Saturday, March 31, 2007

Not Much Happening

Not much has been going on this weekend over at Steorn, at least not publicly. We're all still waiting for their Q1 announcements.

I haven't received or found any additional information confirming or denying Jeff Bechtold as a Jury Member. I do want to point you to a better Google Scholar search that doesn't include Jill Bechtold's work. Thanks go to Steorn's Orbo Blog for pointing that out (Note: Steorn's Orbo Blog has no relationship with Steorn that I'm aware of). I've added the term "Houston" to limit the results to work coming out of the University of Houston.

Also, here is a link to Jeff Bechtold's PhD Thesis Abstract.


Anonymous said...

Hey ST this is great. It looks like the guy is the real deal. I just wonder like many people why they are going with a very non-prestigious scientist. Is this the best they could do, or are they going for a Joe six-beaker-pack kind of scientist?

Ping said...
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Anonymous said...

can't fool me that easy Ping.

The fundamentalist reaction stopped From me because you are part of the steorn buzz machine.. as someone else confirmed yesterday.

If this is the way steorn want to play it.. who cares what that bunch of losers is doing. i was reacting under the impression you are leaking confidential information.. in fact, You are looking for reactions.

You don't play this old goat for a fool. I'll be around to see the day when those NDA's come back to haunt the PR machine that you are a part of. 200 plus lawsuits for intentional abuse of faith and you and yours will never work in any town again

Victor hugo