Thursday, July 19, 2007

Crank's Opinion and Some Horbyists

Today on Steorn's forum, crank questions whether drmike's statement about Scott Little obtaining orbo details and not being able to replicate the device are valid:

crank: drmike is not right in his (reported) remarks about Scott
Little. Scott Little was given no more information than anyone else.
If he tried to replicate, it was from the hints and clues dropped on
this forum.
And how does crank know this?
crank: Because when I saw that remark of drmike's quoted in one of the
threads here I texted Sean and asked him. He texted back that Scott
Little had got the same information that everyone else did.
I wish crank could do a little more for us skeptics, we could all use a little bit of evidence. She clearly has more access to Steorn then the rest of us. We'll have to wait to hear what drmike has to say in response.

Also this week, many hobbyists have been attempting to build their own Orbos. Here is a video from ZeroFossilFuel that you might enjoy:


Anonymous said...

Like I said earlier. The SPDC members have seen video of an actual ORBO and the technology is 100% real. You should not doubt it at this point!!!!

drmike said...

Nobody has seen anything work. Everybody has seen nothing work. Does it really matter who says what?

I like the bandaids on the guy in the video - that's a nice touch! :-)

maryyugo said...

That video will be a whole lot more interesting when he removes his hands. Sure he will.

bc said...

LOL, a good round up of lamers there.

Lamer #1: Crank "Sean says..."

Logic error: How does Sean know what Scott has seen? Perhaps Scott has seen leaked info from a jury member or SPDC, without Sean knowing.

Independent verification: surely the best thing is to email Scott, instead of relying on Sean, who's considered delusional. Scott's address is on their website.

Lamer #2: ZeroScienceFool

Pushing a wheel with a magnetic wand is no different from pushing it with your hand. Expecting a wheel to push itself deserves a whack on the head.

Lamer #3: Gaby of Wild ideas

re : Zero
"You are doing great research here"


Kuhar said...

Just A Thought...

We've all seen pictures of the CM Orbo that failed to work at the demo. To me it looks suspiciously like the design we all thought would work when we were kids. That is to say a rotating disk with magnets mounted on an angle and in opposition to secondary magnets mounted on the fixed base of the device. When some of us showed this design to our parents they were quick to point out that if magnetic drag didn't stop our newly invented "PM" device then surely the magnetic fields would cancel each other.

So after seeing the CM Orbo I started dusting the cobwebs off my childhood dreams of PM. "Is there some way to actually get that design to work?" I thought to myself... I came up with a couple notions (I won't call them ideas) and I was hoping someone with a better understanding of physics and magnetics could tear them into bloody ribbons for me so that I can stop thinking about them.

1) Using a CM Orbo type layout, substitute the magnets on the disk for Pyrolytic Graphite. This form of graphite is diamagnetic at room temperature and so will repel magnet's mounted on the device's stationary base. Right off the bat one would say, "pyrolytic graphite would naturally repel the magnets just as much as they draw toward the magnets as when they draw away from the magnets, easily canceling out." The catch is that the material is more diamagnetic in one orientation than the other so the repulsion and attraction would not cancel out. I’m pretty sure that magnetic drag would destroy any hope of this configuration working, but I just thought I’d ask.

2) Same configuration except substituting a perfectly diamagnetic superconductor for the pyrolytic graphite. In order to counter the potentially PM destroying effects of magnetic drag, would it be possible to raise the temperature of the superconductors very slightly so as to destroy it’s diamagnetic properties (I don’t know that much about SC, so perhaps there’s an easier way to do this than with fluctuating temperatures) as it approaches the magnet and then lower the temperature slightly to reestablish diamagnetism and get the full force of the repulsion? If the device were operating is space (where the low temperatures necessary for superconductors to function is much less energy intensive to achieve) and the device was able to somehow passively stabilize it’s temperature close to the transition temperature of the SC so that a minimum amount of energy would have to be expended in heating and cooling (switching) the SC...

Anyway, if someone could just shoot me down I’d really appreciate it.

h0bb1t said...

I don't know why I keep reading this.

Thanks, SteornTracker!, you and Dr Mike were the most reliable and only real part of this scharade.

