Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Last Word, More Orbo Drawings, Lucky 2?

Today in the Forums, Duracell points out that Matt Cooper of The Last Word interviewed Sean last Wednesday, before the demo collapse. Here is a link to the audio interview. Matt had a previous interview with Sean this past May.

The interview starts at around 49:30 minutes into the mp3, and is about 5 minutes long. There isn't much content in the interview, again we hear Sean making bold claims. One interesting note is that Sean states that they'll be making changes to the device during the demo. I'm not quite sure where he was going with that.

At the end of the interview, Sean states that others may have found this type of technology, but that their battle with public opinion and scientific opinion was too difficult to win. I have to disagree, opinion has nothing to do with it. It's all about science and evidence, which we've seen none so far.

Also in the forums, Axle published CAD drawings of his best guess as to what Sean was holding for reporters during his photo shoot:Finally, Magnatrix refutes Grimer's claim that only 1 of the original lucky 7 are still messing around with Orbo:

This is about the third time I've seen a post about the 7 being down to 1... where is this information comming from?
I pretty sure that this is total bull-puckys.
I heard from two of them the other day & they didn't mention anything about quitting.


Magnatrix said...

I'm not refuting his claim, as I don't know. I'm taking a guess based on what I have seen ,(ie: 2 people behaving within normal parameters), that Grimer is mistaken.
If he has any more information on the subject (than I) then I stand corrected, but I believe that he does not.

Anonymous said...

When will the "believers" wake-up and smell the coffee. Steorn does not have a device that generates free energy. They never have.

Sean is now starting to sound more and more like the other perpetual motion kooks. "...THEY are oppressing the knowledge..."

Next Sean will say that the MIB's visited and destroyed his Orbo. This is really starting to get sad.

The "believers" keep the faith with ZERO proof. Steorn may not be a cult but now I understand how cults are formed.

Anonymous said...

Sean does not have to tell anybody if he does not want too. But the real damage may have already been done since now others are working on the same thing:


What is scary is that there is nothing new. The technology was known 150 years ago! Others don't mind telling exactly how it all works...

Anonymous said...

Some free energy to exploit while we're waiting for Steorn...

1) Drive a smaller vehicle
2) Hang the clothes out to dry
3) Use a light dimmer
4) Use the energy saving options
built into your computer
5) If you're looking for a new
home, think about it's energy
usage by design
6) Recycle!

Anonymous said...

When will the skeptics wake up and realise that 22 jurors are in their 6th month of testing.

Device simply must be real for that to happen.

maryyugo said...

"Steorn may not be a cult but now I understand how cults are formed."

One thing I learned when I was helping a friend to expose and ridicule an especially nasty type of psychic-- those conscienceless frauds who "talk to the dead" and take money for it from grieving people-- was that the first step in collecting believers and money is to have a censored forum which bans the authors who disagree with you most effectively.

Does that sound familiar to anyone?

maryyugo said...

Oh, Hi Magnatrix. Didn't notice you were here.

I agree with "anonymous" above but I wish people would adopt some pseudonyms or nicks so we could distinguish who's writing -- Anyway I agree that Steorn was very unlikely (just to avoid saying "impossible") to make the device suggested by the drawings in this post work.

For a reasonable explanation of why, see this link first and then this one.

Also, especially "Discussion of the Classic Magnetic Motor."

In brief, all reasonable configuration of magnets on a wheel in a plane and even in three dimensions has been tried empirically and analyzed mathematically. As the articles painstakingly explain, the net force on the drive magnet averages zero over a single revolution -- there is no such a thing as a self-running magnetic "motor". SMOT's don't work. If you know of one that does, please link it -- I'd love to have it in a prominent position on a shelf in my living room. Oh, and adding an overbalanced wheel configuration to a SMOT won't work either.

Such devices can achieve perpetual motion in a theoretical relm where there is no friction but then a simple flywheel will do the same. Of course, there is no such a realm in real life. And even if there were, no net gain in energy would result.

If the rotor of a SMOT is given a spin and continues for a while, it's just the flywheel effect and it will soon spin down. The pretty illustration is cute but won't work.

I know the physicists and engineers here already know that or should. I apologize for recycling it-- whoever designed that toy for Steorn should apologize for recycling an old idea that failed long ago.

One more links on "SMOTS" (simple magnetic overunity toy):

Testing a SMOT.

It's going to be a lot of fun when Dr. Mike files his reports. And even more fun if Steorn ever tries another "demonstration". Bet on it. Oh... Magnatrix already did!

Anonymous said...

If any inquisitive investigative journalist wants to get to the bottom of this story there is a rather glaring but as yet unasked question to be found within the latest Steorn patent application published last week.
Try asking it ;)

Frank Grimer said...

Correction, I thought it was crank that had refuted the info about the 1 out of 7 remaining. Re-reading I see it was Magna...

She probably did know since mods can't be everywhere and a lot slips though.

The person you want to speak to is Chancer or Clanzer - I always get those two mixed up

maryyugo said...

Mike's initial report:

CommentAuthordrmike CommentTime37 minutes ago permalink
I will write up a full report and post it on my own web site in a few days. I wrote something on the plane which is good but not complete. I suspect one could write a
book about all the experiences we've had here.

My opinion - and it really is only my opinion - is that Sean lives in a world of delusion. His greatest strength is the ability of convince people of things, and it is also his greatest weakness. I am certain that Sean has seen a "start - stop" device operating. That it never existed outside his mind doesn't matter.

There are a lot of questions that remain unanswered, but let's look at a few simple ones.

Why would Steorn send a skeptical forum rep to see their core technology if Steorn did not really believe it? As others have pointed out, if this were a hoax or scam, something would have worked. From my direct observations of the people, there is true belief here.

Why would Sean claim that 5 bearings were broken and he sent someone to Eindhoven to get more? Because he saw it happen. Like the story about the famous mathematician who talked to people nobody else could see (the movie was "A Beautiful Mind") I think Sean has really seen things work. The rest of us never will.

Sean said at one point that the jury validation was the most important thing to Steorn. At this point I think the jury is also in his mind. He probably talks to them often. He did say they have not seen any devices. How could he have a demo, have the jury be the most important thing to the company, and not have had any jury member see anything? Because nothing exists.

As I said, there are a great many details and questions to answer, and probably we'll never get answers to the more interesting ones. It was an honor and a privledge to have met everyone here and at Kinetica and I will do my best to get all the parts back to everyone who loaned me stuff and made it possible for me to help out.

See it here.

Oh... and this link:
seems to have "disappeared".

bc said...


Thanks for those links. I thought I was a diligent skeptic, but I realise I was taken in by the claim that a "magnet motor" could extract usable energy from the magnets.

At least I can say I learnt something from this.

Anonymous said...

@mary: the picture is still there, it only moved a little: http://www.steorn.com/images/feature_africa1.jpg

Anonymous said...

A slimmed down MP3, containing only Sean's Today FM interview, can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/yq96mq

It's only a 10th of the size of the original MP3 linked to in the article.

maryyugo said...


Thanks! I wanted to see what that Africa thing was all about.


I've got that clip and am having it transcribed. I'll post the text because it catches Sean again making inconsistent and preposterous statements. It might take a day or two for my assistant to get to it-- there is real life to deal with too!

Anonymous said...

@mary - Sean's interview today on the same radio station is now also at that same URL, ie:


There's another demo coming "soon" :-p