Saturday, July 7, 2007

Dr. Mike Gives a Brief Update Today

We had our first quiet day in a while. Today in the forums, Dr. Mike gives us this update:

I got way to smashed last night to join the party this evening. There were a lot of people let into the kinetica site today around 11:00 this morning. Sean again profusely appologized, then answered a few questions. After that, we all went upstairs and several people played with rotors and stators and neos while Sean gave some descriptions of the core technology.

Sean said the main reason he had problems was the short time scale he gave the engineers. So he will not make any decisions for the next few days while the dust settles and he will give the engineers as much time as they need. If they have something before the end of the week, he may turn things back on - but he made no promises this time.

I left around 16:30 when most people headed off to the pub. I had to go back to my hotel to recover from last night out - there is no way I can keep up with these Irish drinkers!!!

Patience, persistence, truth,
Dr. mike

PS - I got to wear the "drmike" t-shirt today!
We're not sure what type of agreement Dr. Mike has with Steorn about releasing his opinion on the past few days at the moment. Hopefully we'll learn soon what events transpired. The whole bit about SPDC members playing with magnets doesn't surprise me at all :-). I wasn't under the impression that Steorn had given them the know-how to actually build an Orbo, so my hunch is that they are just playing around with magnets.

Also, I would like to give some credit to Steorn's forum administrators. All though we love to hate them, they've been doing a fair job in my opinion moderating these past few days. It's gotta be stressful for them. Remember, crank and Magnatrix are not Steorn employees and are volunteer moderators.


Anonymous said...

So drmike enjoys getting smashed and laughing about the antics of a fraudulent company. To make matters worse, said fraudulent company are too busy getting piss drunk to make good on a demonstration of their technology. Seems like all anyone can do at this stage is get wasted and laugh about the entire event!

"HAHAHA...AHHHH HAHAHAHA... We let down 1,000's of people and looked like complete fools, let's party!! AHH HAA HAAA..."

"Hey guys play with these magnets if you want, but we gotta get back to the pub! wohoo!!!"

Wow, the fate of the world lies in the hands of a bunch of drunk pranksters? This is unreal, simply UNREAL.

Anonymous said...

Why is Dr. Mike not telling us about ORBO. I guess he signed a NDA and can't. Why can;t he at least sayif he saw a working ORBO.

Terry said...

Ah, Dr. Mikie confirmed they are using neodymium. This has been my concern for a great while.

Terry said...

Oh, also, Dr. Mikey said that Steorn would wait "while the dust settles". Interesting that "others" have had problems with real dust in their magnets when performing a demonstration of the tech.

If Sean is truthful in that they are using watch "barings" (wink), it is quite likely that his problem (one of) was not the lights, but the fine particles floating in the pubic [sic(k)] atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

> Why is Dr. Mike not telling us
> about ORBO.

He probably figures there's no need to say anything. What would you have him say? His mission was to inspect/observe the OU device in operation. There was nothing displayed and thus is nothing for him to report on.

maryyugo said...

I think everyone should be patient.

I am sure several people are probably at the moment quietly documenting and absorbing what's going on at Steorn. If they make their reports too soon, they would be locked out of getting more info.

I suggest a moratorium of about a week in asking for data-- until everyone involved has had a chance to go home, reflect on it, and write good reports.

Anonymous said...

I wish you fellas could be here in town with us, it has been a right blast! Memories of last night are a bit vague but I do recall Sean singing Karaoke! When he sang "Start Me Up" by the Stones the entire Pub thundered with applause. I was laughing so hard I had happy tears streaming down my face. I am truly looking forward to the next demonstration and hitting the pubs with Steorn again, what a bloody laugh! I admire any company that is anti-suit, anti-serious and looking for fun while innovating. Steorn are legends in my book. There is more to life that being straight faced suits. Free energy is here, why do you think we are partying and celebrating??? Rejoice and loosen up people! If you want to remain a jealous nolifer then go right ahead. Gotta run, we are off to hit the pub again, God help my liver!

Anonymous said...

