Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dr. Mike's Trip

Today we learned more details about Dr. Mike's trip. Instead of visiting Steorn Headquarters as initially planned, Dr. Mike will be meeting with Steorn at the demo site in London. He'll have to days prior to the demo to look at the device. While Dr. Mike mentions bringing tools with him so he can dissect the machine, it's unclear how Sean feels about that:

Steorn: Well its great to see that you are preparing your ....screwdrivers.... This whole thing is clearly going to be interesting.
As many pointed out in the forums, it is somewhat disappointing that Dr. Mike won't be able to visit Steorn in Dublin. It's also disappointing that we have to wait till July. Many thought Dr. Mike would be making his visit before the end of April.


Anonymous said...

No actual trip to Steorn? Not even for a tour? Bummer. Maybe Sean will let him, things do change seem to change with Steorn.

Sean says Mike has the dates and location but can't tell anyone. Sean must have things booked for the demo by now, why the delay? Sean must have his reasons. But hey lets speculate.

At this point I have to wonder what changes come next, location? Cancellation? What else could it be?

Maybe Babcat instead of Dr. Mike.
A surprise reappearance of Pennies?

Anonymous said...

I think the best thing for Sean to do is NOT make any more comments on the forum. He has backpedaled on a great many of his statements.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that the demonstration unit will disappear or malfunction a couple of days before Dr.Mike arrives at the demonstration site.

Will there be a cancellation or a video-presentation this time?

Tundrabog said...

Oh Sean. You've done it again. More bullshit.

DrMike gets to see the public demonstration two days before others. Wow... that's really exciting... *sarcasm*.

What was all that nonsense about DrMike needing to sign an NDA? Surely the people viewing the public demonstration won't need an NDA.

You're also backtracking on the 'hammer' and 'take it outside' commitment. How closely and how long will DrMike be able to see the device? *sniff* Is that more bullshit in the wind?

With what's happened with DrMike, does anyone really believe that you were serious about letting Hairy see the device? I gotta hand it to you though. You manipulated the believers magnificently on that one. They were so mesmerized that they couldn't smell the bullshit.

The July Farce should be interesting.

Tundrabog said...

Subject: Steorn’s Early Days

According to the Memorandum of Association, Steorn Ltd. was formed on July 18, 2000. There were 100 shares in the new company. 99 shares were held by Stembridge Ltd. 1 share was held by Porema Ltd. Both companies were at the same Dublin address.

Although it’s not stated, having a company hold only 1 percent of the shares is a characteristic of a ‘General Partner’. A General Partner has unlimited liability, which is why it’s important that they have very few assets. You can’t take something that’s not there. Stembridge Ltd. may have been a Limited Partner.

Stembridge Ltd. was formed in 1991. Porema Ltd. was formed in 1993.

Both companies have been involved in starting up several new companies.

These include;

New Media Lottery Services which was formed on May 16, 2000. The company supplies lotteries with the technology and management support in digital lottery product distribution. The company has been listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange since March 2006.

Ken West Holdings was formed in July, 2004. The company name seems to have been changed to CanWest Mediaworks Ireland Holdings. The Irish company currently is a subsidiary of CanWest. They are an international media company with interests in broadcasting, television, newspapers, radio, specialty cable channels, outdoor advertising and on-line operations in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland.

Gemini Irish Healthcare applied to build a medical clinic and sheltered housing scheme in Ireland in 2006. Gemini has three directors including Michael McCarthy and James McCarthy, both of Illinois. I don’t know if they are related to Sean McCarthy. There are lots of McCarthys in the world.

Florida Mobil (sic) Home Holiday’s Ltd. out of Luxembourg was formed on December 29, 1997. Stembridge and Porema transferred their shares on January 9, 1998 to Sarquest Ltd. and Channel Link Ltd.

Stembridge and Porema transferred their Steorn shares to Sean McCarthy and one other investor on July 26, 2000, 8 days after Steorn was formed.

Father Luke Duke said...

It's baffling how anyone can still believe Steorn have what they claim. They invite sceptics to come "hit it with a hammer", one of them calls their bluff and they go "You can't come". Not even the usual "our lawyers" excuse....

