Friday, July 6, 2007

3pm Update Details

Whitelite is the first to report details from Steorn's 3pm Update:

Anyway it was open to the public at that specific time and there were lot's of people taking pictures and filming, (with no objections from Steorn), so I'm sure someone will stick something on YouTube in no time, (if they haven't done it already!).
I'll post any additional information from others in this blog entry, if more appears.
The general gist of the discussion was Sean apologising profusely about the lack of any demo or device, (at that time), and basically taking the blame for the whole thing and saying that everyone else at Steorn was advising that the 3 days Sean requested the engineers to make the demo machine was too short.
3 days to build the demo unit? I'm sure a lot more time went into finding quotes for posters, etc.
I talked to a nice bloke who is a Kinetica staff member and I believe he said that Kinetica could still host things up to the 16th if the wanted but beyond that there are some major building works going on next door, (like digging up the pavements), so I can't see the demo continuing beyond there. Incidentally the guy was very complimetary about Steorn and he said Kinetica had a great relationship with them.
From Kinetica's perspective, this must all be some form of art project. I doubt it a botched over unity demo will heart their credibility at all. I hope we get a more detailed account of the Q&A portion of the update.

I took some screen shots of the gathering for your enjoyment:


dobson said...

For me, this is the image that sums up the whole Orbo fiasco:

I've also added a few more images of the Free Energy Trackers who turned up yesterday in order to investigate, this was at the request of J**** who wanted proof that he was there!

By the way, if you want to link to my piccies, please link to the HTML page and not the JPEG image. Thanks!

maryyugo said...

Thanks for the report. !!BUT!!

How did Sean explain:

The lack of backup devices?

That he allowed only three days to build a device for such a widely advertised demonstration with wildly optimistic claims?

That they could not simply turn the lights off?

That nobody saw or filmed the device all the time it was running fine before they started installing it on the display pedestal?

That they could not bring another device from their company in Ireland?

That they could not take the extra time Kinetica made available to muster enough talent, money and time to rebuild the device?

How they justified the money, effort, time, and plain wear and tear on the **thousands** of people who fell for this unconscionable con game and spent their resources to attend?

Why anyone should ever listen to anything that unconscionable empty-headed duplicitous blowhard con man ever says again?

(Steorntracker, you can edit the above paragraph out if you find it objectionable-- I've just lost patience with Steorn's retards)

Is there an audio or transcript of this, what should have been an AMAZING meeting?


Anonymous said...

3 Days to build. Build another one.

Anonymous said...


Mind telling us what Seamus instructed the SPDC?

Thicket said...

I can't wade through the conflicting bullshit from Sean.

3 days to build their demo device? Not even an idiot would think that was sufficient.

What about the two days before the demo that were promised to Dr.Mike to see the functioning device? Was Steorn planning to build the device in one day?

Didn't Sean publicly say that the device would lift weights? This was later publicly denied by Steorn. The non-functioning device certainly didn't have any weights.

The crap about the lights is more bullshit. Turn the fekkin' lights off.

What about the stop/start device that would be used as backup?

Sean is a pathological liar. He lies as easily as he breathes. You can't trust anything he says without independent verification.

FLD's theory that Steorn planned to fail to avoid legal issues is interesting. After thinking about it, I must conclude that Sean isn't competent enough to plan and execute something this complex. He's a loose cannon who shoots from the hip.

Senthil Kumar said...

Haha, it's game over I am afraid. It was fun while it lasted. The only thing remaining is DrMike's report.

Steorn. RIP

Anonymous said...

Do not fret, the demo is merely delayed. I have waited over a year and am prepared to wait a few more weeks!! Steorn screwed up YES but this is not the first time a great discovery got off to a bumpy start Sean is a good man with a good team and this setback in the historical sense is just minor hiccup. I am horrified at the expense they have incurred just to please the non-believers! It is because of this I scraped together $2,000 euros and sent it to Steorn with a thank you note stating that I hope it helps, I suggest we all chip in. The new demo is in the works, orbo IS coming and the new world is at our doorstep! These are times to rejoice!! Bravo Steorn!!

maryyugo said...

Oh, this is hilarious-- apparently Kinetica doesn't know how to select an ISP any better than they know how to prescreen exhibits:

"Bandwidth Limit Exceeded"

That's funny!

other anon said...

For the german readers of this blog:,1518,492838,00.html

(the article links to this page)

Anonymous said...

