn’t.

Scientists and academics have verified the Steorn effect but won’t go public.

Any close contact with Steorn requires signing a secrecy agreement.

The past few days have witnessed more examples of Steorn’s efforts to suppress information.

A blog called SteornTracker, since renamed Free Energy Tracker, has been instrumental in providing open and balanced information about Steorn.

On Monday, a post on Steorn’s financial statements was transposed from SteornTracker to the main website. In the discussion that followed, Sean McCarthy notified SteornTracker that a letter from Steorn’s lawyers was on its way. The letter dealt with SteornTracker’s improper use of the Steorn name.

On Tuesday, SteornTracker changed its name to Free Energy Tracker. Another financial statements post was transposed to the main Steorn website. Sean McCarthy reacted heatedly to this post. He name-dropped the word “lawsuit” and accused Free Energy Tracker of spreading lies.

Are these the actions of a company that is open and has nothing to hide? I don’t think so. I think they are the tactics of a company obsessed with secrecy. Sean McCarthy is the gatekeeper doing his utmost to maintain that veil of secrecy.

Hobbit hats anyone?


This editorial is solely the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the owner of this Blog or any other individuals.

SteornTracker said...


There is no doubt that Sean is keeping secrets, and rightly so if the claim is true and they want to cash out on the IP. We don't have enough information at the moment to determine what is really going on. Sean's comments and answers over the past few months seem to be consistent in my opinion.

He had his reasons for not displaying a demo at the Kinetica presentation, we may not agree with those reasons, but he stated them.

When dealing with IP of a company, signing an NDA is common practice... I don't see that as a huge deal (although I wouldn't sign an NDA with a company with these types of claims).

A company has a right to protect it's trademark. The domain usage is in a gray area of law unfortunately.

Your second financial analysis write up contained two errors which clearly pissed Sean off. I felt pretty dumb after realizing what had happened. Sean clarified the situation and suggested we contact their auditors for more details. Have you done that yet? Maybe we could find out more about the Patmore Group that way.

I do appreciate your digging, but the spin in your last post is a bit overblown! I'm a serious skeptic, but I give Sean credit for addressing questions last night.

Tundrabog said...


I appreciate your comments and opinions.

No, I haven't contacted Steorn's auditors and I don't intend to. Auditors will not release information about individual investors. They likely don't even have that knowledge. Auditors evaluate a companies financial statement for compliance with accepted accounting practices, not who the investors are. Yes, I deal with external financial auditors at least annually.

Steorn prepares the financials, not the auditor.

My bad on 2001 versus 2004 BES initial investment, but the information is not complete. The BES investment shows up on the 2004 and 2005 audited financial statements, as well as the Annual Returns for both years. That tells me that those investments were still active and valid at a time when Steorn had abandoned its former business and had entered its 'free-energy' phase.

I don't know what the second error was.

I don't know if Steorn is a scam, but I do know that their technology doesn't work. If it is a scam, then focusing on the non-existent technology is pretty futile because it's not shown, because it's not there.

The tell-tale signs of a scam can become apparent when you follow the money.

I was quite surprised at Sean's vehement reaction to the BES post. I thought the post was fairly innocuous. It made some points and it asked some questions. I admit that Sean's reactions made me suspicious that there was something seriously wrong with the financials, but that it had nothing to do with BES.

If it's a scam then there is money in it for Sean. Yes, I'm searching where that might be, and asking some pointed questions.

If it's not a scam, then the questions should be easy to answer.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Lee answers questions, Tom Beardon answers questions, Sean Mccarthy answers questions. The only difference I see is that Sean is more likeable and believable with an inate ability to spin the words of the critical and rally the sheep to defend his "misquoted" or "misunderstood" statetments. Aside from Seans likeablilty, I have seen nothing presented that seperates Sean from the other two. (I hear angry sheep)

The cynical side of me wonders if this whole nutter phoning him is just a made up distraction from the bannings and missed or delayed presentations.

Sean is very good at playing the wounded innocent victim and gaining sympathy and defenders. After all he is placing himself in the role of David against Golliath.

Anonymous said...

"I asked Sean, whether all physics books must be rewritten after validation. Sean answered to my question: "nope - I think that we will see a redefinition of what energy is""

When Sean gets onto the physics it always starts looking very weak indeed. This bare faced oxymoron is just one example. Like he hasn't even bothered to think some BS up...

I really still don't know what is going on. Clearly they haven't a perpetual motion machine (heh, believers hate it when you call it that, rather than "OU device"), so what the hell are they up to?