Chili Fries said...

It could be downgraded to a webcam at the Steorn offices, that would be depressing.

I've been thinking of places that would exhibit the Orbo. The obvious place would seem to be a small art gallery. But is the plan to make it available 24 hours a day? I honestly can't imagine what kind of place could accomodate that and deal with a huge influx of visitors and media (if it seems to work). Not anyplace I could imagine Steorn being given access to.

Also, I made a list of Steorn's past ventures and posted it at the forum. Anything missing?

Anonymous said...

I think your Steorn quote misrepresents Sean's feelings - that was not in reaction to DrMike being able to disassemble the machine - it was in reaction to his type of tools.

Tundrabog said...

@Chili Fries

It's a good list. I don't see anything missing, but I've copied it and will update if and when new information is uncovered.

I personally believe that Steorn wasn't actually in some of the businesses listed. Sean has shown his ability to blatantly bullshit the press. These 'businesses' were revealed by Sean during media interviews.

For example, I doubt anyone would find real examples of Steorn's involvement in I.T. insurance. Steorn was just bullshitting.

I think Sean's bullshitting is pathological. I don't think he can help himself. It's an imbedded part of his nature. He believes that the bullshitting is normal, and doesn't consider them lies.

Anonymous said...

Miniature cameras to stop ATM fraud. Sounds reasonable.

Really teeny tiny cameras so they won’t raise the suspicion of the crooks. Good Idea.

Someone says "hey I know lets power them with a wind turbine (at least) 30 times as large as the cameras!". Um…..O.K.

Is this genius still on the team Sean? Maybe he has moved on to develop neon-orange and yellow camouflage for the army?

Anonymous said...

Someone here mentioned the SPDC member list getting out to the public. If the SPDC names (some non-SPDC member got the list IIRC) got out, the NDA has been violated.
If it was due to Steorn incompetence, there would be leagal issues.

Can't see any damage done but that wont stop a lawyer in the USA.

KaiB has law training IIRC, ask him about it.

To paraphrase baseball,
Lawyer up!

Anonymous said...

Is Dr. Mike paying his own way? If not, he better get a written guarantee from Sean that he will be reimbursed if the demo is moved, re-scheduled or cancelled.

Fair bet it won't happen the way Sean has said it will. Then again, there is a first time for everything.

Tundrabog said...

With respect to Dr. Mike's visit, I posted the following on the Fizzx board on Monday of this week. This was before Sean nixed Dr. Mike's visit to Dublin.


In terms of qualified technical folks to see the Steorn device, I think DrMike is a very good candidate. In terms of risk, I think that Sean is much more concerned about DrMike (note: I was comparing to Crank). I was surprised that Sean agreed to let him come. I'll be more surprised if he actually is allowed to come. I really like DrMike's easy-going, accomodating approach. He is giving Sean zero reasons to back down on his commitment. DrMike is credible to believer and skeptic alike, and very knowledgeable. That's a powerful combination.


The cancellation of Dr. Mike's visit to Steorn was predictable and unsurprising. He now has the opportunity to see the same thing as the rest of the public, only two days earlier.

Anonymous said...

Funny, the diehard sheep are complaining about what gets posted here. Friggin hypocrites. ST you rock!

How many times have we heard "if you don't like it, don't come here"?

Take your own advice, Mags, Eman etc.

The skeptics are all "closet believers" because they come back to Steorn to see the latest BS, according to the Sheep.

What does that make a 'Believer' who comes here? A 'closet skeptic'? Maybe we can have our own ‘coming out’ party for the believers.

drmike said...

I have tried to make the argument that letting people plan will ensure a good response. If Steorn plays this too close to the demo so that price of tickets is too high, nobody will be able to come witness it.

It is unfortunate that Steorn does not understand how long in advance families need to plan vacations. For example, my wife would love to come with me to London. But if I don't know that the dates are public and fixed, I can't commit to buying her a ticket. At 10 weeks out, it's not too bad. At 6 weeks out, it starts getting really expensive. At 4 weeks out, it's impossible.

Curiouser and curiouser...

Anonymous said...

On Dr. Mike paying.

