Sunday, April 1, 2007

You Know Its a Slow Day in the Forums When...

crank doesn't even post ;-(

Sorry, nothing to report today. Hopefully we'll have a busy week of reporting once Steorn releases their updates this week.


Anonymous said...

Eight Months and no info since their BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to the world, they promised information after the first quarter. If a “jury” (“jury…that still cracks me up every time I read it) has been in place since January, they’ve had enough time to tell whether there is anything to Steorn’s device. I mean hell, the thing can’t be as complicated as “cold fusion” LOL.

I still say Steorn’s tactics are what smell of scam. Sean said he had a product and a company lined up to produce his magic product. Why go to all this trouble…produce the product and prove your claim. Better yet, build “magic” electric plants in various parts of the world, sell electricity, make billions and prove your claim. Sorry for the rant…bored I guess.

Tundrabog said...

I think slow days are the norm. You know it's bad when much of the activity is about necro'd posts.

You can't even discuss potential Jury members on the Steorn site.

Meanwhile, Steorn continues to segregate groups into various elites.

There's the regular forum, the SPDC, the Super Seven (folks that are building stuff), the Jury and investors. Secrecy is maintained by NDAs. Steorn appeals to snobbery and ego by putting folks into special groups.

Anonymous said...

you happen to be right. That's the norm in scams and cults: drip by drip filter out the sceptics and the thinkers.
Then once you are sure mention something about a minor contribution as advance booking or any other excuse.
Classic Pattern. ALso look at comments on this blog. Designed to create confusion and hype

Anonymous said...

Do you think the Steorn Forum will just shut down anytime soon. I bet it goes down for "repairs" and just never comes back. It serves no purpose, Steorn has the SPDC believers forum to continue on the drama. Skeptics have become bored with the whole thing, in any case you can only debate "nothing" for so long before it isn't fun anymore.

Anonymous said...

Well, The signs are ominous to begin with. Both the CEO and other members are simply AWOL for more than a week.
The only information is coming from someone who claims to be in contact.
If i was the suspicious sort, I might think The great escape has begun

Anonymous said...

since this is the place for leaks:

One Sceptic has gone after Steorn: Interpol has been notified.

things should get interesting quickly.

Rhaomi said...

That's hardly a leak. Said "sceptic" has made a thread on the forum about it.

Anonymous said...

kinda obvious, eh?

I wonder why that wasn't in the calculations when i was running down Ping and gumpy here.


Somedays you just wake up and life falls into place.. Beautiful world isn't it

Ping said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

been looking at that comment and wondering what to say.

Insult me, I will live with it, Injure me, I will manage.You managed to insult one of my men.

Acta non verba .

we are going to have so much fun, ping :-)
can't wait..

Anonymous said...

The SPDC has many skeptics. Sean has said not to believe it. If this is a scam I would love toknow where the cash is going to come from. A scam involves gaining money at some point. Where is the mney here?

Suomipoika said...

Maybe they have already got their money from dumb investors. Steorn has been funded with millions during last few years. Maybe they have got the money (Sean bought a Porche little time ago), and they are now planning how to escape.

Tundrabog said...

The money comes from investors. Steorn has been very successful getting millions of Euros from investors despite having no products or revenues. Sean McCarthy is making a living from investor money.

Steorn wants to sell Orbo licenses after jury 'validation'. This is more money from investors.