Other sceptics are also real, hi there folks, but they did not put as much effort.

Anyways, moving on with other things... like this, for example.

It is not OU but hey - effeciency is the key.

drmike said...


Think about energy "flowing" from place to place. There are lots of forces on a bridge, and it doesn't move much. But energy flows through its structure and it stays balanced.

Motors are dynamic, and energy flows from the current in the wire to the rotational motion of the shaft.

A purely magnetic motor is like a bridge, it will eventually stabilize and remain static. "The limit as time goes to infinity" is the mathematical description - this is the steady state solution of a problem.

In both cases you don't have an energy input, so the steady state solution is stable - nothing moves.

Anonymous said...

These idiots don't realize that people have been trying to make magnetic motors for a 1000 years.

They are always "almost there". Just one more treak or one more magnet or one more gear away from it running by itself.

Never happens, never will.

Vardan1899 said...

There will always be those few that believe "anything". I had to specifically "tell" Zerofossilefuels that my YouTube Orbo was a joke since he seemed to really believe it.


I see if you type "Orbo" into YouTube search, my stupid Orbo thing comes up #2. That's even more scary :-\
Thank goodness for LouderVoice!! "I believe" his! :D

I had to specifically call my real OerBlow project a fake since too many people were believing it as well...


But Zerofossilefools is just a good honest guy trying to make a simple OU machine. He is not trying to hurt anyone or steal anyone's money. He really thinks he can do it and he's only spilling his own blood trying. The Second Law of Thermodynamics was just made to be broken for some of the faithful. Zerofossilfuel's machine was supposed to be working three days ago :o) I follow it too since it's fun ;-)

Us "real" science folks understand the physics, Maxwell's equations, Calculus (in case we have to double check ;-)), and the background that goes into it all. The rest just believe what they are told, or what they want to believe. I think you could convince many of them that a simple rock is an OU machine. Just use the technique of "lying with conviction"... It works far better than any OU machine ever will... Be careful of who's lies you believe.

If you really need to know the truth, learn it for yourself rather than listening to what others "say".


Anonymous said...

The SPDC has seen 100% real proof of ORBO. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Even the caption for the image is wrong.

"Richard Walche outside his company’s high-tech laboratory" (it's the Kinetica door)

This article was published AFTER the demo failed and still has the header,
" Infinite-energy proof challenges materialist thermodynamics dogma"


"The same scientists who tell you that Intelligent Design is impossible also dispute the hard-facts of Steorn’s peer-reviewed findings. I predict that this humble contraption will show the world just how much materialists have misled mainstream-science."

Babcatian in the extreme.

Kuhar said...

@Dr. Mike

So even in configuration 2 where the temperature and therefore the diamagnetic properties are being altered (i.e. energy is being put into the system) the math will undoubtedly come back saying that it's going to require more energy to push the SC through it's transition temperature than can be gained in the form of mechanical energy?

Anonymous said...

"The SPDC has seen 100% real proof of ORBO. Amazing!"

So, they are taking mind altering drugs? I need to sign up.

Vardan1899 said...

That's hilarious!

new friends

I hope Steorn enjoys the company of the "wingnuts" :o)

Dennis Lee handled it well!

of Dennis Lee


Vardan1899 said...

Interesting thought about transition temperatures and state change energies...

Heat of fusion and/or heat of vaporization... I would have to look it up, but materials like ferrites have Curie temperatures that may be able to do odd things with energy (probably way too small if any). Might be good for a fake OU device as long as it does not look like a steam engine ;-)

If the Curie temperature were close to room temperature, perhaps a machine like the rubber band heat engine could be made.


Temperature Fun

Hmmmm... I can here Steorn now. More hot lights! We need more hot lights here!! :D


Anonymous said...

I just read some of the other articles on the site.

This has to be some sort of spoof or Democrat engineered dis-info project.

Please, tell me this is not real. I don't think I can stand the idea of living on a planet with people that caliber of stupid.

Vardan1899 said...

Shelly the republican IS a parody site :o)
A real site would have never misspelled James Clerk Maxwell's middle name. =:O

Just because somebody has a nice website, does not mean it is all pure crap (sorry Steorn).

