Thursday, April 19, 2007

SciGuy Reports and More Bannings

Today the only activity in the forums had to do with a few bannings. Unfortunately no explanation was given, but as nleseul points out in a comment here:

Just a guess, but maybe if one account was banned for being obnoxious, then the other two were banned for the same reason, being that they, you know, belong to the same person.
The most interesting part of the whole banning activity was learning that the administrator nosy banned them. I didn't even know there was an admin named nosy!

Also today the SciGuy from Houston, Eric Berger, published a blog entry with an update on Steorn. Eric contacted Dr. Jeff Bechtold and actually spoke with him briefly:
I contacted Jeff earlier this month and received a polite reply, but he wouldn't spill any goods on what Steorn is up to, or what he thinks of the technology.
Dr. Bechtold's silence to me implies that he's definitely a jury member. We've seen how potential jury members who didn't get select react when asked questions.


terry lingle said...

I can confirm that I was one of the banned today. I had only one account at steorn in my own name and was banned after responding to s slander and name calling attack by 007 and whisky thief.
Both are well known for there devastating wit.

My post that attracted them was a question to steorn about what dr mike would get to see at the july event.
I admit I responded in kind but certainly gave no worse than they did.
As to the other bannings the pope came back as father luke duke so that was a given. I am not sure who else was banned.
Interestingly there was no warning and the protagonists sail smugly on.

I sent an e mail to steorn asking for a justification but doubt I will recieve the curtesy of a reply .
I wished them well in this endevor but truth be told creating energy from nothing is a pretty tough thing to do.
Regards Terry Lingle

svante said...

I just want to express my gratitude towards you, SteornTracker, for supplying Steorn info to us faint-hearted who dare not enter the dungeons that is the steorn forum...

Keep up the good work!

Tundrabog said...

Nice find SteornTracker. I agree that Dr. Jeff Bechtold is likely one of the 22. This will, of course, be widely discussed on the open and "nothing to hide" Steorn forums. *sarcasm*

Tundrabog said...

Topic: Steorn’s Early Days – Part 2

Four individuals that initially invested in Steorn after Stembridge and Porema transferred their shares paid zero premium for those shares. These four investors are;

Sean McCarthy – 37,500 shares
Francis Hackett – 37,500 shares
Michael Daly – 5,000 shares
Shaun Menzies – 20,000 shares

Francis Hackett is managing partner of O’Donnell Sweeney solicitors in Dublin.

Michael Daly is Steorn’s Chief Operating Officer. He is also the ‘eureka man’ who first reported the over-unity findings to Sean McCarthy.

Shaun Menzies was formerly of Zartis and works for Steorn. He’s the chap that went on a South Georgia/Antarctica expedition. Zartis was an Irish e-business company taken over for $18 million by Breakaway Solutions of the U.S. on July 26, 2000. This is the same day as Stembridge/Porema handed over control of Steorn Ltd. to Sean McCarthy and Francis Hackett.

As well as these four, non-premium paying original investors, there were two others.

The BES scheme, covered in previous topics, paid a premium of 77,454 Euros for 3,392 ‘A’ shares.

Another private investor paid 126,873 Euros premium for 11,100 ordinary shares. I don’t know why this investor had to pay a hefty premium while four other investors didn’t.

The ‘original four’ investors owned 87% of Steorn Ltd. as of January 25, 2002. The same four investors owned 74.5% of Steorn Ltd. as of September 30, 2006.

ben said...

Maybe we should have a sweepstake on who gets banned next? I'll take "Suomipoika"

Tundrabog said...

Topic: Francis Hackett, O’Donnell Sweeney Solicitors

Sean McCarthy was interviewed on May 21, 2006 by Gavin Daly of the Sunday Business Post.

Here is the link.

In the article, Francis Hackett, the managing partner of O’Donnell Sweeney solicitors in Dublin is identified as one the people that set up Steorn.

Steorn’s financial statements show that Francis Hackett was one of two people that Stembridge Ltd. and Porema Ltd. transferred their shares to on January 26, 2000. The same records show that Francis Hackett owned 32.7% of Steorn’s shares. This was 37,500 shares.

Francis Hackett is a distinguished solicitor at a prestigious firm. He’s been on the board of Aer Lingus, the Irish national airline. In the past, he was Corporate Counsel for Eircom PLC. The list of corporations he’s been recently involved with is impressive. According to the O’Donnell Sweeney Eversheds website these include Century Homes Ltd, Kingspan plc, BT Ireland, Cara Group, Conduit Enterprises, Investcorp and InfoNXX.

Here is a link about Mr. Hackett.

I personally find it interesting that Francis Hackett was, and perhaps still is, a major shareholder in Steorn Ltd., a company whose sole current business undertaking is a perpetual motion, free-energy scheme that, according to Sean McCarthy, has collected at least 10 million Euros from private investors. I frankly wouldn’t have expected a Managing Partner of a law firm to be involved in perpetual motion machine investment.