Let's face it, Dr. Mike is acting just like Sean. In fact, he is playing the part so well that I really think he is a company plant. He is making very vague comments, ignoring other's pleas for information. He has been given the inside scoop by the company for this fiasco. He is capitalizing on other's excuses for his lack of information. He is out drinking with Steorn on their fradulent dime. Everyone is pleading for his comments, but then they are covering for him in the next breath with references to some NDA (but he hasn't yet referenced this). He hasn't called Sean to task on any of his comments. Geez guys, the similarities of parallel doublespeak between Sean's and Mike's comments are uncannily similar. I say he has been a company plant on the forums the whole time.

Anonymous said...

...Also remember drmike said something about being polite to his hosts. Steorn funded his trip, at least in part if not all of it. He isn't going to come off rude, he's still trying to gather info. Besides, I don't think he has seen anything. He did say he was the lone skeptic there today,so if he did see anything it wasn't enoegh to sway his opinion.

Kent said...

Re: Anonymous
>He probably figures there's no >need to say anything. What would >you have him say? His mission was >to inspect/observe the OU device >in operation. There was nothing >displayed and thus is nothing for >him to report on.

Yes, but Dr. Mike was promised to see a working orbo for 2 days BEFORE it was to be put on public display. If Steorn did not even make good on that, then they've lost even more credibility.

Michael said...

I think steorn either has what they say they have or they have been busy selling put options on marginal mainstream energy stocks.Eg Transocean is a 40 billion dollar company specialising in deepwater oil rigs, share price pre over unity $108. Shareprice post over unity maybe not so much.

Suomipoika said...

Dr. Mike: "As a full skeptic, I don't see how they can recover ... I never did get a chance to measure anything ... We spent a few hours playing upstairs, but nobody got anything to spin longer than a minute."


Anonymous said...

So he invited members of the public over to... play around with magnets? I can't even begin to describe how ridiculous that is! "Oh I dunno how to build the thing, here, you guys take these magnets and see if you can build something since our engineers have no clue."

I can't imagine going to the event and ending up fiddling with magnets. How do these poor, gullible people not feel like complete idiots? "Does this configuration work? No... hmm, how about this one? It always seems to slow down after a while, if only we could reduce the friction! That must be the problem!"

Then the guy decides to buy them all off with drinks! Genius! I can only imagine that's all he knows what to do with the money that's been invested in the project. God knows, that's probably what I'd put the money towards - to be honest, it's actually more worthwhile than wasting it on trying to build a machine that you know can't possibly work.

io said...

Another anoymous poster here claim that he have "Detailed Technical Specification pages".ok why don't you post them here on steorntracker's blog?just mail these pages here.

Jason Bradbury said...

To whomever is running this blog,

Is there any chance you could put up a 'Where we are now' post - a simple statement of what shape the demo is in - what evidence exists as to why it went wrong - and the latest on when it might be up and running.

I say this because having read your sterling work so far (big thanks for being the most coherent Orbo related site on the web) - I'm still in the dark as to what the latest situation is.

To help -here are some questions. Remember, lots of people are coming to this whole phenomenon fresh and much of the stuff you guys have already digested is not clear.

1. How long did the engineers have to build the Orbo demo?
2. Who are the engineers - are they Steorn employees.
3. What is the position of this forum re Steorn - who set up this blog, when and why?
4. What is Steorn's stated aim in the next, say, 7 days.
5. What does this blog think about a company that manages information like a Labour press secretary :-)
6. If you were to give a percentage on the overall feeling on this site as to the reality or fiction of Orbo - what would that be (i.e - about 70% of commenters believe Orbo won't work)
7. What is the most damning piece of information that has surfaced in the last few days
8. What piece of information in the last few days makes you think we could be about to witness a working Free Energy Device?
9. Who is Dr Mike - or at least - what's his relation to this blog and his credentials for being at the demo? Was he sent by this blog? Does he run it? .... (Aaargh - all so confusing and yet so interesting?!)



bc said...

Dr Mike says "Actions speak louder than words". I think DrMike is giving them plenty of time to dig their hole, otherwise they could claim they got it working after he left.