However, Dennis lee's site IS very real:


There are people that ARE that stupid on the planet, but they can't run a nice website.

Even "I" after being on the net for 20 years and having close to 50 sites, was able to evolve and learned how to do the HTML tags :D today - It took me two hours though %:-| But now I have seven feet flipper legs instead of six :o)


drmike said...

@huhar - yep. Superconductors have a really limited temperature range and their properties don't change a lot other than at the critical point. Above it and you waste a lot of energy, below it and life is good.

SC's are used for energy storage. Check out
for an example.

Kuhar said...

@Dr. Mike

Interesting article on SMES (kind of like a giant capacitor but completely different?) but that's not really what I was getting at. I realize SCs above their Transition Temperature (Tc) will lose significant amounts of energy when currents are applied but I don't want to run currents through them. I'm talking about a two cycle thermal process. In the first cycle, as the SC nears a stationary magnet, a small amount of thermal energy is applied. Just enough to raise the temperature of the SC above the Tc. This should allow the SC, which is no longer and SC, to approach the magnet with little or no resistance. In the second cycle the SC passes the stationary magnet and is cooled very slightly, just enough to get it past the Tc again. At this point the Meissner Effect should create perfect diamagnetism in the material, thus repelling the stationary magnet.

If I’m not mistaken the Tc of Type 1 Superconductors is quite sharp, so a theoretical system able to passively maintain a temperature very close to the Tc of whatever SC material used would only have to heat or cool the SC very slightly during each cycle. I’m fairly certain that this type of configuration would result in motion. The only question remaining is whether the energy required to push the superconductor back and forth through it’s Tc is greater than the total amount of mechanical energy created by the system.

The only reason I think the aforementioned configuration even has a possibility of working is because it relies on the unique properties of superconductors and I’m not entirely certain that superconductors strictly adhere to the laws of thermodynamics. I’ve come across a couple of articles written by Martin Tajmar and Clovis de Matos in which they claim to have created an artificial acceleration field in the laboratory simply by spinning a Niobium disk (cooled below it’s Tc of course). Their research attempts to solve Tate’s observed cooper pair mass anomaly. I’m not convinced that these guys are conserving mass, and if they’re not conserving mass and mass is equal to energy...

Anonymous said...

Why has drmike not cleared this up? Did he or did he not hear from Scott Little that he had the plans for an Orbo but was unable to build one?

drmike said...

@huhar - OK, I see what mean. My bet is that it takes more energy to cool the magnet back to SC than you could possibly gain from motion. But you'd have to run the numbers.

Weird stuff happens with He3 at SC temps, and it's due to quantum reactions. I think the literature is pretty well covered - it would take a long time to read all the papers on the subject. To say it violates thermo is to misunderstand the match between quantum and classical themo. Lasers violate thermo too, but nobody cares.

@anonymous - what's to clear up? EarthTech made an off the cuff remark, I reported it, and Steorn denies it. What else is new?

Where is the test jig Steorn had on their web site a year ago? Where is the "start - stop" device that was supposed to be put in the test jig? Where is the "jury" that's supposed to be investigating Steorn "technology"? And why do they call it "technology" instead of "physics"?

I think the blu-tack thread is more amusing!

Anonymous said...

"Why has drmike not cleared this up? Did he or did he not hear from Scott Little that he had the plans for an Orbo but was unable to build one?"

Can we find out if Sean really said that the jury members do not have orbos?

Kuhar said...

I think Dr. Mike stated quite explicitly that he believes that Sean believes in the orbo device. He also stated that he believes there is no orbo device and that Sean is quite possibly delusional.

I'm paraphrasing of course.

Anonymous said...

Another anon said: "Can we find out if Sean really said that the jury members do not have orbos?"

Good Grief! Why are so many people focused on these minor peripheral diversions? Would if make *any* difference what Sean *said*? What Sean *believes*? (What DrMike said or believes?)

Fact: Steorn claims to have true OU devices. Now. In hand. On the shelf. Working. (485%!)

Fact: There is no proof that the above claims are true.

Fact: no credible (and technically competent) person outside the company has ever claimed to have seen such a device actually operating OU.