I think it could be marketing for their ambiant kinetic energy phone charger, which is what they said they were developing until recently. It would make perfect sense to launch this during those "global warming awareness" gigs - their flash PR firm could get them some fantastic publicity out of it, especially if they showed the "making of" documentary on ITV at the same time. They could sell out 100,000 units in minutes and create a buzz as they ran out (a la iPod). All this BS about OU would make the documentary much more interesting...

It might also be worth noting that they share a connection with U2 through the documentary makers. Dublin based U2 market their "ethically sound" Red brand mobile phone, well ethically sound apart from the battery.....imagine if they had one that charged with "free energy" from the users movement, instead of resorting to the mains supply?

This also fits in with the tech they claim they were developing when they made their "discovery".

Obviously haven't got much evidence for the above, but I think it's worth looking at.

The Pope

nleseul said...

Um, the nutter phoning him has been posting threatening messages on this very blog for days. Nothing made up about that.

Anonymous said...

"Sean's comments and answers over the past few months seem to be consistent in my opinion."

Oh really? Then why does he claim their technology to be simple, yet in other comment he says it'll take YEARS to verify it? I'm not sure what amount of time it takes to test a magnet device, but I'm willing to bet it's lot less than a year.

Anonymous said...

"Sean's comments and answers over the past few months seem to be consistent in my opinion."

Oh really? Then why does he claim their technology to be simple, yet in other comment he says it'll take YEARS to verify it? I'm not sure what amount of time it takes to test a magnet device, but I'm willing to bet it's a lot less than years.

JTerry said...

Steorntracker, I do believe you should go back and read the postings and Sean's response more carefully on the investment issue. Having reviewed the entire exchange several times now, I am still puzzled. Sean either did not actually respond to the issue discussed, reponded with a rhetorical question, or diverted to another topic. I cannot really put my finger on any response that answered any of the implications raised by the information you posted. He only said he believed the information was wrong in some places without any real clarification. You are giving him a pass.

Also, Thicket's right, the company itself created those financials and not the auditors. The auditors merely reviewed the numbers and methodology the company used to derive the financials based upon information the company gave the auditors. I have a background in finance by the way and do understand corporate finacials, balance sheets, etc. If Sean wants us to contact his auditors as he claimed in the post, would he please provide written authorization for his auditor group to openly discuss the Steorn audit?

Anonymous said...


Yes he had. But why was it so important to annonuce to the forum that the guy called his house?

What posible motive would Sean have for doing so?

If he felt threatend he should have called the police.

The ONLY reason I see for informing the forum was to garner sympathy.

If this nutter is harrassing Sean, he should be brought up on charges, not used to incite a lynch mob.

Has Sean mentioned calling the police yet?

SteornTracker said...


I agree Sean started off very vague. It got very specific later:

"Steorn: No there is nothing confidential about it at all. First the investment was made in 2001, second it was part of the Davys 2nd Technology Fund and so on and so on ..."

He also follows up with these comments:

"lol, this is so funny. The answer is an absolute no. Indeed the BES investment has expired."

"Kent, we were approached by Davy Stockbrokers (http://www.davy.ie/) about taking a BES investment, this was concluded in April 2001. And we did what we always do, we develop technology."

The debate was a bit heated, so you have to go through a lot to find the important chunks of information. I definitely don't consider this a free pass.

I think you should call Sean's bluff and actually contact his auditors.

One last thing, what was the point in the second analysis? Could you summarize it? It should be updated based on the new information provided by Steorn.

Anonymous said...

the conspiracy theorist in me still thinks, that its at least possible, that the story about the calls could be made up, even if stuff was posted on this forum, we don't know who the guy is for sure, and that he's not involved with sean himself...

Not saying its likely, but its certainly not impossible...

Anonymous said...

From the --Running a company that's going to change the world must be stressful -- thread

1)Starts arguing with Kent767 over the fact that Kent767 is spreading lies about Steorn's financial picture. Who cares if someone is spreading lies...any investor with an ounce of due diligence can discover the truth.

Well I guess that I do care when people start spreading inaccurate information about our company. We host this forum and I will always attempt to correct this kind of rubbish before it becomes ‘forum fact’ – why – well the answer should be pretty obvious, there are quite a few people who watch this forum and do not post. Also the nature of this company is to engage – that’s just who we are.

2) Starts a thread claiming that his family is being stalked, and promises to play the tape for the forum. Is this some sort of ploy for sympathy, like "There are black sedans parked outside my house night and day...I think the government is trying to kill me." Go ahead and call the police...why share it with the forum and give the kook the fame he's looking for.

Well is a pretty bad attempt at spin, lol if the government where after me, they would not be calling me to let me know in advance (“Hi Sean, MIB here, we are going to wack you but just wanted to see if you where at home – don’t want to waste the trip and all that, by the way do you have any black plastic bags in the house”).