I think it should read "if so" rather than "if not"

I think the idea gets delivered anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sean not willing to show the said device to a person who can understand it and tell if its fake or not....well, what does it tell about him?

I think he should invite one of those stupid believers on the forum and show him a banana placed among some other random stuff, just so that he can identify it easily.

Thats what Sean is hanging in front of them and calls it an OU machine.

I think Crank can go again and check the color of the walls there and of course find out who sweeps the floor there, as one of the smarty admins wanted to know. I dont think Sean and his believer have an IQ to understand anything more than that.

Tundrabog said...

There's a definite shift away from belief in Steorn. A handful of fervent believers are becoming increasingly shrill and defensive.

For the rest of the believers, they still 'want' to believe, but it's tough to maintain beliefs when Sean disappoints them time and again.

There is also less overall participation in the Steorn forum as members wander away because of disillusionment and boredom from all the non-events.

Anonymous said...

Eman8, you're famous! or ROTFLMAO at the unofficial Tracker Blog

It’s like watching Bill O’reilly, only worse. Hey, is that an Irish name. Come on Eman, fess up. You’re really Bill, aren’t you? Hehehe.

That’ll give ‘em something to talk about.

(for the hard of thinking, this post IS sarcasm)

P.S. Interesting how many of the believers choose to have their IQ incorporated into the handle they use.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain what difference there is between an anonymous post and one with a handle? Is a handle any less anonymous?

If posted anonymously, does the content of the post have less meaning? If sources are cited, does the person who posted even matter?

Just curious,

Tundrabog said...

An 'Anonymous' poster can be anyone. Someone with a handle is also anonymous (unless they share information in their profile), but multiple posts with the same handle is an assurance that it's the same poster.

Anonymous said...

I bet Steorn is not letting even the jury guys to see the thing. Thats why there is no progress even after a couple of months.

JTerry said...

As to the last anonymous post and whether Steorn will or has allowed jury members to see/inspect/test the alleged device, this is a HUGE, HUGE unanswered question. Sean and the hard core believers will imply that they are, however, Sean will not, under any circumstances, answer YES or NO on this issue.

The current speculation on this issue is that Steorn will attempt to have the jury members build their own device with Steorn specs. The hope being that, of course, one of the jury members might actually be able to make the thing work, which Steorn has not yet been able to do.

In any case, Sean will not come out and simply say (yes/no) whether jurors can inspect or otherwise test the Steorn created device. This should be a rather pointed indication of FRAUD. When considered in light of the manner Steorn is jerking Dr. Mike around, it should be apparent even to the most delusional (i.e. BABCAT) that Sean and his bogus company are nothing more than a cheap get rich quick scam.

JTerry said...

Has Father Luke Duke has been banned? I read his posts and did not find anything offensive. I did find, however, a voice of reason and reality. Soon, there will be only the believers left. Never let critical or rational thought get in the way of a good fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the purge has begun on the Steorn Form.

Father Luke Duke.

Welcome to the club.

Posting a link to the enemy.....Tisk Tisk.

Will Aber0der will get the axe for quoting you?

Shouldn't Mags get banned for starting the thread?

Anonymous said...

"There's a definite shift away from belief in Steorn. A handful of fervent believers are becoming increasingly shrill and defensive.

For the rest of the believers, they still 'want' to believe, but it's tough to maintain beliefs when Sean disappoints them time and again.

.... members wander away because of disillusionment and boredom from all the non-events."

Someone seems to be leaning on the "ban" button again over at the Steorn Forum of Worship, "Terry lingle" and "Father Luke Duke" having worn out their welcome, while Eman8 et al keep spewing their moronic personal attacks and vacuous blatherings unimpeded.

Not only that, this total bullshit changeup with Dr. Mike is the ultimate in cynical nonsense by Steorn.

Of course, the sheep are unfazed.

Non-"Validation" day will be amusing. Maybe by Q1 2072?

Anonymous said...

Steorn, Magnatrix, SeamusF, Crank.

None were active when FLD was banned. Is there another admin?

Anonymous said...

"Steorn, Magnatrix, SeamusF, Crank.

None were active when FLD was banned. Is there another admin?"

eman? 007? That would be too funny!

Thicket said...