Reading between the lines, DrMike will issue a negative and damning report. What sort of tech company enlists odd members of the public to help with development?? I think some of the forum members realise this, and are now trying to blame DrMike for the failure! He didn't believe enough.

According to their accounts, Steorn lost €3 million in 2006. They have no income. They will burn through the investment money pretty quickly. Getting serious investment money will be impossible, the guys who invest 100 million won't be persuaded by talk, they expect to see results.

Steorn may as well drink and be merry, the circus will be shutting down.

SteornTracker said...


Good idea on a "general update." If anyone else has general questions that they think I could answer, post them in this discussion. I'll take a look later today and do my best to post answers to your questions.

One quick note, I noticed Sean has logged into the forum and has started answering questions, if you didn't notice already. Of course I'll summarize it here later.

Thicket said...

Surprise, surprise. Steorn didn't show Dr. Mike a working device. Tough to report on something you haven't seen, dontcha think?

Steorn tactics -- promise lots, show nothing.

Sean McCarthy --- fraud, scamster, shyster, con artist, disgrace to the human race.

Thicket said...

Oh, and another Sean lie.

The device wasn't functioning before the public demo.

Thicket said...

Hey Babcat. You made it into print.

The Star is a major Canadian newspaper based out of Toronto.

JTerry said...

It has become evident now that Steorn and the mouth of Sauron Sean M. never intended to show Dr. Mike anything. So very sad for Steorn and an embarrassment. Sean has been basically caught in an outright lie here once again. Dr. Mike's report is not expected to reflect favorably on Steorn at all.

In other news, Crank has emerged once again over on the boards. She is frantically posting in defense of Steorn. Even when faced with this most obvious outing of Steorn for what it is, she continues to appear credulous and smug. So, as has been suspected from day one, Crank and the other forum "moderators" are not neutral personalities; these are amongst some of the most fervent Steorn believers out there. Trying to pass them off as neutral is just another Steorn deception along with the likes of claiming PPM/OU machines.

I wonder how many of the "jury" members are truly neutral participants?

maryyugo said...

There really is little to ask or consider at this point. Steorn followed the scam script, exactly like Tilley, perfectly, even to the absurd claim that bearings failed. It's laughable.

Here is the main point to consider. NOBODY but NOBODY has EVER seen an operating "Orbo" of ANY type. OK, Magnatrix, a forum admin, says she saw a video. I can fake a video that would persuade believers. It's not hard.

Sean promised producing a start-stop machine in the event a continuously running machine could not be made in time. He didn't. His excuse: they are not as robust. So what? If they work, robust or not, Dr. Mike and others could have photographed and evaluated them. That didn't happen.

Sean promised to let Dr. Mike have two days with a screwdriver and a working Orbo. He didn't. His excuse, that he allowed his engineers three days to make the display device, is so laughable, it hardly deserves comment. But even if they were so grossly incompetent that it was true, then why did they not bring another working Orbo, ANY Orbo, to show people. Worried about trade secrets? Show it to experts only -- like Dr. Mike -- under NDA's. They didn't do that.

Orbo has been working for more than a year and they have no other unit to substitute for a failed demo machine? RIDICULOUS! They have no video to show even to the experts like Mike under NDA? ABSURD!

Sean had a year to prepare! He could have cancelled or postponed if he wasn't sure an operating machine would be available. He didn't.

Conclusion: Steorn's Orbo is a total scam. There has never been one that worked as advertised. No overunity, no 0.5w/cm cube. No video. No plans that work. It's all phony. And not very well done phony. No other conclusion is possible. No amount of incompetence can account for this particular "no show".

15-India-Street said...


"I suggest a moratorium of about a week in asking for data-- until everyone involved has had a chance to go home, reflect on it, and write good reports."

I don't think a week is needed for that. Things became rather clear the last days. Posted my thoughts on FizzX. The only thing I'm still looking forward to is the final judgement of drmike. Maybe he'll have to post that report in this forum, looks like the Steornites started to hate his guts for being honest.

Anonymous said...

quanten said...