I should point out that Mr. Hackett’s share holdings decreased and stood at 12,232 ordinary shares in Steorn’s most recent filings. Nevertheless, this is still 9.9% of all shares in Steorn Ltd. These filings were made up to September 30, 2006. I don’t know what’s happened since then. The September 30 date is less than 2 months after Steorn went public with their claim of having broken the Laws of Thermodynamics, and is little time for Mr. Hackett to evaluate his continued involvement with Steorn.

I find it very curious.

Tundrabog said...

@terry lingle

I think you got caught up in Sean's paranoia. He likely thought you and JTerry were the same person.

JTerry is a frequent poster on these boards.

ben said...

Very interesting info on Francis Hackett, thanks for finding it.

Kent said...

you'd think someone well versed in fraud provention and securities would know what an IP address is, and how to verify the identity of 2 people.


ben said...

Pre 'no new members with admin permission', Steorns forum was the most open/insecure I've used in about 5 years. Pretty much every forum out there requires a VALID email address before registration of a non anonymous account is allowed. Theirs didn't.

I aways wondered about that. Were they just trying to drive huge amounts of traffic to push up their google rank? I always felt that the forum is/was much more closely moderated than anyone lets on. No filtering of account registration should have lead to near-immediate mass spamming by the same bots that spam open blogs.

Quanten said...

But do not forget that they are a FAILED "fraud prevention and securities" so it does not surprise me the least.

Anonymous said...

Bit 'o oddness.

Find myself in the middle of a paradox.

Sean has pretty much lost all crediblity. IMLTHO

The way the forum and information releases have been handled is rediculous.

Wierd first quarter stuff, bannings, no-info infomation updates. The list goes on.

The paradox for me is that the most credible thing about Steorn is Seans complete lack of crediblity. No self respecting scam artist could possibly run a scam this badly. Seans own incompotence seems to me to be the only thing that can be offered up as evidence that Steorn is not a scam.

Keep up the good work Sean.

Tundrabog said...

Who to pick in the 'banning' sweepstakes? Hmmmm.

Suomipoika is a good choice, but Ben has chosen him already.

After that it's a toss-up between Kent and Quanten.

*Thicket ponders*.

Ok... it's close, but I'll go with Quanten, no... Kent... ummm... ok... final pick... Kent!

Anonymous said...

I wonder when the little dancing banana is going to get the axe? He seems to be very skeptical these days.

Father Luke Duke said...

" I always felt that the forum is/was much more closely moderated than anyone lets on"
Absolutely. Very early on when activity was high there were threads with all sorts of nonsense being posted on them and apparently no moderation. Yet occasionally posts would just vanish seconds after they were posted.

This has happened to me quite a few times, including some of the religious threads recently, and I always assumed that there were in fact a number of Steorn staff moderating all the time.

"I should point out that Mr. Hackett’s share holdings decreased and stood at 12,232 ordinary shares in Steorn’s most recent filings. Nevertheless, this is still 9.9% of all shares in Steorn Ltd. These filings were made up to September 30, 2006."
This brings up an an interesting paradox. If a highly succcesful businessman and lawyer like Hackett thinks the PMM claims are BS then he wouldn't invest. Then again if he did believe them he would probably want to invest everything he had (which will be an awful lot) including any leveraged investment he could get his hands on.

However he neither pulls out nor maximises his investment - just reduces it slightly. I can't get my head round this.

Has anyone ever thought we might be following a real life "The Producers"? Some kind of complex tax dodge which involves using idiots to make a firm that's bound to fail? Then again, they would have chosen something with a minimal profile for that I would think.

Anonymous said...

@ tundrabog
Yes I have seen his posts.
A little paranoia is a dangerous thing.....
Terry lingle

Anonymous said...

Some good reading for those who think they 'know' who they are and why they maintain the position they do. Unfortunately those who fit the descriptions and bother to read them most likely won't recognize the behaviors in themselves.

No offence directly intended. Some taken I’m sure. Ask yourself why?
A little introspection is good for the soul.

drmike said...


I saw a weird movie once about a guy who got set up and busted by the woman he was about to propose to. After getting out of jail, he sets up a really large shipping company, fakes his death and some how proves to the cops that she killed him. Last scene of the movie he is waving to her in prison.

This may be a setup for something totally unrelated to anything we can possibly imagine.

Or it could be totally insane. Period! :-)

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

jwk said...

" I always felt that the forum is/was much more closely moderated than anyone lets on"

You will also find, if you look closely enough that the posts and threads you can see may be managed. I proved this to myself a while ago by simply logging out and noting all posts and threads compared to when i was logged in. They are not always the same.

Whether this continues or not or whether this was a bug in the forum software i don't know.

Although it was fairly consistent. The threads that were blocked to me when logged in were always techy discussions and populated by people trying to figure out the tech rather than people questioning it.

I would guess since the spdc is running this does not happen all.

Anyone else notice this ?

Tundrabog said...


Anonymous said...

I wonder when the little dancing banana is going to get the axe? He seems to be very skeptical these days.


I wonder if the little dancing banana himself is the anonymous poster. Hehe.