Bannings are Steorn's vain attempt to silence the critics.

Sorry Sean. The lid is off Pandora's Box already.

Hey... do any of you guys play musical instruments? We could become The Banned Band.

There'll be more bannings.

Anonymous said...

An admin called "nosy" was active!!! Who...???????

Anonymous said...

I have just one question: what kind of engineer does not know the difference between philips heads and security heads/ torx?

i was really surprised when sean drewa blank on that one


Anonymous said...

Steorn, Magnatrix, SeamusF, Crank.

None were active when FLD was banned. Is there another admin?


Anonymous said...

Is there another admin?

Lack of transparency is the first sign of a fraud.

You've been warned.

Second sign is shifty nature and hollow promises, which never get fulfilled. I'm pointing to the CEO.

Third is attempts to gain cheap publicity and avoid critics and reason at any cost.

Final is...when fools are in power, its almost confirmed. I'm pointing to the admins there. They are doing the exact opposite of what they should do to promote steorn.

I'm sorry but I tried to find a single positive thing about steorn but failed. Of course they are not asking money, but thats also a negative as it places steorn in the domain of cults, no one knows whats happening behind the curtains.

Thicket said...

Crank and Magnatrix weren't on during the bannings.

'Nosy' was the only administrator on at that time.

Anonymous said...

Looking at some of the posts on the Steorn forum ... a comment has been made that those banned seem to have one thing in common. They have posted here.

Looks as though Steorn is losing control of the spin machine and doesn't like it.

Quanten said...

I am not yet banned. But seeing how I psot on fizzx , steorntracker and Steorn forum, that should not take very very long.

I would like to see how they will justify the banning of father, after the obnoxious diatribe of 007, and eman8.

Quanten, the poster with a density of probability of presence on 3 boards.

Anonymous said...

Poof.....Oh damn, no rabbit!

Anyone know what authorities would be interested in Seans game?

I think we have reached the point where Steorn have zero honour or credibility. So unless Steorn can produce a product that matches the original claims made by Steorn in August 2006, this is game over for all but the psychotically faithful.

At least it was fun for a while. Thanks Sean.

Thanks again ST.

Time to go back to reality. I'm going for a walk. Bye Folks.

15-India-Street said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thicket said...


Agree on Crank. I think she's been waffling between belief and skepticism for quite some time.

She's not logged on for 4 days. You can't read too much into that, but it does make me wonder.

Anonymous said...

Why does the Steorn forum exist? Simple, it's an off the radar area full of prodding by skeptics. This gives Steorn an edge by providing a method to plug leaking holes in their story. Without the forums they would have no idea how well the scam is playing out or not. The forum members are doing Steorn a great service! And the true proof that this is a scam? if it were real Sean would have suffered a deadly freak accident by now. Some firm in Dublin is going to go up against a trillion dollar industry? They would be erased if this was real.

Anonymous said...

LOL - Erased?
In what reality are you living, anonymous? In the Hollywood-Movie-Reality as it seems.

Father Luke Duke said...

Yay! Another banning. That's all three of my accounts.

How the hell did everyone on the forum know I was banned?? I've just got in from a rather agreeable meal (and a fair bit of wine*) to check the forum (as all addicts do) to find a thread about me!

I think Crank banned my Big Oil Rep account for being obnoxious (which was maybe fair enough, though not compared with E8) but the other 2 bannings are just for being a sceptic as far as I can see.

As Sean would say: lol

This whole thing is starting to look increasingly shabby. Sean doesn't even look lile a clever scammer, just a sad fantasist.

*excuse my inane ramblings and poor spellllllinggg

Thicket said...

Hey Sean.

Are we having fun yet?

You react at the most interesting times. You may be a bullshitter but you're not a poker player.

You'll get a week's respite soon... going on some holidays. There'll be a few more posts before I go though. There'll be more when I get back. Really sucks when there's information in the public domain, right?

Thinking of shutting down your forums yet?

ben said...


" This gives Steorn an edge by providing a method to plug leaking holes in their story."

You see I wondered about this - 'evolve' some kind of scam description under criticism from sceptics (and see what plays well to the die hard believers).