Fact: *every* *single* *day* the company has the opportunity to show the goods, and could do so in a way that could protect their intellectual property, with a minimal amount of time and trouble on their part (and far less time/trouble than they apparently invested in the cancelled demo).

Fact: there are plenty of technically competent skeptical (but impartial and reasonable) people who are ready, willing, and able to examine the device in good faith. Indeed, Steorn knows of at least 20 such persons (out of over 5000 who have offered).

Fact: The *only* reason no impartial person as seen proof of this device is that Steorn has not let it happen. There is no other reason.

In summary: Steorn claims to have such devices, but despite the fact that there are plenty of impartial skeptical observers who are ready, willing, and able to verify their claims, the company has decided not to let them do so.

Thus, the primary question should be: When will Steorn allow their claims to be verified?

IMO, the answer to that question is "never". And so the more interesting question to contemplate (for those who don’t understand why the answer to the primary question is "never"): Why *won’t* Steorn allow their claims be verified?

All other question, speculations, and contemplations are just diversions.

vardan1899 said...


I don't have free paper access unless I walk over to the library, but this paper on magnetic cooling at room temperature sounds super fun for a fake OU machine.


Transition-metal-based magnetic refrigerants for room-temperature applications

O. Tegus, E. Brück, K. H. J. Buschow, F. R. de Boer

SUMMARY: Magnetic refrigeration techniques based on the magnetocaloric effect (MCE) have recently been demonstrated as a promising alternative to conventional vapour-cycle refrigeration.


Skidoo said...

[Oops. I meant to leave this comment on this post.]

Crank banned me with no warning because I mentioned the phrase "Czech Dream." She claimed I was a sock puppet.

Of course, that thread I created represents the first time I've ever posted over there. Crank's a nutter, in my estimation.

To be fair, I e-mailed the other moderator, and he/she told me that I could create a new account and it would be approved. Pfffpth. Whatever. Not worth the trouble. The signal-to-noise ratio is much better over here anyway.

Anonymous said...

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How will we explain to our grandchildren the squandering of resources and opportunities?

It's time we woke from our collective denial.

Please spread the message via as many blogs and forums as possible.

Vardan1899 said...


Seems this Steorn thing is winding down "for now". But just like a vampire, the Terminator, Dennis Lee, Redheffer, etc... "They'll be back!" They seem impossible to really kill... Just too much easy cash, and they're magic!

They will fine tune the scam and try to avoid past mistakes. Be back better than ever ;-)) But don't expect the basic technology claims to change at all if history holds... But history "does" predict a repeat performance for sure!

We'll have to kill them "again" soon enough...

A cute video (sort of violent if that bothers you) but it seems strangely to apply...

The Irish Job - A Cautionary Tale

Guinness, pot of gold, a spinning disk that gets broken... Sort of freaky! It was posted well before all this... I guess YouTube has "everything" ;-))


Anonymous said...

To all sentient beings the Peak Oil phenomenon has been know about since the days of M. King Hubbert who coined the phrase in 1949. He rightly predicted that peak oil would hit the US around 1970 which it eventually did. He estimated global peak oil would occur sometime between 2005 - 2012 which it is.

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Anonymous said...

A week ago, somebody posted this link to Kinetron, maker of the world's smallest motors:

They look like a cool company!

In a probably meaningless coincidence, Kinetron are based just 10 miles from Eindhoven. One of the motors they make is for powering the second hand of a watch. They also make tiny magnets and micro-generators, which means Steorn might well have come across them if they ever really were researching into miniature wind turbines.

You know they say the closer you can stick to the truth, the more plausible the lie?

Anonymous said...

The puzzle slowly gets together...

First of all, take a look at the partner list of Kinetron:

Main customers:

• Bosch group
• Diehl GMBH
• Dumed (Jomed group)
• Gardena
• Gascontrol
• Jean d’Eve
• KABA Group
• Medtronic Inc.
• Nedap
• Swatch group
• ROTO Systems
• Vulcano
• Vitelec BV


„Bosch is a partner of Kinetron.”

„Sean has described the bearings as "used by watchmakers".”