Lol, I have always been the last person to cry conspiracy, I just do not believe in it. However this idiot came from this forum and I will confront this idiot here. If you do not believe that the calls have bee made, several forum members have copies of them and I leave it to them to comment on their views of the reality of it. I do not back down, it is not who I am.

3) Has apparently been busy out the wazzoo working on ORBO, then comes back with some goofy hobbit hat video. Maybe just a release of steam, but seems like a waste of time considering that now he's making another video of the jury summary.

We did this because Hobbit’s wife went to huge effort to make the hats for us and send them to us. It was a big thanks. We really appreciated the effort and the gesture and wanted everyone to know this. Lol, if you have seen the video you will see that it has a total production time of 30 mins!

4) Then instead of taking 10 minutes to write a summary of the jury progress, is now just starting to make a video to describe the progress and specifications. Maybe he should have included it in the hobbit hat video.

We do most stuff via video, we always have and always will – it is a far better way of getting a message across than some dry press release.

5) Bans some folks and then starts chatting over at steorntracker. I guess his plan to control the flow of information over here isn't enough publicity.

This is just not true, Steorntracker (a member of this forum) started a chat session here and I joined in – lol, I am happy to engage with people, get very used to this fact.

Stress, we all suffer from it, part of our lives, lol the stress levels in Steorn lower on a daily basis!


PS: I have to point out that Britney shaved her head AFTER we did

My view on the flaws in Seans answers..

1. “We host this forum and I will always attempt to correct this kind of rubbish before it becomes ‘forum fact’” -- Unless it puffs up the company like oh, 550bhp.

2. “Well is a pretty bad attempt at spin” -- Actually it is a question, ‘Is this some sort of ploy for sympathy’, And a suggestion, ‘call the police’. You seem to be the on trying to spin things here Sean.

3. “We did this because Hobbit’s wife went to huge effort….” – I buy that.

4. “We do most stuff via video” – Aren’t we still wating for a video or Flash or something?

5. “– lol, I am happy to engage with people, get very used to this fact.” – Unless it is his birthday or he wants to piss you off or he claims you were rude or……..

Anonymous said...

Only other reference I can find to Patmore Investment Company Limited is a Gibraltor registered company (no. 04899). It was struck off on Jan 24, 2004. Can't get more info from the Gibraltor companies office because you need to register to do searches.

Icky Chris said...

"hi Jellybean - we decided not just to start selling the stuff because it would be written off as a fraud -"

Not if it worked.

Of course, I can understand not wanting to be a manufacturer. If you can license something and sit back and collect money, that's much easier.

But nobody is going to write you off as a fraud if you sell an "Ultra Long-Lasting Battery" and people begin to discover that they never have to recharge it.

nleseul said...

And how long would it take for people to "begin to discover" that it actually works?

Long enough for your competitors to figure it out and release their own products?

Icky Chris said...

And how long would it take for people to "begin to discover" that it actually works? Long enough for your competitors to figure it out and release their own products?

You just have to make sure that you patent the good parts.

thelion said...

I work for a Data corp in the US and I am in Sales.

We find, all the time, that Scientists are not Salespeople nor are they communicators.

When I found online that Hybrid Cars would start to take off I told my scientist friends. They spent a lot of time explaining why I was wrong. Then I showed them the article on Prius Sales.

When I told my scientist friends that Plug in Hybrids would be able to upgrade to power that would triple their driving range- they sent many emails explaining to me in Scien-teez that that was not possible. Then I gave them the link to www.a123systems.com .

When I explained to my scientist friends that Hydrogen power would eventually overtake all energy sources and was something to look forward to, my scientist friends explained that Hydrogen could not be contained nor produced effectively nor provided through infrastructure sufficiently to make the jump to hydrogen cars. Then I showed them BALLARD ENERGY and referred them to FUTURECAR'S listing of projects slated to do all of the above.

My point is this. Scientists DO NOT tend to express WHAT CAN BE. Sean knows this. Scientists ONLY express an opinion based on what they already know. This is why Sean has had a hard time bringing this technology to market. It is a fact that most Scientists find it easier to debunk than support, and there is a certain underlying and common psychological depression there. I feel bad for Scientists because their knowledge tends to be their biggest downfall.

The timeline for validation, according to Sean, is way too short for ANYONE to be slinging mud right now. July's demonstration alone will act as a milestone. I seriously doubt that thousands of scientists would ATTEMPT to put their name, time, pride, and NECK on the line to debunk a quak. With that in mind, I believe those of you determined to ARGUE Sean out of Steorn's mission would be better off going back to your cold dark room of Darwinian Depression and leave the discussion to those of us who like to discuss extensions to Sean's technology and how we, together, can help make the world a better place to live.
~thank you- toddthelion