It doesn't really hold up as a theory though – Sean’s not really working towards a more credible seeming explanation incrementally. He never answers or clarifies anything or provides anything other that the vaguest of hand waving explanations.


You are incredibly patient (far, far more so than me) and should be applauded. Out of curiosity can I ask if you arrived at an NDA that you were happy with in order to see the 'thingy'? It was just as it was looking like I, and their lawyer, might arrive at a document that I would be happy (ok, happier!) signing that they swiftly banned me.

nleseul said...

Just a guess, but maybe if one account was banned for being obnoxious, then the other two were banned for the same reason, being that they, you know, belong to the same person.

Anonymous said...

Why not sell these 100,000 toys right now? Has Steorn addressed why they will not?
If they work wouldn't the whole world believe right away??
Who would need the Jury then? It would be world wide news.

Anonymous said...

Chili fries:Also, I made a list of Steorn's past ventures and posted it at the forum. Anything missing?


Your list I think. You see it?

Or was it 'hidden'. Not deleted mind you. Happy Mags?

Thicket said...


There were at least two folks banned... Father Duke Luke and Terry Lingle.

I don't know if Terry Lingle is the same as JTerry on these boards. Perhaps 'Nosy' Sean assumed they were.

I believe they were banned for comments on these forums, not for what they said on the Steorn forums.

drmike said...


I just signed their document. It's pure boiler plate. I even offered to let them review anything before I post, but Sean turned that down.

My .sig is what I try to live by. I don't always succeed...

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

Father Luke Duke said...

Hmm, not many left on the forums now...mainly just the idiots, with some notable exceptions (Dr Mike etc)

Just to be clear: the only three accounts I had were Father Luke Duke, The Pope, and Big Oil Rep. None of the other accounts that were banned are anything to do with me.

I'm pretty sure that I was banned for posting stuff here, rather than anything I said on the Steorn forum. I really think some of the stuff being posted here is rattling them.

Chili Fries said...

My post about their past is still in the forum. Here it is:

Here's a quick list of ventures. Please correct or add to it if necessary:

1. Risk management for IT/e-commerce projects.
2. Security devices for computers (or was this Fraudhalt? Sean's statement that Fraudhalt was a customer didn't make this clear)
3. "Technologies that address counterfeit crime in areas such as plastic card fraud and optical disc fraud. "
4. "Expert witness services to the international law enforcement community."
5. Wind generators for ATMs
6. Kinetic energy generators (maybe)
7. Low energy magnet actuator patent
8. Orbo

This list is more evidence for what I've always believed is going on with Steorn. They are wishful thinkers who always believe they are about to hit the big time, but they never have the goods to do it. I've known a few people or groups like this. They all have been prone to making big claims or promises that they obviously couldn't back up. They were also prone to changing course dramatically when a shiny new (and unattainable) goal presented itself.

ben said...


Well, they sent me two variations of their NDA initially – one ‘investor’ orientated one and one ‘SPDC’ orientated one. I wasn’t happy with either as the purpose (and scope) of information disclosure stated on both of them wasn’t the purpose that I was signing it for. Nor was there any provision for a public disclosure of whether it actually worked or not.
Which did you sign? Have you shown it to / consulted a lawyer?

Be careful!

Anonymous said...

Drmike, please do be careful.

My suggestion would be to get EVERYTHING in writing from Steorn. Take their word for nothing. As has been shown on the Forum(s), Seans words mean little, and that is being kind.

Don't count on anything being as it has been presented by Steorn. Get a detailed itinerary before you embark on this adventure. Don't let their commitments to you and the forum get watered down anymore than they already have.

Is there any penalty/compensation should this turn out to be another of Seans "less than promised" non-events?

And many thanks for your efforts.

drmike said...

I think it must be the SPDC version because it was mostly about not publicly discussing technology. I doubt there is anything to worry about, but yes, my brother-in-law is a lawyer :-)

vLan said...

Dr Mike,

Does the NDA forbid you to say whether its OU/Free energy/PMM or not in the public?

If yes, there is no use going there.

Just double check and get this in writing that you are going to give a "yes/no" opinion in the public. Don't trust Sean at all, get it signed in front of a notary.

If he disagrees, you already know the reality.