What we know so far:

Kinetron is located in Tilburg, Netherlands. Tilburg is approximately 35 kilometres away from Eindhoven. Bosch and Swatch are both partners of Kinetron. (According to Sean the manufacturer of the demo product is a multinational company.)


Bosch locations in the Netherlands:

„drmike let slip that the broken orbos were sent back to the manufacturer in Eindhoven.”

Tilburg and Eindhoven:,+Netherlands&daddr=Eindhoven,+Netherlands&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=32.610437,59.238281&ie=UTF8&z=11&om=1

DrMike's Bong said...

"@anonymous - what's to clear up? EarthTech made an off the cuff remark, I reported it, and Steorn denies it. What else is new?"

Not really anything new here, you know, talking out of the back of you're arse. What you "reported" is false. EarthTech was never given plans to build an actual Orbo.

Here's an off the cuff remark for you: A pot smoking aging hippie/ Ted Kazinski look alike, is not really in any place to call someone delusional.

Vardan1899 said...

We'll, somebody had to figure it out ;-))

How to Make a Fake Orbo


15-India-Street said...

About Kinetron (repost of old data)

Steorn claims to employ about 16 people designing its products, which are manufactured by a partner company in Holland and shipped back to Dublin for testing. "We have adopted a policy of partnering rather than hiring," and "there are another five or six people working on the technology who are not employees of Steorn.". In 2003 Steorn said it undertook a project to develop more efficient micro generators.

In the Netherlands one company specialized in professional micro-generators is Kinetron BV (which has been mentioned in the Steorn and FizzX forum already in 2006). Being active in the same market, Steorn must have been aware of Kinetron. Example: both Steorn and Kinetron are mentioned in the same references group on the Cedrat & Cedrat Technologies website. Also was mentioned by Spud members that some tools were recognised on Steorn visuals that are used at Kinetron.

Devided over two locations the Kinetron company has 30 employees and a turnover of approximately 3.5 million euro. While Kinetron in itself is a small company, it's shareholder is well funded and not afraid of high risk strategies. Kinetron is 100% owned by a holding company named Ravello, which is owned by another holding Quinta Bliss with a balance sheet (most of it in financial activa) of over 70 million Euro. The single shareholder of Quinta Bliss is a wealthy private person. He lives in Monaco and has been the director of the holding for the last 25 years.

The Ravello holding is also 100% owning "Magnetic Motion Systems BV", located in Tilburg at Kinteron's. This company was started in 2004, at the same time of the first Steorn funding rounds. One of the main goals of this company is "exploitation and trading of patents and brand-rights". Latest financial figures are of 2005, and it had a balance sheet of only 200.000 euro. Looks like a typical IP sub-company that could have been started at a time when somebody was still believing in the Steorn claims.

Kinetron has an interesting partner support program: "If you have an innovative product/concept idea, fitting in the business concept of Kinetron, we offer you the possibility of a year-contract and the use off all Kinetron know how and facilities, to make this 'dream' come true with Kinetron as your business partner. Substantial 'starters' funding is possible if your concept proves to be feasible. Kinetron's experience and expertise will not only shorten your 'time to market' but also improve the final technical solution and market introduction."

Anonymous said...

Re. Kinetron, I guess I wasn't suggesting that they are involved in manufacturing an 'Orbo'...

I was more thinking that their technology might have given Steorn the idea for the (failed) hoax.

A micro-motor in the fake Orbo burning out prior to the demo would explain the sequence of events, and perhaps even the bizarre nature of the excuses - heat from the lights, fragile bearings from Eindhoven etc.

Of course, any sensible fraudster would realise that to demonstrate a 'working' Orbo would make their future legal position uncomfortable. But, while it's not 100% clear that Steorn are fraudsters, it's 100% clear that they're not very sensible ;-)

ben said...


Nice work

maryyugo said...

@dr. mike's bong

"Not really anything new here, you know, talking out of the back of you're arse. What you "reported" is false. EarthTech was never given plans to build an actual Orbo."

Does anyone still care what EarthTech was or was not given? Steorn said they would demo an overunity device in July 2007. They failed. They had Dr. Mike in London for many days-- they could have shown him their wonders in Dublin. They didn't. They could have showed their stuff to Scott or Marissa Little of EarthTech who also wasted almost a week chasing after Sean. They didn't. They've never shown anything worthwhile to anyone who could report about it.