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This is not only free energy but it also allows you to create matter from nothing. So far our MFTWMDCG has created metals and even protein based substance from it's adjusted secondary power distortion fields. We are close to producing free energy + free food and metals. This will revolutionize the world providing free energy and free food ushering in a new era of mankind. Stage 1 investing is now open and we are offering 25 $100,000US blocks. Stage 1 investors automatically qualify for stage2 which is 25 blocks sold at $500,000US. Stage 2 investors receive a full demonstration of the technology after payment and NDA is cleared. We are now opening Stage1 to the general public and only have 4 spots left. Check our website in 3 days The new world is among us! Steorn faithful will find this the deal of a lifetime so act fast! A public demo of the technology will be held at the Kinetica Museum approximately 2 months after stage2 investing is met. Thanks for your time, Benjamin McKiernan, CEO MFTWMDCG Technologies

Anonymous said...

Did anyone audio record what Sean told the crowd at the end of the day?

I searched youtube, but found nothing...

maryyugo said...

I'm really looking forward to the next Youtube interview between anyone in the press and Sean. If he has the testicular fortitude for one. Which is almost as highly improbable as Orbo.

Anonymous said...

IF Steorn is able to get away with just going silent, there will be many more fraudsters copying this plan. There are some posters on Steorn that have been down this road once before, got burned, and still have faith in Steorn.

Hmmm, I'm good with tools, have an engineering background and am very charismatic face to face. Hell, I can even fake sincerity fairly well.

Forget the above, MFTWMDCG.

I will be announcing my OU device very soon. Much lower investment minimum. ;)


p.s. excess funds will be sent to a deserving charity.

Anonymous said...

People. Think about it.
Steorn is not dumb enough to not have the device ready. Even they are not that stupid.
Big Oil did not believe Sean so Sean schedules a demo.
Big Oil calls their bluff and shows up in London.
Sean takes Big Oil behind the curtain and shows then ORBO.
Big Oil hands Sean a suitcase of cash.
All of the sudden ORBO isn't working.
Demo cancelled.
Sean is rich.
End of Story.
Why am I the only one who can see this happened?????

Anonymous said...

The demo free running disk in London probably can (and did) work and they are, no doubt, on to something.
What is surprising, is all the griping over at Steorn's forum about it not working and waiting for Sean to do something. Let me propose looks simple enough to build in one's basement so let's get at it and then post our accomplishments on YouTube.

maryyugo said...

"Big Oil hands Sean a suitcase of cash. All of the sudden ORBO isn't working. Demo cancelled. Sean is rich. End of Story.

Why am I the only one who can see this happened?????

Because you're totally daft and watch altogether too many silly conspiracy programs on your television? :-)

The demo free running disk in London probably can (and did) work ... it looks simple enough to build in one's basement so let's get at it and then post our accomplishments on YouTube.

So it's simple to build a self running magnetic toy but all the toy companies spending billions of dollars over decades missed it? Oh sure. I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. Cheap.

bc said...

This week's dog and pony show (without the pony) points towards incompetent management and engineering. To be fair, the engineers can perhaps be excused for having an impossible task.

However, their amateurish attempts are entirely consistent with a bunch of people who are likely to think that they can achieve something impossible in the first place.

When I watch Sean on the videos, he has all the air of a little boy telling an enormous fib, and half-expecting to be caught out. A mischievous grin plays around the corner of his mouth.

Ironically, it was the failure of scientists to ever build a working PMM that led them to the conclusion that energy is conserved, and subsequent work built a very solid theory. Anyone now claiming to break CoE is effectively admitting they don't understand physics.

Anonymous said...

15:00 Session video. Thanks to Zen Master Lee

Anonymous said...

This just in - Sean reportably seen buying up huge tracks of land in Guyana. Babcat seen making large purchases of Nike shoes, purple silk gowns and mass quantities of Cool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

Just keeps getting better. My source tells me Steorn is closing their doors in 4-5 days when they are all back and sorted out. This source informed me of other specifics in the past so I have no reason to doubt her. There's more.. Steorn was bought out. Yes, you heard it here and what you are seeing is the typical suppression technique. The incredible thing is the amount. A staggering 6.2 billion US in cash. The purchase was made by a middle eastern consortium. That is all I have for you. sad days, to come so close and then be shut down over greed. I probably shouldn't point fingers, who here would not take the 6.2b?

maryyugo said...

"The incredible thing is the amount. A staggering 6.2 billion US in cash. The purchase was made by a middle eastern consortium."

That is the dumbest piece of fragrant bovine excrement I've ever heard. Either you're a rank sociopath or a kid playing with your dad's computer.

Anonymous said...

"Just keeps getting better....."

I was going to scoff at this but the it came to me, this makes more sense than anything Sean has ever said.

Damn, that's sad.

Anonymous said...

Between burning Islamic terrorists getting kicked in the balls by Glasweigian taxi drivers, car bombs in London that don't explode and Steorn, the late June/July period has to go down in history as the "Week of Incompetence" and legion levels of stupidity.