Tundrabog said...

Chili Fries commented that Steorn has historically been full of ideas, but never accomplishes anything. I agree with that.

Steorn, the risk management company that sells insurance is one of the examples. The article where Sean McCarthy is interviewed by Rory Kelleher has been linked before, but here it is;

Of specific interest is the following comment.

The service will be launched in the UK and Germany in the next two quarters and is backed by a number of major European insurance companies.

How did that go for you, Sean? How come we never heard anything more? Who were the major European insurance companies and did they exist anywhere besides in your mind? Are they related to the European manufacturer you say you've been recently dealing with?

This article was written in 2001. Sean was bullshitting way back then.

Anonymous said...

Some good reading for those who think they 'know' who they are and why they maintain the position they do. Unfortunately those who fit the descriptions and bother to read them most likely won't recognize the behaviors in themselves."

I wonder if the Poster realizes that whatever is left on Steorn Forums , barring a few exceptions like Dr Mike, Does not fit the definition of "Emotionally well adjusted ,Educated, Intelligent human"
No offence taken., as it happens, who cares when mentally challenged individuals try to compete with Grown-Ups

JTerry said...

To clear up any uncertainty should any remain, I am not terry lingle. I have never posted on the Steorn blog, although I have applied and been denied.

My interest in the Steorn phenomena stems more from a legal perspective; will be interesting to see if there are any claims of fraud, etc once all is said and done. By claims I mean legal action. In the US, there have been multiple fraud actions by disgruntled investors against free energy gurus; nearly all have been successful.

In one case, (believe it was the Stan Meyer lawsuit) the defendant was forced to actually showcase his invention and prove it worked according to his claims in court. It was a miserable failure, he had to apologize to everyone and admit it was bogus, and of course he lost the lawsuit. Wonder if this will be the only way we ever learn if there is actually a Steorn device and get any sort of real testing?

Kent said...

lol thicket,

I appreciate your vote :-p

oddly enough i'm getting a 404 on the forums... O_O

jwk said...

If there was an admin called Nosy there is no longer.

What happened there then....

Anonymous said...

On the topic of "more moderation of the Steorn forum than we are aware of":

Did anyone else watch the "hat video"? Did you notice that all it showed was people sitting at computers, looking bored? That's pretty similar to how I look right now as I post this. I don't know what they were all supposedly working on, but I certainly didn't see any type of test benches or work that I would assume would be happening.

Maybe I'm way off here...

cardiff said...

Thanks Steorn tracker for the alternate forum.

I would pose just one question:- show me just one example when Steorn/Sean has delivered on a promise made during the last 4 years??

Anonymous said...


Hi ST, could you add his chat link to your site? It's an easy and convenient way to stay in touch with the Steorn dissidents.

Sean has promised a chat module for the forum to suppress this. Like he promised to open the forum in the distant future to postpone the discussion of their ban policy. He also promised to reveal the truth about pennies everywhere and her unfair agenda... See a pattern?

Q said...

I don't think the skeptics are leaving just because of banning. I think they are getting bored. There is nothing...and I do mean nothing for a skeptic to sink his teeth into. Steorn has released nothing to support their it has created a void. The only thing to speculate on is fraud. I guess Steorn doesn't like it when people speculate about that so they kick anyone who accuses them of fraud, or alludes that fraud is a plausible possiblity.

If Steorn would just release some real scientific data then perhaps people wouldn't lean towards fraud. At this point a mistake, fraud, or some PR stunt are more plausible then they actually have an OU device.

Anonymous said...

I am the banned HedyL, no stranger to scandal. I would like to forward my response to my banning (and perhaps further comments later), as follows:

Hot blood through Crank's veins surged and coursed.
"Hedy's banned! Her verse will be outsourced!
Our software censors in China
Will reprogram line-by-line a
New limerick code--Strictly Enforced!"

Anonymous said...

Post as you see fit--HedyL

HedyL on the Censors

No censor here holds a candle
To my first husband, Fritz Mandl.
That boot-licking Nazi
Tried suppressing Ecstasy--
Only stoking the fires of the scandal!

Forwarded from Steorn's Censors

“High Priestesses three,
We do all Steorn’s bidding for free.
What’s in the Temple we guard?
We can’t say. What will be our reward?
We've been promised we’ll see all there is to see!”

In Defense of Seamus

A taste for the high dramatic.
A mind megalomanic.
Who’d cast any doubt
On anyone who’d flout
All Laws of the Thermodynamic?

He Fires Back

“What about that celebrity starlet
Whose definitely out to get me—the harlot!
Her defaming limericks
Have brought on these nervous tics—
She says Orbo belongs in a used car lot!”

A magnetic personality
Drew investors to his company,
But when Orbo was put to the test
It couldn't turn north, south, east, or west--
It lost its bearings apparently!

From the Deli

From his India exile, the Dalai
Lama has flown here to tell me
I should practice a simpler lifestyle.
With a blessing, a wave, and a smile,
He’s whisked to his limo, parked parallelly!