All Steorn and Sean have produced so far are slick videos and lie-filled inconsistent interviews filled with empty claims made entirely of hot rectal gas that smells badly of scam. That's the facts. Deal with it. Ad hominem remarks about Dr. Mike won't help your case. There is no case for Steorn.

Anonymous said...

I think Dr. Mike did his best under the circumstances. If his assessment ended up being a personal observation that was because it is all he had. He didn't have to say anything other than, "I have nothing to report as I saw nothing to report on." But there was so much anticipation about his report I guess he felt obliged to say something. But his personal observations are not the reason Steorn paid for him to make the trip.

It is obvious to me that after almost a year Steorn has no desire for anybody to see anything. It is debatable as to their motivations in the Kinetica demo but one thing is clear, the failure falls right in line with their resistance to show something that works.

Steorn has painted themselves into a corner and with the past negative history of such claims they have done nothing to make themselves stand apart from the other bogus claims. Actually, they have done less.

To persist in believing anything about Steorn is a defiant stance. It smacks in the face of science, common sense and good business. There are so many red herrings associated with this claim as to obfuscate the true intentions.

I do not think it is a delusion. It has been too deliberately planned and executed. Sean is too slick, the website is too slick, the jury gimmick is too slick to be a delusion and too many people are in on it.

I think I can say with certainty that this charade will go on for as long as Steorn can prevent people from knowing the truth.

wtec said...

I make no claim about what it means, but Steorn's live webstreams from the Kinetica seem to be up again:

It's still the same placeholder feed as before, though.

Anonymous said...

wtec said...

I make no claim about what it means, but Steorn's live webstreams from the Kinetica seem to be up again:

I'll tell you what it means, it means that Steorn have the goods and have put together a bunch of orbos that will do some heavy lifting and are about to spring them on the world. I for one cannot wait to see the sneers wiped off the faces of the nasty people who will now say that they knew Steorn was right all along. Well it is too late for that hypocrisy. The train has left the station.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what it means, it means that Steorn have the goods and have put together a bunch of orbos that will do some heavy lifting and are about to spring them on the world.

007, your spamming FET again. What a joke you are.


wtec said...

I could be mistaken about this, but it also appears that Steorn has quite recently added to its "Press Coverage" page a number of unflattering stories that appeared in the wake of the failed Kinetica demo.

Anonymous said...

wtec said...

I could be mistaken about this, but it also appears that Steorn has quite recently added to its "Press Coverage" page a number of unflattering stories that appeared in the wake of the failed Kinetica demo.

Yup, that means they know they have the goods and are putting up the unflattering stories so that when they demo the heavy-lifting orbo in a day or so, it will point up how stupid the so-called journalists were when they sneered at Steorn.

There will be a bunch of 'maybe they have something' stories, which Steorn will add to the page, and after validation day there will be a load of 'Steorn are geniuses' stories which will also be added.

If there are any 'we were wrong' stories, which is unlikely, they will add those too.

Personally, I am looking forward to the 'I was an idiot' messages on this blog and on the Steorn forum, but I do not expect to see any.

Anonymous said...

"Personally, I am looking forward to the 'I was an idiot' messages on this blog and on the Steorn forum, but I do not expect to see any. "

Are you prepared to write yours in the much more like scenario that Steorn goes belly up and they cart off Sean and company to jail?

Jason Bourne said...

Whoa, anonymous, you are talking like Steorn enjoys gloating over petty shit. Why would Steorn have to play games to produce the one thing everyone, skeptics included have been asking for, for almost a year and that they tried to do at Kinetica? What is the point of that? They already had everyone's attention regardless since August of last year. Why would a company that is ostensibly sitting on one of the great discoveries of mankind have to jerk everyone's chain including the press? That sounds utterly infantile and so very unprofessional.

Sean has said repeatedly that he would not believe such a claim either until he had a chance to bring it in the lab and validate it. So why shit on the people who confirm to Sean's own assessment?

This is an ego trip of the highest magnitude for no good reason.