Sorry for the OFF-topic:

Had anybody contact with the admin of the forum from steorn ? Do you have any emaila ddress ? It seems my password was changed (I can't log in anymore and I had the password auto-saved by firefox).


maryyugo said...

FizzX is confusing -- I can't even get the sign-up scripts to work, it's difficult for me to find current posts. I don't like the format. This, thanks to Steorntracker and Google, works best. Actually Steorn's forums are the best thing they've done-- except that I am banned from them and they are so voluminous and filled with infantile nonsense, they aren't worth the trouble either.

I have some inside info that says Dr. Mike (and probably others) who saw what was actually going on at Kinetica and who are steaming mad they didn't get invited to Steorn's skunkworks, are going to write scathing reports. Give them time.

Writing reports telling the truth about scams has some risk. There is the risk of a law suit which, even without merit, can cost a lot of time and money to defend. There is also a risk of violence. All those things have to be considered.

If you can't look at the stuff Dr. Mike has written, his credentials, his web page and his overall style and trust that he will be honest, then it's hard to know who one could trust.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. When you take all of Sean's statements together with the total lack of the slightest concrete evidence he has produced, it is obvious when one considers all that has been said and has happened in the past year Orbo is a scam and Sean is either a pathological liar or a crazy person. Obviously, that's just my considered opinion based on what I've read.

bc said...

I just want to make a comment on physics - which often seem to get overlooked! I have a physics background, which is why it is easy for me to see through Steorn's nonsense.

The fact is if you have a REAL physical effect it is easy to demonstrate with simple components.

Electromagnetism is the principle by which electric motors and generators work. The maths looks complicated, but the effect can be demonstrated very easily. This youtube video shows how to build an electric motor in 1 minute 18 seconds : one minute electric motor. OK, the coil he used was one he prepared earlier ;)

(Lots of other examples on youtube as well)

If you have a real and useful effect then you don't need precision components or even 3 days to build a demonstration. Never mind everything else, if Steorn had something, we would have seen it!

Anonymous said...

I am sure the SPDC members on their private forum are kissing Steorns A**. They will never doubt Steorn or the ORBO. They need more skeptical members.

maryyugo said...


"The fact is if you have a REAL physical effect it is easy to demonstrate with simple components."

With due respect to your physics background, not all effects are easy to show. I remind you about the difficulty in demonstrating neutrinos, negative resistance (tunnel diode had to be invented), superconductivity and LENR's and many other things.

But that's entirely irrelevant.

Sean claimed a specific power density for his device-- one that rivals AA alkaline batteries and one that should have been extremely easily to demonstrate. His excuses are senseless. He has has NEVER shown ANY working device to ANYONE who has reported about it.

There is absolutely no reason whatever to believe ANYTHING he says.

Humans are programmed to believe-- that's an evolutionary advantage. If someone yells "tiger coming, hide quick!" and you stop to ask "how do you know? what's the evidence? can you prove it?" then you get eaten and don't pass on your genes. If you believe the guy, worst case, you hid for nothing.

Sean yelled "I have an Orbo" and people believed him. Now it's time to sober up.

Wait a few days-- the reports, photos, videos and audio will come out. It takes a bit of time. But not much. And Sean will have absolutely nothing to counter with because he never did.

bc said...

mary says: Sean claimed a specific power density for his device-- one that rivals AA alkaline batteries and one that should have been extremely easily to demonstrate.

Duh! Which is why I chose a motor made with an alkaline battery - should have similar power. "easy to demonstrate" - isn't that exactly what I just said???

Should I have said "real power producing effect" - was that not obvious in the context?

I don't know if you are trying to trump my simple physics and steal my argument, but AFAIK, no one has claimed they can generate power from neutrinos. We are both arguing from the same side, but sometimes you do make some dumb comments!

maryyugo said...

"Should I have said "real power producing effect" "


"- was that not obvious in the context?"

Not to me. It seemed as if you were suggesting that all claims in physics are subject to simple and obvious experiments. I realize you know that's not true but there are a lot of people who read these forums, and especially Steorn's forum, who know as much about physics as I know about the intimate detailed history of Wagnerian operas. Or maybe even less.