Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Steorn Over Unity, Today at 6

From Steorn's Website:

"Due to technical difficulties we will now be live from London on the 5th July."
Maybe they let Dr. Mike take it apart, and then they had trouble putting it back together!

According to various news articles and blog sites, Steorn's July Demo of an over unity device will start today at 6pm, London time. From RTE News:
Sceptics can view the device lifting a weight from four different camera angles online.

Mr McCarthy said the company had decided against using the technology to illuminate a light-bulb as the use of wires would attract further suspicion from a scientific community that has already dismissed the device.
I am certain that this media event will be bigger than the Economist Ad. We're going to see Sean McCarthy in a zillion interviews, all mostly fluff I'm sure. What I'm looking forward to seeing is Dr. Mike's opinion. If he's baffled after two days of examining the device, I'm pretty sure there will be some fence movement.

Here are links to other websites mentioning the demo:
Belfast Telegraph
The Inquirer
Wired Blog

Here are some additional Stories starting to appear today:

“This is as big a claim as you can possibly make in the world of technology and science,” said McCarthy.
“It’s too good to be true but it is true,” said McCarthy, “It will have such an impact on everything we do.”
“The only analogy I can give is if you had absolute proof that God wasn’t real,” said McCarthy.

Mr McCarthy insisted Steorn are contractually obliged to publish whatever the scientists conclude in full, adding that the €8 million invested in the technology to date and the company's reputation were at stake.

"Obviously Steorn and Sean McCarthy would never recover if there is a negative result here. But we don't see that as even an outside possibility," he said.

Also the Engadget story made it to the front page of Digg

Another Update:
Steorn has made Slashdot


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why there is no information about this event on - the content is dead fish there.

And where "on internet" web footage supose to be available?

Or do I miss something?

Greg said...

If it lifts weights as well as self-sustains then the skeptics are going to have to go silent for a while they consider their next move.

1. It's nonsense, don't waste my time.
2. It's interesting, but not important.
3. I always said it was a good idea. 4. I thought of it first.

Arthur C. Clarke

Perhaps stage 2 will happen quickly.

bc said...

From the annals of free energy:

Welcome to

In 1712, Johann Bessler built a machine that he claimed was self-moving. By 1717, he had convinced thousands of people, from the ordinary to the eminent, that he had indeed discovered the secret of a self-sustaining mechanism. The machine underwent numerous tests and passed rigorous inspections. It was made to do heavy work for long periods, and in an official test it ran continuously for 54 days.

The internal design of the machine was always closely guarded by its inventor. Plagued by paranoia and a nasty temper, and with no patent laws to protect him, Bessler never arranged payment terms for the wheel. A bitter man, he took his secret to the grave and drifted into obscurity.


Bessler demonstrated his wheel lifting weights, but was unable to make money from his invention. Nearly 300 years later, some people still think that Bessler had a real OU device.

Fans of OU may also like to take a ook at the
Museum of Unworkable Devices

Parallels with Steorn?

Kevin said...

Hmm, just one machine?? But they've got an entire museum, by the sounds of things.

Personally I was hoping for several machines. One that ran one if not all the light bulbs in the museum; one that continuously pumped a vast vat of water from ground level to a tank in the ceiling; one that continuously ran a refrigeration unit and was encased in ice (ooh that'd make the thermodynamics scientists smoulder); one that ran a tethered helicopter rotor that held itself continuously above the floor. One that powered a recharging station to charge up a visitor's cell phone. Etc, etc. One that powered all the web cams for the internet feeds.

maryyugo said...

Aw, Kevin, you're so ungullibly realistic.

Steorntracker: What makes you think Mike actually has been able to spend time with a device yet?

Anonymous said...

Humble pie and crow servings are being on ice for you cynics. They'll be reheated as necessary. :-)

SteornTracker said...


Dr. Mike arrived earlier this week and has been spending time with Steorn. Their agreement was that he'd be able to spend two days before the demo taking measurements and possibly even taking apart the device. We'll have to wait for Dr. Mike to provide us with details.

maryyugo said...

Hi Steorntracker. My "inside" information from a friend who knows Mike is that as of yesterday at 6PM EST, Mike had not been given any opportunity to see anything. I understand this is just hearsay and I can't prove it or reveal who said it but that's what I heard for what it's worth.

We should know much more pretty soon --Mike, NDA or not, is not exactly a quiet type.

This should be fun.

Oh and "anonymous": Hold that humble pie and crow for a while-- you may be the one eating it. Anyway, nobody would love this to be real more than the skeptics.

Anonymous said...

Greg, i don't know why you think that realistic people who believe Steorn are more likely a bunch of scam artists than the finders of a free lunch need tactics.

We would all love for this to be real. The world will change in our lifetimes and that would be fantastic.

The problem is there is such a small chance that this is real that only the truly gullible would believe so right now.

Once evidence is submitted then woot! we can all celebrate a good joke or a free lunch.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember Sean stating the forum would be re-opened to all user's and the banned un-banned when this demo happened...?

Anonymous said...

"View the online demonstration here at 6pm Eastern Time (ET)."

1 hour 45 mins away

Anonymous said...

Due to technical difficulties we will now be live from the 5th July."

Snip said...


And I guess you think Steorn hasn't realized DrMike has a problem with honoring confidentiality already? What makes you think he is going to be told anything of significance? At this point I'm sure DrMike is anything close to a high priority in Steorns eye. Oh and your "friend", nice try on that one. DrMike should really learn to keep his mouth shut in the future when under NDA. Maybe it's all that pot he smokes or whatever, but don't kid yourself, DrMike is not going to be able to tell you much.

maryyugo said...
Hi Steorntracker. My "inside" information from a friend who knows Mike is that as of yesterday at 6PM EST, Mike had not been given any opportunity to see anything. I understand this is just hearsay and I can't prove it or reveal who said it but that's what I heard for what it's worth.

We should know much more pretty soon --Mike, NDA or not, is not exactly a quiet type.

This should be fun.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Mikes silence make me believe that he is a Steorn employee....

dobson said...

My office is right next door to Spitalfields where the Steorn demo is set to take place. I've packed a load of camera gear so i hope I can photograph what I can.

My personal theory is that Steorn are a front company with ulterior motives; perhaps to re-launch a games console or perhaps a campaign to show how ignorant we Brits are of basic science by presenting the oldest known scientific fraud.

Trevor said...

We are experiencing some technical difficulties with the demo unit in London. Our initial assessment indicates that this is probably due to the intense heat from the camera lighting. We have commenced a technical assessment and will provide an update later today. As a consequence, Kinetica will not be open to the public today (5th July). We apologise for this delay and appreciate your patience.

Anonymous said...

The "wheel" does not seem to be moving. Still has a tab sticking out at about 10 o'clock and doesn't look like much is happening.

Captain Kirk said...

Beam me up, Sean !

Anonymous said...


still no wonder in sight.

Anonymous said...

from Steorns website in the news category:

"[...] Steorn has decided to postpone the demonstration until further notice. [...]"

Says it all... Miracles are postponed to the day of the apocalypse I guess...

Full text can be found here:

Anonymous said...

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